Ryan Roth wins Winston-Salem Classic

Silber rider tops Marcotte, Huffman

Ryan Roth (Silber) took a hard fought win in punishingly hot and humid conditions on the final day of a week-long festival of racing in Winston-Salem.

Roth won by a wheel over Eric Marcotte (Jamis), and Evan Huffman (Rally Cycling) from a five-man escape.

"The team has been super consistent all year," Roth said at the finish. "But we haven’t had a proper cross-the-line-first win, so that’s what we were shooting for."

The 14-lap race was dominated by a 10-man breakaway that escaped early, containing Marco Canola (UnitedHealthcare), Tom Soladay (Rally Cycling), Benjamin Perry (Silber), Orlando Garibay (Cylance-InCycle), Michael Sheehan (Jelly Belly), Chris Horner (Lupus), Jon Hornbeck and Andzs Flaksis (Holowesko-Citadel), Bruno Langlois (Garneau-Quebecor), Dan Craven (Cycling Academy Team).

The gap was kept in check almost single-handedly by Amore & Vita, but when it got close, attacks flew from the peloton, splintering the bunch into several groups.

With five laps to go, a large chase group made their way to the leaders, with Amore & Vita distanced. Attacks by Rally and UnitedHealthcare re-fractured the large front peloton, leaving a new breakaway up the road.

That group included Rally's Tom Zirbel and Evan Huffman, Marcotte, Langlois, Canola, Roth, and Rob Squire (Holowesko-Citadel) brought to just 20 seconds at two laps to go by Lupus, but their advantage would soon balloon to nearly a minute at the last feed zone.

"I tried to use as little as possible in the first part of the race and let my teammates carry that load for me," Roth said of his timely move to the front. "I didn’t feel great, but I told myself no one was feeling good in this kind of weather, so just deal with it, put it out of my mind and focus on the race."

Josh Berry (Jelly Belly) sparked a split from the peloton on the penultimate lap, pulling Robin Carpenter and Oscar Clark (Holowesko-Citadel), Matthew Busche (UnitedHealthcare) briefly away, but the peloton sensed the danger and quickly brought those chasers back. Meanwhile, up the road, Langlois attacked the break on the main climb, opening up a 10 second lead.

The Canadian was brought back on the last lap, but the cooperation had completely dissolved in the lead group. The last 10k were a bare-knuckle street brawl, with each rider launching at least one attack, but Langlois' second move with 5km to go was the only one that looked able to stick.

When the chasers relied solely on a fading Zirbel to try to reel in Langlois, their fate was almost sealed. But an attack by Canola erased the gap before the final climb.

Marcotte was the fast man to watch in the group, but he chose the wrong rider to mark on the final 100m, and when Roth went, the Jamis rider hesitated before finally opening up his sprint, a fraction of a second too late.

"Ryan is very experienced," said Silber team director Gord Fraser. "He’s our leader for a reason, and he’s lethal when he gets a chance to win a race. He got tailed off a little bit on the very last climb, but he was able to manage his bullets and come back to the lead three and then take that sprint. I like to see that initiative. You can kind of die by trying leading out a sprint, but it’s kind of like buying a ticket for the lottery, and thankfully that number was good today."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Roth (Can) Silber Pro Cycling4:09:48 
2Eric Marcotte (USA) Team Jamis  
3Evan Huffman (USA) Rally Cycling0:00:01 
4Marco Canola (Ita) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team  
5Robbie Squire (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincapie Sportswear  
6Jacob Rathe (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:00:06 
7Travis McCabe (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincapie Sportswear  
8Chad Beyer (USA) Lupus Racing Team  
9Matthew Busche (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team0:00:07 
10Joseph Schmalz (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling p/b Bicycle World  
11Bruno Langlois (Can) Garneau Québecor  
12Oscar Clark (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincapie Sportswear0:00:08 
13Robin Carpenter (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincapie Sportswear0:00:19 
14Kyle Murphy (USA) Team Jamis0:00:24 
15Jacob Sitler (USA) Astellas Cycling Team  
16Griffin Easter (USA) Team Illuminate  
17Bjorn Selander (USA) Rally Cycling  
18Chris Butler (USA) Cycling Academy Team  
19Benjamin Perry (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:00:28 
20Nicolae Tanovitchii (Mda) Lupus Racing Team  
21Emerson Oronte (USA) Rally Cycling  
22Camilo Zambrano (USA) Cylance-Incycle p/b Cannondale0:00:29 
23Thomas Zirbel (USA) Rally Cycling0:00:32 
24Travis Livermon (USA) Astellas Cycling Team0:00:45 
25Taylor Sheldon (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:01:14 
26Daniel Turek (Cze) Cycling Academy Team0:01:16 
27Connor McCutcheon (USA) Team Illuminate0:02:00 
28John Murphy (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team0:02:08 
29Christopher Jones (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team  
30Andzs Flaksis (Lat) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincapie Sportswear0:02:18 
31John Hornbeck (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincapie Sportswear  
32Danny Pate (USA) Rally Cycling0:02:22 
33William Stephens (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling p/b Bicycle World0:03:46 
34Christopher Prendergast (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling  
35Joshua Berry (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:04:38 
36Thomas Soladay (USA) Rally Cycling  
37Pierpaolo Ficara (Ita) Amore & Vita - Selle SMP0:05:50 
38Lance Haidet (USA) Team Illuminate  
39Connor Brown (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling p/b Bicycle World0:08:52 
DNFDavid Boily (Can) Garneau Québecor  
DNFDanilo Celano (Ita) Amore & Vita - Selle SMP  
DNFDarcy Woolley (Aus) Garneau Québecor  
DNFCullen Easter (USA) Team Illuminate  
DNFJoseph Lewis (Aus) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincapie Sportswear  
DNFAlexander Cataford (Can) Silber Pro Cycling  
DNFDanick Vandale (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling  
DNFAndrés Diaz (Col) Cylance-Incycle p/b Cannondale  
DNFJesse Anthony (USA) Rally Cycling  
DNFLucas Sebastian Haedo (Arg) Team Jamis  
DNFRuben Companioni (Cub) Team Jamis  
DNFMichael Olheiser (USA) Lupus Racing Team  
DNFBryan Lewis (USA) Lupus Racing Team  
DNFJure Rupnik (Slo) H&R Block Pro Cycling  
DNFFlavio De Luna (Mex) Team Illuminate  
DNFDan Craven (Nam) Cycling Academy Team  
DNFUri Martins (Mex) Amore & Vita - Selle SMP  
DNFNicolas Masbourian (Can) Silber Pro Cycling  
DNFSimon-Pierre Gauthier (Can) Garneau Québecor  
DNFTyler Magner (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team  
DNFMax Jenkins (USA) Astellas Cycling Team  
DNFRedi Halilaj (Alb) Amore & Vita - Selle SMP  
DNFMiguel Bryon (USA) Holowesko / Citadel p/b Hincapie Sportswear  
DNFBrayan Stiven Sanchez Vergara (Col) Team Jamis  
DNFDavid Williams (USA) Astellas Cycling Team  
DNFDaniel Summerhill (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team  
DNFNicholas Torraca (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling p/b Bicycle World  
DNFChristopher Horner (USA) Lupus Racing Team  
DNFNicolas Lefrancois (Fra) Team Novo Nordisk  
DNFTravis Samuel (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling  
DNFLuis Enrique Lemus Davila (Mex) Cycling Academy Team  
DNFJacob King (USA) Team Jamis  
DNFNigel Ellsay (Can) Silber Pro Cycling  
DNFZack Allison (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling p/b Bicycle World  
DNFEvan Murphy (USA) Lupus Racing Team  
DNFMatthieu Jeannes (Fra) Lupus Racing Team  
DNFAlexandr Braico (Mda) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis  
DNFJoel Taylor (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling  
DNFBenjamin Wolfe (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis  
DNFTanner Putt (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team  
DNFShane Kline (USA) Rally Cycling  
DNFGuillaume Boivin (Can) Cycling Academy Team  
DNFCory Greenberg (USA) Cylance-Incycle p/b Cannondale  
DNFSamuel Hunter Snipe Grove (USA) Cylance-Incycle p/b Cannondale  
DNFLuis Romero Amaran (Cub) Team Jamis  
DNFMarco Zamparella (Ita) Amore & Vita - Selle SMP  
DNFOrlando Trinidad Garibay Contreras (Mex) Cylance-Incycle p/b Cannondale  
DNFThomas Vaubourzeix (Fra) Lupus Racing Team  
DNFAviv Yechzkel (Isr) Cycling Academy Team  
DNFOlivier Brisebois (Can) Garneau Québecor  
DNFGuy Sagiv (Isr) Cycling Academy Team  
DNFJavier Alexis Acevedo Colle (Col) Team Jamis  
DNFMichael Sheehan (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis  
DNFKristofer Dahl (Can) Silber Pro Cycling  
DNFDan Gardner (GBr) Astellas Cycling Team  
DNFMatteo Dal-Cin (Can) Silber Pro Cycling  
DNFPaolo Lunardon (Ita) Amore & Vita - Selle SMP  
DNFEugenio Bani (Ita) Amore & Vita - Selle SMP  
DNFJason Saltzman (USA) Team Illuminate  
DNFRémi Pelletier-Roy (Can) Garneau Québecor  
DNFRyan Aitcheson (Can) Astellas Cycling Team  
DNFMarc-Antoine Soucy (Can) Garneau Québecor  
DNFAnsel Dickey (USA) Astellas Cycling Team  
DNFDaniel Eaton (USA) UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team  
DNFCory Lewis Williams (USA) Cylance-Incycle p/b Cannondale  
DNFRoy Goldstein (Isr) Cycling Academy Team  
DNFStephen Clancy (Irl) Team Novo Nordisk  
DNFEdwin Alcibiades Avila Vanegas (Col) Team Illuminate  
DNFLogan Dennis Hutchings (NZl) Elevate Pro Cycling p/b Bicycle World  
DNFFelix Coté Bouvette (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling  
DNFDiego Sandoval (Mex) Cylance-Incycle p/b Cannondale  
DNFAlberto Covarrubias (Mex) Elevate Pro Cycling p/b Bicycle World  
DNFClay Murfet (Aus) Astellas Cycling Team  
DNFMichael Rice (Aus) Garneau Québecor  
DNFBrian Kamstra (Ned) Team Novo Nordisk  
DNFElliot Doyle (Can) Silber Pro Cycling  
DNFChristopher Putt (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis  
DNFJacob Schwingboth (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling  
DNFJulian Kyer (USA) Elevate Pro Cycling p/b Bicycle World  
DNFGerd De Keijzer (Ned) Team Novo Nordisk  
DNFKevin De Mesmaeker (Bel) Team Novo Nordisk  
DNFMehdi Benhamouda (Fra) Team Novo Nordisk  
DNFJoshua Ruiz (USA) Cylance-Incycle p/b Cannondale  
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