Squire, Rathe 1-2 espoirs race for Chipotle

Huffman third, unable to bring back front duo alone

Rob Squire (Chipotle Development) secured the biggest victory of his young career at the Under 23 US National Road Race Championships held on Saturday in Augusta, Georgia. He rode across the finish line with his teammate and late-race breakaway companion Jacob Rathe. Evan Huffman (California Giant-Specialized) won the chase group sprint for third place.

"The feeling is incredible and I am so glad to have won it," Squire told Cyclingnews. "I’ve had some mediocre results this year and I knew I had the strength, but it was just about believing in myself and really going for it today. With the teammates that I had and the work that we did, I had to go as hard as I could. I’m so excited that I will probably wear my jersey to bed tonight."

Squire and Rathe broke away together over a small ascent just before the start of the last lap. The pair gained a one minute lead over the next 10 kilometres. Their lead continued to increase to a maximum of two minutes ahead of the next chase group before the finish.

"Every time we got a time check it was more incentive to keep pushing as hard as we could," Squire said. "We did more than a lap trading off turns and going as hard as we could. We put it all on the line. Jacob and I raced together before and when he got third at U23 Paris-Roubaix, I like to think that I helped him with that and this was a little pay back I guess. We crossed the line together and I screamed with my arms in the air for probably 20 minutes."

The high quality Under 23 men’s field lined up under warm summer temperatures to contest seven laps of an undulating 23.5 kms circuit for a total of 168 kms. Each lap boasted 1421ft of elevation gain and suited riders who could best deal with the attrition. "It was a very selective and undulating course," Rathe said. "It was also very hot and I think that put a lot of stress on the riders."

A break of roughly 25 riders emerged on the second lap to included several riders from both Chipotle Development and Trek-Livestrong. "We had three riders in that big group and Trek-Livestrong had three," Rathe said. "We worked pretty well and other riders came across to the move later on. We sort of stopped working because the main peloton was really far back, I guess we were kind of the main peloton at that point."

Trek-Livestrong worked hard to form a selective breakaway with the right combination of riders. The team also showed its strength in holding the main bunch together if the mix of riders in the breakaways was not as advantageous.

The previous day’s criterium winner, Rob Bush (Chipotle Development) attacked the group and gained over one minute. He was off the front for one and half laps, some 40 kms before being reeled back in by a selective chase group with three laps to go. "Rob Bush put a lot of pressure on Trek-Livestrong because it allowed us to just sit in the group," Rathe said. "The group got even smaller after that."

Squire attacked on the circuit’s some-what decisive ascent before the start-finish line with one lap to go. Simultaneously, Rathe attacked on the other side of the road and the pair joined forces to establish a sizable lead of two minutes ahead of the chase group.

"I’ve been having a good season and I had placed third at the U23 Paris-Roubaix and won a stage in South America already," Rathe said. "I’m happy for Rob, he was stronger than me in the breakaway and I felt like he deserved it. We crossed the line together celebrating. Our team has been racing well this year and on this type of a hard selective race we excel."

Full Results
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rob Squire (Chipotle Development Team)4:07:19 
2Jacob Rathe (Chipotle Development Team)  
3Evan Huffman (California Giant Cycling/Califo)0:02:44 
4Daniel Summerhill (Chipotle Development Team)0:03:09 
5Joey Rosskopf (Team Type 1- Development)  
6Oscar Clark (Realcyclist.Com)0:03:13 
7Chase Pinkham (Bissell Pro Cycling Te)  
8Ty Magner (Team Type 1 Development)0:04:54 
9Gavin Mannion (Trek Livestrong U23)  
10Lawrence Warbasse (Usa National Team)  
11Carter Jones (Trek Livestrong U23)  
12Joseph Dombrowski (Trek Livestrong U23)0:06:14 
13Tyler Karnes (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)0:08:46 
14Adam Leibovitz (Ouch Pro Cycling)0:10:21 
15Tanner Putt (Team Type 1)0:14:31 
16Edison Turner (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)  
17Robin Carpenter  
18Christian Parrett (Fulton Flyers Cycling Club)0:14:33 
19Kevin Gottlieb (Lateral Stress Velo Inc./Kelly)0:14:49 
20Jacob Arnold (Hincapie/Green Creation Cycling Team)0:15:54 
21Ricky Gargiulo (Geox-Fuji Test Team)0:16:12 
22Craig Magee0:16:30 
23Justin Lowe (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)0:17:05 
24Michael Midlarsky (Realcyclist.Com)0:17:10 
25Steve Fisher (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:17:12 
26Hogan Sills (Abd Cycle Club/Abd Cycling Team)  
27Ryan Eastman (Trek Livestrong U23)  
28Joshua Berry (Realcyclist.Com)  
29Derek Schanze (Gearlink Racing Inc.)  
30Benjamin Swedberg (California Giant Cycling/Califo)0:17:22 
31Danny Heeley (Vrc/Now-Ms Society)  
32Ian Crane (Hagens Berman Cycling)  
33Trevor MacLean (Ccns)  
34Zachary Felpel (Haymarket Bicycles)  
35Shane Kline (Bissell Pro Cycling Te)  
36Travis McCabe (Drc De Mol)  
37Colt Peterson (Vrc/Now-Ms Society)0:17:30 
38Robert Abramo (Philadelphia Ciclismo)  
39Josh Yeaton (Gs Ciao/Horizon Organic / Panac)  
40Parker Kyzer (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)  
41Isaac Enderline (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Clu)  
42Cody Foster (Fcs/ Metro Volkswagen/Fcs Cycli)0:17:34 
43George Cyrus  
44Daniel Katz (Vrc/Now-Ms Society)  
45Jordan Campbell (Kryki Sports/Audi)  
46Carson Miller (Jelly Belly Presented B)  
47Matt Pence (Mesa Cycles Shop And Racing Tea)0:17:37 
48Connor OLeary (Racelab Cycling Team)  
49Logan Loader (Rideclean/Rideclean P/B Patenti)  
50Craig Creeden (Florida Velo/Floridavelo)0:17:41 
51Joseph Schmalz (Elbowz Racing)0:17:44 
52Stephen Leece (Vrc/Now-Ms Society)  
53Jonathan Hornbeck (Cycles Veloce/Team Simple Green)0:17:50 
54Jerome Townsend (Mock Orange Bikes/Mock Orange R)0:17:54 
55Stephen Schott (Cleveland Clinic Sports Health)0:17:59 
56Charlie Avis (Trek Livestrong U23)0:18:08 
57William Hottenstein (Fcs/ Metro Volkswagen/Fcs Cycli)0:18:26 
58Lucas Binder (Pista Palace)0:18:34 
59Tyler Brandt (California Giant Cycling/Califo)0:18:42 
60Brandon Trafton (California Giant Cycling/Califo)  
61Mac Brennan (Panther Pb Competitive Cyclist)0:29:29 
62Kit Recca (Sonic Boom Racing)  
63Henk Calderon (M7 Racing)  
64Steven Black (Haymarket Bicycles)  
DNFNathan Brown (Trek Livestrong U23)  
DNFChris Hurst (Stan's NoTubes/AXA)  
DNFAndrew Baker (Bissell Pro Cycling Team)  
DNFEvan Cooper (Boston Bicycle School)  
DNFRobert Bush (Chipotle Development Teamam)  
DNFPeter Haile (Lees-McRae College)  
DNFKyle Foley (Central CT Cycling Club/Berlin Bicycle/Best Cleaners)  
DNFLawson Craddock (Trek Livestrong U23)  
DNFIsaiah Newkirk (Herring Gas Cycling)  
DNFDavid Carpenter (Rasmussen Bike Shop)  
DNFStephen Housley (Four 2 One Sports/Chemstar)  
DNFChris Stastny (California Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)  
DNFHenry Willis (The Fit Lab)  
DNFThomas Jondall (White Mountain RR Club)  
DNFTaylor Warren (Florida Velo/FloridaVelo)  
DNFMaxwell Robb (Velosports Racing Asheville/DIY Music p/b Asheville Youth Cycling)  
DNFZachary Earnest (Tulsa Wheelmen)  
DNFCharles Cassin (Big Ring U-25)  
DNFJohn Tomlinson (Four 2 One Sports/Chemstar)  
DNFCody Johnson  
DNFDavid Talbott (Scenic City Velo/Krystal / Warp9bikes.com)  
DNFTucker Gerald (FCS/ Metro Volkswagen/FCS Cycling Team)  
DNFJohn Brizzard (West Florida Wheelmen)  
DNFRicky Randall (Matrix Cycling Club)  
DNFReiss Kohl (Coop Racing)  
DNFAlexander Montoya (University of Alabama)  
DNFAustin Allison (GS Ciao/Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling)  
DNFAndrew Barker (Chipotle/Sugar Labs)  
DNFNeal Forbes (NUVO Cultural Trail)  
DNFThacker Reeves (Chipotle Development Teamam)  
DNFJames Schurman (Four 2 One Sports/Chemstar)  
DNFEamon Franck (USA National Team)  
DNFBill Golembieski  
DNFGrayson Cobb (Virginia Polytechnic University)  
DNFRussell Brown (Lateral Stress Velo Inc.)  
DNFJosh Oxendine (Asheville Bicycle Racing Club)  
DNFPatrick Torres (Southern California Velo)  
DNFIan Boswell (Trek Livestrong U23)  
DNFAnders Newbury (Chipotle Development Teamam)  
DNFMike Stone (Hincapie Development Team)  
DNFMichael Raynor (Velosports Racing Asheville/DIY Music p/b Asheville Youth Cycling)  
DNFAlex Bowden (Team Type 1 UCI PCT)  
DNFGabriel MossMasaquiza (Olympus Homes Cycling Team)  
DNFSynjen Marrocco (CCB/CCB Racing)  
DNFAustin Stewart (Elbowz Racing)  
DNFPhilip Dixon  
DNFNathan Larson (Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF Cycling pb Felt Bicycles)  
DNFAlex Wieseler (Four 2 One Sports/Chemstar)  
DNFAndre Vandenberg (Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF Cycling pb Felt Bicycles/Cleveland C)  
DNFAlexander Spook (Gulf Coast Velo)  
DNFAlex Gorman (Mesa Cycles Shop and Racing Team)  
DNFNicholas Boulle (Dallas Racing)  
DNFMitchell Gabel (Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF Cycling pb Felt Bicycles/Cleveland C)  
DNFNathaniel Beams (Peloton Sports Group/McDonalds Cycling Team)  
DNFWesley Kline (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock)  
DNFAlder Martz (Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club/Hincapie Development team)  
DNFJohn Bennett (California Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)  
DNFNate Geoffrion (Firefighters Cycling Association/Firefighters Cycling - Formigli)  
DNFSam Bassetti (Firefighters Cycling Association/Firefighters Cycling - Formigli)  
DNFEmerson Oronte (Jelly Belly Presented By Kenda)  
DNFCory StClair (Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF Cycling pb Felt Bicycles)  
DNFBranden Russell (Team Type 1- Development)  
DNFR.Maitland Jones (Asheville Bicycle Racing Club)  
DNFMartin Lang (Mesa Cycles Shop and Racing Team/Mesa Cycles Racing Team)  
DNFAlexander Vaughan-Ruiz (The TEAM)  
DNFBrandon Feehery (Mesa Cycles Shop and Racing Team/Mesa Cycles Racing Team)  
DNFConnor McCutcheon  
DNFAndrew Meyer (Carolina Bicycle Company)  
DNFJohnathan Freter (Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF Cycling pb Felt Bicycles)  
DNFStradford Helms (Team Type 1)  
DNFDylan DeGan (Depaula Racing)  
DNFWeston Luzadder  
DNFJoseph Kukolla (Indianapolis Cycling Club/NUVO Cultural Trail)  
DNFBenjamin Salibra (Century RR Club Association/Junior Development)  
DNFChristopher Bogedin (Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF Cycling pb Felt Bicycles/Cleveland C)  
DNFMichael Robinson (Asheville Bicycle Racing Club/ABRC)  
DNFJustin Williams (Firefighters Cycling Association/Firefighters Cycling - Formigli)  
DNFTosh Clements (Platinum Performance Cycling Team)  
DNFJimmy Page (Florida Velo/FloridaVelo)  
DNFPeter Taylor (California Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)  
DNFLuke Keough (Mock Orange Bikes/Mock Orange Racing)  
DNFNicholas Rogers (Boston Mountain Cyclist/Boston Mountain Cyclists)  
DNFJesse Goodrich (Team juwi solar/First Solar)  
DNFNate Weston (Montana Junior Cycling Foundation/MJCF - U23)  
DNFJonathan Crowson (Friends Great Smokies (FGS Cycling))  
DNFNathan Davis (Colavita Racing Inc./Colavita Racing)  
DNFMichael Palevo (Team Bikers Choice)  
DNFBrian Arne (Kryki Sports/Audi)  
DNFZachary Hoover (Scenic City Velo/Krystal Cycling Team)  
DNFPedro Martinez (Southern Elite/Southern Elite/Sun & Ski Sports)  
DNFTim Weiler (Raw Talent Ranch/CycleLife)  
DNFZack Allison (Sonic Boom Racing)  
DNFJoseph SeppyMartinez (Lateral Stress Velo Inc.)  


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