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MTB World Cup Downhill #6 - Leogang & UCI Four Cross World Championships 2013

Date range:
September 20-22, 2013

September 21, Elite men four cross:

Wichman wins four cross world championships

Sue George, Mountain Bike Editor
September 21, 2013, 18:57 BST,
September 22, 2013, 16:34 BST

Mechura and Derbier earn remaining medals

Joost Wichman stands atop the elite men's four cross world championship podium

Joost Wichman stands atop the elite men's four cross world championship podium

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Joost Wichman (Netherlands) won the four cross world championship title in Leogang, Austria on Saturday evening.

Tomas Slavik (Czech Republic) got the hole shot, but he and Michael Mechura (Czech Republic) tangled early in the course while racing around a right-hand bend.

With both Czech riders disadvantaged Wichman rode toward gold. Quentin Derbier (France) held off a fast charging Slavik for second. Slavik made up an impressive several bike lengths on one jump further down the course.

Full Results

Elite men four cross
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Joost Wichman (Netherlands)    
2 Michael Mechura (Czech Republic)    
3 Quentin Derbier (France)    
4 Tomas Slavik (Czech Republic)    
6 Marek Pesko (Slovakia)    
7 Michal Marosi (Czech Republic)    
8 Barry Nobles (United States Of America)    
9 Scott Beaumont (Great Britain)    
11 Marco Muff (Switzerland)    
12 Blake Carney (United States Of America)    
13 Jakub Riha (Czech Republic)    
14 Giovanni Pozzoni (Italy)    
15 Benedikt Last (Germany)    
16 Simon Waldburger (Switzerland)    
17 David Axelsson (Sweden)    
18 Urban Rotnik (Slovenia)    
20 Tom Dowie (Great Britain)    
21 Benjamin Kistner (Switzerland)    
22 Alexander Metcalfe (Great Britain)    
23 Mario José Jarrin Molina (Ecuador)    
24 Daniel Prijkel (Netherlands)    
25 Joe Vejvoda (Australia)    
26 Stefan Scherz (Germany)    
27 Aiko Göhler (Germany)    
28 William Evans (Great Britain)    
29 Milan Mysik (Czech Republic)    
30 Joe Mallinson (Great Britain)    
31 Rick Schubert (Germany)    
32 Ingo Kaufmann (Germany)    
33 Robert Kulesza (Poland)    
34 Piotr Paradowski (Poland)    
35 Mirco Weiss (Switzerland)    
36 Mitchell Scarr (Australia)    
37 Jiri Penc (Czech Republic)    
38 Patrick Kager (Austria)    
39 Adrian Weiss (Switzerland)    
40 Richard Levinson (Australia)    
41 Roger Keller (Switzerland)    
42 Benjamin Scherdan (Hungary)    
43 Luka Bolha (Slovenia)    
44 Daniel Bateson (Great Britain)    
45 Werner Muther (Switzerland)    
46 Gustaw Dadela (Poland)    
47 Terrence Scarr (Australia)    
48 Denis Masarik (Slovakia)    
49 Norbert Papp (Hungary)    
50 Tamas Tarr (Hungary)    
51 Stefan Balestracci (Italy)    
DNF Iakov Auster (Russian Federation)    
DNS Benjamin Ehrlich (Germany)    
DNS Rudolf Thurner (Austria)