Ledanois becomes U23 World Champion

France, Italy dominate as Consonni, Turgis round out podium

Kevin Ledanois (France) came home with a thrilling victory in the men’s U23 World Championships in Richmond, Virginia after a well-timed attacked in the closing stages of the race. Despite a late surge from the bunch, the Frenchman was able to hold off Simone Consonni (Italy) and Anthony Turgis (France) who finished in second and third.

The race, as predicted, came down to the final lap of 10, with Italy and France well positioned before the final set of three climbs. A crash on Libby Hill from Belgian Nathan Van Hooydonck initially split the field but Ledanois made his move on the climb of 23rd Street.

He only had a small margin of a few seconds at the foot of Governor Street with Italy setting a frantic late chase. With 500 meters to go it looked as though Ledanois would be reeled in as Consonni and Gianni Moscon (Italy) gave chase but with Turgis sitting in and Ledanois just having enough in the tank, France were able to celebrate a rainbow jersey and a bronze medal.

Italy had ridden an intelligent race throughout with Davide Martinelli in two key moves. They had strength in depth in the finale too but the French had numbers as well and timed their offensive play to perfection.

Turgis and Ledanois swept by a fading Martinelli near the summit of Libby Hill and Ledanois, son of former rider Yvon Ledanois – now a team director at BMC Racing – surged clear. The 22-year-old only held a thin margin over the splinted field but the Bretagne - Séché Environnement rider ground his way up the final two climbs. He desperately sprinted out of the saddle when Italy started to close the gap and held off Consonni.

How it unfolded

Frantic, fast, frenetic. Everything you really expect from a U23 race at this level when there’s a rainbow jersey on the line.

Omer Goldstein (Israel), Jean Bosco Insengiyumva (Rwanda) and Joao Rodrigues (Portugal) attacked on the first lap and created the first break of the morning with Algeria’s Adil Barbari soon joining them.

Eddie Dubar (Ireland), Greg Daniel (USA) Paredes (Colombia), and Astafyev (Kaz) soon joined them but it wasn’t until a move that contained Dubar, Davide Martinelli (Italy), Oleg Zemlyakov (Kazakhstann), Maximillian Schachmann (Germany) and Jose Luis Rodriguez (Chile) formed did the race move into a more settled format.

Martinelli presence was clear from the start – contain the break but offer little in the way of assistance but with just over 50 kilometres to go the strain was beginning to tell with Dubar the first to fall from the back of the group on the ascent of Libby Hill.

The remaining four leaders had just a minute on the peloton with three laps of the circuit to go but an untimely mechanical for Martinelli took him out of the running at that stage.

With two laps remaining the French, Italians - now that Martinelli had dropped back – and the British took control with the break caught on the penultimate time up Libby Hill.

Søren Kragh Andersen (Denmark), a double stage winner in the Tour de l'Avenir crested the top alone and he built up a 10 second lead on the descent but the peloton were still bristling with strong legs and well-represented nations. The Dane was caught inside the final 10 kilometres with Martinelli, Nils Politt (Germany), Jakub Kaczmarek (Poland) striking clear on the now, slightly wet roads. They lacked the necessary cooperation and so it came down the final set of three hills.

Nathan Van Hooydonck (Belgium), Owain Doull (Great Britain) and ads Würtz Schmidt (Denmark) were all taken out by crashes with the French able to stay ahead of the falls. Over the top off Libby Hill Ledanois still had much to do but with Turgis present and Consonni admitting later that he lacked the confidence to attack earlier, the Frenchman stayed clear.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Ledanois (France)3:54:45 
2Simone Consonni (Italy)  
3Anthony Turgis (France)0:00:02 
4Gianni Moscon (Italy)  
5Alexander Kamp Egested (Denmark)0:00:05 
6Fabian Lienhard (Switzerland)  
7Michal Schlegel (Czech Republic)  
8Lucas Gaday Orozco (Argentina)  
9Adam De Vos (Canada)0:00:10 
10Lennard Kamna (Germany)0:00:12 
11Merhawi Kudus Ghebremedhin (Eritrea)  
12Tom Bohli (Switzerland)  
13Jack Haig (Australia)  
14Tim Kerkhof (Netherlands)0:00:13 
15Mihkel Raim (Estonia)  
16Michal Paluta (Poland)  
17Benjamin Declercq (Belgium)  
18Jakub Kaczmarek (Poland)  
19Maxime Farazijn (Belgium)  
20Miguel Angel Benito Diez (Spain)0:00:16 
21Alexander Wachter (Austria)  
22Sam Oomen (Netherlands)  
23Twan Brusselman (Netherlands)  
24Imanol Estevez (Spain)  
25Rok Korosec (Slovenia)0:00:24 
26Benjamin Perry (Canada)  
27Lucas Eriksson (Sweden)  
28Felix Grossschartner (Austria)  
29Soren Kragh Andersen (Denmark)  
30Sebastian Schonberger (Austria)  
31Ignacio Prado (Mexico)  
32Fabien Grellier (France)0:00:29 
33Stylianos Farantakis (Greece)  
34Josip Rumac (Croatia)  
35Jan Dieteren (Germany)0:00:35 
36Dylan Page (Switzerland)0:00:37 
37Laurens De Plus (Belgium)  
38Truls Engen Korsaeth (Norway)  
39Nuno Matos (Portugal)  
40David Per (Slovenia)  
41Cristian Raileanu (Republic of Moldova)  
42Anders Skaarseth (Norway)  
43Metkel Eyob (Eritrea)0:00:48 
44Hector Saez Benito (Spain)  
45Yuri Kobashi (Japan)  
46Samir Jabrayilov (Azerbaijan)  
47Erik Baska (Slovakia)  
48Daniel Eaton (United States Of America)  
49Gasper Katrasnik (Slovenia)  
50Nils Politt (Germany)  
51Michael Gogl (Austria)  
52Oliviero Troia (Italy)0:00:59 
53Josten Vaidem (Estonia)0:01:03 
54Sergey Luchshenko (Kazakhstan)0:01:07 
55Rui Carvalho (Portugal)0:01:09 
56Nicholas Schultz (Australia)0:01:12 
57Ildar Arslanov (Russian Federation)  
58Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier (Eritrea)  
59Hugo Hofstetter (France)  
60Guy Gabay (Israel)  
61Toshiki Omote (Japan)  
62Yevgeniy Gidich (Kazakhstan)  
63Ryan Gibbons (South Africa)  
64Daan Myngheer (Belgium)  
65Maximilian Schachmann (Germany)  
66Davide Martinelli (Italy)  
67Gregor Muhlberger (Austria)  
68Artem Nych (Russian Federation)  
69Roman Kustadinchev (Russian Federation)  
70James Oram (New Zealand)0:01:17 
71Anass Ait El Abdia (Morocco)0:01:20 
72Jose Luis Rodriguez (Chile)0:01:25 
73Daniel Hoelgaard (Norway)  
74Odd Christian Eiking (Norway)  
75Wilmar Paredes (Colombia)  
76Oleg Zemlyakov (Kazakhstan)  
77Lennard Hofstede (Netherlands)  
78Harry Carpenter (Australia)0:01:48 
79Patrick Muller (Switzerland)0:02:08 
80Juan Felipe Osorio (Colombia)0:02:20 
81Marcus Faglum Karlsson (Sweden)0:02:22 
82Nathan Van Hooydonck (Belgium)0:02:49 
83Adrian Banaszek (Poland)0:03:02 
84Dion Smith (New Zealand)  
85Daniel Turek (Czech Republic)  
86Josef Cerny (Czech Republic)0:03:31 
87Logan Owen (United States Of America)  
88Leonardo Basso (Italy)0:03:32 
89Jayde Julius (South Africa)0:03:34 
90Colin Joyce (United States Of America)  
91Markus Hoelgaard (Norway)0:04:11 
92Owain Doull (Great Britain)0:04:25 
93Michael Carbel Svendgaard (Denmark)0:04:40 
94Krists Neilands (Latvia)  
95Gustav Hoog (Sweden)  
96Davide Ballerini (Italy)0:05:17 
97Bonaventure Uwizeyimana (Rwanda)0:05:42 
98Thery Schir (Switzerland)0:06:11 
99Pedro Rodriguez (Ecuador)0:06:53 
100Fabrizio Von Nacher Suess (Mexico)0:08:14 
101Juraj Bellan (Slovakia)0:08:51 
102Stepan Astafyev (Kazakhstan)0:09:46 
103Esteban David Villareal Almeida (Ecuador)  
104Joao Rodrigues (Portugal)  
105Abderrahmane Mansouri (Algeria)0:10:44 
106Aksel Nommela (Estonia)  
107Ludvig Bengtsson (Sweden)  
108Eddie Dunbar (Ireland)  
109Adil Barbari (Algeria)  
110Dmitriy Lukyanov (Kazakhstan)  
111Mamyr Stash (Russian Federation)  
DNFJonas Gregaard Wilsly (Denmark)  
DNFLubos Malovec (Slovakia)  
DNFFranck Bonnamour (France)  
DNFHayden Mccormick (New Zealand)  
DNFJuan Ignacio Curuchet (Argentina)  
DNFRoy Goldstein (Israel)  
DNFYonas Tekeste Haile (Eritrea)  
DNFTao Geoghegan Hart (Great Britain)  
DNFRuben Guerreiro (Portugal)  
DNFAviv Yechzkel (Israel)  
DNFYuma Koishi (Japan)  
DNFJhonatan Ospina (Colombia)  
DNFTyler Williams (United States Of America)  
DNFValens Ndayisenga (Rwanda)  
DNFScott Davies (Great Britain)  
DNFAlex Peters (Great Britain)  
DNFAlejandro Morales (Chile)  
DNFTom Wirtgen (Luxembourg)  
DNFSalvador Martinez (El Salvador)  
DNFJonas Koch (Germany)  
DNFMartin Laas (Estonia)  
DNFMarlen Zmorka (Ukraine)  
DNFSergiy Kozachenko (Ukraine)  
DNFNigel Ellsay (Canada)  
DNFRuslan Giliazov (Russian Federation)  
DNFAlexander Cataford (Canada)  
DNFMarc Fournier (France)  
DNFSuguru Tokuda (Japan)  
DNFMads Wurtz Schmidt (Denmark)  
DNFCaio Godoy Ormenese (Brazil)  
DNFGregory Daniel (United States Of America)  
DNFXavier San Sebastian (Spain)  
DNFRustom Lim (Philippines)  
DNFAtsushi Oka (Japan)  
DNFAlvaro Jose Hodeg Chagui (Colombia)  
DNFJean Bosco Insengiyumva (Rwanda)  
DNFGabriel Cullaigh (Great Britain)  
DNFNikolay Cherkasov (Russian Federation)  
DNFFrantisek Sisr (Czech Republic)  
DNFAndrej Petrovski (Macedonia)  
DNFFridtjof Roeinaas (Norway)  
DNFDominic Perez (Philippines)  
DNFSebastian Molano (Colombia)  
DNFDominique Mayho (Bermuda)  
DNFMiles Scotson (Australia)  
DNFJhon Mark Camingao (Philippines)  
DNFJefferson Cepeda (Ecuador)  
DNFOskar Nisu (Estonia)  
DNFGerardo Medina (Mexico)  
DNFNassim Saidi (Algeria)  
DNFNarankhuu Bat-Erdene (Mongolia)  
DNFAbderrahmane Bechlaghem (Algeria)  
DNFOmer Goldstein (Israel)  
DNFNickolas Dlamini (South Africa)  
DNFKolya Shumov (Belarus)  
DNFJhonatan Restrepo (Colombia)  
DNFElias Abou Rachid (Lebanon)  
DNFSteven Lammertink (Netherlands)  
DSQAlistair Donohoe (Australia)  

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