Thomas wins Tour of the Gila time trial

Wiles takes second, keeps overall lead in New Mexico

Sho-Air Twenty20's Leah Thomas won the Tyrone time trial during stage 3 at the Tour of the Gila Friday, covering the 27km course in 38:27 to beat runner-Up and current race leader Tayler Wiles (UnitedHealthcare) by six seconds. Amy D Foundation's Julie Emmerman was third, 56 seconds back.

"Right at the beginning I knew that my legs felt really good, then it became a mental game of pushing up the hills and staying as aero as possible on the descents," said Thomas, whose win moves her up to second on GC. "It does take hard work and a little luck and everything came together today."

Thomas now trails Wiles by 27 seconds in the overall, with Wiles' teammate Ruth Winder in third, 1:13 back. Stage 3 was Wiles' second consecutive runner-up finish after coming second to Tibco's Lex Albrecht on stage 2 when she took the overall lead.

"This is a really hard time trial," Wiles said. "I haven't done it in five years and that year I flatted, so I wanted to redeem myself. Before the race, I talked to my coach about a pacing strategy. I think I executed it pretty well. I may have gone a little too deep, because on the downhill before the finish I was just dying. I lost that top spot on the podium by five seconds, which hurts a little, but I'm really excited for the rest of the race, and we're really confident.”

Wiles also retains her lea dint he points competition, while Melinda McCutcheon (Visit Dallas DNA) leads the mountains classification and Winder sits comfortably in the lead of the best young rider competition.

The 2017 Tour of the Gila continues Saturday with the downtown Silver City Criterium.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Leah Thomas (USA) Sho-Air Twenty200:38:27 
2Tayler Wiles (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:00:06 
3Julie Emmerman (USA) Amy D Foundation0:00:56 
4Ruth Winder (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:00:58 
5Brianna Walle (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:01:11 
6Lauren Stephens (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:01:22 
7Kathryn Buss (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:01:59 
8Scotti Lechuga (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint0:02:02 
9Katharine Hall (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:02:04 
10Emma White (USA) Rally Cycling0:02:18 
11Abigail Mickey (USA) Colavita/Bianchi  
12Alison Tetrick (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling0:02:25 
13Melinda McCutcheon (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling0:02:31 
14Krista Doebel-Hickok (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling0:03:07 
15Lindsay Bayer (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint0:03:10 
16Lex Albrecht (Can) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:03:11 
17Stefanie Sydlik (USA) Amy D Foundation0:03:16 
18Miriam Brouwer (Can) Rise Racing0:03:19 
19Breanne Nalder (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling0:03:23 
20Marie Soliel Blais (USA) Landis - Trek0:03:25 
21Emma Grant (GBr) Colavita/Bianchi0:03:27 
22Sara Bergen (Can) Rally Cycling0:03:32 
23Kathryn Donovan (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling0:03:35 
24Tarah Cole (USA) Landis - Trek0:03:39 
25Sofia Arreola (Mex) Sho-Air Twenty200:03:47 
26Erica Clevenger (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Cycling0:03:58 
27Margot Clyne (USA) Amy D Foundation0:04:20 
28Caitlin Laroche (USA) Rally Cycling0:04:23 
29Allison Beveridge (Can) Rally Cycling0:04:27 
30Beth Ann Orton (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint0:04:30 
31Amber Pierce (USA) Colavita/Bianchi0:04:36 
32Lauretta Hanson (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:04:43 
33Nicolle Bruderer (Gua) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:04:45 
34Diana Carolina Peñuela (Col) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:05:00 
35Kaitlin Antonneau (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling  
36Shayna Powless (USA) Sho-Air Twenty200:05:01 
37Gillian Ellsay (Can) Colavita/Bianchi0:05:20 
38Emily Jordan (USA) Landis - Trek0:05:25 
39Megan Alderete (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint0:05:27 
40Holly Breck (USA) Sho-Air Twenty200:05:35 
41Elizabeth Williams (Aus) Hagens Berman / Supermint0:05:41 
42Lindsay Myers (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:05:48 
43Lauren Hall (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:05:51 
44Jamie Gilgen (Can) Rise Racing0:05:56 
45Joelle Numainville (Can) Cylance Pro Cycling  
46Claudia Vernica Leal Balderas (Mex) Conade-Visit Mexico-Specialized0:06:03 
47Kat Salthouse (USA) Landis - Trek0:06:10 
48Andrea Thomas (USA) Amy D Foundation0:06:13 
49Amy Benner (USA) Rally Cycling0:06:17 
50Liza Rachetto (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint0:06:23 
51Marcela Elizabeth Prieto Moreno (Mex) Conade-Visit Mexico-Specialized0:06:33 
52Karlee Gendron (Can) Rise Racing0:06:49 
53Aliya Traficante (USA) Amy D Foundation0:06:59 
54Illi Gardner (USA) Amy D Foundation  
55Ariadna Gutierrez Arzaluz (Mex) Conade-Visit Mexico-Specialized0:07:12 
56Sally Aston (USA) Landis - Trek0:07:21 
57Maureen Mcauliffe (USA) Landis - Trek0:07:26 
58Erica Zaveta (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling0:08:50 
59Lori Nedescu (Can) Rise Racing0:09:14 
60Julyn Renee Aguila Hernandez (Mex) Conade-Visit Mexico-Specialized0:09:31 
OTLMaria Antonieta Gaxiola Gonzalez (Mex) Conade-Visit Mexico-Specialized0:11:52 
General Classifiction after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tayler Wiles (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling7:24:25 
2Leah Thomas (USA) Sho-Air Twenty200:00:27 
3Ruth Winder (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:01:13 
4Julie Emmerman (USA) Amy D Foundation0:01:23 
5Lauren Stephens (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:01:41 
6Scotti Lechuga (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint0:02:05 
7Brianna Walle (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:02:10 
8Katharine Hall (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:02:18 
9Kathryn Buss (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:02:32 
10Melinda McCutcheon (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling0:03:06 
11Abigail Mickey (USA) Colavita/Bianchi0:03:21 
12Krista Doebel-Hickok (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling0:03:31 
13Emma White (USA) Rally Cycling0:03:32 
14Lex Albrecht (Can) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:03:33 
15Lindsay Bayer (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint0:03:40 
16Stefanie Sydlik (USA) Amy D Foundation0:03:46 
17Emma Grant (GBr) Colavita/Bianchi  
18Sara Bergen (Can) Rally Cycling0:03:50 
19Kathryn Donovan (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling0:04:05 
20Erica Clevenger (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Cycling0:04:28 
21Miriam Brouwer (Can) Rise Racing0:04:30 
22Megan Alderete (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint0:05:51 
23Breanne Nalder (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling0:06:30 
24Elizabeth Williams (Aus) Hagens Berman / Supermint0:06:33 
25Joelle Numainville (Can) Cylance Pro Cycling0:06:43 
26Claudia Vernica Leal Balderas (Mex) Conade-Visit Mexico-Specialized0:07:03 
27Lindsay Myers (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:07:06 
28Caitlin Laroche (USA) Rally Cycling0:07:10 
29Marcela Elizabeth Prieto Moreno (Mex) Conade-Visit Mexico-Specialized0:15:00 
30Jamie Gilgen (Can) Rise Racing0:16:48 
31Liza Rachetto (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint0:18:07 
32Alison Tetrick (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling0:18:44 
33Lauretta Hanson (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:18:45 
34Gillian Ellsay (Can) Colavita/Bianchi0:18:54 
35Marie Soliel Blais (USA) Landis - Trek0:20:14 
36Tarah Cole (USA) Landis - Trek0:20:52 
37Margot Clyne (USA) Amy D Foundation0:21:30 
38Kaitlin Antonneau (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling0:22:07 
39Diana Carolina Peñuela (Col) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:22:13 
40Sofia Arreola (Mex) Sho-Air Twenty200:22:27 
41Emily Jordan (USA) Landis - Trek0:22:38 
42Beth Ann Orton (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint0:22:46 
43Nicolle Bruderer (Gua) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:23:01 
44Shayna Powless (USA) Sho-Air Twenty200:23:17 
45Allison Beveridge (Can) Rally Cycling0:23:26 
46Lauren Hall (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:23:39 
47Karlee Gendron (Can) Rise Racing0:24:10 
48Amy Benner (USA) Rally Cycling0:25:16 
49Amber Pierce (USA) Colavita/Bianchi0:25:53 
50Kat Salthouse (USA) Landis - Trek0:27:25 
51Andrea Thomas (USA) Amy D Foundation0:27:28 
52Holly Breck (USA) Sho-Air Twenty200:28:05 
53Julyn Renee Aguila Hernandez (Mex) Conade-Visit Mexico-Specialized0:28:11 
54Illi Gardner (USA) Amy D Foundation0:30:26 
55Lori Nedescu (Can) Rise Racing0:30:29 
56Aliya Traficante (USA) Amy D Foundation0:31:48 
57Maureen Mcauliffe (USA) Landis - Trek0:41:20 
58Ariadna Gutierrez Arzaluz (Mex) Conade-Visit Mexico-Specialized0:42:29 
59Erica Zaveta (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling0:45:05 
60Sally Aston (USA) Landis - Trek0:45:18 
Best Young Rider
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ruth Winder (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling7:25:38 
2Kathryn Buss (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:01:19 
3Emma White (USA) Rally Cycling0:02:19 
4Erica Clevenger (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Cycling0:03:15 
5Lauretta Hanson (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:17:32 
6Gillian Ellsay (Can) Colavita/Bianchi0:17:41 
7Margot Clyne (USA) Amy D Foundation0:20:17 
8Nicolle Bruderer (Gua) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank0:21:48 
9Shayna Powless (USA) Sho-Air Twenty200:22:04 
10Allison Beveridge (Can) Rally Cycling0:22:13 
11Julyn Renee Aguila Hernandez (Mex) Conade-Visit Mexico-Specialized0:26:58 
12Illi Gardner (USA) Amy D Foundation0:29:13 
13Aliya Traficante (USA) Amy D Foundation0:30:35 
14Maria Antonieta Gaxiola Gonzalez (Mex) Conade-Visit Mexico-Specialized0:51:02 
Points Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tayler Wiles (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling23 pts
2Ruth Winder (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling19 
3Katharine Hall (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling17 
4Sara Bergen (Can) Rally Cycling16 
5Lex Albrecht (Can) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank15 
6Jamie Gilgen (Can) Rise Racing15 
7Lauren Stephens (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank14 
8Scotti Lechuga (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint10 
9Krista Doebel-Hickok (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling9 
10Emma Grant (GBr) Colavita/Bianchi8 
11Elizabeth Williams (Aus) Hagens Berman / Supermint8 
12Joelle Numainville (Can) Cylance Pro Cycling4 
13Leah Thomas (USA) Sho-Air Twenty203 
14Melinda McCutcheon (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling3 
15Lindsay Bayer (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint2 
16Julie Emmerman (USA) Amy D Foundation1 
17Brianna Walle (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank1 
Mountains Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Melinda McCutcheon (USA) Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling10 pts
2Tayler Wiles (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling9 
3Katharine Hall (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling9 
4Scotti Lechuga (USA) Hagens Berman / Supermint3 
5Abigail Mickey (USA) Colavita/Bianchi1 
6Krista Doebel-Hickok (USA) Cylance Pro Cycling1 
Teams Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling22:17:13 
2Team Tibco - Silcon Valley Bank0:02:00 
3Hagens Berman / Supermint0:06:39 
4Visit Dallas DNA0:07:08 
5Rally Cycling0:10:38 
6Colavita/Bianchi USA0:21:19 
7Amy D Foundation0:22:41 
8Cylance Pro Cycling0:23:44 
9Rise Racing0:41:39 
10Sho - Air Twenty200:42:13 
11Conade-Visit Mexico-Specialized0:43:57 
12Landis/Trek Team0:59:46 


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