Roy Jans wins Putte-Kapellen

Dupont seals overall Belgium Cup with second on Hofland

Wanty-Groupe Gobert's Roy Jans finished off his 2016 season with a sprint victory in Putte-Kapellen, the final race of the Napoleon Games Cycling Cup.

Jans out-paced overall series winner Timothy Dupont (Veranda's Willems) and Moreno Hofland (LottoNl-Jumbo) to take his only win of the season.

"What a relief! I'm so happy to conclude this difficult season with a great victory," Jans said.

The race was disrupted by a mass crash on the final lap that fractured the peloton, leaving only 25 riders sprinting in the end.

"I launched my sprint with 200-250 metres to go. I knew I could finish it off today because I had very good legs," Jans said. "Since the Tour de Poitou-Charentes I'm back to a good level. It was a difficult season for me. It is a beautiful farewell gift for Wanty-Groupe Gobert. Next year I'l ride in another team."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Roy Jans (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert3:54:01 
2Timothy Dupont (Bel) Veranda's Willems Cycling Team  
3Moreno Hofland (Ned) Team LottoNl-Jumbo  
4Arvid De Kleijn (Ned) Cyclingteam Jo Piels  
5Timothy Stevens (Bel) Crelan-Vastgoedservice Continental Team  
6Amaury Capiot (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise  
7Baptiste Planckaert (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect  
8Jasper De Buyst (Bel) Lotto Soudal  
9Michael Goolaerts (Bel) Lotto Soudal  
10Tosh Van Der Sande (Bel) Lotto Soudal  
11Kevin Deltombe (Bel) Lotto Soudal  
12Reinier Honig (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton  
13Gianni Marchand (Bel) Cibel-Cebon  
14Christophe Masson (Fra) Veranclassic-Ago  
15Matthias Legley (Bel) Veranclassic-Ago  
16Joey Van Rhee (Ned) Cyclingteam Jo Piels  
17Stephan Bakker (Ned) Cyclingteam Jo Piels  
18Gediminas Kaupas (Ltu) Team Differdange - Losch  
19Kenneth Van Bilsen (Bel) Cofidis, Solutions Credits  
20Boris Dron (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert  
21Johnny Hoogerland (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton  
22Zhi Hui Jiang (Chn) Team LottoNl-Jumbo  
23Zdenek Stybar (Cze) Etixx - Quick-Step  
24Bert Van Lerberghe (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise  
25Frederik Frison (Bel) Lotto Soudal0:00:07 
26David Boucher (Fra) Crelan-Vastgoedservice Continental Team0:00:10 
27Jérôme Baugnies (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert0:00:12 
28Gregory Habeaux (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect  
29Kevin Ista (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect0:00:15 
30Arjen Livyns (Bel) Veranda's Willems Cycling Team0:00:20 
31Brecht Dhaene (Bel) Veranda's Willems Cycling Team  
32Tom Dernies (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect0:00:24 
33Tom Van Asbroeck (Bel) Team LottoNl-Jumbo0:00:44 
34Pim Ligthart (Ned) Lotto Soudal  
35Niels De Rooze (Bel) Veranclassic-Ago0:00:47 
36Jelle Mannaerts (Bel) Superano Ham - Isorex0:01:05 
37Emiel Vermeulen (Bel) Team 3M  
38Grischa Janorschke (Ger) Team Roth  
39Ciske Aneca (Bel) Superano Ham - Isorex  
40Jordi Van Dingenen (Bel) Crelan-Vastgoedservice Continental Team  
41Axel Flet (Fra) Veranclassic-Ago  
42Guillaume Delvaux (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon  
43Maarten Van Trijp (Ned) Metec TKH Continental Cycling Team p/b Mantel  
44Tom Thill (Lux) Team Differdange - Losch  
45Wim Reynaerts (Bel) Cibel-Cebon  
46Tim Kerkhof (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton  
47Matthias Krizek (Aut) Team Roth  
48Dries Van Gestel (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise  
49Dennis Bakker (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
50Auxence Buntinx (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon  
51Dimitri Peyskens (Bel) Veranclassic-Ago  
52Cedric Raymackers (Bel) Team Differdange - Losch  
53Jelle Wolsink (Ned) Cyclingteam Jo Piels  
54Frederique Robert (Bel) Crelan-Vastgoedservice Continental Team  
55Kurt Geysen (Bel) Crelan-Vastgoedservice Continental Team  
56Etienne Van Empel (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton  
57Sjoerd Kouwenhoven (Ned) Metec TKH Continental Cycling Team p/b Mantel  
58Michael Van Staeyen (Bel) Cofidis, Solutions Credits0:01:08 
59Berden De Vries (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton  
60Gert Joeaar (Est) Cofidis, Solutions Credits  
61Gert Dockx (Bel) Lotto Soudal  
62Joeri Stallaert (Bel) Cibel-Cebon  
63Jonathan Dufrasne (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect  
64Remco Te Brake (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
65Raymond Kreder (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton  
66Andrea Pasqualon (Ita) Team Roth  
67Lawrence Naesen (Bel) Cibel-Cebon  
68Gianni Meersman (Bel) Etixx - Quick-Step  
69Jelle Goderis (Bel) Team 3M  
70Jelle Wallays (Bel) Lotto Soudal0:01:11 
71Jelle Donders (Bel) Superano Ham - Isorex  
72Johannes De Paepe (Bel) Cibel-Cebon  
73Dion Beukeboom (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
74Michel Kreder (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton  
75Joris Blokker (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
76Nico Brüngger (Swi) Team Roth  
77Julien Stassen (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect  
78Mike Teunissen (Ned) Team LottoNl-Jumbo0:01:21 
79Ludwig De Winter (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect0:01:35 
80Guillaume Haag (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon0:01:52 
81Jordy Van Loon (Ned) Metec TKH Continental Cycling Team p/b Mantel0:01:53 
82Jimmy Janssens (Bel) Team 3M0:01:57 
83Mike Diener (Lux) Team Differdange - Losch0:02:27 
84Dylan Bodchon (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon0:02:41 
85Koen Bouwman (Ned) Team LottoNl-Jumbo0:02:51 
86Kevin Verwaest (Bel) Superano Ham - Isorex0:05:40 
87Preben Van Hecke (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise0:05:42 
88Andrew Leigh (GBr) Superano Ham - Isorex  
89Alexander Geuens (Bel) Crelan-Vastgoedservice Continental Team  
90Kenny Goossens (Bel) Cibel-Cebon  
91Stéphane Rossetto (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits0:05:53 
92Anthony Perez (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits  
93Florian Senechal (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits  
94Dries De Bondt (Bel) Veranda's Willems Cycling Team0:06:14 
95Twan Castelijns (Ned) Team LottoNl-Jumbo  
96Jasper Hamelink (Ned) Metec TKH Continental Cycling Team p/b Mantel  
97Laurent Evrard (Bel) Team 3M  
98Wayne Stijns (Ned) Team Differdange - Losch0:06:35 
99Martin Kohler (Swi) Team Roth0:06:39 
100Gert-Jan Bosman (Ned) Cyclingteam Jo Piels  
DNFDavide Martinelli (Ita) Etixx - Quick-Step  
DNFGuillaume Van Keirsbulck (Bel) Etixx - Quick-Step  
DNFStijn Vandenbergh (Bel) Etixx - Quick-Step  
DNFDennis Van Winden (Ned) Team LottoNl-Jumbo  
DNFMaarten Wynants (Bel) Team LottoNl-Jumbo  
DNFSander Helven (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise  
DNFThomas Sprengers (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise  
DNFPieter Vanspeybrouck (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise  
DNFJens Wallays (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise  
DNFDimitri Claeys (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert  
DNFKenny De Haes (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert  
DNFDanilo Napolitano (Ita) Wanty - Groupe Gobert  
DNFRobin Stenuit (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert  
DNFMark Mcnally (GBr) Wanty - Groupe Gobert  
DNFBrian Van Goethem (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton  
DNFDylan Page (Swi) Team Roth  
DNFFrank Pasche (Swi) Team Roth  
DNFRoland Thalmann (Swi) Team Roth  
DNFGerry Druyts (Bel) Crelan-Vastgoedservice Continental Team  
DNFDidier Bats (Bel) Veranda's Willems Cycling Team  
DNFJoeri Calleeuw (Bel) Veranda's Willems Cycling Team  
DNFThomas Deruette (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect  
DNFMichiel Dieleman (Bel) Cibel-Cebon  
DNFBenjamin Verraes (Bel) Cibel-Cebon  
DNFTwan Brusselman (Ned) Cyclingteam Jo Piels  
DNFAdriaan Janssen (Ned) Cyclingteam Jo Piels  
DNFJohim Ariesen (Ned) Metec TKH Continental Cycling Team p/b Mantel  
DNFStef Krul (Ned) Metec TKH Continental Cycling Team p/b Mantel  
DNFJim Lindenberg (Ned) Metec TKH Continental Cycling Team p/b Mantel  
DNFOscar Riesebeek (Ned) Metec TKH Continental Cycling Team p/b Mantel  
DNFPeter Schulting (Ned) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
DNFMarco Zanotti (Ita) Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team  
DNFGorik Gardeyn (Bel) Superano Ham - Isorex  
DNFKevin Suarez Martinez (Bel) Superano Ham - Isorex  
DNFThomas Petit (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon  
DNFAlexandre Toubeau (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon  
DNFVictor Van Bost (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon  
DNFDick Janssens (Ned) Team 3M  
DNFChristophe Sleurs (Bel) Team 3M  
DNFCharly Petelin (Ita) Team Differdange - Losch  
DNFAlexis Caresmel (Fra) Veranclassic-Ago  

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