Ewan and Hosking win Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic openers

Australian race season up and running

Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEdge) and Chloe Hosking (Wiggle Down Under) claimed opening day wins in the Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic on Friday with both riders winning from sprints.

Ewan came out on top against Greg Henderson (NZ National Team) and Ian Bibby after just over an hour of racing. Ewan leads the overall race by two points ahead of Henderson.

Hosking marked her debut for Wiggle Down Under, having signed at the end of 2014, with an important win on home soil. The former Hitech rider put in a commanding performance to beat Lauren Kitchen (Roxsolt)Elizabeth Williams(Orica-AIS). Hosking leads the overall standings with three days remaining in the race.

Ewan and Henderon broke clear of the field early in the race and held off the remnants of the field until the finish.

"I just got in the right move," Ewan said in a team press release. " Henderson has done that before here, raced like that and won, so I knew when he went that it could be the race so I had to jump on it straight away."

"I was glad the peloton were pulled out early,” Ewan continued. “I didn’t want to get involved with them because it upsets everything and I don’t think that would be fair for either of us. I thought [Henderson] was going to sit on me for the full last lap but he came through and wanted to lead it out and that worked perfectly for me."

In the women's race Hosking formed part of a five-rider group that split from the peloton roughly half-way through the race. The move included Williams, Kitchen Peta Mullens, and Miranda Griffiths (Holden Women’s Cycling).

"We went away about 25 minutes into the race, and all the big teams were in there, so I think the peloton was like: ‘we’re happy with that.’" Hosking said in a team press release.

"I was confident; I knew the girls in there, and I thought I had it over them in the sprint. But then also having Bronzini in the back there took a lot of pressure off, and gave me a pretty easy ride."

"It was pretty aggressive,” Hosking continued. “Roxsolt was pretty aggressive in the beginning, and we had Emilia [Fahlin] and Eileen [Roe] up there covering everything. But we knew we had Bronzini and I, so we wanted to make sure we were represented in anything that really went, and as it just turned out I ended up in a break!I just looked around and thought: ‘okay, they’re letting us go!’"


Results - Men

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEdge )1:00:51 
2Greg Henderson (NZ National Team)  
3Ian Bibby (Chain Reaction)  
4Luke Parker (Total Rush Hyster)  
5Jonathan Cantwell (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)  
6Ryan Thomas (Data #3 Symantec Racing)  
7Joseph Lewis (Total Rush Hyster)  
8Benjamin Hill (Chartermason Giant Racing)  
9Kristian House (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)  
10Alder Martz (Health.com.au-Search2Retain)  
11Aaron Gate (NZ National Team)  
12Neil Van Der Ploeg (Avanti Racing)  
13James Mowatt (Data #3 Symantec Racing)  
14Mark Williams (Data #3 Symantec Racing)  
15Angus Morton (Chain Reaction)  
16Lachlan Morton (Chain Reaction)0:00:01 
17Steele Von Hoff (Avanti Racing)0:00:03 
18Chris Hamilton (Avanti Racing)0:00:08 
19Richard Kluge (Total Rush Hyster)0:00:12 
DNFLeigh Howard (Orica GreenEdge)  
DNFMichael Hepburn (Orica GreenEdge)  
DNFAnthony Giacoppo (Avanti Racing)  
DNFAaron Donnelly (Avanti Racing)  
DNFPatrick Shaw (Avanti Racing)  
DNFPieter Bulling (NZ National Team)  
DNFAlex Frame (NZ National Team)  
DNFCameron Karwowski (NZ National Team)  
DNFMarc Ryan (NZ National Team)  
DNFSamuel Witmitz (Team Budget Forklifts)  
DNFLuke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)  
DNFJosh Berry (Team Budget Forklifts)  
DNFFelix English (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)  
DNFHarry Tanfield (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)  
DNFMike Cumming (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)  
DNFTom Moses (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)  
DNFEd Laverack (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)  
DNFMatthew Slee (AMR Renault Racing)  
DNFDylan Sunderland (AMR Renault Racing)  
DNFAaron Watts (AMR Renault Racing)  
DNFCallan Douglas (AMR Renault Racing)  
DNFCameron Fraser (AMR Renault Racing)  
DNFRussell Menzies (AMR Renault Racing)  
DNFJesse Kerrison (Chain Reaction)  
DNFLawrence Carpenter (Chain Reaction)  
DNFKyle Thompson (Chain Reaction)  
DNFJoshua Taylor (Chartermason Giant Racing)  
DNFJake Magee (Chartermason Giant Racing)  
DNFRyan Macanally (Chartermason Giant Racing)  
DNFPaul Van Der Ploeg (Chartermason Giant Racing)  
DNFSam Crome (Chartermason Giant Racing)  
DNFStuart Shaw (Health.com.au-Search2Retain)  
DNFMichael Rice (Health.com.au-Search2Retain)  
DNFAngus Tobin (Health.com.au-Search2Retain)  
DNFTim Guy (Health.com.au-Search2Retain)  
DNFSam Dobbs (Health.com.au-Search2Retain)  
DNFJason Lowndes (Team Seight)  
DNFJordan Stannus (Team Seight)  
DNFZane Hunter (Team Seight)  
DNFLachlan Holliday (Team Seight)  
DNFLiam Magennis (Team Seight)  
DNFEvan Hull (Team Seight)  
DNFJarryd Jones (Wormall CCS)  
DNFMatthew Lane (Wormall CCS)  
DNFDane Frey (Wormall CCS)  
DNFRussell Gill (Wormall CCS)  
DNFDylan Pierre-Humbert (Wormall CCS)  
DNFPatrick Lane (Total Rush Hyster)  
DNFDavid Kelly (Total Rush Hyster)  
DNFJames Cummings (Total Rush Hyster)  
DNFChris Winn (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)  
DNFCameron Clamp (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)  
DNFChris Stack (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)  
DNFMorgan Smith (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)  
DNFTyler Spurrell (Data #3 Symantec Racing)  
DNFScott Thomas (Data #3 Symantec Racing)  
DNFBen Carman (Data #3 Symantec Racing)  
DNFGeorge Tansley (SASI)  
DNFRobert Mccarthy (SASI)  
DNFTom Kaesler (SASI)  
DNFAlexander Smyth (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)  
DNSCameron Meyer (Orica GreenEdge)  
DNSMitchell Docker (Orica GreenEdge)  
DNSDamien Howson (Orica GreenEdge)  
DNSTommy Nankervis (Team Budget Forklifts)  
DNSSamuel Lane (Wormall CCS)  
DNSHarry Carpenter (SASI)  
Intermediate Sprint 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luke Parker (Total Rush Hyster)3 pts
2Ryan Thomas (Data #3 Symantec Racing)2 
3Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEdge)1 
Intermediate Sprint 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neil Van Der Ploeg (Avanti Racing)3 pts
2Michael Hepburn (Orica GreenEdge)2 
3Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEdge)1 
Intermediate Sprint 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Greg Henderson (NZ National Team)3 pts
2Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEdge)2 
3Joseph Lewis (Total Rush Hyster)1 
General Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEdge)12 pts
2Greg Henderson (NZ National Team)10 
3Ian Bibby (Chain Reaction)8 
4Luke Parker (Total Rush Hyster)7 
5Jonathan Cantwell (Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League)6 
6Ryan Thomas (Data #3 Symantec Racing)5 
7Joseph Lewis (Total Rush Hyster)4 
8Benjamin Hill (Chartermason Giant Racing)3 
9Kristian House (JLT Condor p/b Mavic)2 
10Alder Martz (Health.com.uu-Search2Retain)1 
Sprint Ace Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Caleb Ewan (Orica GreenEdge)4 pts
2Greg Henderson (NZ National Team)3 
3Luke Parker (Total Rush Hyster)3 
4Neil Van Der Ploeg (Avanti Racing)3 
5Ryan Thomas (Data #3 Symantec Racing)2 
6Michael Hepburn (Orica GreenEdge)2 
7Joseph Lewis (Total Rush Hyster)1 
Team Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Orica GreenEdge12 pts
2Total Rush Hyster11 
3NZ National Team10 
4Chain Reaction8 
5Swift Carbon Melbourne Cycling League6 
6Data #3 Symantec Racing5 
7Chartermason Giant Racing3 
8JLT Condor p/b Mavic2 

Results - Women

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Hosking (Wiggle Down Under)44:52:00 
2Lauren Kitchen (Roxsolt)  
3Elizabeth Williams (Orica-AIS)  
4Peta Mullens  
5Miranda Griffiths (Holden Women's Cycling)  
6Gracie Elvin (Orica-AIS)0:00:19 
7Kimberley Wells (Roxsolt)  
8Emily Collins (Suvelo Racing)  
9Giorgia Bronzini (Wiggle Down Under)  
10Kristy Glover (Bicycle Superstore)  
11Racquel Sheath (Holden Women's Cycling)  
12Nicole Moerig  
13Elizabeth Doueal (Specialized Securitor)0:00:23 
14Amanda Spratt (Orica-AIS)  
15Loes Gunnewijk (Orica-AIS)  
16Tayla Evans (Bicycle Superstore)  
17Shannon Malseed (Holden Women's Cycling)  
18Joanne Hogan (Roxsolt)  
19Verita Stewart (Specialized Securitor)  
20Loren Rowney (Roxsolt)  
21Tiffany Cromwell (Roxsolt)0:00:28 
22Carlee Taylor (Roxsolt)  
23Sophie Mackay (Specialized Securitor)  
24Emilia Fahlin (Wiggle Down Under)  
25Jessica Mundy (Wiggle Down Under)0:00:31 
26Eileen Roe (Wiggle Down Under)  
27Georgia Williams (Novotel Geelong)  
28Nicole Whitburn (Bicycle Superstore)  
DNFGeorgia Baker (Wiggle Down Under)  
DNFEmma Viotto (Bicycle Superstore)  
DNFBrittany Lindores (Bicycle Superstore)  
DNFMargeaux Thompson (Bikebug/Next Gen)  
DNFSarah Knights (Bikebug/Next Gen)  
DNFJessica Lane (Bikebug/Next Gen)  
DNFGeorgina Beech (Bikebug/Next Gen)  
DNFJasmine Mcmillan (Specialized Securitor)  
DNFMarissa Madden (Suvelo Racing)  
DNFStephanie Lord (Suvelo Racing)  
DNFSara Ferrarra (Novotel Geelong)  
DNFJulia Kalotas (Novotel Geelong)  
DNFChloe Mcintosh (Novotel Geelong)  
DNFRuby Greig-Hurtig (Holden Women's Cycling)  
DNFCarley Mckay  
DNFErin Kinnealy  
DNFNaima Diesner  
DNFLaura Vainionpaa  
DNSSarah Roy (Orica-AIS)  
DNSClaire Trembath (Specialized Securitor)  
DNSKaren Elzing (Suvelo Racing)  
Intermediate Sprint 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joanne Hogan (Roxsolt)3 pts
2Loes Gunnewijk (Orica-AIS)2 
3Shannon Malseed (Holden Women's Cycling)1 
Intermediate Sprint 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lauren Kitchen (Roxsolt)3 pts
2Chloe Hosking (Wiggle Down Under)2 
3Peta Mullens1 
General Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chloe Hosking (Wiggle Down Under)12 pts
2Lauren Kitchen (Roxsolt)10 
3Elizabeth Williams (Orica-AIS)8 
4Peta Mullens7 
5Miranda Griffiths (Holden Women's Cycling)6 
6Gracie Elvin (Orica-AIS)5 
7Kimberley Wells (Roxsolt)4 
8Emily Collins (Suvelo Racing)3 
9Giorgia Bronzini (Wiggle Down Under)2 
10Kristy Glover (Bicycle Superstore)1 
Sprint Ace Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lauren Kitchen (Roxsolt)3 pts
2Joanne Hogan (Roxsolt)3 
3Chloe Hosking (Wiggle Down Under)2 
4Loes Gunnewijk (Orica-AIS)2 
5Peta Mullens1 
6Shannon Malseed (Holden Women's Cycling)1 
Team Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Roxsolt14 pts
2Wiggle Down Under14 
4Holden Women's Cycling6 
5Suvelo Racing3 
6Bicycle Superstore1 


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