Lindine secures third UCI victory in Granogue

Batty and Hoke race for second

Justin Lindine ('s Garage) secured a dominating victory at UCI C2 Granogue Cross held in Wilmington, Delware located in the Mid Atlantic. He opened an early-race lead ahead of his closest competitors Mark Batty (SpiderTech p/b C10) in second and Mitch Hoke (Clif Bar Development) in third.

Lindine won three UCI races this season including double victories in Providence last weekend and he is currently leading the New England Professional Cyclo-cross series. "This win is my third of the season," Lindine told Cyclingnews. "After winning in Providence, it is my big goal to hang on to that lead. I'm not as focused on the Mid Atlantic series because I will have to miss a couple of the up coming weekends."

The elite men lined up to race what has been affectionately known as the crown jewel of Mid Atlantic cyclo-cross. The event is traditionally held at the Dupont Estate, a private and scenic property that boasts 400 acres of rolling green hills and wooded sections. Riders race over a technically challenging course, well known for its off camber hillside corners, muddy sections through the woods and a steep run up to the stone silo tower.

Top riders in the men's field included Lindine along with Troy Wells (Clif Bar), brothers Jesse, Luke and Nick Keough (Champion System-Keough Cross), Mark Batty (SpiderTech p/b C10), Mike Carrigan (LaPierre Canada-Giro-Shimano), Adam Myerson (SmartShop-MOB p/b Ridley) and Derek St John (Stevens p/b The Cyclery), among others.

Lindine had a slightly slower start but quickly worked his way into the top three positions through the wooded section on the first lap. He noted two riders with a gap that included Batty and Jerome Townsend (Smartstop). He caught the pair of race leaders and moved ahead of them on the shallow ride-up on the second lap.

"It is typical for me to start further back, I just don't normally start as fast as everyone else," Lindine said. "Two riders opened a little bit of a gap and I knew I needed to bridge up to them. I was surprised that the rest of the chase group wasn't able to make it up. They weren't that far behind so I wanted to keep the pressure on."

"I was motoring pretty well on the pavement stretch but overall the course was pretty hilly," he said. "There was a run or ride that had stairs on it. The section after that was tough so as long as you kept the gas on, it was a good spot to make time. That was a good opportunity for me to gain time on the second lap."

Lindine gained a sizable lead ahead of Batty and Townsend and Hoke along with Wells, who started strong but lost positions as the race progressed. He kept the pressure on and gained a one minute lead ahead of his competitors by the last lap.

"When I got 15 seconds I was happy with that," Lindine said. "I knew that anyone behind me would have to be pretty aggressive and take chances to try and close that gap. As it turned out I was able to gain more time as the race went on and that took some pressure off. I was keeping a careful eye on the riders who were chasing and I didn't want to make any mistakes."

Full Results

1Justin Lindine (USA)'s Garage1:02:27 
2Mark Batty (Can) SpiderTech Powered By C100:00:40 
3Mitchell Hoke (USA) Team Clif Bar0:01:21 
4Travis Livermon (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley0:01:45 
5Jerome Townsend (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley0:02:01 
6Lukas Müller (Swi) Philadelphia Cyclocross School0:02:12 
7Jared Stafford (Can) Ride With Rendall0:02:22 
8Troy Wells (USA) Team Clif Bar0:02:31 
9Christian Favata (USA) RGM Watches - Richard Sachs0:02:32 
10Adam Myerson (USA) SmartStop-Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley0:02:56 
11Ben Frederick (USA) Team Traveller0:02:57 
12Jeffrey Bahnson (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team0:02:59 
13Greg Wittwer (USA) Alan North America Cycling Team0:03:33 
14Robert Marion (USA) American Classic - Blue0:03:53 
15Ryan Dewald (USA) Haymarket-Seavs0:04:23 
16Lukas Winterberg (Swi) Philadelphia Cyclocross School0:04:34 
17Daniel Chabanov (USA) RGM Watches-Richard Sachs0:04:36 
18Anthony Clark (USA) J.A.M. Fund - NCC  
19Jared Nieters (USA) Haymarket-Seavs Racing0:05:09 
20Michael Mihalik (USA) Freddie Fu Cycling Team0:05:22 
21Ryan Leech (USA) Hilton Head Cycling0:05:37 
22Donny Green (USA) Cycle-Smart0:05:47 
23Chris Larsen (USA) Industry Nine/Youngblood Bicycles0:06:05 
24Shaun Adamson (Can) Cycle-Smart0:06:20 
25Steven Ordons (USA) Human Zoom0:06:49 
26Gunnar Bergey (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes0:07:08 
27Cary Fridrich (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal0:07:29 
28Thomas Mackay (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes  -1lap 
29Cameron Dodge (USA) Scott Rc/ Mountain Bike Team  
30Christopher Consorto (USA) Bikeline  
31Fred Brown (USA) Mtbnj.Com-Halters Cycles  
32Adam Farabaugh (USA) Team Deschuytter-Kwsc Westkerke  
33Jordan Kahlenberg (USA) Adventures for the Cure  
34Austin Roach (USA) MetLife Cycling Team  
35Katriel Statman (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team  
36Zach Semian (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team  
37Patrick Bradley (USA) Philadelphia Cyclocross School  -2laps 
38Mike Garrigan (Can) Lapierre Canada  -4laps 
39Evan Murphy (USA) NYC Velo  -5laps 
40Matt Spohn (USA) Philadelphia Cyclocross School  
DNFLuke Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross  
DNFNicholas Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross  
DNFJoshua Dillon (USA) RGM Watches-Richard Sachs  
DNFAndrew Wulfkuhle (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes  
DNFEric Brungger (Swi) Philadelphia Cyclocross School  
DNFJeremy Durrin (USA) J.A.M. Fund - NCC  
DNFGerald Adasavage (USA) Bicycle Therapy-Melitta  
DNFJesse Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross  
DNFCraig Lebair (USA) Philadelphia Ciclismo  
DNFJohn Minturn (USA) Stan's NoTubes-AXA Equitable-CRCA  
DNFPatrick Blair (USA) Adventures for the Cure  
DNFColin Reuter (USA) p/b JRA Cycles  
DNFStephen Pierce (USA) Embrocation Cycling Journal  
DNFNathan Wyatt (USA) Carolina Fatz Cycling Center p/b Industry Nine  
DNFMark Broadwater (USA) C3-Athletes Serving Athletes  
DNSZoltan Tisza (Hun) Champion System Racing  
DNSDerrick St John (Can) Stevens p/b The Cyclery  
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