Steele von Hoff wins Commonwealth Games road race

Australian beats Mould and Hendricks in sprint finish

Australia finished off the cycling events at their home Commonwealth Games on Saturday by winning the men's road race; the country's 14th gold medal in cycling out of a total of 22 awarded across Track, Mountain Bike and Road. Steele von Hoff took the win in a sprint finish, ahead of Jonathan Mould of Wales and Clint Hendricks of South Africa.

The men rode nine laps of the 18.7 kilometre circuit around Currumbin Beach, south of Gold Coast. The course featured two climbs per lap and a winding route through suburban neighbourhoods.

Luke Rowe of Wales, who came to the Games straight from Paris-Roubaix, was the first to attack on the opening lap, but was quickly brought back. A subsequent attack by Thomas Stewart (England) with James McLaughlin (Guernsey) and Joseph Areruya (Rwanda) did get away, followed by a chase group of six.

The leaders managed to stretch their lead to nearly four minutes by lap 6, with the chasers slowly closing in on them. However, the Australian and New Zealand teams decided this was enough, and began reeling them in, eventually catching the final two riders - Stewart and McLaughlin - on the last lap.

Jack Bauer (New Zealand) tried an attack, but was quickly brought back, setting the stage for a sprint finish. Shane Archbold (New Zealand) started the sprint from a long way out into a head wind, with von Hoff on the wheel of team mate Cameron Meyer, the time trial winner earlier in the Games. Von Hoff came by on the left, taking the lead in the final 100 metres to win by a bike length.

Remarkably, von Hoff broke six vertebrae in a racing crash in Melbourne in February, but refused to give up his dream for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

"Six days after the crash I started training again on a recumbent," he said. "I just wanted to get my legs spinning. And then I thought, 'I have seven weeks until the Games so I'd better start training.'

"I don’t think I've absorbed it yet, but I will later on tonight. It wasn't looking good [in the last lap], it was me and Cam and the entire New Zealand team. I thought we couldn't do it but we just had to hang in tough, and it just so happened to be that we pulled it off."

THE HOLY WEEK - Excerpt from Cyclingnews Films on Vimeo.


#Rider Name (Country) Result
1Steele von Hoff (Australia)3:57:01 
2Jonathan Mould (Wales)  
3Clint Hendricks (South Africa)  
4Mark Downey (Northern Ireland)  
5Hayden Mccormick (New Zealand)  
6Shane Archbold New Zealand)  
7Tobyn Horton (Guernsey)  
8Thomas Stewart (England)  
9Cameron Meyer (Australia)  
10Samuel Gaze (New Zealand)0:00:03 
11James Oram (New Zealand)0:00:09 
12Ian Bibby (England)0:00:11 
13Jack Bauer (New Zealand)0:00:21 
14Luke Rowe (Wales)0:00:53 
15Andreas Miltiadis (Cyprus)0:00:57 
16Jason Christie (New Zealand)  
17Mark Stewart (Scotland)  
18Brendon Davids (South Africa)  
19Suleiman Kangangi (Kenya)  
20Charles Kagimu (Uganda)  
21Jean Claude Uwizeye (Rwanda)  
22Cameron Orr (Northern Ireland)  
23Didier Munyaneza (Rwanda)0:00:59 
24Bonaventure Uwizeyimana (Rwanda)0:01:00 
25Mathew Hayman (Australia)0:01:06 
26Christopher Latham (England)0:02:07 
27Bradley Potgieter (South Africa)  
28Marc Potts (Northern Ireland)  
29James Mclaughlin (Guernsey)0:02:10 
30Christopher Rougier-Lagane Mauritius  
31Dylan Kerfoot-Robson (Wales)0:02:34 
32Jake Kelly (Isle of Man)  
33Jack English (Guernsey)  
34Leon Mazzone (Isle of Man)  
35Grant Ferguson (Scotland)  
36Tristan De Lange (Namibia)  
37Joseph Areruya (Rwanda)0:02:38 
38Nicholas Dlamini (South Africa)  
39Salim Kipkemboi (Kenya)  
40Dan Craven (Namibia)  
41Peter Kibble (Wales)  
42Harry Tanfield (England)  
43Mitchell Docker (Australia)  
44Dirk Coetzee (Namibia)0:08:44 
45Daniel Halksworth (Jersey)0:09:25 
46Alexander Edmondson (Australia)0:09:35 
47Callum Scotson (Australia)  
48Michael Foley (Canada)0:10:58 
49Alexandre Mayer (Mauritius)  
50Tom Mazzone (Isle of Man)0:11:15 
DNFNathan Draper (Isle of Man)  
DNFNolan Hoffman (South Africa)  
DNFAlexander Smyth (Malta)  
DNFJames Roe (Guernsey)  
DNFRhys Hidrio (Jersey)  
DNFDylan Redy (Mauritius)  
DNFHasani Hennis (Anguilla)  
DNFKinjah David Njau (Kenya)  
DNFPeter Gathere Waruiru (Kenya)  
DNFJean Paul René Ukiniwabo (Rwanda)  
DNFBoakye Dankwa Anthony Boafo (Ghana)  
DNFMartin Freyer (Namibia)  
DNFKyle Gordon (Scotland)  
DNFMichael Testori (Cayman Islands)  
DNFOliver Wood (England)  
DNFOscar Quiroz (Belize)  
DNFRhys Britton (Wales)  
DNFJay Lamoureux (Canada)  
DNFJack Rebours (Jersey)  
DNFAvishka Dilnuwan Mawathage (Sri Lanka)  
DNFDerek Barbara (Gibraltar)  
DNFJyme Bridges (Antigua And Barbuda)  
DNFAdam Blythe (England)  
DNFDerek Gee (Canada)  
DNFValens Ndayisenga (Rwanda)  
DNFOliver Lowthorpe (Jersey)  
DNFSebastian Tremlett (Guernsey)  
DNFMarcus Christie (Northern Ireland)  
DNFAdam Jamieson (Canada)  
DNFMatthew Bostock (Isle of Man)  
DNFJeffery Kelsick (Antigua And Barbuda)  
DNFDavid Treacy (Malta)  
DNFMiguel Duarte (Mozambique)  
DNFMalefetsane Lesofe (Lesotho)  
DNFTrevor Zefal Bailey (Saint Vincent And The Grenadines)  
DNFAbdul Razak Abdul Mumin (Ghana)  
DNFMuzi Shabangu (Swaziland)  
DNFOshane Williams Jamaica)  
DNFGregory Rougier-Lagane (Mauritius)  
DNFAbdulrazak Unmar (Ghana)  
DNFGiovanni Lovell (Belize)  
DNFBram Sanderson (Dominica)  
DNFGerry Albert (Seychelles)  
DNFSsekanga Viena (Uganda)  
DNFSam Brand (Isle of Man)  
DNFSaleem Romney (Anguilla)  
DNFMduduzi Zwane (Swaziland)  
DNFGcina Banda (Swaziland)  
DNFBenjaman Lewis (Saint Vincent And The Grenadines)  
DNFMichael Serafin (Guernsey)  
DNFAidan Caves (Canada)  
DNFXeno Young (Northern Ireland)  
DNFJoseph Sheriff (Gibraltar)  
DNFNissan Arana (Belize)  
DNFRichard Jeff Esparon (Seychelles)  
DNFZambezi Richardson (Anguilla)  
DNFSherwin Osborne (Anguilla)  
DNFJay Major (Bahamas)  
DNFAnthony Colebrook (Bahamas)  
DNFAlie Kamara (Sierra Leone)  
DNFMahmoud Keita (Sierra Leone)  
DNFHuekhwami Hughes (Anguilla)  
DNFChamika Weerappulige (Sri Lanka)  
DNFJulian Bellido (Gibraltar)  
DNFStephen Alberto Belle (Seychelles)  

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