L'Esperance and Montambault win Baie St. Paul short track

Canada cup hosts another round


Elite men short track
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew L'Esperance (Can)0:36:35 
2Alexandre Vialle (Can)  
3Evan Guthrie (Can)  
4Quinn Moberg (Can)0:00:01 
5Marc-Andre Daigle (Can)0:00:03 
6Emmanuel Boily (Can)0:00:11 
7Patrick Chartrand (Can)0:00:13 
8Julien Gagne (Can)0:00:40 
9Cameron Jette (Can)0:00:50 
10Merlin Dallaire (Can)0:00:53 
11Neil Symington (Can)0:01:05 
12Luc Boily (Can)0:01:09 
13Alex Lavertu (Can)0:01:11 
14Matthew Turcotte (Can)0:01:13 
15Vincent Belhumeur (Can)0:01:25 
16Samuel Tremblay (Can)0:01:34 
17Jean-Daniel Boily (Can)0:01:43 
18Vincent Lessard (Can)  
19Maxime Lemay (Can)  
20Guillaume Plourde (Can)  
21Jasmin Cantin (Can)  
22Jonathan Cantin (Can)  
Elite women short track
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cindy Montambault (Can)0:36:35 
2Catherine Fleury (Can)0:00:02 
3Rebecca Beaumont (Can)0:00:08 
4Laurence Harvey (Can)0:00:15 
5Gabrielle April (Can)0:01:03 
6Stéphanie Tremblay (Can)0:01:28 
7Jamie Busch (USA)0:01:29 
8Sarah-Claudie Dostie-Menard (Can)0:01:31 
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