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British Road Championships 2013

Date range:
June 20-23, 2013

June 20, Elite Men TT: 49.2km

Dowsett claims third straight British time trial title

Cycling News
June 20, 2013, 20:12,
June 21, 2013, 16:34

Bottrill, Swift complete podium

Dowsett in his new British champions' jersey

Dowsett in his new British champions' jersey

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Alex Dowsett (Movistar) won his third straight British time trial championship today in East Ayrshire, near the Glasgow, Scotland city centre. The 24-year-old Dowsett completed the 49.2km course in 1:02:30, 20 seconds faster than runner-up Matthew Bottrill ( who edged Ben Swift (Sky) for second place by one tenth of a second.

Despite suffering a crash on his first lap of the 24.6km loop, which left him bloodied and requiring a bike change, Dowsett recorded the fastest split time of 31:10, five seconds up on Bottrill and 27 seconds quicker than Swift. Dowsett, who won the stage 8 individual time trial at this year's Giro d'Italia, remained in control through to the finish for the victory.

"I'm really happy - it's not easy to win three times in a row," said Dowsett. "When I claimed the first one, Wiggins told me I had to take care of it, and to be honest, I feel really committed to it and it's becoming my favourite jersey.

"It was a hard one, because even though I got back well after the crash, I had some wounds in my hands and couldn't grab the handlebars well. I don't know what really happened, but it might have been a problem with the front tire. Besides, I lost my power meter and didn't know how I was doing. It's the first time I crashed in a TT, and it's important to look at the watts all the time. I also had pain in my elbow, but my pedal stroke was good, I was going well and had no other option but suffering until the end.

"I did a great Giro, now this championship... this season is being a really great one and I hope to stay like this for the remainder of the year."

For Bottrill, a full time postal worker, placing second amidst a pair of WorldTour riders felt as good as a victory.

"I'm really in shock," said Bottrill. "There was no pressure, it was up to the pros to try and beat me. I didn't know what the time gaps were, I didn't know Alex had crashed. I was being shouted at but didn't know what the words were.

"But 20 seconds, it's a big amount, I couldn't have found any more. It would have been amazing to have won it, the highlight of my career, but coming second is as well."

Full Results
1 Alex Dowsett (Movistar) 1:02:30.85  
2 Matthew Bottrill ( 0:00:20.60  
3 Ben Swift (Sky Procycling) 0:00:20.70  
4 Douglas Dewey (Hennebont Cyclisme) 0:00:32.28  
5 Luke Rowe (Sky Procycling) 0:00:48.86  
6 James Gullen (Hope Factory Racing) 0:01:20.60  
7 James McLaughlin (Team Sojasun ACNC) 0:01:50.20  
8 Benjamin Peacock (Paisley Velo Race Team) 0:02:16.15  
9 Chris Opie (Team UK Youth) 0:02:25.25  
10 Robert Partridge (Team UK Youth) 0:02:33.34  
11 Simon Bridge (Manchester Whlrs Club) 0:02:41.26  
12 Iain Grant ( 0:02:44.35  
13 Alistair Rutherford (Wheelbase Altura MGD) 0:03:30.66  
14 Edward Perry (Ellan Vannin CC) 0:03:58.25  
15 Alan Thomson (Sandy Wallace Cycles) 0:04:12.54  
16 Darren Bell (Ellan Vannin CC) 0:04:16.06  
17 Tom Black (Team Manx Telecom) 0:04:22.05  
18 Arthur Doyle ( 0:04:33.25  
19 Scott Burns (Manchester Whlrs Club) 0:05:17.17  
20 William Bjergfelt (MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling) 0:05:37.49  
21 Gerry McGarrity (Inverclyde Velo) 0:05:40.78  
22 Silas Goldsworthy (Sandy Wallace Cycles) 0:06:21.41  
23 Sean Childs (Roy. Navy & Roy. Marines) 0:06:41.79  
24 James Cusick (Glasgow Couriers) 0:06:49.52  
25 Gavin Shirley ( 0:06:54.93  
26 Jerry Cross (Manchester Whlrs Club) 0:07:17.37  
27 Graeme Hatcher (Fietsen Tempo) 0:07:40.96  
28 David Watson (Coventry Road Club) 0:08:39.32  
29 Mark Skilling (Ayr Roads Cycling Club) 0:08:45.52  
30 Christopher Staples (Fullarton Wheelers) 0:10:29.00  

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TShame More than 1 year ago
Great ride Alex! No TdF for though.
trevorho More than 1 year ago
Crashes and still wins - like a true Sufferlandrian!
just sayin' More than 1 year ago
Raoul Duke More than 1 year ago
crashes and still wins by a good margin, that's one heck of a ride. am I the only one wondering why they rely on power meters so much? What happened to knowing your body? does a number on a display mean more than how you know yourself? I read about the sky riders looking down at their powermeters as they push up the climbs, can someone explain to this dufus?
cosmic_osmo More than 1 year ago
ive never raced with a powermeter or HRM but i have trained with them at times... very useful tools, but not for racing. as an amateur, racing is far too hectic of an experience for me to go mucking around with some cursed computer. 80% of the time i ride with zero electronics (minus the phone in the jersey pocket) and its such an infinitely better time... but in their defense... the pros train very hard and have the patience to document and analyze the "data" so that they can estimate what their output should be at any given moment. im just guessing but i think its best application would be to prevent over working too early in a race or breaking through a psychological barrier when you know youve hit higher numbers in training...or perhaps guessing if an attack is worth following?... maybe its all just nonsense and they just look down because theyre tired.... i dont know, really... im just another freak in the freak kingdom...
Dan Cole More than 1 year ago
Keep the effort in the "goldilocks" zone, stops you going too hard mainly. Used a lot by triathletes for same reason - avoid over-cooking the bike so legs still left for the run. Really works for TTs and steady climbs plus solo breakaways but pretty useless in the thick of attacking (e.g. a crit).
wigvelo More than 1 year ago
I was there, the speeds up a long climb were, smooth and fast. well done to all. One hour of pain......
Murali Parameswaran More than 1 year ago
Sad to see that the british riders who represented uk in london olympics are missing here. Perhaps sky should learn from OPQS (german and french ITT)