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2010 Commonwealth Games 2010

Date range:
October 5-13, 2010

October 13, Men's Time Trial: 40km

Millar takes time trial gold in Delhi

Cycling News
October 13, 2010, 10:55 BST,
July 31, 2014, 1:57 BST

Scot beats Dowsett and Durbridge

David Millar (Scotland) wins gold in the men's time trial at the Commonwealth Games in India

David Millar (Scotland) wins gold in the men's time trial at the Commonwealth Games in India

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David Millar (Scotland) took Commonwealth Games gold with a comprehensive victory in the men's time trial. Millar delivered a fine performance on the pancake-flat course, putting 55 seconds into silver medallist Alex Dowsett (England) over the 40km. Australia's Luke Durbridge took the bronze, a further 6 seconds back.

"It was a very physical course, like being on a treadmill. It hurt," Millar said afterwards. "All year, I have been preparing for this. I do a lot of races outside of this like the world championships last week. This is my last big event of the year and it's great to have got gold."

The race was run over an out-and-back route along the Noida Expressway and the riders had the wind at their backs over the opening 20km. Millar averaged a stunning 57.2kph as he scorched to the midway point just inside 21 minutes but found himself just over three seconds clear of the plucky Dowsett.

Over the second half of the route, however, Millar's strength and experience were telling as he put a further 52 seconds into the European under 23 time trial champion to shore up victory. For his part, Dowsett maintained his rhythm well over the closing kilometres and managed to hold off the challenge of Durbridge to take the silver medal.

Rohan Dennis (Australia) was also in medal contention at the intermediate checkpoint, clocking a time just 30 seconds shy of Millar's, but he had misjudged his effort and would struggle badly into the wind on the way back. He was caught and passed by Dowsett on the run-in to the finale and eventually faded to finish 6th.

Michael Hutchinson (Northern Ireland) rode a solid time trial to finish fourth, albeit without ever threatening the podium, while Chris Froome (England) took fifth after riding very strongly against the wind in the final 20km.

It was to David Millar's day, however, as the Scot caught and passed his two-minute man Gordon McCauley (New Zealand) soon after the turn. From there on in, Millar was simply irrepressible as he sealed Scotland's first ever Commonwealth Games gold medal on the road with an elegant victory.


Full results
1 David Millar (Scotland) 0:47:19  
2 Alex Dowsett (England) 0:00:55  
3 Luke Durbridge (Australia) 0:01:01  
4 Michael Hutchinson (Northern Ireland) 0:02:14  
5 Christopher Froome (England) 0:02:20  
6 Rohan Dennis (Australia) 0:03:03  
7 Zachary Bell (Canada) 0:03:17  
8 Jack Bauer (New Zealand) 0:03:30  
9 Jesse Sergent (New Zealand) 0:04:15  
10 Ryan Roth (Canada) 0:04:51  
11 Evan Oliphant (Scotland) 0:04:54  
12 Andrew Roche (Isle of Man) 0:05:13  
13 Gordy Mccauley (New Zealand) 0:05:14  
14 Andy Fenn (Scotland) 0:05:30  
15 Jay Thomson (South Africa) 0:05:42  
16 Yannick Lincoln (Mauritius) 0:06:59  
17 James Mclaughlin (Guernsey) 0:07:37  
18 Erik Hoffmann (Namibia) 0:07:52  
19 Adrier Niynshuti (Rwanda) 0:08:08  
20 Robin Alfred Ovenden (Jersey) 0:08:18  
21 Graeme Hatcher (Isle of Man) 0:08:54  
22 Ind Sombir (India) 0:09:16  
23 Christian Spence (Jersey) 0:09:44  
24 Josh Gosselin (Guernsey) 0:09:58  
25 Byron Pope (Belize) 0:10:32  
26 Julian Bellido (Gibralter) 0:10:43  
27 Tobyn Horton (Guernsey) 0:10:45  
28 Amandeep Singh (India) 0:11:11  
29 Atul Kumar (India) 0:11:14  
30 Tom Black (Isle of Man) 0:11:21  
31 Richard Tanguy (India) 0:11:46  
32 Christopher Walker (Gibralter) 0:11:46  
33 Marlon Williams (Guyana) 0:12:04  
34 Pascal Ladaub (Mauritius) 0:12:08  
35 Claude Richardson (Anguilla) 0:12:14  
36 John Kibunja (Kenya) 0:12:30  
37 Paul Agorir (Kenya) 0:12:35  
38 Edgar Arana (Belize) 0:12:58  
39 Dane Nugera (Sri Lanka) 0:13:45  
40 Marvin Spencer (Antigua and Barbuda) 0:13:49  
41 Lee Calderon (Gibralter) 0:13:59  
42 Jyme Bridges (Antigua and Barbuda) 0:14:03  
43 Orano Andrews (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) 0:14:36  
44 Lakshman Wijerathna (Sri Lanka) 0:14:44  
45 Jairo Campos (Belize) 0:14:48  
46 Samuel Ekiru (Kenya) 0:14:55  
47 Kurt Maraj (Saint Lucia) 0:15:04  
48 Kris Pradel (Anguilla) 0:16:21  
49 Christopher Symonds (Ghana) 0:16:52  
50 Andy Rose (Seychelles) 0:17:14  
51 David Matovu (Uganda) 0:17:55  
52 Laurence Jupp (Bahamas) 0:18:50  
53 Ken Jackson (Antigua and Barbuda) 0:19:43  
54 Rowshan Jones (Bahamas) 0:20:11  
55 Moses Sesay (Sierra Leone) 0:21:27  
56 Missi Kathumba (Malawi) 0:21:31  
57 Brian Richardson (Anguilla) 0:21:38  
58 Augustine Sesay (Sierra Leone) 0:22:35  
59 Francis Louis (Seychelles) 0:23:32