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Shriver and Markey win Red Flint Firecracker

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Matt Shriver(Trek Midwest Team) leads Jesse Lalonde (BKB/Twin Six) and Brian Matter(RACC/Trek/Gear Grinder) through a rock garden.

Matt Shriver(Trek Midwest Team) leads Jesse Lalonde (BKB/Twin Six) and Brian Matter(RACC/Trek/Gear Grinder) through a rock garden. (Image credit: Extreme Photography)
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Lori Sable (Team 65?/W

Lori Sable (Team 65?/W (Image credit: Extreme Photography)
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Andrea Matter (Gear Grinder) handles rock descents with ease

Andrea Matter (Gear Grinder) handles rock descents with ease (Image credit: Extreme Photography)
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Amber Markey(Brazen Dropouts) leaves the rest of the women behind

Amber Markey(Brazen Dropouts) leaves the rest of the women behind (Image credit: Extreme Photography)
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Brian Matter (RACC/Trek/ Gear Grinder) pushes away from the rest of the field

Brian Matter (RACC/Trek/ Gear Grinder) pushes away from the rest of the field (Image credit: Extreme Photography)
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Matt Shriver(Trek Midwest Team) shows skills through technical terrain

Matt Shriver(Trek Midwest Team) shows skills through technical terrain (Image credit: Extreme Photography)

Cross country mountain biking in Wisconsin is as much tradition as beer and cheese. Well into the 2013 season, the Subaru sponsored Wisconsin Off-Road Series (WORS), presented the fifth race in Eau Claire this past weekend. The Red Flint Firecracker is a favorite course of anyone that loves technical singletrack and fast flowing doubletrack. With this being the last WORS race before the Subaru Cup, Wisconsin's Pro XCT event; racers use it as preparation for the competition of the national event.


The level of competition stepped up in the elite men's field. There was a return of some of the Midwest's fastest riders including Brian Matter (RACC/Trek/Gear Grinder) who has not raced in WORS since the first race of the season, former WORS overall champion Jesse Lalonde (BKB/Twin Six), and Matt Shriver (Trek Midwest Team). The lead group also included Darrin Braun (Adventure 212/Specialized), Nathan Guerra (Vision Pro Cycling) and Mike Phillips (Adventure 212/ Specialized).

Braun led the pack for the first few laps while they slowly dropped riders off the back. Spectators got views of a breakaway that looked more like a road race. But just out of sight for most spectators, this course displayed how much singletrack is hidden in the woods.

Matter said, "It's really hard to move up in this course - every time we moved out of the singletrack they, we just hit it so hard."

Matter made a move on the last lap to get to the front. Renowned singlespeeder Jesse Lalonde hung on to Matter to grab a third place finish.

Matt Shriver never misses an opportunity to grab onto the leader's wheel. Shriver has finished in second place in several WORS events, but he's been chasing the top spot every time. This was his chance to outrun Matter for first place, who stated that he was a little tired from competing in two road races in the same week. Matter took second place.


In the elite women's race, Amber Markey (Brazen Dropouts) left the field in her dust. Markey races in the same style as multi-year WORS champion, Abby Strigel (Bontrager/ Honey Stinger), which is to ride hard as if second place is right on her wheel. Markey seems to feel more comfortable riding with the elite men from the wave ahead of her and managed to get mixed into that field leaving the rest of the women behind.

The battle between second through fifth places was much more competitive including Andrea Matter (Gear Grinder), Lori Sable (Team 65?/ W&S), Lindsey Kreite (Velo Trocadero), Michelle Peariso and Lisa Krayer (both Adventure 212/Specialized). Matter and Sable seemed to be enjoying the day riding together while making the race fun. A few technical faults by other riders allowed Sable to grab third and Matter tied with her husband Brian by also taking a second place finish.

The next WORS event is the Subaru Cup Pro XCT at Mt Morris, Wisconsin on July 13-14. Subaru Cup is a UCI Class 1 event and the penultimate race for the 2013 USA Cycling Pro XCT schedule.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Shriver (Trek Midwest Team)1:58:43
2Brian Matter (Racc / Trek Gear Grinder)0:00:04
3Jesse Lalonde (BKB /Twin Six)0:00:45
4Darrin Braun (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:01:00
5Nathan Guerra (Vision Pro Cycling)0:01:11
6Mike Phillips (Adventure212/Specialized)0:01:18
7Isaac Neff (5Nines/Cannondale)0:02:22
8Paul Mumford (Roscoe Village Bikes)0:04:40
9Tyler Gauthier (Border Grill -Quick Stop)0:05:16
10Ted Hanes (Fond Du Lac Cyclery)0:07:33
11Trevor Olson (Team 360)0:07:55
12David Flaten (US Military Cycling)0:08:18
13Casey Hildebrandt (Spooky Bikes / T6)0:08:36
14Ray Nelson (Treadhead Cycling)0:08:36
15Ryan Krayer (Adventure212/Specialized)0:09:19
16David Bender (Jvc/Michael's Cycle)0:09:22
17Michael Hemme (Roscoe Village Bikes)0:09:22
18Gabriel Ion (Treadhead Cycling)0:09:44
19William Hausdoerffer (Ks Energy / Team Wisconsin)0:10:03
20Vincent Steger (Erik's Bikes And Boards)0:10:08
21Jw Miller (Erik's Bikes And Boards)0:10:44
22Aaron Swanson (Swanson Financial Services)0:11:55
23Tim Racette (Ks Energy Services/ Team Wisconsin)0:12:12
24Luke Nelson (Penn Cycle)0:12:30
25Bill Nigh (Team Pedal Moraine)0:13:05
26Chris Peariso (Adventure212/Specialized)0:13:10
27Bryan Frazier (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:13:46
28Josh Shively (Team 360/La Crosse Velo)0:14:07
29Eric Stull (Team 360 / Laxvelo)0:14:48
30Eric Oftedahl (Maplelag)0:15:38
31Ryan Kleimenhagen (Wolfpack)0:16:15
32Ken Statz (Element Mobile)0:17:15
33Nicholas Holzem (Sprocketz Bike Shop)0:17:23
34Cory Samz (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:17:25
35Richard Erickson (Freewheel Bike)0:17:28
36Joshua Roeser (Revolution/Metal)0:17:34
37Ben Schreiber (Team Fond Du Lac Cyclery)0:17:50
38Joshua Stamper (Bad Goat Racing)0:17:53
39Reece Oleson (Angry Catfish)0:19:05
40Adam Staufenberg0:19:40
41Michael Anderson (Schwag)0:19:42
42Steve Schafer (Village-Verdigris Cycling Team)0:19:45
43John Wypiszinski (Titletown Flyers)0:20:02
44Myles Beach (Adventure 212/Specialized)0:20:29
45David Poulton (Activator Cycling Club)0:20:56
46Jan Rybar (Team Pedal Moraine)0:22:33
47Jimmy Toombs (Erik's Bike And Boards)0:23:55
48Eric Noreen (Gettysburg Bicycle)0:24:25
49Jerrod Collier (Treadhead Cycling)0:27:13
50Karl Tillman (Team 360 / Lax Velo)0:31:54

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amber Markey (Brazen Dropouts)1:40:56
2Andrea Matter (Gear Grinder)0:04:33
3Lori Sable (Team 65? / W&S)0:04:34
4Lindsey Kriete (Velo Trocadero)0:06:59
5Michelle Peariso (Adventure212/Specialized)0:08:32
6Lisa Krayer (Adventure212/Specialized)0:08:38
7Leia Schneeberger (Magnus)0:09:57
8Sarah Agena (Twin 6 Ys)0:14:02
9Brittany Mcconnell (Mercy Specialized)0:14:09
10Evelyn Johnson (2 Rivers)0:16:04
11Jeanne Hornak (Wheel & Sprocket Vision)0:16:25

Cat. 1 Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brett Poulton (Gear Grinder)1:33:38
2Ian Haupt (My Wife Inc)0:00:11
3Andrew Senderhauf (Wheel And Sprocket)0:00:35
4Fletcher Arlen (Team Magnus)0:00:46
5Marcus Warrington (Sph/Wheelhouse Cycles)0:03:59
6Collin Kytta (Border Grill Racing)0:04:43
7Isaac Wendt (Bikes + Boards\Rasta)0:09:50
8Logan Schlough0:10:56
9Mitchell Bratz (Sprocketz Bike Shop)0:13:30

Cat. 2 Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rachael Jensen (Racc P/B Geargrinder)1:21:34
2Alexandra Christofalos (Activator Cycle Club)0:17:17

Cat. 1/2 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Shane Veldhuizen (38 Frameworks / Schwag)1:03:08
2Butch Welke (Treadhead Cycling)0:01:26
3Nathan Long (Eau Claire Bike & Sport)0:01:38
4Thomas Gaier0:11:14
5Delaney Best0:21:32
6Rodney Moon (Bikes Limited)0:38:38
7Christopher Gabrielson (Twin Six / Baraboo Sharks)0:40:21
8Isaac Young (Fulton)0:40:31
9Jeff Steckbauer (Rib Mnt Cycles)0:41:54
10Ben Roehl (2 Rivers Racing)0:42:26
11Andy Warren0:45:39
12Lowell Johnson0:48:12
13Marty Leum (Bikes Limited/Scenic Concepts)0:48:48
14Christopher Magyar (Ec Velo)0:49:16
15Nick Christofalos (Activator Cycles)0:50:06
16Joel Benton0:53:13
17Cody Condon0:53:27
18Brian Benson (Bikes Ltd/Scenic Concepts)0:57:20
19Jon Holcomb (Bikes Ltd/Scenic Concepts Racing)0:58:56

Cat. 1/2 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Maria Statz (Element)1:11:18
2April Dombrowski (Sixfifty/Wheel & Sprocket)0:01:03
3Karlene Olson (Team 360)0:01:13
4Emily Osowski (Element Mobile)0:01:50
5Jennifer Whitedog (Bikes Limited Scenic Concepts)0:06:49
6Sondra Klipp (Janesville Velo Club)0:11:38
7Keely Jackson0:43:58

Cat. 2 Men comp
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tristan Brown (Timex)1:36:40
2Dan Hanson (Erik's Bike Shop)0:00:53
3Taylor Bogdanske (Sixfifty / Wheel & Sprocket)0:01:29
4Eric Stanke (Funk Cycles)0:01:30
5Joe Lintl (Trek)0:01:44
6David Carew (Wheel And Sprocket)0:02:07
7Mike Bishop (Treadhead Cycling)0:02:12
8Mike Sherven (Bikes Limited)0:02:33
9Scott Veldhuizen (Funk Cycles)0:02:42
10Ben Wizner (Team 360 / Lax Velo)0:02:55
11Jonathan Kloppenburg (Spidermonkey Cycling)0:03:20
12Ryan Guy (Gfys Racing)0:03:21
13Jeremy Ostrowski (Psimet Racing)0:03:42
14Bill Burkholder0:04:02
15Shane Semrow (Wors)0:04:04
16Logan Duginske (New Mexico's Finest/ Wisco Ne)0:04:18
17Matthew Scott0:04:29
18Martin Reza0:04:29
19Nathan Tock (Bikes Ltd/Scenic Concepts Racing)0:04:49
20Mikey Verhagen (Ks Energy / Team Wisconsin)0:05:00
21Jason Gibson (Gear N Up)0:05:29
22Cole Jacobsen (Titletown Flyers)0:05:30
23Tom Tio (Eau Claire Bike & Sport)0:05:34
24Damian Budzinski (Overdrive)0:05:45
25Michael Hartzell (Trek Midwest Team)0:05:46
26Christopher Richmond (Heavy Pedal Velo Club)0:05:49
27Chris Fellows (J&R Cycles)0:06:00
28Mark Cole (Adventure212/Specialized)0:06:01
29David Knauf (Trek)0:06:21
30Jason Balden (Ks Energy Team Wi Racing)0:06:40
31Peter Coenen (Northstar Endurance)0:06:42
32Erik Pueschner (Team 360)0:07:02
33Dan Szczepanski (Belgioioso / Titletown Flyers)0:07:13
34Mark Walter (Muddy Cup)0:07:15
35Nate Sherman (On The Rivet)0:07:26
36Brian Paterson (Vision / Wheel & Sprocket)0:07:30
37Martin Tank Ii (Wheel 7 Sprocket / Vision)0:07:30
38Andrew Jennings (Element Mobile)0:07:44
39Daniel Boyles (Behind Bars/Lgr)0:07:53
40Ross Lemke (Team Pedal Moraine)0:08:23
41Alex Bedinghaus (Trek Intern Army)0:08:33
42Joe Greatens0:09:04
43Matthew Paterson (Vision / Wheel & Sprocket)0:09:15
44Scott Nyland (Magnus)0:09:32
45Cory Marty (Magnus)0:09:59
46Mitchell Dreher (Team Pedal Moraine)0:10:34
47Roger Lundsten (360 Ora)0:10:41
48Jason Ruesch (Rib Mountain Cycle)0:10:44
49Paul Ayres (Red Flint Racing)0:11:03
50Rick Cleary (Korc)0:11:25
51Eric Boyles (Behind Bars / Lgr)0:11:57
52Bob Callaway (Bluedog Cycles)0:13:24
53Paul Roltgen (Brazen Dropouts)0:14:11
54Brett May (All Spoked Up-Vision)0:14:15
55Rennis Delgado (Funk Cycles)0:14:46
56Paul Warloski (My Wife Inc)0:15:22
57Dana Demet (Bj's Sportshop)0:15:22
58Philip Birschbach (Trek Intern Army)0:16:43
59Mark Harvey (Behind Bars/Lgr)0:18:07
60Mark Scotch0:18:34
61Kyle Retallick (Eriks Bike Shop)0:19:57
62John Hughes (Team Pedal Moraine)0:21:05
63Andrew Wiesner (Titletown Flyers)0:22:28
64Daniel Dokter (Trek Intern Army)0:25:16
65Curt Schlough0:25:55
66Gabor Bach0:27:57

Cat. 2 Men sport
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Preston Bernsteen1:03:33
2Josh Valen0:00:44
3Dustin Marsh0:01:30
4Aaron Roecker0:01:48
5Mark Anderson0:01:48
6Josh Rupnow0:01:56
7Luke Schuttenhelm0:02:05
8Nathan Schneeberger0:02:08
9Eric Schoenberg0:02:15
10Josh Kruit0:02:35
11Sam Foos0:02:38
12John Starich0:03:03
13Andy Swartz0:03:08
14Ted Kretzmann0:03:11
15Erik Beckman0:03:18
16Scott Nickoli0:03:23
17Chris Roddick0:03:26
18Jonathan Wollner0:03:31
19Caleb Swartz0:03:44
20Justin Fredricks0:03:46
21Jason Mork0:03:54
22Darrell Scheppman0:04:08
23Travis Christian0:04:19
24Ben Lasecki0:04:20
25Kyle Schmit0:04:30
26Robert Zimmerman0:04:34
27Kyle Krause0:04:40
28Egor Korneev0:04:47
29Matt Luger0:04:57
30Ben Leach0:05:02
31Rusty Daines0:05:20
32Dale Crowell0:05:30
33Greg Love0:05:35
34Lloyd Cate0:05:40
35Hayden Schlough0:05:47
36Michael Owens0:05:53
37Jeremy Drake0:05:56
38Brian Flug0:06:00
39Rich Baumgarten0:06:05
40Chad Klaus0:06:08
41Andrew Douglass0:06:15
42Nolan Steig0:06:16
43Michael Giesen0:06:22
44Michael Mckinney0:06:25
45Carey Falkenberry0:06:26
46Quentin Gniot0:06:27
47Nate Knowles0:06:31
48Jonathan Travis0:06:49
49Andy Borell0:06:53
50Matthew Tucker0:07:04
51Edward Piontek0:07:05
52Joe Bottensek0:07:08
53Brayden Schott0:07:16
54Daniel Holtermann0:07:19
55Michael Laufenberg0:07:24
56Jody Arlen0:07:26
57Ben Theyerl0:07:37
58David Olson0:07:41
59Dave Reich0:07:44
60Bob Benedum0:07:47
61Gerald Sorce0:07:48
62Jeff Greatens0:07:48
63Wade Flisram0:07:56
64Daven Kokkila0:07:57
65David Dewitt0:08:03
66Larry Hipps0:08:04
67Jordan Boyea0:08:04
68Kevin Schmitt0:08:20
69Jonathan Lavelle0:08:25
70Don Freitag0:08:43
71John Nelson0:08:44
72Ernie Luedke0:08:59
73Jeffrey Hatton0:09:06
74Sam Janicki0:09:11
75Jacob Becker0:09:17
76Steve Kapaun0:09:18
77Nathan Phelps0:09:26
78Cal Collins0:09:37
79Jim Feuerstein0:09:46
80Paul Baltus0:10:00
81John Gretzinger0:10:06
82Bradley Boettcher0:10:07
83Loren Darling0:10:08
84Whitney Schauer0:10:08
85Justin Schroeter0:10:30
86Darrin Kolka0:10:30
87Steve Drecoll0:10:33
88David Carignan0:10:34
89Vincent Meyer0:10:47
90Aaron Pidde0:10:47
91Larry Follett0:10:50
92Daniel Schilling0:10:59
93Ruben Valdez0:11:07
94Steve Davidson0:11:09
95Thom Hineline0:11:23
96Chris Mcdonald0:11:48
97Ben Nelson0:11:49
98Robert Groshek0:11:58
99Aaron Sirko0:12:05
100John Ard0:12:06
101Randy Snyder0:12:27
102Joe Graf0:12:34
103Erik Backhaus0:12:34
104Shawn Stutzman0:12:39
105Demetrius Banks0:12:40
106Benjamin Fullerton0:12:49
107Cody Pattison0:12:57
108Tim Kubetz0:12:59
109Benji Norberg0:13:09
110Rex Nelson
111Warren Fowler0:13:30
112Paul Westberg0:13:34
113Brad Swenson0:13:42
114Jason Dahlby0:13:43
115Brad Jorsch0:13:50
116Casey Brauer0:14:04
117Ridge Pidde0:14:12
118Troy Sable0:14:18
119Jesse Steinhoff0:14:28
120Bill Styer0:14:28
121Nolan Wanous0:14:31
122Mike Brauer0:14:51
123Steve Hoppman0:15:20
124Mike Sherman0:15:56
125Jim Splittgerber0:15:57
126Jared Johnson0:16:53
127Matt Knowles0:17:03
128Chris Dominski0:17:09
129Frank Sniadajewski0:18:10
130Steven Pirelli0:19:08
131Jeff Beck0:19:23
132Elginn Cordes0:19:45
133Blair Van Hemelryk0:19:50
134Jimmy Splittgerber0:20:23
135Tayler Schoenberg0:20:24
136Erick Braaksma0:20:32
137Timothy Wateski0:20:33
138Matt Appel0:20:57
139Troy Olm0:25:15
140Matthew Forst0:25:53
141Michael Kaspar0:26:35
142Ron Kapaun0:27:27
143James Heinecke0:27:29
144John Hocker0:28:23
145Steve Manthe0:29:39
146David Morrison0:30:53
147Kevin Knutson0:33:27
148Brett Werner0:38:11
149Mark Schuttenhelm0:38:24

Cat. 2 Women sport
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1April Beard1:12:26
2Niki Soderberg0:01:41
3Monica Markvardsen0:03:41
4Terra Nicklas0:03:43
5Sue Mcdonald0:05:31
6Anna Poulton0:06:04
7Kyra Jackson0:06:13
8Jessica Wittwer0:06:19
9Ann Holsen0:07:52
10Becky Rands0:08:25
11Rachel Drake0:08:56
12Ross Rushin0:09:49
13Kelli Piotrowski0:12:39
14Amy Ancheta0:14:32
15Christine Griesbach0:14:59
16Kaitlin Splittgerber0:16:39
17Brenda Zimmermann Thorpe0:17:05
18Sue Lundsten0:19:39
19Arin Lemke0:19:55
20Cheryl Post0:19:59
21Heather Jazdzewski0:20:16
22Jenni Borell0:20:48
23Pam Piotrowski0:21:55
24Diane Callaway0:23:07

Cat. 3 Men citizen
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Evan Clouse0:51:23
2Daniel Feldmann0:01:14
3Justin Wentworth0:01:26
4Scott Trierweiler0:02:54
5Brandon Smith0:03:22
6Andrew Kilness0:04:02
7Dave Wall0:04:05
8David Mayer0:04:06
9Jack Jones0:04:10
10Daniel Gretzinger0:04:27
11Donald Crowell0:04:33
12Cory Desrochers0:04:34
13Robert Pretts0:04:50
14Dan Schierschmidt0:05:08
15Cole Mcdicken0:05:13
16Nick Desrochers0:05:15
17Stone Vanamerongen0:05:16
18William Rosenthal0:05:18
19Terry Hintz0:05:19
20Derrick Reinke0:05:23
21George Sreckov0:05:24
22Grant Wewerka0:05:29
23Elliot Draxler0:05:43
24William Darling0:05:45
25Jack Davies0:06:05
26Zachary Hurst0:06:05
27Benjamin Loomis0:06:27
28Mike Schaller0:06:30
29Mark Eben0:06:44
30Rowan Norman0:06:54
31Steve Welk0:06:55
32Josh Young0:06:58
33Loren Beyer0:07:01
34John Norman0:07:04
35Sam Chumas0:07:05
36Nico Akemann0:07:06
37Matthew Plewa0:07:37
38Matthew Kletti0:07:42
39Andrew Johnson0:07:43
40Matthew Olson0:07:48
41Roman Kosarzycki0:07:52
42Dylan Eggebrecht0:07:55
43Cody Tesch0:07:56
44Jack Pabst0:08:05
45Megan Senderhauf0:08:16
46John Granger0:08:17
47Aaron Messenger0:08:20
48Mike Desrochers0:08:22
49Matt Rademacher0:08:26
50Lucas Buhr0:08:28
51Eric Wickenkamp0:08:28
52Dan Wateski0:08:31
53Brad Chovan0:08:36
54Jan Stauss0:08:39
55Trevor Stolber0:08:46
56Kris Dubiel0:08:46
57Aaron Frink0:08:56
58Calhan Norman0:09:02
59Chris Endres0:09:09
60Jeffrey Mertig0:09:13
61Owen Reich0:09:21
62Charles Kloppenburg0:09:42
63Paul Langenberg0:09:45
64Brandon Khang0:09:45
65Allan Macintyre0:09:47
66Paul Pladsen0:10:00
67Brad Janak0:10:18
68Jeremy Condon0:10:33
69Abraham Pattison0:10:36
70Alex Pieper0:10:40
71Jake Buhr0:10:46
72Keith Eggebrecht0:10:52
73Matt Morse0:10:55
74Greg Niles0:10:59
75Jason Huff0:11:06
76Matthew Johnson0:11:07
77Andrew Mcdicken0:11:08
78Scott Niemi0:11:35
79Shane Holcomb0:11:51
80Monte Lokken0:11:53
81Matthew Moseler0:11:58
82Tim Liepert0:12:08
83Ben Iesalnieks0:12:29
84Eric Skomaroske0:12:48
85Demetrio Velazco0:12:57
86Steve Slocum0:13:06
87Jon Lester0:13:11
88Darren Haag0:13:13
89Bruce Parker0:13:16
90Steve Caron0:13:22
91David Verhoff0:13:26
92Paul Mcdowell0:13:27
93Robert Schaller0:13:39
94Toua Khang0:13:53
95Chris Welnetz0:14:20
96Bradley Schauer0:14:25
97Jeff Sieckert0:14:25
98Nicholas Blondheim0:14:28
99Andrew Mauk0:14:30
100Sethan Cate0:14:52
101Jake Geissler0:14:54
102Luke Peterson0:15:11
103Chris Hougen0:15:26
104Dale Juedes0:15:27
105Lee Marsh0:15:27
106Stewart Seaholm0:15:36
107Tim Kilness0:15:47
108Colin Erskine0:15:54
109Joe Black0:15:56
110Brandon Drake0:16:05
111Craig Robinson0:16:10
112John Dubiel0:16:26
113Doug Rodenkirch0:16:42
114Todd Peterson0:16:49
115Keith Ryan0:16:54
116Casey Grapsas0:17:08
117Jeremy Lobitz0:17:48
118Cesar Arauz0:17:53
119Brad Hodgeman0:17:54
120Malachi Stofferahn0:18:01
121Grant Slocum0:18:19
122Shawn Bruner0:18:24
123Dan Duhm0:18:26
124Mark Anderson0:18:52
125James Weyenberg0:19:34
126Mike Van Sistine0:20:07
127John Rees0:20:25
128Andrew Van Sistine0:20:41
129Henry Kosarzycki0:20:54
130Ricky Almaguer0:21:10
131Matthew Rees0:24:05
132Troy Gengler0:25:04
133David Berres0:25:27
134Eugene Bassett0:25:28
135Glenn Aavang0:26:42
136Dan Dominski0:28:24
137Trent Gengler0:29:05
138Dave Winkler0:34:58

Cat. 3 Women citizen
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katie Clouse0:57:54
2Arianna Schafer0:01:54
3Rebekah Gordon0:02:15
4Carmen Rademacher0:02:54
5Christina Flisram0:05:02
6Allison Pieper0:05:57
7Katie Tiffany0:06:25
8Charity Desrochers0:06:53
9Marisa Anderson0:07:04
10Lori Wenzel0:07:28
11Tara Michalski0:07:29
12Jenn Bast0:07:33
13Kaelin Jackson0:07:37
14Bobbi Kolstad0:08:03
15Sharel Martin0:08:41
16Gina Gladwell0:09:00
17Amy Marsh0:11:33
18Ella Shively0:11:40
19Laura Granger0:11:46
20Wendy Lewin0:12:33
21Heidi Overeem0:14:04
22Hanna Mork0:14:51
23Janis Heifner0:15:27
24Angelique Van Sistine0:16:15
25Stacy Shea0:17:08
26Linda Horvath0:17:10
27Molly Desrochers0:18:03
28Patricia Cleary0:20:47
29April Knudson0:23:45
30Emily Gilbert0:25:22
31Ellyn Gengler0:26:40
32Mimi Frawley0:27:49

Cat. 3 Junior men and women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Rodenkirch0:22:14
2Jackson Jennings0:00:00
3Weston Verhoff0:00:45
4Hunter Schmitt0:01:00
5Christian Pieper0:01:00
6Camden Jackson0:01:57
7Sam Komoroske0:02:21
8Skyler Schmitt0:02:28
9Kaden Hodgeman0:02:28
10Connor Grosch0:02:31
11Dwight Eben0:02:39
12Tanner Zelm0:02:40
13Noah Chapman0:02:45
14Jonah Whitedog0:02:57
15Joshua Caron0:02:59
16Quentin Lochner0:03:00
17Ellie Kopp0:03:05
18Nickolas Duhm0:03:18
19Liam Cate0:03:26
20Ben Komoroske0:03:31
21Nick Niemi0:03:32
22Ethan Mitra0:03:33
23Saxon H Swan0:03:43
24Karl John Tillman0:03:57
25Madelyn Anderson0:04:06
26Reed May0:04:13
27Katy Mcdicken0:04:25
28Mason Huff0:04:32
29Porter Thorpe0:04:36
30Griffin May0:04:37
31Dylan Waldner0:04:39
32Jacob Lemke0:04:39
33Clay Lemke0:04:42
34Skyler Wilborn0:04:59
35Brody Endres0:05:01
36Dane Larson0:05:02
37Anders Davidson0:05:09
38Stephen Liepert0:05:18
39Lorissa Thorpe0:05:56
40Julia Whitedog0:05:56
41Nati Raehl0:06:24
42Jaebin Bourget0:06:37
43Sam Anderson0:06:45
44Andrea Zimmermann0:06:48
45Katherine Schafer0:06:54
46Lauren Duhm0:07:10
47Caleb Mcdowell0:07:20
48Eli Lemke0:07:23
49Kaitlyn Kopp0:07:34
50Brennan Cate0:08:02
51Teague Jackson0:08:02
52Will Knowles0:08:04
53Jacob Mork0:08:10
54Aiden Schauer0:08:15
55Corbin Hodgeman0:08:18
56Sawyer Deetz0:08:25
57Trey Laudolff0:08:29
58Jordan Groshek0:08:57
59Tucker Swan0:09:07
60Nicholas Rees0:09:09
61Connor Luedke0:09:16
62Kendra Schmitt0:09:19
63Antonia Gengler0:09:19
64Benjamin Eben0:09:25
65Sam Hansen0:09:34
66Kylie Krayer0:09:40
67Magnus Davidson0:09:44
68Megan Lester0:09:46
69Shalom Raehl0:09:57
70Brooklyn Waldner0:10:00
71Tyler Starich0:10:27
72Alison Roltgen0:10:56
73Asa Guerra0:11:10
74Zachary Fischer0:11:15
75Micah Vandyke0:11:21
76Miette Gosse0:11:43
77Colin Knowles0:11:54
78Nathan Hagstrom0:11:58
79Isaiah Jouppi0:11:59
80Jack Lange0:12:02
81Rachel Scarseth0:13:00
82Sam Deetz0:13:11
83Aryana Knudson0:13:30
84Kirsten Waldner0:13:51
85Thatcher Werner0:14:00
86Ryder Walter0:15:08
87Oscar Phillips0:15:12
88Jonah Rauckman0:15:14
89Hunter Gengler0:15:18
90Rylan Schauer0:15:19
91Nolan Quarne0:15:23
92Samantha Scheppman0:15:50
93Sam R Anderson0:15:54
94Gavin Knudson0:16:49
95Jaxson Batz0:16:50
96Ella Patenaude0:16:55
97Natali Thiesse0:21:11

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