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Andrew Strohmeyer wins junior men's US cyclo-cross title

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USA Cycling Cyclo-cross nationals

USA Cycling Cyclo-cross nationals (Image credit: Wil Matthews)
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USA Cycling Cyclo-cross nationals

USA Cycling Cyclo-cross nationals (Image credit: Wil Matthews)
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USA Cycling Cyclo-cross nationals

USA Cycling Cyclo-cross nationals (Image credit: Wil Matthews)
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USA Cycling Cyclo-cross nationals

USA Cycling Cyclo-cross nationals (Image credit: Wil Matthews)

Andrew Strohmeyer (CXHairs Devo-Trek Bikes) won the junior men’s title at the USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships held in Lakewood, Washington on Sunday. He soloed to the win ahead of Jared Scott (Boulder Junior Cycling) and Magnus Sheffield (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld).

"The last two laps,  I knew I was riding the descents better. I rode into them first, had a go, and it stuck," Strohmeyer said at the finish line.

Strohmeyer moved into the lead inside two laps to go as Scott chased at some 10 seconds behind. Sheffield had an untimely crashed on a slippery descent and lost valuable time to the leaders. He got back up and continued to chase with his Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld teammate Ivan Gallego.

With a smooth last lap, Strohmeyer increased his lead to take the victory by 19 seconds ahead of Scott, while Sheffield won the sprint for third ahead of his teammate Gallego at 33 seconds back.

Pos.Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Strohmeyer (Cxhairs Devo - Trek Bikes) 0:38:53
2Jared Scott (Boulder Junior Cycling) 0:00:19
3Magnus Sheffield (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld) 0:00:33
4Ivan Gallego (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld) 0:00:36
5Nick Carter (Kccx Elite Cyclocross) 0:00:52
6Ian Mcdonald (Cycle-smart Inc) 0:01:24
7Kyle Johnson (Giant Southwest) 0:01:34
8Tommy Servetas (Competitive Edge Racing) 0:01:48
9Dylan Zakrajsek (Lake Geneva Youth Cycling) 0:01:54
10Vin Hludzinski (Boulder Junior Cycling) 0:02:02
11Luke Feuerhelm (Lake Geneva Youth Cycling) 0:02:43
12Tayton Parker (Oklahoma Flyers) 0:02:45
13Tydeman Newman (Canondale Team Dream) 0:03:02
14Lucas Stierwalt (Aether Racing) 0:03:03
15Trevor August (Park ave Bike p/b Borah Teamwea) 0:03:10
16Brock Sell (Move up off Road) 0:03:33
17Ryder Uetrecht (Asu Devo) 0:03:42
18Owen Brenneman (Cxhairs Devo : Trek Bikes) 0:03:47
19Elijah Krause (Cascadia Junior Cycling) 0:03:53
20John Paul Amalong (Cts Cycling Fueled by Hiball En) 0:03:56
21Dakota Olsen (Central Junior Cycling Devo) 0:03:58
22Owen August (Park ave Bike p/b Borah Teamwea) 0:04:17
23Peyton Wilkerson (Boulder Junior Cycling) 0:04:30
24Cole Garaouy (Unattached) 0:04:32
25Luke Elphingstone (Boulder Junior Cycling) 0:04:33
26Nicolas Villamizar (Ct Cycling Advancement Program) 0:04:47
27Ian Williams (Unattached)
28Oliver Boyd (Boulder Junior Cycling) 0:04:49
29Sam Day (Cascadia Junior Cycling) 0:05:03
30Jacob Olander (Bowen Sports Performance) 0:05:18
31Sterling James (Unattached) 0:05:22
32Keegan Pelton (Voler / Easton / hrs / Rock Lob) 0:05:32
33Noah Rand (Boulder Junior Cycling)
34Gabriel Dobrozsi (Lionhearts Junior Racing) 0:05:34
35Jamie Williams (Lionhearts Junior Racing) 0:05:42
36Luca Haines (New England Devo p/b Cadence We) 0:05:44
37Enzo Sapojnikoff (Rock Lobster) 0:05:45
38Nicholas Petrov (Aether Racing) 0:05:48
39Jacob Smith (Speedvagen)
40Travis Tucker (Cx Nation/ Trail Works Dirt Dev) 0:05:50
41Jack Seidler (Boulder Junior Cycling) 0:06:40
42Dylan Atkinson (Cycle Sport/Specialized p/b Mus) 0:06:58
43Hayden Wierman (Dialed Cycling Team) 0:07:21
44Jacob Miller (Rad Racing p/b Cycle U) 0:07:35
45Ian Lopez de san Roman (Trailworks Dirt Devo) 0:07:41
46Aiden Mapel (Competitive Edge Racing) 0:08:10
47Lincoln Scheer (The Bonebell) 0:08:23
48Connor Gizinski (Rad Racing p/b Cycle U) 0:08:29
49Johnny Meyerle (Ct Cycling Advancement Program) 0:08:40
50Gavin Bowen (Deschutes Brewery Cyclocross Te) 0:09:12
51Henry Winnenberg (Cascadia Junior Cycling) 0:09:27
52Addison Lee (Unattached)
53Luke Reilly (Oklahoma Flyers) 0:09:46
54Winston Hackett (Rad Racing p/b Cycle U) 0:09:51
55Owen Rogers (Tcnf Legal Racing Team) 0:09:58
56Jackson Loftus (Team Lazy Tarantulas) 0:09:59
57Mateen Richey (Word-rcb Presents Grummel) 0:10:03
58Eli Anderson () 0:10:07
59Tygre Westerfield (Dialed Cycling Team) 0:10:46
60Jacob Ryse (School of Cross) 0:11:02
61Carter Hagedorn (Grouptrail) 0:11:26
@1LapZane Lyon (Summit Bike Team)
@1LapRyder Fleming (School of Cross)
@1LapDavid Sandoval (Ap Junior Development pb Corner)
@1LapEuan Mcelwaine (Rad Racing p/b Cycle U)
@1LapAlexander Bennett (Rad Racing p/b Cycle U)
@2LapOtto Begus (Rad Racing p/b Cycle U)
@2LapSkyler Mcdonald (Rad Racing p/b Cycle U)
DNSJules van Kempen (Nctc)
DNSWalker Hendricks (Mountain View Cycles)

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