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Decker dashes to Super D victory

The Giant Factory team rode away with both the elite men's and women's victories in the Super D under crystal clear skies and bright sunshine on Friday afternoon.

Experienced paid off for American super D veteran Decker as he faced an international challenge. Cannondale's foreign riders put up a good challenge, with Marco Fontana and Manuel Fumic, both in their first-ever super Ds, rounding out the top three.

Racers started seated on the ground, facing away from their bikes. They were instructed to sit with their hands up on their heads, elbows wide and facing away from their bikes. Upon getting the start signal, they dashed to their bikes on foot and then hopped on for a climb, followed by a descent.

"It was close - I didn't get away this year," said Decker. "On the steep section on the last pitch, we were five wide. Any of 10 of us could have won."

Decker got off to a slow start, but clawed his way back to the front. "I'm terrible at getting off my butt and running to my bike. I was the last guy on my bike."

Decker was aboard a new 29er full suspension prototype Giant. "I just got the bike yesterday," he said. "It was amazing, perfect for this race. It was super stable in the wind on these waterbars. I went to the front less than a minute from the end and I had the biggest gear and I just rode away from everyone at 50mph pedalling my ass off."

Behind him, super D newbies, Fontana and Fumic enjoyed mixing it up in the short, fast contest.

"I'd ridden the course and it was wide and fast and straight, but then in the race, it was another experience," said Fontana, who ended up second as the first man across the line in the pack just behind Decker.

"We don't have those in Germany or in Europe," said the third-placed Fumic. "I first heard of the Super D and thought about a downhill, but it was more like a cross country race."

Both European racers had big grins on their faces after the finish.

Women's super D

Emmett, who was considered the favorite among the women, rode to a convincing win over endurance racer Rebecca Rusch (Specialized). Lynn Bush (Tough Girl / Scott) finished third.

Rusch and Bush were together initially chasing Emmett up the first climb. Then Rusch rode away from Bush and almost caught Emmett, before the latter applied full gas.

"I could hear Rebecca behind me on the first climb. I was at the front and she kind of reeled me back in, but then I made a big surge to see if she could come with me," said Emmett. "I wanted to see how strong she was today. I got a gap and then I rode the rest of the way."

Emmett looked like she could have handled far more competition, but she lamented the lack of women in the race. Just four women started. "There wasn't a lot of women out there today - it was a small field. It seems like a lot of the women's fields have been getting smaller. I don't know why more ladies aren't getting out racing today."

Rusch is not a super D regular, but was happy to race as much as she could while at Sea Otter. "It was a bit nerve-wracking to do a race that is not my forte, but it's fun to mix it up. It was a good experience and I'm here, so I might as well sign up for races. To even be able to see Kelli Emmett during the race was fun."

Bush, who was the 2009 amateur Super D US national champion was psyched to be out there mixing it up with the two top women. "I had some tough competition against some fast ladies. I was with Rebecca until we hit the climbs, but I didn't have the fitness to hang with her on the climb."

She had her own explanation for why there weren't more women on the elite start line. "I don't think women realize you don't have to have a pro license to race the pro Super D. It's an open race. Maybe more awareness would help bring more ladies out."

Riders commented that the course, which was primarily fireroad with some waterbars, was smoother this year, with fewer rain ruts.

Full results

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kelli Emmett (USA)0:07:23.90
2Rebecca Rusch (USA)0:00:13.86
3Lynn Bush (USA)0:00:56.07
4Tracey Wallace (USA)0:02:03.56

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carl Decker (USA)0:06:13.45
2Marco Aurelio Fontana (Ita)0:00:03.37
3Manuel Fumic (Ger)0:00:03.66
4Dylan Stucki (USA)0:00:03.99
5Adam Snyder (USA)0:00:04.25
6Aaron Bradford (USA)0:00:04.65
7Nate Byrom (USA)0:00:05.05
8Robert Marion (USA)0:00:05.45
9Sam Benedict (USA)0:00:05.85
10Greg Carpenter (USA)0:00:06.15
11Matt Ryan (Can)0:00:06.35
12Brian Hastell (USA)0:00:06.45
13Scott Frederick (USA)0:00:06.75
14Lachlan Norris (USA)0:00:07.05
15Manny Prado (USA)0:00:07.35
16Tim Allen (USA)0:00:08.25
17Jason Sager (USA)0:00:09.15
18Marshall Eames (USA)0:00:10.45
19Jordan Lopez (USA)0:00:11.15
20Tyler Allison (Can)0:00:14.05
21Anthony Medaglia (USA)0:00:31.35
22John Burns (USA)0:00:32.15
23Matt Wittler (USA)0:00:32.75
24Zach White (USA)0:00:35.95
25Kat Statman (USA)0:00:53.05
26Paul Trinkkeller (USA)0:16:48.12
27Darryl Crews (USA)0:26:17.69
DNFBarry Wicks (USA)
DNFTyler Thompson (USA)
DNFMark Santurbane (USA)
DNFRoss Schnell (USA)
DNFNaish Ulmer (USA)

Men 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dakota Pittman (USA)0:07:13.61
2Chase Dickens (USA)0:00:00.33
3Gene Capinas (USA)0:00:01.97
4Tim Moody (USA)0:00:08.22
5Ian Stowe (USA)0:00:12.82
6Herculaas Botha (USA)0:00:17.50
7Nicholas Caldera (USA)0:00:20.40
8Dillon Verva (USA)0:00:26.33
9Avery Cook (USA)0:00:43.14
10Brian Twiggs (USA)0:00:44.89
11Erik Johnson (USA)0:00:45.72
12Miles Lim (USA)0:01:04.96
13Ethan Cook (USA)0:01:12.76
14Andrew Henn (USA)0:01:14.25
15Henry Buckingham (USA)0:01:14.62
16Matteo Jorgenson (USA)0:01:18.21
17Kyler Watkins (USA)0:01:32.34
18Nic Anderson (USA)0:01:42.80
19Cole West (USA)0:01:48.58
20Julian Divine (USA)0:01:54.16
21Jesse Bennett (USA)0:04:24.85
DNFTaylor Smith (USA)

Men 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brian Crooks (USA)0:06:40.24
2Nicholas Ducharme (USA)0:00:45.77
3Jeremiah O'riordan (USA)0:00:46.13
4Justin Wolff (USA)0:00:51.51
5Robert Duncan (USA)0:00:54.28
6Brendan Connors (USA)0:00:57.66
7Alexander Macmillan (Can)0:00:58.73
8Chase Parker (USA)0:01:30.87
9Dan Thwaite (Can)0:01:32.54
10Jeff Parker (USA)0:01:39.35
11Adam Aguilar (USA)0:01:55.26
12Nathan Sowle (USA)0:02:03.87
13Ivan Wong (USA)0:02:24.91
14Marcus Wirowek (USA)0:02:33.18
15Trevor Goff (USA)0:03:01.49
16Adam Schell (USA)0:03:05.65
17Alex Hodson (USA)0:04:43.12
18Joshua Owen (USA)0:04:59.75

Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Philip Tinstman (USA)0:06:37.94
2John Pattullo (USA)0:00:09.61
3Gerry Cody (USA)0:00:12.46
4Michael Nixon (USA)0:00:24.93
5Jimmy Oneal (USA)0:00:25.53
6Jeff Church (USA)0:00:26.17
7Troy Malmin (USA)0:00:26.92
8Jason Kent (USA)0:00:28.74
9Al Painter (USA)0:00:33.48
10James Pass (USA)0:00:34.71
11Matthew Mcnelley (USA)0:00:49.22
12Kevin Garcia (USA)0:00:51.21
13Doug Swain (USA)0:00:52.25
14Jeff Zurakowski (USA)0:00:54.75
15Michael Page (USA)0:00:55.74
16Cameron Dickinson (USA)0:01:00.44
17Robert Jaimes (USA)0:01:05.64
18Craig Gregory (USA)0:01:14.43
19Craig Sanchez (USA)0:01:19.83
20Dan Parker (USA)0:01:20.27
21Brett Wheeler (USA)0:01:27.24
22Joe Pirelli (USA)0:01:36.68
23Dan Smith (USA)0:01:38.79
24Christopher Clark (USA)0:01:39.42
25Jeff Stanners (USA)0:01:43.46
26David Bardwell (USA)0:01:45.64
27Gerardo Ceja (USA)0:01:52.79
28Chris Sullivan (USA)0:01:53.37
29Darren Schiffer (USA)0:02:02.17
30Martin Tank Ii (USA)0:02:14.76
31David Poulin (USA)0:02:21.83
32Bryan Ferkins (USA)0:02:29.73
33James Sakara (USA)0:02:36.46
34John Hildebrand (USA)0:03:02.76
35Warren Johnson (USA)0:03:02.86
36Joe Klemmer (USA)0:15:10.58
DNFAaron Post (USA)
DNFAlain Lanusse (USA)
DNFDaniel Nunez (USA)
DNFOmar Estrada (USA)
DNFMatthew Oconnor (Aus)
DNFDamon Ropoulos (USA)
DNFMichael Reyes (USA)

Men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Keith Defiebre (USA)0:06:51.99
2John Vipiana (USA)0:00:14.98
3Walter Wallace (USA)0:00:26.03
4Marty Crosley (USA)0:00:27.86
5Grady Mcleod (USA)0:00:29.14
6Pete Clagett (USA)0:00:30.57
7Daniel Stevenson (USA)0:00:34.30
8Mike Warren (USA)0:00:35.08
9Brian Sampson (USA)0:00:44.35
10Fabio Rattazzi (USA)0:00:46.47
11Fun Chad (USA)0:00:48.62
12John Heeber (USA)0:00:49.21
13Terry Craig (USA)0:00:51.88
14Brad Bargmann (USA)0:01:03.57
15James Carrillo (USA)0:01:03.95
16Wylie Tollette (USA)0:01:05.75
17Robert Alves (USA)0:01:22.29
18Joey Adame (USA)0:01:40.01
19Rick Abercrombie (USA)0:01:42.41
20Dan Andrew (USA)0:01:48.89
21Martin Ramirez (USA)0:05:00.78
DNFStephen Smith (USA)
DNFJeff Casazza (USA)

Men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Phil Trenholme (USA)0:06:52.87
2Gordon Reese (USA)0:00:01.84
3Christopher Holmes (USA)0:00:14.74
4Brad Williamson (USA)0:00:23.79
5Roger Lopez (USA)0:00:24.40
6Tim Mccracken (USA)0:00:30.47
7David Smith (USA)0:00:42.84
8Dwight Goss (USA)0:00:47.37
9Greg Knight (USA)0:00:54.33
10Gary Bocci (USA)0:01:49.24
11Mike Eisner (USA)0:02:07.80
12Mark Jonas (USA)0:02:21.85
13Dan Contreras (USA)0:02:27.53
14Larry Russell (USA)0:03:42.48
15Gregory Owen (USA)0:04:05.50

Women 18 & under
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christine Weir (USA)0:07:49.00
2Leila Carrillo (USA)0:00:51.30
3Megan Marshall (USA)0:01:06.70
DNFNicole Rehder (USA)

Women 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Karla Kingsley (USA)0:07:44.45
2Rebekah Rottenberg (USA)0:00:44.61
3Philicia Marion (USA)0:01:19.07
4Mollie Sitkin (USA)0:01:23.96
5Kyra Alexander (USA)0:01:29.32
6Andrea Toogood (USA)0:02:18.71
7Ana Rodriguez (USA)0:04:43.35
8Stacey Aguilar (USA)0:05:13.15
9Jennifer Jordan (USA)0:05:13.25

Women 30+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lisa Crowe (USA)0:07:57.70
2Kathleen Bortolussi (USA)0:00:06.20
3Duvlaca Cardenas (USA)0:00:08.38
4Laura Knight (USA)0:00:26.79
5Niki Jaimes (USA)0:00:39.89
6Cindy Lacotta (USA)0:00:41.03
7Marianne Levine (USA)0:00:46.47
8Gale De Rosa (USA)0:01:14.97
9Deanne Wilson (USA)0:01:23.52
10Becky Smith (USA)0:04:08.12
11Zoe Cohen (USA)0:04:11.20
DNFKirstie Douglass (USA)

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