Wilderman, Schusler win Division 1 downhill


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Division 1 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sage Wilderman (Fort Lewis College)0:04:53.71
2Emma Millar (Fort Lewis College)0:00:06.72
3Elizabeth English (University of Nevada-Reno)0:00:12.64
4Deidre York (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:00:19.98
5Heather McFadden (California State University-Chico)0:00:21.56
6Sabina Kraushaar (Fort Lewis College)0:00:22.72
7Neven Steinmetz (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:00:37.92
8Nicole Tunnell (California State University-Chico)0:00:40.62
9Jenna Kowalski (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:00:50.07
10Chloe Jackson (Lees-McRae College)0:00:50.12
11Hannah Trimble (Lees-McRae College)0:00:51.24
12Jill Behlen (University of Wyoming)0:00:51.28
13Chantel Coleman (Fort Lewis College)0:01:01.74
14Rose Long (University of Vermont)0:01:03.00
15Andrea Kelchlin (Northeastern University)0:01:06.82
16Erica Zaveta (Lees-McRae College)0:01:09.39
17Jena Greaser (University of Connecticut)0:01:27.94
18Carla Swart (Lees-McRae College)0:01:29.86
19Catherine Cresalia (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:01:38.54
20Sarah Lukas (Lindsey Wilson College)Row 19 - Cell 2
21Sally Hermansen (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:01:38.88
22Brittany Engleking (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:02:05.52
23Sara Hanson (San Diego State University)0:02:10.76
24Jessica Baker (Lindsey Wilson College)0:02:34.43
25Madison Pitts (Lindsey Wilson College)0:04:08.58
26Kristin Jo Markham (Lees-McRae College)0:08:41.10
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Division 1 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joey Schusler (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:04:00.88
2Jon Wilson (University of Nevada-Reno)0:00:10.96
3Robert Stenson (Northern Arizona University)0:00:13.34
4Michael Larsen (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:00:13.68
5Samuel Mellen (Northeastern University)0:00:14.85
6Taylor Borucki (Fort Lewis College)0:00:15.42
7Leland O'Connor (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:00:15.86
8Kyle Wideman (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:00:18.21
9Ryan Kresich (California State University-Chico)0:00:18.50
10Miguel Ramos (Fort Lewis College)0:00:21.16
11Josef Duller (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:00:22.40
12Benjamin Hulse (Lees-McRae College)0:00:24.02
13cameron hoefer (Northern Arizona University)0:00:25.02
14Mike Duckworth (Colorado State University)0:00:25.27
15Evan Elliott (Fort Lewis College)0:00:25.92
16Zasho Donner (University of California-Santa Barbara)0:00:25.98
17William Melone (University of New Hampshire)0:00:27.53
18Justin Vorhees (California State University-Chico)0:00:28.66
19Nicolas Enjalbert (Colorado State University)0:00:30.25
20Nathaniel Oliver (Stanford University)0:00:31.34
21Weston Pope (Lindsey Wilson College)0:00:32.03
22Lucas LeMaire (Fort Lewis College)0:00:32.29
23Garrett Eggert (San Diego State University)0:00:32.30
24Miles Kreidler (University of Nevada-Reno)0:00:35.05
25Ryan Quinn (University of California-Santa Barbara)0:00:37.33
26Zachary Cutright (Clemson University)0:00:38.83
27Nick Caron (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:00:38.90
28Brent Davidson (University of Missouri)0:00:39.34
29Daryl Deprey (University of Vermont)0:00:40.72
30Anthony Santos (University of Vermont)0:00:41.43
31Menso de Jong (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:00:43.59
32Jack Kelly (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:00:46.57
33Evan Bissell (California State University-Chico)0:00:48.97
34Wilson Sansbury (Clemson University)0:00:49.20
35Samuel DeAtley (University of Missouri)0:00:50.51
36David Gambardella (University of Connecticut)0:00:53.49
37Ben Corbalis (Lees-mcrae College)0:00:55.85
38Brandon Hopkins (Lindsey Wilson College)0:00:56.26
39Curtis Yarra (California Polytechnic-San Luis Obispo)0:00:57.33
40Blake Harlan (University of Colorado-Boulder)0:00:58.90
41Steven Weimar (Lindsey Wilson College)0:01:00.04
42Krishna Gandhi (Texas A & M University)0:01:02.80
43Daniel MacRostie (California State University-Chico)0:01:05.69
44Sam Franco (University of Connecticut)0:01:06.49
45kirby faulkner (California State University-Chico)0:01:16.21
46Charles Katerba (Northern Arizona University)0:01:20.80
47Bradford Perley (Lees-McRae College)0:01:22.86
48Peter Haile (Lees-McRae College)0:01:25.70
49Clayton Omer (Lindsey Wilson College)0:01:27.29
50Mitchell Peterson (University of Utah)0:01:46.29
51Logan Collins (Lindsey Wilson College)0:01:54.27
52Anthony Weiss (University of Missouri)0:02:02.87
53Connor Sullivan (University of Connecticut)0:02:10.76
54Maxwell Hinckley (California State University-Chico)0:02:19.42
55Cody Smith (University of Nevada-Reno)0:02:26.64
56Eddie McDonald (University of Nevada-Reno)0:03:26.30
DNFFrancisco Baca (Northern Arizona University)Row 56 - Cell 2
DNFFred (Ph) Giffels (University of Nevada-Reno)Row 57 - Cell 2
DNFRyan Siewak (University of Missouri)Row 58 - Cell 2
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Division 2 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christen Boyer (Colorado School of Mines)0:05:05.16
2Johanne Tuttle (Brevard College)0:00:09.38
3Courtney Steen (Colorado School of Mines)0:00:51.32
4Becca Parish (Warren Wilson College)0:01:00.33
5Rachel Millsop (Union College-KY)0:01:13.34
6Julia Tellman (Brevard College)0:01:21.84
7Ileana Anderson (Warren Wilson College)0:01:43.22
8nina otter (Warren Wilson College)0:01:56.83
9Elisa Otter (Warren Wilson College)0:03:15.59
10Sarah Duncan (Brevard College)0:03:16.12
11Caroline Decosimo (Brevard College)0:04:20.19
12Tallulah Winquist (Warren Wilson College)0:04:22.44
13Aubrey DeLone (Warren Wilson College)0:05:10.73
14Maria Esswein (Union College-KY)0:07:10.73
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Division 2 Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Thomas (Appalachian State University)0:04:13.23
2Deider Barrick (Front Range Community College-Larimer)0:00:08.31
3Justin Graves (Humboldt State University)0:00:11.56
4Blake Carney (California Lutheran University)0:00:11.57
5Peter Mills (University of North Carolina-Asheville)0:00:17.02
6Jordan Newth (Western State College of Colorado)0:00:17.26
7Steven Trottier (Appalachian State University)0:00:17.35
8Peter Schulze (Mesa State College)0:00:18.46
9andrew mueller (Appalachian State University)0:00:18.99
10Neil Grigsby (Us Air Force Academy)0:00:24.23
11Mike Zeek (Mesa State College)0:00:24.37
12jacob roland (Brevard College)0:00:25.16
13Micah Hoogeveen (Mesa State College)0:00:25.57
14Joe Schneider (Colorado School of Mines)0:00:26.84
15Danny Cesare (Brevard College)0:00:29.21
16Matt McGonigal (Clarkson University)0:00:29.67
17Thomas Wilkinson (East Tennessee State University)0:00:30.77
18Jared Becker (Us Air Force Academy)0:00:31.93
19Casey Hoffman (Western Washington University)0:00:32.02
20Eric Smith (Ripon College)0:00:32.87
21Thomas Bagnal (Brevard College)0:00:33.68
22Matt Schiff (Humboldt State University)0:00:38.00
23Eric Booton (Western State College of Colorado)0:00:38.16
24Park Baker (Brevard College)0:00:38.26
25Greg Gibson (Union College-ky)0:00:38.89
26Alex McAndrew (Clarkson University)0:00:39.28
27Cory Rimmer (Brevard College)0:00:39.80
28Phillip Martin (Warren Wilson College)0:00:39.98
29Brad Nelson (Union College-KY)0:00:40.60
30Alex Ohman (East Tennessee State University)0:00:41.89
31Chris Fehn (Colorado School of Mines)0:00:43.02
32Geoffrey Fryer (East Tennessee State University)0:00:43.93
33Seth Rand (Cumberland University)0:00:44.09
34Wesley Lamberson (Union College-KY)0:00:47.37
35German Bermudez (Union College-KY)0:00:49.26
36Samuel Degenhard (Western State College of Colorado)0:00:50.41
37zach winn (Union College-KY)0:00:50.93
38Thatcher Hurt (Appalachian State University)0:00:51.67
39Linden Blaisus (Warren Wilson College)0:00:51.96
40Alexander Honkonen (East Tennessee State University)0:00:52.25
41Michael Tynan (Warren Wilson College)0:01:00.10
42Joshua Hubing-Cooper (Warren Wilson College)0:01:04.14
43Jonathan Turner (Union College-KY)0:01:06.73
44Keaton Miller (East Tennessee State University)0:01:09.62
45Christoph Hurley (Colorado School of Mines)0:01:09.63
46Daniel Sapp (Appalachian State University)0:01:27.74
47Moses Cooper (Warren Wilson College)0:01:43.27
48Trilliam Washam (Appalachian State University)0:01:58.07
49Alec Hamilton (Warren Wilson College)0:12:24.27
50Owen Tulip (Western State College of Colorado)0:22:02.36
DNFJustin Becker (Union College-KY)Row 50 - Cell 2

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