Tostado, Mata claim solo titles

After taking an early lead on their respective fields through the opening lap, Josh Tostado (Bach Builders) and Pua Mata (Team Sho-Air) went the distance to become the male and female solo national champions at the 2011 USA Cycling 24-Hour Mountain Bike National Championships.

The top three men each completed 18 laps, with Tostado finishing in 22:12:21. Runner-up was Nate Ginzton at 23:26:57 and in third was Jonathan Davis (Trek Bike Store Boulder) with a final time of 23:50:57.

Mata earned her win by finishing 15 laps in a time of 22:34:57. KT DeSantis followed with 13 laps through 23:27:00, and Laureen Coffelt, who completed 13 laps in 23:37:21, rounded out the top three.

Tostado and Mata dominated on a course that many competitors described as difficult but deserving of awarding a national title.

"I was pretty destroyed at the end because it was a really tough course," said Tostado. "The first six hours I felt horrible. Then during the night I felt really good until about three or four in the morning, and then I definitely was suffering after that. I went really hard in the nighttime, and I paid for it. But I always like to finish with nothing at the end."

For Tostado, it was his third 24-hour national title in a row. "I feel super lucky to have won a national championship three times. I count my blessing every day that I could have won it three times — and three times in a row! It's such a hard race; 24-hour racing is just brutal. Every time I do it I'm like 'Man, I don't ever want to do that again!' But you forget the pain and go ahead and do it again."

Mata's victory caps a successful season that includes topping the 2011 USA Cycling Pro Ultra-Endurance Tour (UET) standings and a national title at the 2011 US Marathon National Championships in September. It also marks a triumphant return to 24-hour racing.

"I actually loved the course," said Mata. "It's a lot of fun. It's, I think, one of the harder 24s for sure. You're constantly using your suspension, getting bumped around.

"I really wanted to prove it to myself and win the title back," said Mata, referring to her 24-hour nationals win in 2008. "It becomes a mental game. The mind is such a powerful tool that you have to use it. Everyone is suffering out there, and everyone goes through those rough times. You just have to keep in mind what your goal is."

Solo singlespeed

After spending an entire day riding in one gear, Evan Plews and Danielle Musto rode into the stars-and-stripes jerseys as the solo singlespeed champions. Plews earned his title after just missing one as the singlespeed runner up at this year’s marathon nationals.

Duo categories

Cameron Chambers and Daniel Matheny, who as the team of Honey Stinger/CTS took home the men’s duo stars-and-stripes jerseys. They received some of the biggest cheers of the day. Chambers continued his winning ways at 24-hour nationals after claiming the solo men’s singlespeed championship in 2010.

The Daves’ Slaves duo of Michelle Slingsby and Coreen Wright combined to win the women’s race. The two were part of a four-person team that won last year, as well.

NoTubes Elite/Bike n Sport, made up of Nina Baum and Cameron Brenneman, won the mixed duo category.

Four-person team categories

Similar to the solo races, first-lap leads led to overall victory in the open four-person team races. Jennifer Smith led the SRAM squad off. She was followed by Rebecca Rusch, Sonya Looney and Kelly Boniface, who crossed the finish line close to noon on Sunday to secure the three-lap win.

In the men’s open four-person team category, Russell Finsterwald was the first rider overall to come into transition after lap one. Along with his Pro Cycling teammates Kalan Beisel, JJ Clark and Brady Kappius, the foursome completed 23 laps in the shortest amount of time of all the teams at the event.

The CA-AZ DEVO team of Tyler Coplea, Ryan Geiger, Shane Skelton and Casey Williams rode to a 10-lap victory over Goatheads Jr. Devo in the men’s junior four-person team race.

The Light and Motion squad rode to the men’s 35+ four-person team category win, earning stars-and-stripes jerseys for Ezekiel Hersh, Dax Massey, Thane Wright and Jeff Zurakowski.

Mark Gouge, Russell Kappius, Kelly McGrew and Michael Trimble put five laps between them and the competition to earn a national title for their Dirt WattAge team in the men’s 45+ four-person team event.

Full Results

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Solo men
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Josh Tostado
2Nate Ginzton (Broken Spoke Cycling)
3Jonathan Davis (Trek Bike Store Boulder)
4Steve Gallo
5Garrett Peltonen (Natural Grocers Cycling Team)
6Mike Schroden (Revolution Cycle and Ski)
7Tim Lutz (Rocky Mountain Racing)
8Nickolas Starkey (Ascent Cycling)
9Joseph Fortin
10Karl Krupp
11Greg Leschisin
12Kip Biese
13Matt Connors (Sprouts/ Bicycle Ranch/ 2XU)
14Bill Young (Solo rider)
15Alan Marks
16Matthew Leap
17Andrew Leeper
18Matthew Cooper (Cooper)
19Matthew Benassi
20Ben Welnak
21Dan Spinato
22Eric Owen (Team Owen)
23Patrick Cross
24Daniel Jentink
25Jim Simons
DNSTom Strause (Kinetic Cycles)
DNSKelly Magelky
DNSDavid Tinker Juarez (Cannondale Factory Racing)
DNSMichael Campbell (North Iowa Spin)
DNSDonald Sturkey (819th RED HORSE)
DNSDoug Johnson
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Solo women
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Monique Mata
2Kristin Desantis (Team Therapeutic Associates- Dobbiaco)
3Laureen Coffelt
4Kerry White
5Timari Pruis
6Jari Kirkland (Team Type 1)
7Leia Barnett
8Renee Kline
9Stephanie Surch
DNSElizabeth Boese
DNSSarah Gibeau
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Duo men
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Cameron Chambers (honeystinger/cts)
1Daniel Matheny (HoneyStinger-CTS)
2Jeremy Young (Trek Bicycle Store)
2Michael Scott (Trek Bicycle Store)
3Paul Tanguay (Echelon Energy)
3Tommy Taylor (Echelon Energy)
4Brian O'Connor (B.O.T.T.C.H. Job)
4Trevor Thomson (B.O.T.T.C.H. Job)
5Ellison Platt (Pedal Forward)
5Matt Perkins (Pedal Forward)
6Zach Bodhane (Cougars Den Racing p/b Four Loko)
6Jacob Koonsman (Cougars Den Racing p/b Four Loko)
DNSDax Massey (Honey Stinger)
DNSMark Weisbrod (Not so Fat Tire)
DNSPaul Thayer (Not So Fat Tire)
DNSDaniel Ives (Easy Gears/ Lots of Beers)
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Duo women
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Coreen Wright (Daves' Slaves)
1Michelle Slingsby (Daves' Slaves)
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Duo mixed
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Cameron Brenneman (NoTubes Elite / Bike n Sport)
1Nina Baum (NoTubes Elite / Bike n Sport)
2Jill Hueckman (Trek Bicycle Store)
2Erick Lord (Trek Bicycle Store)
3Edward Miller (Townie & Mom)
3Charlotte Miller (Townie & Mom)
4Kurt Sonderman (Sonderman-Edwards)
4Amy Edwards (Sonderman-Edwards)
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4-Person men's teams
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1JJ Clark (ProCycling)
1Kalan Beisel (Pro Cycling)
1Brady Kappius (Pro Cycling)
1Russell Finsterwald (Pro Cycling)
2Peter Kalmes (Honey Stinger/Trek)
2Trevor Walz (Honey Stinger/Trek)
2Brad Bingham (Honey Stinger/Trek)
3Andrew Dukes (FLi BYe)
3Todd Shaffer (FliByeRacing)
3Ian Sheppard (FliBye Racing)
3Steven Thompson (FLi BYe Racing)
4Ryan McGovern (Proud Mary)
4Robert Conner (Proud Mary)
4Travis Ekenberg (Proud Mary)
5Mike McHargue (First Descents)
5Nick McHargue (First Descents)
5Michael Lamond (First Descents)
5Marvin Sandoval (First Descents)
6Isaac Watkins (Holy Rollers)
6Peter Small (Holy Rollers)
6Brian Baugh (Holy Rollers)
6Bruce Limozaine (Holy Rollers)
7Tim Trunnell (Team Liquidads)
7Michael Babcock (Team Liquidads)
7Marc Morin (Team Liquidads)
7Keith Jackson (Liquidads)
9Ted Sloan (spectrum)
9J.T. Evans (Spectrum)
9Keaton Ward (Spectrum)
10Jonah Sperando (Nevermind the Gap)
10David Bierbrauer (Nevermind the Gap)
10Brian Graham (Nevermind the Gap)
11Dan Klausmeier (SOCOVELO)
11Andrew Norkoli (SOCOVELO)
11Adam Jeffrey (SOCOVELO)
11Duane Fonner (SOCOVELO)
12Randy Martin (The Inflexables)
12Paul Ottum (The Inflexables)
12Becca Viner (Inflexables)
12Jason Moyes (The Inflexables)
13John Cona (Old Fogeys revenge)
13Donald Beal (Old Fogies Revenge)
13Gregory Bradford (Old Fogies Revenge)
13Jeff Ritzheimer (Old Fogies Revenge)
15Chris Schumacher (Narcissistics Fools)
15Nate Elsen (Narcissistic Fools)
15J Bradley Combs (Narcissistic Fools)
15James Roudebush (Narcissistic Fools)
16Nick Nyden (Summit Velo/Rocky Mountain Bikes)
16Adam Karch (Summit Velo - Rocky Mountain)
16Fred Newcomer (Summit Velo/Rocky Mountain Bikes)
16Kyle Stamp (Summit Velo/Rocky Mountain Bikes)
17Travis Rehder (Slapknut)
17Daniel Jenkins (Slapknut)
17Sean Lazzelle (Slapknut)
17Kevin Starkie (Slapknut)
18Mike Fuller (jjmm)
18Jeff Daniel (JJMM)
18Mike Guinn (JJMM)
18Jason Blunt (JJMM)
19Scott Graham (Team Moody Graham Crackers)
19Scott Moody (Team Moody Graham Crackers)
20David Thomas (Beer Lords)
20Kyle Foust (beer lords)
20Dave Thomas (Beer Lords)
21Barry Isaac (blood sweat gears)
21Guy Jacobucci (Blood Sweat and Gears)
21Dave Gonzalez (Blood/Sweat/Gears)
21Craig Brooks (Blood Sweat Gears)
23David Shebib (sleeping monkeys)
23Jeff McKnight (Sleeping Monkeys)
23Brian Crump (Sleeping Monkeys)
25Evan Sharp (
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4-person women's teams
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Sonya Looney (SRAM)
1Rebecca Rusch (SRAM)
1Kelly Boniface (SRAM)
1Jennifer Smith (SRAM)
2Kerri Mosman (WMBAofCOS)
2Stephanie Ward (WMBAofCOS)
2Lindsey Watson (WMBAofCOS)
2Julie Glenn (WMBAofCOS)
3Hillary Hienton (Focus on This/ Bitches)
3Amy Thomas (Focus on THIS/ Bitches)
3Chelsea McGowan (Focus on THIS/ Bitches)
3Michelle Zimmerman (Focus on this/ bitches)
4Jennifer Cram (Rad Racing)
4Cat Ambrose (Rad Racing)
4Jacque Ball (Rad Racing)
4Katie Frink (Rad Racing)
19Heather Moody (Team Moody Graham Crackers)
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4-person junior teams
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Shane Skelton (CA-AZ DEVO)
1Casey Williams (CA-AZ DEVO)
1Tyler Coplea (CA-AZ DEVO)
1Ryan Geiger (CA-AZ DEVO)
2Kaden Murdock (Goatheads Jr Devo 1)
2Josh Keener (Goatheads Jr Devo 1)
2Seamas Alessio (Goathead Jr. Devo 1)
2Ayden Hibner-Hereford (goatheads jr devo 1)
3Earl Gage (goatheads jr devo 2)
3Hailey Fortin (Goatheads Jr Devo 1)
3John Algermissen (Goatheads junior devo)
3Aaron Andler (Goatheads Jr Devo 1)
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4-person Master 35+ teams
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Ezekiel Hersh (Light and Motion)
1Jeff Zurakowski (Light and Motion)
1Thane Wright (Light and Motion)
2Jason Lapointe (Basalt Bike & Ski - Honey Stinger)
2Joel Mischke (Basalt Bike & Ski - Honey Stinger)
2Scott Leonard (Basalt Bike & Ski - Honey Stinger)
2Chris Brandt (Basalt Bike & Ski - Honey Stinger/Trek)
3Ron Rel (InfoVista Cycling Team)
3Ron Castia (InfoVista Cycling Team)
3Robert Raymond (InfoVista Cycling Team)
3Corey Scobie (InfoVista Cycling Team)
4Brad Smith (Team Flanders)
4Jeff Stevens (Team Flanders)
4Bobby Smith (Team Flanders)
4David Webster (Team Flanders)
5Matt Burton (Ed and Dave X 2)
5Dave Wright (Ed & Dave x 2)
5Edward Oliver (Ed & Dave x2)
5David Slingsby (Ed & Dave x 2)
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4-person Master 45+ teams
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Kelly McGrew (Dirt WattAge)
1Mark Gouge (Dirt WattAge)
1Russell Kappius (WattAge cottage)
1Michael Trimble (Team WattAge)
2Doug Chambers (Golden Belt Stryder Riders)
2Mike Johnson (Golden Belt Stryder Riders)
2Chris Chambers (Golden Belt Stryder Riders)
2Steve Dutton (Golden Belt Stryder Riders)

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