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Points race titles decided on final day

35-39 Men Points Race Final
1Daniel Del Barco (Argentina)71pts
2Paul Butler (Australia)59
3Alain Bornet (France)50
4Karl Chandavoine (France)40
5Richard Prince (Great Britain)36
6Gavin Smith (South Africa)23
7Ralph Lugo (Puerto Rico)21
8Brett Berriman (South Africa)7
9Vladimir Ivanov (Russian Federation)5
10Trevor Gunderson (Canada)4
11Thierry Forler (France)2
12Alessandro Picco (Italy)-14
13Dmitry Burdinskiy (Russian Federation)-20

40-44 Men Points Race Final
1David Stevens (Australia)20pts
2John McClelland (Great Britain)12
3Alexander Torkachenko (Russian Federation)11
4Alejandro Javier Zucarelli (Argentina)8
5Jean Philippe Meret (France)8
6Fernando Donatti (Argentina)7
7Philippe Raymond (Canada)4
8Oliver Davies (Great Britain)3
9Andy Tinsley (Great Britain)3
10Scott Laliberte (Canada)2
11Giuseppe Ravasio (Italy)2
12Tony Scott (United States Of America)2
13Tadayuki Yamaguchi (Japan)1
14Ian Cooper (France)

Men 45-49 Points Race Qualifying - Heat 1
1Michael Blasczyk (Germany)
2Rubiel Cortes (Colombia)
3Alastair Taylor (Great Britain)
4Ian Greenstreet (Great Britain)
5Yury Demanov (Russian Federation)
6Geraldo Reis (Brazil)
7Stephen Clayton (Great Britain)
8Vigen Sarkisyan (Russian Federation)
9David Mills (Great Britain)
10Peter Ettles (Great Britain)
11Jacques Suire (France)
12Ricardo Dante Pereyra (Argentina)
13Martyn Heritage-Owen (Great Britain)
14Didier Leinenweber (France)

Men 45-49 Points Race Qualifying - Heat 2
1Krzysztof Kurzawinski (Canada)
2Kerry Harford (New Zealand)
3Steven Carrell (United States Of America)
4Courtney Rowe (Great Britain)
5Enrico Grimani (Italy)
6Luca Salvadeo (Italy)
7Peter Toth (Canada)
8Michael Adey (South Africa)
9Pablo Costa Aguero (Spain)
10Andrew Nevitt (United States Of America)
11Victor Williams (United States Of America)
12Dario Finatti (Italy)
13Adrian Adgar (Great Britain)
14Petr Rakushev (Russian Federation)
15David Gulick (United States Of America)

Men 45-49 Points Race Final
1Steven Carrell (United States Of America)41pts
2Michael Adey (South Africa)28
3Courtney Rowe (Great Britain)28
4Luca Salvadeo (Italy)27
5Michael Blasczyk (Germany)27
6Ian Greenstreet (Great Britain)23
7Geraldo Reis (Brazil)23
8Vigen Sarkisyan (Russian Federation)21
9Krzysztof Kurzawinski (Canada)8
10Peter Ettles (Great Britain)6
11Stephen Clayton (Great Britain)3
12Jacques Suire (France)2
13Enrico Grimani (Italy)1
14Rubiel Cortes (Colombia)
15Andrew Nevitt (United States Of America)
16Ricardo Dante Pereyra (Argentina)
17Victor Williams (United States Of America)
18Alastair Taylor (Great Britain)
19Kerry Harford (New Zealand)
20Pablo Costa Aguero (Spain)

Men 50-54 Points Race Final
1Stephane Le Beau (Canada)26pts
2Bernardo Javier Figueroa (Colombia)13
3Vicente Florio Zoric (Argentina)7
4Nestor Hugo Vandale (Argentina)5
5Andrew Immelman (South Africa)4
6Eric Morel (France)3
7Claus Christiansen (Denmark)3
8Aubrey Gordon (United States Of America)2
9Sylvan Adams (Canada)
10Neville Ackermann (South Africa)
11Cesar Mendonça (Portugal)
12Ivor Reid (Great Britain)
13Patrick Lemoine (France)-20
14Cecil Bernard (United States Of America)-40
15Nestor Torres (Argentina)-40

Men 55-59 Points Race Final
1Keith Ketterer (United States Of America)45pts
2James Rutherford (Great Britain)31
3Christopher Davis (Great Britain)5
4Maas Van Beek (Netherlands)5
5Patrick Gellineau (United States Of America)4
6David Willmott (Australia)3
7Ricardo Venturel Gonçalves (Brazil)1
8Claudio Scabbia (Italy)1
9Stephen Davies (Great Britain)
10Patrick Samson (France)
11Terence Fraser (Australia)
12Bernhard Kluender (Germany)
13L Scott Porter (United States Of America)
14Martin Bush (Great Britain)
15David Le Grys (Great Britain)
16Vitorino Marcelino Co Pereira (Portugal)-40

Men 60-64 Points Race Final
1Malcolm Clasohm (Australia)18pts
2René Grignon (France)13
3Larry Wolff (United States Of America)5
4Marcel Le Quere (France)3
5Graham Truelove (Great Britain)3
6Patrick Whelan (United States Of America)
7Richard Notley (Great Britain)
8Ian Lewis (Great Britain)
9David Mulica (United States Of America)-18
10Richard Allen (United States Of America)-40

Men 65-69 Points Race Final
1Steffen Munch Hansen (Denmark)15pts
2Michel Briat (France)11
3Robert Wilson (South Africa)5
4David Rowe (Great Britain)4
5John Crouchley (Australia)3
6Michael Williams (United States Of America)3
7Hugh Gray (Australia)2
8Gilles Delange (France)-20

Men 70-74 Points Race Final
1Otto Altweck (Germany)
2Victor Possee (Great Britain)
3Denis Robinson (Australia)
4David Sankey (Great Britain)
DNFArthur Salzwedel (South Africa)
DNSGordon Johnston (Great Britain)
DNSRoland Crayford (Great Britain)

Men 75+ Points Race Final
1Delroy Walters (United States Of America)
2Raymond Pelle (France)
3Thomas O'Rourke (United States Of America)
4Walter Fowler (Great Britain)
5Luigi Fabbri (United States Of America)
6Brian Kennedy (Australia)
7Robert Mylls (United States Of America)
8Owen Duffy (New Zealand)
DNSDesmond Kidd (Australia)

Women 35-39 Points Race Final
1Dena Eaton (United States Of America)
2Amanda Wray (South Africa)
3Aideen Collard (Ireland)

Women 40-44 Points Race Final
1Janet Birkmyre (Great Britain)
2Cheryl Owens (Great Britain)
3Adriana Del Valle Perino (Argentina)
4Kimberly Edwards (United States Of America)
5Sara Laliberte (Canada)
DNFVanessa Essam (Australia)

Women 45-49 Points Race Final
1Orla Hendron (Ireland)
2Elizabeth Clayton (Great Britain)
3Jayne Paine (Great Britain)
4Makiko Hamada (Japan)
DNFJulie Barnett (Australia)

Women 50-54 Points Race Final
1Petra Kluender (Germany)
2Patrizia Spadaccini (Italy)
3Lise Benjamin (Australia)
4Christine Higgs (Great Britain)
5Susan Taverner (South Africa)

Women 60-64 Points Race Final
1Arja Scarsbrook (Finland)
2Mary Ellen Allen (United States Of America)

Women 65-69 Points Race Final
1Fran Watson (Australia)

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