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Belgium's Paulissen wins second consecutive marathon World Championship

Roel Paulissen rode to his second consecutive world marathon championship on Sunday. The Belgian finished in 4:34:36 after completing a tough, hilly 104km course in Austria. Alban Lakata (Austria) finished just 51 seconds back in second while 2007 marathon world champion Christoph Sauser (Switzerland) was third at 4:39.

"This victory is a great moment in my life, and I was able to celebrate it during the last meters to the finish line," said Paulissen, who finished solo.

Riding in good form, Paulissen was near the front on the very first climb, where he chased Wolfram Kurschat (Germany). Paulissen caught and passed Kurschat on the descent. A few riders joined them and formed a group at the front, then Paulissen later escaped with Alexey Medvedev (Russia) on a downhill where the men were overtaking the women.

"It was simply chaos there, because we caught the women," said Sauser on his blog "They did start after us, but rode a shorter course, and passing was very difficult."

Lakata and the others worked hard to close the gap, and on that final climb, Medvedev gave indications to Paulissen he wasn't doing well. The Belgian powered away solo, yet he still had another 20km of descending to go.

"The downhill was not easy, but I put out everything I had," said Paulissen, who went into the day thinking he was riding for a podium rather than the win after suffering some recent back pain.

Behind Paulissen, the final downhill changed the podium significantly. Medvedev lost time - dropping to sixth - with a flat tire and so did Thomas Dietsch (France), who had crested the final climb in third, but ended up 11th. Lakata and Sauser took second and third. Christoph Soukup (Austria) and Kurschat were fourth and fifth respectively.

"The whole race felt like a cross country race, or that is how it felt to me," said Sauser. "The climbs were never ending, and for most of the time, you could only ride in the saddle because the ground was too washed out."

Pre-race favorite Leo Paez (Columbia) had a tough day and finished 10th.

"I was hoping for a better result," said Paez. "When it came to doing the race, I started to suffer cramps: in those conditions was very difficult to increase my pace with the other favorites. I had to keep my pace. Now I will concentrate on the season's final grandfondo-type events and possibly the cross country World Championships in Canberra."


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Roel Paulissen (Belgium)4:34:37
2Alban Lakata (Austria)0:00:51
3Christoph Sauser (Switzerland)0:04:40
4Christoph Soukup (Austria)0:05:55
5Wolfram Kurschat (Germany)0:06:06
6Alexey Medvedev (Russian Federation)0:07:13
7Dario David Cioni (Italy)0:08:49
8Kevin Evans (South Africa)0:09:03
9Lukas Buchli (Switzerland)0:09:34
10Hector Leonardo Paez Leon (Colombia)0:10:21
11Thomas Dietsch (France)0:10:55
12Massimo De Bertolis (Italy)0:11:12
13Urs Huber (Switzerland)0:13:41
14Rudi Van Houts (Netherlands)0:13:47
15Mirko Celestino (Italy)0:14:07
16Andreas Kugler (Switzerland)0:15:56
17Bas Peters (Netherlands)0:15:56
18Jan Jobanek (Czech Republic)0:17:20
19Hannes Genze (Germany)0:19:40
20Tim Bohme (Germany)0:19:41
21Ramses Bekkenk (Netherlands)0:22:11
22Bart Brentjens (Netherlands)0:22:30
23Oliver Beckingsale (Great Britain)0:22:46
24Karl Markt (Austria)0:22:54
25Thomas Zahnd (Switzerland)0:23:02
26Julio Humberto Caro Silva (Colombia)0:24:17
27Mirko Pirazzoli (Italy)0:24:28
28Robert Mennen (Germany)0:25:08
29Jakob Nimpf (Austria)0:25:26
30Johann Pallhuber (Italy)0:25:32
31Gilberto Simoni (Italy)0:25:37
32Alejandro Diaz De La Pena Lopez (Spain)0:28:21
33Matthias Leisling (Germany)0:29:09
34Georg Koch (Austria)0:29:56
35Carsten Bresser (Germany)0:30:31
36Jukka Vastaranta (Finland)0:31:10
37Rafael Visinelli (Italy)0:31:11
38Frank Schotman (Netherlands)0:32:53
39Michal Lami (Slovakia)0:33:24
40Heinz Zörweg (Austria)0:36:14
41Roland Golderer (Germany)0:36:15
42Jelmer Pietersma (Netherlands)0:36:25
43Mike Felderer (Italy)0:37:39
44Michael Binder (Austria)0:37:56
45Thomas Stoll (Switzerland)0:38:50
46Benjamin Wittrup Justesen (Denmark)0:39:59
47Kevin Van Hoovels (Belgium)0:40:44
48Andras Parti (Hungary)0:40:56
49Christian Schneidawind (Germany)0:41:47
50Thomas Strobl (Austria)0:42:14
51Matej Mugerli (Slovenia)0:42:24
52Martin Kellermann (Austria)0:43:08
53Allan Oras (Estonia)0:43:09
54Magnus Darvell (Sweden)0:43:15
55Rene Tann (Germany)0:43:54
56Friedrich Dahler (Switzerland)0:44:52
57Lucien Peterhans (Switzerland)0:44:52
58Adrian Jackson (Australia)0:46:01
59Lars Bleckur (Sweden)0:46:14
60Marton Blazso (Hungary)0:47:52
61Mikael Salomonsson (Sweden)0:48:04
62Stefan Roffler (Switzerland)0:48:12
63Gerhard Kaufmann (Austria)0:48:55
64Ryan Sherlock (Ireland)0:49:08
65Hermann Pernsteiner (Austria)0:49:49
66Peter Unterwaditzer (Austria)0:51:09
67Ervins Smolins (Latvia)0:52:11
68Karl Schaberreiter (Austria)0:53:44
69Zdenek Faber (Slovakia)0:54:30
70Nejc Cernilogar (Slovenia)0:55:40
71Jhon Jairo Botero Salazar (Colombia)0:56:00
72Paul Oldham (Great Britain)0:56:22
73Bartosz Janowski (Poland)0:56:33
74Manfred Zöger (Austria)0:57:47
75Lenart Noc (Slovenia)0:57:58
76Caspar Austa (Estonia)0:57:59
77Johannes Holas (Austria)0:58:56
78Shaun Lewis (Australia)1:04:11
79Pavao Roset (Croatia)1:05:00
80Falk Putzke (Germany)1:08:22
81Sebastian Muth (Germany)1:08:32
82Alexander Sanchez (Costa Rica)1:10:12
83Bartosz Banach (Poland)1:12:28
84Bernd Tauderer (Austria)1:12:53
85Syun Matsumoto (Japan)1:14:48
86Tor Halvor Bjornstad (Norway)1:15:29
87Harlan Price (United States Of America)1:15:31
88Andreas Gatterer (Austria)1:16:31
89Andras Szatmary (Hungary)1:17:21
90Gabor Bogar (Hungary)1:17:22
91Daigoro Yamada (Japan)1:18:11
92Jonathan Camacho (Costa Rica)1:18:59
93Lucian Logigan (Romania)1:20:07
94Nicolae Juganaru Razvan (Romania)1:24:03
95Gints Jakovels (Latvia)1:24:36
96Mike Blewitt (Australia)1:31:39
97Thibault Sabatier (France)1:32:32
98Justin Price (New Zealand)1:35:29
99Victor Galvez Perez (Chile)1:38:11
100Thomas Achouri (Belgium)1:39:28
101Filip Turk (Croatia)1:39:45
102Olivier Raguideau (France)1:41:36
103Ales Hrvatin (Croatia)1:46:18
104Timothy Carleton (Canada)1:46:23
105Daniel Marius Rosioru (Romania)1:50:31
106Marius-Cristian Petrache (Romania)1:50:31
107José Guadalupe Cruz Salas (Mexico)1:53:22
108Ivo Rubinic (Croatia)1:53:27
109Ernests Benhens (Latvia)1:56:03
110Romuald Houin (France)1:59:06
111Jose Antonio Riquelme (Chile)2:02:03
112Eric Weber (France)2:08:34
113Rafal Lukawski (Poland)2:33:02
114Thibaut Ruamps (France)2:34:17
115Bernhard Robert Danitz Duk (Chile)2:51:39
116Benjamin Bonneuil (France)2:53:16
DNFStefan Sahm (Germany)
DNFHeinz Verbnjak (Austria)
DNFDaniel Federspiel (Austria)
DNFSilvio Wieltschnig (Austria)
DNFDaniel Geismayer (Austria)
DNFTorsten Marx (Germany)
DNFThomas Schaberreiter (Austria)
DNFAndreas Kirchberger (Austria)
DNFBram Rood (Netherlands)
DNFWolfgang Krenn (Austria)
DNFIvan Rybarik (Czech Republic)
DNFSamuel Faruhn (Germany)
DNFPhil Cortes (Canada)
DNFAndris Smirnovs (Latvia)

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