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Emotional solo victory for Rolfe on home turf

Mark O'Brien (Budget Forklifts) was all smiles in the leader's jersey at the Tour of Toowoomba with one stage remaining

Mark O'Brien (Budget Forklifts) was all smiles in the leader's jersey at the Tour of Toowoomba with one stage remaining (Image credit: Mark Gunter)

Darren Rolfe (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling) powered home over the final 10 kilometres of this afternoon's fourth stage of the FKG Tour of Toowoomba to claim victory.

Cheered on by a boisterous home crowd and his pregnant wife Olivia, Rolfe completed the 100km Oakey-Toowoomba stage in 2:42:02, 21 seconds ahead of a group of 10 riders, including King of the Moutains classification leader, teammate Ben Hill.

Budget Forklifts' Mark O'Brien heads into the fifth and final stage, a 50km criterium at Toowoomba's Queens Park, in the purple leader's jersey from teammate Michael Cupitt (25sec) and Genesys duo Jai Crawford (29sec) and Nathan Earle (41sec).

Genesys lead the team's GC, with Budget Forklifts 22 seconds off the pace.

Full results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darren Rolfe (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)2:42:02
2Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:00:21
3Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
4Joseph Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
5Alexander Smyth (Plan B Racing)
6Nick Schultz (Velocisports)
7Sam Witmitz (Budget Forklifts)
8Theodore Yates (Plan B Racing)
9Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers)
10Hayden Brooks (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
11Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)
12Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:00:24
13Timothy Cameron (Suzuki / Trek)
14Brad Linfield (Jayco-Honey Shotz)
15Stuart Mulhern (Team TDU)
16Phil Mundy (SASI)
17Correy Edmed (Balmoral Cycling Club)
18James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
19Nicholas Woods (Team TDU)
20Mark O'Brien (Budget Forklifts)
21Ryan Thomas (Velocisports)
22Matthew Marshall (Team TDU)
23James Szollosi (Erdinger Alkoholfrei - Downer EDi Mining)
24Brodie Talbot (Racing Kangaroos)
25Tom Hamilton (Jayco - VIS)
26Alastair Loutit (GPM Wilson Racing)
27Maxime Ruphy (Pensar-Hawk Racing)
28Luke Parker (Jayco - VIS)
29Tom Vessey (Hot Cycles New Zealand)
30Alex Clements (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)
31Jordan Kerby (Jayco-Honey Shotz)
32Danny Pulbrook (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)
33Mitch Flynn (Suzuki / Trek)
34Karl Evans (SASI)
35Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)
36Brian Mcleod (Budget Forklifts)
37Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers)
38William Lind (Suzuki / Trek)
39Bradeley Hall (Plan B Racing)0:00:34
40Matthew Williams (Balmoral Cycling Club)0:00:36
41James Boal (John West Cycling)
42Stuart Cowin (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)
43Jake McMahon (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)0:00:40
44Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:00:55
45Jake Klajnblat (Search2Retain)
46Jackson Mawby (Plan B Racing)
47Alex Morgan (Jayco - VIS)0:01:15
48Sam Rutherford (GPM Wilson Racing)0:01:26
49Luke Fetch (Search2Retain)0:01:54
50Evan Hull (Jayco - VIS)0:02:05
51Sam Stow (Pensar-Hawk Racing)
52Caleb Jones (GPM Wilson Racing)
53Michael Cupitt (Budget Forklifts)0:00:21
54Nick Miller (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:03:10
55Luke Ockeby (Budget Forklifts)0:03:33
56Dylan Newbery (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:03:39
57Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:04:09
58Andrew Roe (SASI)
59Ed Bissaker (Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:04:11
60Edward White (GPM Wilson Racing)0:04:20
61Sam Volkers (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)
62Jesse Kerrison (Velocisports)0:05:21
63Liam Dove (Jayco - VIS)
64Jack Cummings (Jayco - VIS)
65Brock Roberts (John West Cycling)
66Ollie Martin (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)
67Ben Carman (Erdinger Alkoholfrei - Downer EDi Mining)0:05:25
68Jack Beckinsale (Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:05:31
69Kieren Lewis (Team TDU)0:05:40
70Josh Taylor (GPM Wilson Racing)
71Saxon Irvine (Erdinger Alkoholfrei - Downer EDi Mining)0:06:06
72James Rix (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
73Jamie Lacey (Suzuki / Trek)
74Mark Fenner (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
75Trent Derecourt (John West Cycling)0:08:53
76Harry Carpenter (SASI)0:10:07
77Fraser Northey (SASI)
78Alex Carver (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:13:20
79Peter Loft (Budget Forklifts)
80Mitch Lovelock-Fay (Jayco-Honey Shotz)
81Rowan Dever (John West Cycling)0:13:29
82Chad Elliston (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:14:41
83Craig Evers (Racing Kangaroos)
84Jared Holmes (Hot Cycles New Zealand)
85Jacob Restall (Team TDU)
86Thomas Collier (Pensar-Hawk Racing)
87Owen Gillott (Velocisports)
88Luke Vitler (Plan B Racing)
89Ryan Cavanagh (Velocisports)
90Jake Magee (Parramatta Race Team)
91Daniel O'Keefe (Parramatta Race Team)
92Peter Spencer (Pensar-Hawk Racing)
93David Melville (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)
94Nick King (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)
95Reuben Donati (Erdinger Alkoholfrei - Downer EDi Mining)
96Hadleigh Milligan (Pensar-Hawk Racing)
97Michael Knoff (John West Cycling)
98Scott Butler (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
99Darren Condon (Campos)
100Damian Mason (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
101Ben Fox (Racing Kangaroos)
102Jack McCulloch (Racing Kangaroos)
103Brendan Hill (Velocisports)
104Daniel McCulloch (Campos)
105Bradley Nightingale (Balmoral Cycling Club)
106Steven Del Gallo (John West Cycling)
107Andrew Crawley (GPM Wilson Racing)0:14:47
108Nathan Waddell (Balmoral Cycling Club)0:16:34
109Michael Troy (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:24:01
110Kevin Hawes (Racing Kangaroos)0:28:06
111Dylan Nankivell (Campos)0:32:39
112Adam Blake (Campos)
113Brendan Cole (SASI)0:37:52
114Taylor Charlton (Campos)0:41:59
115Macauley Mulhall (Parramatta Race Team)
116Luke Collyer (Parramatta Race Team)
117Michel Hardy (Hot Cycles New Zealand)
118Nathan Hinkley (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)0:42:04
DNFTrent Carman (Erdinger Alkoholfrei - Downer EDi Mining)
DNFJoshua Lind (Suzuki / Trek)
DNFToby Hood (Pensar-Hawk Racing)
DNFCallum O'Sullivan (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)
DNFMatthew King (Search2Retain)
DNFWalter Tate (Balmoral Cycling Club)
DNFRichard Allen (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)

Sprint 1 - km11 Aubiny Pub Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Troy (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)3pts
2Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)2
3Liam Dove (Jayco - VIS)1

Sprint 2 - km21 Mt Tyson School Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Troy (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)3pts
2Caleb Jones (GPM Wilson Racing)2
3Stuart Mulhern (Team TDU)1

Sprint 3 - km96 Biddeston Store Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)3pts
2Michael Cupitt (Budget Forklifts)2
3Hayden Brooks (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)1

km62 KoM #1 Pittsworth Rd HC4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)3pts
2Michael Cupitt (Budget Forklifts)2
3Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)1

km69 KoM #2 Springside HC4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)3pts
2Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)2
3Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers)1

km77 KoM #3 Pittsworth Rd HC4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)3pts
2Michael Cupitt (Budget Forklifts)2
3Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers)1

km92 KoM #4 Mt Haystack HC4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)3pts
2Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers)2
3Michael Cupitt (Budget Forklifts)1

km106 KoM #5 Wellcamp HC3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Darren Rolfe (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)3pts
2Luke Fetch (Search2Retain)2
3Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers)1

General classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mark O'Brien (Budget Forklifts)9:25:40
2Michael Cupitt (Budget Forklifts)0:00:25
3Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:00:29
4Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:00:41
5Karl Evans (SASI)0:00:53
6Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:01:31
7Phil Mundy (SASI)0:01:40
8Matthew Marshall (Team TDU)0:01:49
9Hayden Brooks (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:02:02
10Tom Hamilton (Jayco - VIS)0:02:05
11Brodie Talbot (Racing Kangaroos)0:02:07
12Alex Clements (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)
13Darren Rolfe (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:02:12
14Brian Mcleod (Budget Forklifts)0:02:19
15Correy Edmed (Balmoral Cycling Club)0:02:51
16Brad Linfield (Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:03:00
17Tom Vessey (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:03:16
18Joseph Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:03:19
19Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:03:20
20Luke Parker (Jayco - VIS)0:03:44
21Nick Schultz (Velocisports)0:03:46
22Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)0:03:47
23Nicholas Woods (Team TDU)0:04:15
24Jake McMahon (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)0:04:19
25Ryan Thomas (Velocisports)0:04:20
26Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:04:34
27Danny Pulbrook (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)0:04:58
28Stuart Mulhern (Team TDU)0:05:14
29James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
30Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:05:22
31Bradeley Hall (Plan B Racing)0:05:35
32Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)0:05:53
33William Lind (Suzuki / Trek)0:06:00
34Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:06:04
35Caleb Jones (GPM Wilson Racing)0:06:08
36Stuart Cowin (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)0:06:15
37Andrew Roe (SASI)0:06:16
38Theodore Yates (Plan B Racing)0:06:21
39James Boal (John West Cycling)0:06:30
40Luke Fetch (Search2Retain)0:06:44
41Sam Witmitz (Budget Forklifts)0:06:56
42Sam Stow (Pensar-Hawk Racing)0:07:10
43Sam Rutherford (GPM Wilson Racing)0:07:18
44Jordan Kerby (Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:07:27
45Alastair Loutit (GPM Wilson Racing)0:07:33
46Alex Morgan (Jayco - VIS)0:07:53
47Evan Hull (Jayco - VIS)0:08:28
48James Szollosi (Erdinger Alkoholfrei - Downer EDi Mining)0:08:29
49Jake Klajnblat (Search2Retain)0:08:36
50Mitch Flynn (Suzuki / Trek)0:09:04
51Jack Cummings (Jayco - VIS)0:10:19
52Jesse Kerrison (Velocisports)0:11:54
53Matthew Williams (Balmoral Cycling Club)0:11:59
54Edward White (GPM Wilson Racing)0:12:04
55Mark Fenner (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:12:05
56Timothy Cameron (Suzuki / Trek)0:12:09
57Jamie Lacey (Suzuki / Trek)0:12:17
58Ed Bissaker (Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:12:57
59Ben Carman (Erdinger Alkoholfrei - Downer EDi Mining)0:14:02
60Alexander Smyth (Plan B Racing)0:14:12
61Jackson Mawby (Plan B Racing)0:14:21
62Saxon Irvine (Erdinger Alkoholfrei - Downer EDi Mining)0:14:29
63Luke Ockeby (Budget Forklifts)0:15:14
64Mitch Lovelock-Fay (Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:15:21
65Nick Miller (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:16:13
66Maxime Ruphy (Pensar-Hawk Racing)0:16:23
67Liam Dove (Jayco - VIS)0:16:38
68David Melville (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)0:17:35
69Josh Taylor (GPM Wilson Racing)0:17:53
70Ollie Martin (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)0:17:55
71Rowan Dever (John West Cycling)0:18:24
72Ryan Cavanagh (Velocisports)0:18:28
73Jared Holmes (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:18:48
74Jacob Restall (Team TDU)
75Peter Loft (Budget Forklifts)0:18:49
76Luke Vitler (Plan B Racing)0:18:51
77Bradley Nightingale (Balmoral Cycling Club)0:19:39
78Trent Derecourt (John West Cycling)0:19:57
79Brock Roberts (John West Cycling)0:20:07
80Reuben Donati (Erdinger Alkoholfrei - Downer EDi Mining)0:20:17
81Jack Beckinsale (Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:20:23
82Harry Carpenter (SASI)0:20:38
83Chad Elliston (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:20:44
84Thomas Collier (Pensar-Hawk Racing)0:20:52
85Fraser Northey (SASI)0:20:55
86Sam Volkers (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)0:21:58
87Hadleigh Milligan (Pensar-Hawk Racing)0:22:00
88Ben Fox (Racing Kangaroos)0:22:20
89Craig Evers (Racing Kangaroos)0:22:41
90Alex Carver (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:22:45
91Michael Knoff (John West Cycling)0:23:00
92Nathan Waddell (Balmoral Cycling Club)0:23:06
93Steven Del Gallo (John West Cycling)0:24:21
94Jack McCulloch (Racing Kangaroos)0:24:32
95Owen Gillott (Velocisports)0:24:35
96Scott Butler (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:25:22
97James Rix (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:26:20
98Daniel McCulloch (Campos)0:26:44
99Michael Troy (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:27:03
100Dylan Newbery (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:27:56
101Brendan Hill (Velocisports)0:29:25
102Peter Spencer (Pensar-Hawk Racing)0:29:35
103Andrew Crawley (GPM Wilson Racing)0:30:01
104Daniel O'Keefe (Parramatta Race Team)0:30:08
105Kieren Lewis (Team TDU)0:31:48
106Jake Magee (Parramatta Race Team)0:36:35
107Kevin Hawes (Racing Kangaroos)0:39:49
108Dylan Nankivell (Campos)0:41:26
109Nick King (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)0:43:03
110Adam Blake (Campos)0:46:22
111Taylor Charlton (Campos)0:56:31
112Darren Condon (Campos)0:57:38
113Damian Mason (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)1:01:24
114Macauley Mulhall (Parramatta Race Team)1:06:43
115Michel Hardy (Hot Cycles New Zealand)1:09:45
116Brendan Cole (SASI)1:18:27
117Luke Collyer (Parramatta Race Team)1:34:02
118Nathan Hinkley (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)1:39:32

Sprint classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joseph Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)16pts
2Michael Troy (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)6
3Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers)5
4Michael Cupitt (Budget Forklifts)4
5Darren Rolfe (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)3
6Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)3
7Mark O'Brien (Budget Forklifts)3
8Brodie Talbot (Racing Kangaroos)3
9Josh Taylor (GPM Wilson Racing)3
10Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)3
11Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)2
12Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers)2
13Karl Evans (SASI)2
14Caleb Jones (GPM Wilson Racing)2
15Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)1
16Hayden Brooks (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)1
17Stuart Mulhern (Team TDU)1
18Bradeley Hall (Plan B Racing)1
19Luke Ockeby (Budget Forklifts)1
20Liam Dove (Jayco - VIS)1
21Peter Spencer (Pensar-Hawk Racing)1
22Jack McCulloch (Racing Kangaroos)1

KOM classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)29pts
2Mark O'Brien (Budget Forklifts)10
3Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers)9
4Nathan Earle (Genesys Wealth Advisers)8
5Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers)6
6Darren Rolfe (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)5
7Michael Cupitt (Budget Forklifts)5
8Karl Evans (SASI)4
9Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)4
10Alastair Loutit (GPM Wilson Racing)3
11Luke Fetch (Search2Retain)3
12Edward White (GPM Wilson Racing)3
13James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)2
14Matthew Marshall (Team TDU)2
15Luke Parker (Jayco - VIS)2
16Jesse Kerrison (Velocisports)2
17David Melville (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)2
18Hayden Brooks (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)1
19Tom Hamilton (Jayco - VIS)1
20Alex Clements (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)1

Under23 classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Phil Mundy (SASI)9:27:20
2Matthew Marshall (Team TDU)0:00:09
3Tom Hamilton (Jayco - VIS)0:00:25
4Alex Clements (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)0:00:27
5Brian Mcleod (Budget Forklifts)0:00:39
6Brad Linfield (Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:01:20
7Tom Vessey (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:01:36
8Luke Parker (Jayco - VIS)0:02:04
9Nick Schultz (Velocisports)0:02:06
10Nicholas Woods (Team TDU)0:02:35
11Jake McMahon (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)0:02:39
12Ryan Thomas (Velocisports)0:02:40
13Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:02:54
14Danny Pulbrook (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)0:03:18
15Stuart Mulhern (Team TDU)0:03:34
16James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
17Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:03:42
18Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)0:04:13
19Theodore Yates (Plan B Racing)0:04:41
20James Boal (John West Cycling)0:04:50
21Luke Fetch (Search2Retain)0:05:04
22Jordan Kerby (Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:05:47
23Alastair Loutit (GPM Wilson Racing)0:05:53
24Alex Morgan (Jayco - VIS)0:06:13
25Evan Hull (Jayco - VIS)0:06:48
26James Szollosi (Erdinger Alkoholfrei - Downer EDi Mining)0:06:49
27Jake Klajnblat (Search2Retain)0:06:56
28Jack Cummings (Jayco - VIS)0:08:39
29Jesse Kerrison (Velocisports)0:10:14
30Timothy Cameron (Suzuki / Trek)0:10:29
31Jamie Lacey (Suzuki / Trek)0:10:37
32Ed Bissaker (Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:11:17
33Ben Carman (Erdinger Alkoholfrei - Downer EDi Mining)0:12:22
34Jackson Mawby (Plan B Racing)0:12:41
35Luke Ockeby (Budget Forklifts)0:13:34
36Mitch Lovelock-Fay (Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:13:41
37Nick Miller (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:14:33
38Maxime Ruphy (Pensar-Hawk Racing)0:14:43
39Liam Dove (Jayco - VIS)0:14:58
40Josh Taylor (GPM Wilson Racing)0:16:13
41Ollie Martin (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)0:16:15
42Ryan Cavanagh (Velocisports)0:16:48
43Jared Holmes (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:17:08
44Jacob Restall (Team TDU)
45Peter Loft (Budget Forklifts)0:17:09
46Luke Vitler (Plan B Racing)0:17:11
47Trent Derecourt (John West Cycling)0:18:17
48Jack Beckinsale (Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:18:43
49Chad Elliston (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:19:04
50Fraser Northey (SASI)0:19:15
51Sam Volkers (Data#3 Cisco Racing Team)0:20:18
52Ben Fox (Racing Kangaroos)0:20:40
53Craig Evers (Racing Kangaroos)0:21:01
54Alex Carver (Genesys Wealth Advisers)0:21:05
55Steven Del Gallo (John West Cycling)0:22:41
56Jack McCulloch (Racing Kangaroos)0:22:52
57Owen Gillott (Velocisports)0:22:55
58James Rix (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:24:40
59Dylan Newbery (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:26:16
60Brendan Hill (Velocisports)0:27:45
61Daniel O'Keefe (Parramatta Race Team)0:28:28
62Kieren Lewis (Team TDU)0:30:08
63Adam Blake (Campos)0:44:42
64Taylor Charlton (Campos)0:54:51
65Macauley Mulhall (Parramatta Race Team)1:05:03
66Michel Hardy (Hot Cycles New Zealand)1:08:05
67Brendan Cole (SASI)1:16:47
68Luke Collyer (Parramatta Race Team)1:32:22
69Nathan Hinkley (Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team)1:37:52

Team classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team27:39:42
2Team Budget Forklifts0:00:22
3RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling0:03:47
5Team Downunder0:05:47
6Pure Tasmania & Deloitte Cycling Team0:06:16
7Jayco - VIS0:08:59
8Plan B Racing0:11:21
11Team Jayco-Honey Shotz0:12:37
12Suzuki / Trek0:14:24
13Hot Cycles New Zealand0:14:39
14GPM Wilson Racing0:15:54
15Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore0:22:07
16Erdinger Alkoholfrei - Downer EDi Mining0:23:53
17Balmoral Cycling Club0:23:56
18John West Cycling0:26:06
19Pensar-Hawk Racing0:30:29
20Data#3 Cisco Racing Team0:31:48
21Racing Kangaroos0:40:50
23Parramatta Race Team2:00:30

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