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Hanson, Allar win Waukesha round of Tour of Americas Dairyland

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(Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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Starla Teddergreen gets a call-up

Starla Teddergreen gets a call-up (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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Tina Pic (Fearless Femme) moves up on the outside

Tina Pic (Fearless Femme) moves up on the outside (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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The ToAD podium after Waukesha: Ken Hanson, Dan Holloway and Luke Keough

The ToAD podium after Waukesha: Ken Hanson, Dan Holloway and Luke Keough (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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The men's winner Ken Hanson (UnitedHealthcare)

The men's winner Ken Hanson (UnitedHealthcare) (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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Leader Dan Holloway (Athlete Octane)

Leader Dan Holloway (Athlete Octane) (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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The men respect the national anthem

The men respect the national anthem (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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The pro men's race

The pro men's race (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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The pro men's race

The pro men's race (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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A discussion between Adam Myerson and Dan Holloway

A discussion between Adam Myerson and Dan Holloway (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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Dan Holloway (Athlete Octane) goes for it

Dan Holloway (Athlete Octane) goes for it (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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Cole House (Intelligencia)

Cole House (Intelligencia) (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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The pro women start

The pro women start (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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Sam Schneider in the overall lead

Sam Schneider in the overall lead (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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The podium: Erica Allar, Sam Schneider and Laura Van Gilder

The podium: Erica Allar, Sam Schneider and Laura Van Gilder (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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Allar wins the race

Allar wins the race (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)
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Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) in Waukesha

Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) in Waukesha (Image credit: Karl Hendrikse)

Ken Hanson (UnitedHealthcare) and Erica Allar (Colavita-Fine Cooking) emerged victorious on the fourth day of Tour of Americas Dairyland, winning the second National Criterium Calendar rounds of the weekend.

The men's race may have come down to a photo finish between Hanson and series leader Dan Holloway (Athlete Octane) after yet another well-drilled lead-out from the UnitedHealthcare "blue train", but the star of the night's festivity was local hero James Stemper, who in his typical fashion, attacked repeatedly until finally instigating the breakaway that stayed away until the final 10 laps.

The 5 Hour Energy-Kenda rider hit out early with a solo attack that lasted 15 minutes and, when he was reeled back in, he attacked again, drawing out Alexander Ray (Hincapie Devo). The duo were joined by four more riders: Clay Murfet and Michael Pincus (Astellas), Connor Mullervy (Champion System-Stan's No Tubes) and Gabriel Varela (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano).

Andrew Dahlheim bridged up to the move, cashing in on a $500 prime before the UnithedHealthcare team finally brought the field back together for the inevitable bunch sprint.

Hanson won the race, but his teammate Luke Keough in third did enough to maintain the lead in the NCC standings, while second placed-Holloway kept the ToAD yellow jersey.

The women's race was neutralised after an early crash, shortening the race to just under an hour. Despite attacks from notable riders such as Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) and Joanne Kiesanowski (Tibco-To the Top), the peloton was together for the final lap bunch sprint.

With both the NCC and the ToAD series points on the line, it was a battle between Erica Allar (Colavita-Fine Cooking) and ToAD leader Samantha Schneider (Tibco-To the Top) to the line.

Allar narrowly defeated the Tibco rider, with Van Gilder coming in third. The victory moved Allar to within one point of Schneider in the ToAD series, with Tina Pic (Fearless Femme) in third.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kenneth Hanson (UnitedHealthcare)1:26:52
2Daniel Holloway (Athlete Octane Cycling)
3Luke Keough (UnitedHealthcare)
4Hilton Clarke (UnitedHealthcare)
5Adam Myerson (Team SmartStop p/b Moun)0:00:01
6Gavriel Epstein (Champion System - Stans)0:00:02
7Brandon Feehery (Astellas Cycling Team)
8Anthony Canevari (Athlete Octane Cycling)
9Isaac Howe (Champion System - Stans)
10Owen Gillott (Hagens Berman U-23)
11David Guttenplan (SeaSucker / Guttenplan Coaching)0:00:03
12Devin Clark (Athlete Octane Cycling)
13Karl Menzies (UnitedHealthcare)
14Alexander Ray (Hincapie Development Team)
15Orlando Garibay (Incycle-Predator Components Eli)0:00:04
16Chad Hartley (Athlete Octane Cycling)
17Colton Barrett (Athlete Octane Cycling)0:00:05
18Benjamin Renkema (Stan's NoTubes P/b Proferrin)0:00:06
19Kevin Mullervy (Champion System - Stans)0:00:07
20Christopher Meacham (Airgas Cycling)
21Maxim Jenkins
22Camilo Ulloa (EDA Contractors)
23Maxwell Anderson (LAPT CC)
24Jeremy Durrin (Team Optum p/b Kell)0:00:08
25Drew Christopher (Champion System - Stans)
26Jacob Mueller (Stan's NoTubes P/b Proferrin)
27Matt Green (Astellas Cycling Team)
28Gregory Ratzell (Airgas Cycling)
29Sebastian Trillini (Argentina)0:00:09
30Ryan Dewald (Team Skyline)
32James Stemper (5-Hour Energy p/b Kenda)
33Garrett Olsen (Team Skyline)
34Geron Williams (Stan's NoTubes P/b Proferrin)0:00:10
35Matthew Light (Racing For Riley)
36Erick Sobey (SPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI)
37Blake Anton (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)0:00:11
38Ricky Randall (DNA Racing)
39Andrew Hammond (Palmer Cycling)0:00:13
40Cory Williams0:00:15
41Jordan Cullen (Hagens Berman U-23)0:00:18
42Cole House (Intelligentsia Coffee)0:00:19
43Griffin Easter (Airgas Cycling)0:00:25
44Daniel Katz (BMW Development Team)0:00:32
45Bradley White (UnitedHealthcare)0:00:47
46Morgan Ryan (VRC-Cynergy p/b Stradling)0:01:03
47Timothy Jenkinson (Starlight Custom Apparel)0:01:15
48Peter Olejniczak (Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performa)
49Tyler Brandt (BMW Development Team)0:01:34
50Adrian Hegyvary (UnitedHealthcare)0:01:47
51Andrew Dahlheim (Athlete Octane Cycling)
52Gabe Varela (Canyon Bicycles)
53Andrew Buntz (Credite Velo - Trek)
54Conor Mullervy (Champion System - Stans)
55Patrick Jones (Cycling Otago)
56Spencer Oswald (ISCorp Cycling/NCSF)
57Maxwell Ackermann (ISCorp Cycling/NCSF)
58Anthony Olson (Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performa)
59Alexander Voitik (EGO p/b Sammy\'s Bikes)
60Eric Hill (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)
61Christopher Butler (Hincapie Sportswear Dev)0:01:49
62Steven Davis (KHS-Maxxis-JAKROO)
63Matthew Zimmer (Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performa)
64Stephan Hoffman (Lupus Racing Team)
65Jesse Keough (Foundation)
66Arthur Moran (Green Line Velo)
67Luke Williams
68Tim Savre (Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performa)
69Michael Jasinski (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)
70Leif Byrge-Liebig (ISCorp Cycling/NCSF)
71Jacob White (ELBOWZ Racing)
72Zack Noonan (Airgas Cycling)
73Kevin Gottlieb (Airgas Cycling)
74Dallas Fowler (Kuhl)
75Bryan Fosler (KS Energy Services / Team Wisco)
76Andrew Bosco (SPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI)
77William Rekemeyer (Credite Velo - Trek)
78Adam Mcclurg (LAPT CC)
79Benjamin Dilley (Team Novo Nordisk)

Elite Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Erica Allar (Colavita-Fine Cooking)0:58:48
2Samantha Schneider (TIBCO/To the Top)0:00:01
3Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers)
4Tina Pic (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy)
5Lizzie Williams (Vanderkitten)0:00:02
6Christina Gokey-Smith (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)
7Starla Teddergreen (Cloud Racing p/b Ride2Recovery)
8Kaitlin Antonneau (TWENTY16 Pro Cycling)0:00:03
9Kendall Ryan (Team TIBCO II)
10Skylar Schneider0:00:04
11Laura Jorgensen (Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers)
12Jessica Prinner (Colavita-Fine Cooking)
13Liza Rachetto (Vanderkitten VIP)0:00:05
14Christy Keely (Asheville Bicycle Racing Club)
15Joanne Kiesanowski (Team TIBCO/To The Top)
16Mandy Heintz (Fearless Femme)0:00:07
18Nicole Mertz (ISCorp Cycling/NCSF)
19Abby Ruess (St Paul Bicycle Racing Club)
20Allison Arensman (PainPathways Cycling Team)0:00:09
21Monica Mendez (Columbian)
22Ash Duban (Guru Cycles p/b Haute Wheels Ra)
23Andreina Rivera (ISCorp Cycling p/b Intelligents)
24Jeannie Kuhajek (Vanderkitten)0:00:10
25Laura Parsons (Pioneer Mortgage pb
26Irena Ossola (Cloud Racing p/b Ride2Recovery)
27Jennifer Purcell (Colavita-Fine Cooking)
28Julie Kuliecza (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)
29Gabby Durrin (Rapha - Focus)0:00:12
30Amanda Miller (Team TIBCO/ To the Top)
31Carol Jeane Sansome (St Paul Bicycle Racing Club)0:00:13
32Erin Wittwer (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy)0:00:14
33Tracey Cameron (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy)0:00:23
34Julie Hunter0:00:32
35Emily Spence (BH/Comedy Central)
36Lindsay Fox (Cloud Racing p/b Ride 2 Recover)
37Kerrin Strevell (Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling)
38Stephanie Cucaz (PCP Race Team)
39Jacqueline Parker (Cloud Racing p/b Ride2Recovery)0:00:33
40Caroline Moakley (PainPathways Cycling Team)0:01:05
41Yeny Colmenares (Columbian)0:01:06
42Diedre Ribbens (CAWES p/b Specialized)0:01:11
43Lauretta Hanson (Building Champions Squad)
44Jan Bennett (FCS|Cycling: p/b Zngine + Mr.)0:01:14
45Angie Johnson (Subway Cycling Team)0:01:15
46Priscilla Calderon (Monster Media Elite Women)0:01:19
47Meredith Ehn (CAWES p/b Specialized)
48Sarah Iepson (CAWES p/b Specialized)
49Greta Neimanas (TWENTY16 Pro Cycling)0:01:20
50Natalia Franco (ISCOrp Cycling Team p/b Intelli)
51Ana Fagua (Columbian)0:01:21
52Katherine Shields (PainPathways Cycling Team)
53Shelby Reynolds (Monster Media Elite Women)0:01:26
54Meredith Uhl (Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling)
55Jennifer App (Cloud Racing p/b Ride2Recovery)
56Kailin Acheson (Team Belladium)
57Sarah Huang (ISCorp Cycling/NCSF)
58Emily Elbers (Farm Team Elite Women's Cycling)
59Chelsea Factor (Pioneer Mortgage pb
60Jennie Zhu (St Paul Bicycle Racing Club)
61Rebecca Chan (CAWES p/b Specialized)
DNFAmelia Christensen (SkyFlash Racing)
DNFAmber Brown (LiVe Well p/b Bountiful Bicycle)
DNFKaytie Scott (LiVe Well p/b Bountiful Bicycle)
DNFShannon Bhatia (Team TIBCO II)
DNFJulie Jerue (ISCorp Cycling/NCSF)


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