Stander and Speedy win marathon

The world's third ranked cross country rider Burry Stander (Specialized / Mr. Price) confirmed his status on Saturday when he dominated the MTN National South African Championships round called the N3TC Dirty Harry Marathon Race over 120km.

As predicted, Stander was off the mark hard and fast from the moment the starter's gun was fired. With his relentless pace, he beat South Africa's best mountain bikers.

Stander's winning time was four hours and 17 minutes. Ben-Melt Swanepoel (Specialized) finished second in four hours and 24 minutes and Francois Theron (Garmin-adidas) was third in four hours and 30 minutes.

Stander only arrived back in South Africa on Wednesday, having competed in World Cup cross country events in Canada the previous weekend. He opted for soft tail bike when many of his fellow competitors were on hard tails.

Before the race, many expected a battle between Stander and Kevin Evans (MTN-Energade), but it never materialised.

The South African marathon champion of the past three years experienced a hell of a day, puncturing four times. He had to swap back wheels with Matthys Beukes, a teammate, and at one stage he had to run with his mountain bike for about one kilometre.

But Evans refused to give up and fought his way back to fourth (in four hours and 38 minutes). In doing so, Evans kept his chances for a fifth overall win in the MTN Marathon Series alive.

The other pre-race favourites also experienced bad luck. Max Knox (DCM Chrome) broke his frame about 40 kilometres from the finish, at a time when he was second overall. Brandon Stewart (DCM Chrome) cut his back wheel on a rock and, after his efforts to fix it were unsuccessful, he abandoned the race. Marc Bassingthwaighte (Garmin-adidas) was beaten by the flu bug that had been pestering him during the past two weeks.

After the race Evans and Knox conceded that, even without the problems they had experienced, they would probably not have been able to beat Stander. "Burry had an amazing ride and he deserved to win," Evans said afterwards.

"I cannot really complain about my misfortune, because in the preceding four years I did not experience any bad luck. I guess I had to expect that, at some stage, I would get my share of bad luck. But I will be back next year and endeavour to become the South African champion again."

Swanepoel's finish in second after three months off competition due to a broken elbow. "Having been out of racing for so long, I cannot afford any heroics now. I have to race within my own abilities. That is what I did and it worked, because as the race progressed my overall position gradually improved."

Theron was ecstatic about finishining third overall.

"Praise the Lord!" he said. "At last, after seven fourth place finishes in the Marathon Series and a lot of bad luck, I got my podium, and this at the South African Championship!"

Predictions that Yolande will win women's race prove true

The prediction that Yolande would win was made even before the race turned out to be spot on. However, during the first 60 kilometres, the Yolandi riding in front was not the Yolandé who everybody expected to be the winner.

Yolandi du Toit (Konica-Minolta) nearly caused one of this year's biggest upsets when she managed to drop Yolandé Speedy (IMC Reaction) on the second big climb of the day.

She then managed to build up a one minute lead, which she kept until about the 63 kilometre marker. But that last rough, bumpy downhill section took its toll on Du Toit's body.

It was a classic case of 'all shook up' and nowhere to escape.

"My whole body was starting to get sore because of the rocky terrain we had to ride. I could never settle down in an easy comfortable pace. During those last few kilometres it was all about survival for me. I knew Yolandé was catching up. I tried to make one last big effort to stay in front, but I had nothing left. It was frustrating, but I am not complaining, I am happy. Finishing second is a good result for me.

"I know now that I can race with the best in marathons and, with a little bit of luck, even win."

Speedy was full of praise afterwards for the way Du Toit raced. "She caught me by surprise on the climbs. I did not expect her to be so strong. What counted a bit against me, was that I did not have the perfect racing legs. When Yolandi took the lead, I told myself not to panic, but to just keep riding at a steady tempo.

"I must admit that I was getting slightly worried when it took me so long to catch up again."

It is the second year in a row that Speedy won the South African women's marathon title.

Ischen Stopforth (Marsilo projects) finished third and, in doing so, increased her lead in the overall standings of the MTN Marathon Series.



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Men (120km)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Burry Stander (Bundu Bashers)4:17:24
2Ben Melt Swanepoel (Specialized)0:07:27
3Francois Theron (Garmin)0:12:47
4Kevin Evans (Microsoft Cycling Team)0:20:54
5Matthys Beukes (MTN)0:21:38
6Jacques Janse Van Rensbrg0:29:13
7Erik Kleinhans0:29:56
8Philip Buys (Garmin)0:41:45
9Marc Bassingtwaighte0:45:27
10Adrien Niyonshuti (MTN)Row 9 - Cell 2
11Nico Bell0:51:04
12David Morison (Pedal Power Association)0:55:33
13Thomas Truscott (Standard Bank)0:59:02
14Drew Murphy1:06:07
15Garren Soutar (Northern Kzn)1:06:57
16Frans Stander1:30:04
DNFPeter Smith (Jeep Cycling Club)Row 16 - Cell 2
DNFJohnny KritzingerRow 17 - Cell 2
DNFPetrus MalherbeRow 18 - Cell 2
DNFBrandon StewartRow 19 - Cell 2
DNFMax KnoxRow 20 - Cell 2
DNFDion Gerhard Froneman (Flatdogs)Row 21 - Cell 2
DNFAdrien NiyonshutiRow 22 - Cell 2
DNFChristopher SteinbachRow 23 - Cell 2
DNFShaun Peschl (Mr Price)Row 24 - Cell 2
DNFAlbert Van Niekerk (Cyclelab Supercycling Club)Row 25 - Cell 2
DNFGary Campbell (Roag)Row 26 - Cell 2
DNFRobert Kaiser (Midrand Country Cycles)Row 27 - Cell 2
DSQStephen Strydom (Fourways Roadrunners)Row 28 - Cell 2
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Women (75km)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yolande Speedy3:32:26
2Yolandi Du Toit0:01:48
3Ischen Stopforth0:05:40
4Heletje Van Staden0:17:45
5Su Don-Wauchope (Roag)0:19:36
6Samantha Oosthuizen (Garmin)0:27:53
7Candice Arthur0:38:35
8Robyn Adendorff (Team Jeep Sa)0:42:29
9Sarah Van Heerden (Jeep / Leigh's)0:42:31
10Petruschka Constancon0:51:33
11Beatrice Hogan0:57:52
12Lize Theron (Petrusburg Mtb Club)1:05:46
13Glynis Pretorius (Bringiton Cycling Club)1:06:55
14Genee Steyn1:07:14
15Colleen Jacobs (Club 100 Nc)1:10:06
16Cindy Rebello1:18:48
17Monica Botha (N-Kzn Triathlon Cycles)1:28:28
18Marlien De Bont (Pretoria Millatry Mtb Club)1:30:25
19Nicole Yinnakis1:31:06
20Grant Van Der Wal1:34:07
21Jody Mitchell (Northern Kzn Triathlon Cycles)1:39:24
22Erika Meeding (Petrusburg)1:58:41
23Hester Vermeulen2:04:27
24Kelly Marnewick (Mike Marnewick)2:13:33
25Shayle Bester2:14:59
26Elshe Naude2:15:02
27Leandra Blann2:17:41
28Candice Talbot2:58:42
DNFYolande De VilliersRow 28 - Cell 2
DNFKelly MarnewickRow 29 - Cell 2
DNFKaren WeilandRow 30 - Cell 2
DNFAngela ReynekeRow 31 - Cell 2
DNFSarah DrewRow 32 - Cell 2
DSQGaynor EngelandRow 33 - Cell 2
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Men (75km)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rourke Croesek (Mugg And Bean)3:10:34
2Paul Cordess0:07:12
3Jan Withaar0:10:45
4Brett Dickson0:10:46
5Dylan Victor0:12:15
6Danie Marais0:12:44
7John-Michael Du Preez0:13:21
8Willem Le Roux0:14:06
9Hennie Kriek0:15:01
10Christopher Brand0:16:56
11Jeffrey Mauer0:18:23
12Herman Van Der Westhuizen0:20:01
13Rob Sim0:20:06
14Patrice Gautier0:20:40
15Hannes Neethling (George Hillbillies)0:21:48
16Dirk Maarsingh (Founties Mounties)0:22:11
17Stefan Van De Heever (Quattro)0:22:27
18Charles Nienaber (Western Wheelers)0:22:36
19Mark Talmud0:23:02
20Greg Anderson (Cyclelab)0:25:10
21Reinhardt Basson0:28:54
22Peter Stopforth0:29:30
23Rudi De Wet (Molteno Cycling Club)0:29:48
24Iain Don-Wauchope (Roag)0:31:08
25Wayne Booysen0:33:08
26Neel Breitenbach0:34:31
27Martin Hogan0:36:01
28Daniel Paul (Jowetts Cycles)0:38:07
29Stephan Reyneke (Rmbc)0:38:16
30Mcintosh Robbie0:43:17
31Gary Geoghegan0:43:32
32A.C Swanepoel (N-Kzn Triathlon Cycles Club)Row 31 - Cell 2
33Alwyn Dippenaar (Cyclelab Supercycling)0:46:06
34Cobus Slabbert0:49:46
35Mike Van Niekerk0:50:21
36Gus Uys (Molteno)0:51:29
37Jaquin Valverde0:51:57
38Ryan Reynolds0:52:23
39Carel Bosman (Garmin Momentum)0:53:40
40Nuno Muscolino (Fritz Pienaar)0:54:34
41Rex Benson0:54:53
42Casper Badenhorst0:55:44
43Willie Sapsford (Toplay Diy)0:55:48
44Cobus Louw (Founties Mounties)0:56:37
45Koos Van Rooyen0:56:40
46Henri Meyer0:58:11
47Steijn Smit1:00:21
48Ludwig Swanepoel (Oudshoorn Fietsry Klub)1:00:41
49Reuben Fleischer (Garmin)1:01:02
50Andrew Timberlake (Cyclelab Supercycling Club)Row 49 - Cell 2
51Matthew Briers (St James Velo)1:01:39
52Udo Juterbock1:01:46
53Francois Maartens1:02:59
54Mark D'oliveira (Harrismith Wheelers)1:03:04
55Michael Bouwmeester (Harmony Cycling Club)1:04:21
56Hendrik Jakobus Muller (Club 100)1:05:28
57Charles Stander (Bundu Bashers)1:05:53
58Renier Van Jaarsveld1:05:56
59Riekert Wilken1:06:09
60Ettienne Frederick Leygonie1:07:46
61Thomas Peters1:08:56
62Michael Frost (Drakensberg Mtb Club)1:09:47
63David Danker1:11:15
64George Oerter (Tour De France Cycles)1:11:16
65Earle Wakeford1:12:05
66Cor-Jacques Kat1:12:17
67Christian Van Niekerk1:12:19
68Freddy Mitchley (Club 100)1:12:57
69Robert Surtees (Cycle Lab)1:13:39
70Henry Angove1:14:24
71Gavin Robinson (Cyclelab Supercycling Club)1:14:25
72Ronnie Scheepers1:14:31
73Wynand JordaanRow 72 - Cell 2
74Wayne Rebello1:14:43
75Ruan Wessels1:14:55
76Louis Steytler1:14:56
77Johan Farber (Tokkie Wheelers)1:14:57
78Kyle Symons (Hillbilies)1:15:11
79Pierre Naude1:15:21
80Rudolf Schroder1:19:32
81Frans De Beer1:19:47
82Kevin Haward1:20:19
83Robert Malan1:23:29
84George Fisher1:25:10
85Reinhold De Villiers1:25:17
86Johan Malherbe1:26:11
87Johan Jacobs (Club 100 Nc)1:29:51
88Roy Brennon (Ekurhuleni Kayak)1:30:30
89Clinton Halsey1:31:36
90Graham Cooper (Club Roag)1:31:45
91Marcus Pieterse1:31:49
92Quenoton Oates1:32:53
93Gerhard Erasmus1:35:11
94Marco Ferdinandi1:37:06
95Steve ViljoenRow 94 - Cell 2
96Clene Van Wyk (Queenstown Harriers)1:37:09
97Danie Erasmus1:38:08
98Paul Hattingh1:38:37
99Rudi Rademeyer1:38:48
100Craig Carter (Northern Kzn Triathlon Cycles)1:38:53
101Marinus Bekker1:39:19
102Millar Nienaber1:39:43
103Robert Godlonton1:39:49
104Michael Henn1:39:58
105Max Huggins1:41:09
106Frikkie Botha1:43:28
107Heath Tunu1:43:31
108Carlos Pereira1:43:34
109Johan La Grange1:43:40
110Bradley Van Der WaltRow 109 - Cell 2
111Deon Honiball (Petrusburg Fietsryklub)1:47:32
112Renier De Beer (Diy Toplay)1:47:33
113Dirk Nel (Single Track)1:49:49
114Craig Shaw1:53:14
115Johan Grobbelaar (Bethlehem)1:58:09
116Deon Rebello (Club 100)1:59:34
117Werner Joyce2:02:36
118Gottlieb Venter2:03:52
119Arnold Steyn2:03:53
120David Eadie2:06:01
121Jacques Nel (Maluti Wheelers)2:07:08
122Alewyn Grove2:07:20
123Gustav JoyceRow 122 - Cell 2
124Jaco Delport (Mejcem)2:07:40
125Francois Du Toit2:08:42
126Nico Botha2:08:43
127Johan Botha (Petrusburg Cycling Club)2:12:35
128Gerhard Pretorius (Eskom Ridge Club)2:13:15
129Paul Sv Vermeulen2:17:19
130Dirk Oerlemans2:17:28
131Henri Van Staden2:18:18
132Steven Danker2:19:49
133Jacques Van Der Link2:20:54
134Daniel Marnewick (Mike Marnewick)2:26:25
135Wynand Goosen2:26:59
136Eric MoorcroftRow 135 - Cell 2
137Marius Botha (Cyclelab)2:28:07
138John Sanders (Cycle Lab)2:28:43
139Kevin Blann2:30:33
140Trevor Graham2:30:34
141Danie Jacobs (Founties Mounties)2:49:22
142Wynand Van Der Berg2:49:25
143Joseph Oosthuizen2:49:46
144Erik Egeland3:11:35
DNFJustice Makhale (Fritz Pienaar Cycles)Row 144 - Cell 2
DNFFrancois MaartensRow 145 - Cell 2
DNFReinhold De VilliersRow 146 - Cell 2
DNFJuan JungRow 147 - Cell 2
DNFJoshua VisserRow 148 - Cell 2
DNFColin BouwerRow 149 - Cell 2
DNFBryce MunroRow 150 - Cell 2
DNFDaniel MarnewickRow 151 - Cell 2
DNFGuylin Van Den BergRow 152 - Cell 2
DNFTrevor CroweRow 153 - Cell 2
DNFJohn Passmore (Cyclelab)Row 154 - Cell 2
DNFBruce ReynekeRow 155 - Cell 2
DNFMarius Slabbert (Toplay)Row 156 - Cell 2
DNFMartinus SnymanRow 157 - Cell 2
DNFTimothy FairRow 158 - Cell 2
DNFEmile Aldum (Cycle Sport)Row 159 - Cell 2
DNFBrett Balsoon (Northern Kzn)Row 160 - Cell 2
DNFDuncan BandRow 161 - Cell 2
DNFMatthew DrewRow 162 - Cell 2
DNFDonald JardineRow 163 - Cell 2
DNFDieter PetersRow 164 - Cell 2
DNFMatthew DrewRow 165 - Cell 2
DNFAnthony BussRow 166 - Cell 2
DSQVerster GeyserRow 167 - Cell 2
DSQAlbe GeldenhuysRow 168 - Cell 2
DSQFerdie Potgieter (Velo)Row 169 - Cell 2
DSQEric RadebeRow 170 - Cell 2
DSQMaritz AldumRow 171 - Cell 2
DSQCliff CoombeRow 172 - Cell 2
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Women (40km)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Candice Neethling (DCM Chrome)1:42:59
2Caitlin De Wet (Molteno Cycling Club)0:05:55
3Claudia Von Tutschek (Standard Bank)0:31:29
4Tarryn Brent0:31:41
5Andrea De Boer (Jowett's Cycling Club)0:31:58
6Hester Visagie0:33:02
7Estelle Van Veelen0:34:00
8Linky Boshoff (Solo Cycling)0:34:21
9Colette Victor (Select Cycling Club)0:34:56
10Angela Egeland (Fritz Pienaar Cycles)0:35:37
11Tayla-Anne Odendaal (Gromos)0:36:08
12Mona Deksen0:37:15
13Leentie Mouton0:37:31
14Cinzia Du Preez0:38:43
15Juli Morris (Roag)0:39:11
16Bronwen Coleman0:39:53
17Linda Van Wyk (Queenstown Kamikazis)0:40:01
18Wendy Robinson (Cycle Lab Fourways)0:44:59
19Gail Arnell0:45:58
20Michelle Hutchinson (Swampdogs)0:46:04
21Hesmar Venter (Gs Cycling)0:50:48
22Izel Oosthuizen0:51:31
23Mare Malherbe0:52:28
24Minette Johnson (Rockhoppers)0:53:31
25Ilse Kriel0:55:33
26Ilse-Marie Geldenhuys (Fritz Pienaar Cycles)0:56:10
27Dorothy Maartens0:56:13
28Karin Mortimer0:56:31
29Adri Prinsloo0:59:37
30Minetta Luttig1:00:34
31Erika Grotepass (Hillbillies Cycling Club)1:00:38
32Amanda De Wet1:00:58
33Annie David1:01:07
34Lizelle Hartman1:01:31
35Priscilla Nell1:08:00
36Marianne Botha (Nkzn Triathlon Cycles Club)Row 35 - Cell 2
37Annali Olivier1:08:24
38Christine Leighton1:09:19
39Ilse Organ1:15:53
40Angela Angove1:18:00
41Celeste Krog1:18:36
42Aimee Ferreirinha1:19:33
43Theresa Schoeman (Harrismith Wheelers)1:24:28
44Lowinda Jaquire1:26:29
45Natasha Van Der Berg1:43:12
46Tia Beckmann1:51:33
47Riette De Villiers1:52:45
48Charlien De Lange1:56:44
49Bettina Berti (Club 100)1:59:47
50Johandri Jacobs (Douglas Cycling Club)2:01:08
51Sharleigh Wilken2:06:49
52Renet Van Graan2:25:08
53Fritz Van Graan2:25:09
54Esme Swanepoel (Sunward Athletics Club)2:26:24
55Jacoleen De Swardt2:28:11
56Tina Nel (Maluti Wheelers)2:41:23
57Annalene Hattingh (Maluti Wheelers)Row 56 - Cell 2
58Tammy Kruger3:18:22
DNFCarla FreysenRow 58 - Cell 2
DNFKlara RossouwRow 59 - Cell 2
DNFAnita SchroderRow 60 - Cell 2
DNFKaren BurmeisterRow 61 - Cell 2
DNFSusan Blouell (Centurion Cycle Club)Row 62 - Cell 2
DNFSunet De KookerRow 63 - Cell 2
DSQElize MyburghRow 64 - Cell 2
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Men (40km)
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1James Reid1:30:29
2Arno Du Toit0:02:10
3Ruan Du Tiot (Cycle 4 Diabetes)0:02:45
4Shaun Craig Silver0:05:14
5Gert Heyns (Hillbilies Mtb Club)0:06:12
6Lourens Luus0:07:11
7Adam Reyneke (Garmin)0:07:12
8Donovan Lubbe0:07:13
9Ryan Ellis0:07:14
10Mike Casey0:07:46
11Slahde Seale (Cyclelab Centurion)0:07:50
12Mark Bridges0:08:21
13Ruan Pretorius0:09:59
14Xander Botha0:10:01
15Herman Bester0:10:03
16Luc Desvaux De Marigny0:10:04
17Justin Pictor (Falke)0:10:29
18Michael Hughes (Maverick)0:12:19
19Jac-Johann Steyn0:12:29
20Richardt Ferreira0:12:30
21Petri Van Jaarsveld0:12:57
22Pierre Nel0:13:00
23Bert Pauw0:13:25
24Warwick Waldeck (Hillbillies)0:14:03
25Frans Grotepass (Hillbillies Cycle Club)0:14:09
26Dylan Rebello0:15:19
27David Nel0:15:38
28Jared Milford0:15:49
29Wayne Gerber (Fritz Pienaar)0:16:07
30Jared Surtees (Cycle Lab)0:16:09
31Allan Britnell0:16:52
32Ferdi Botha0:16:53
33Armand Swanepoel0:17:21
34Julian Roux0:17:23
35Quintin Harcombe0:17:36
36Pj Luus0:17:38
37Graham Chrystal0:18:11
38Jacques De Bruyn0:19:11
39Callen Watson0:19:40
40Kurt Stockton (Mr Price)0:19:47
41Danie Scholtz (Solo Cycling)0:21:29
42Dominic ObojkovitsRow 41 - Cell 2
43Kyle Wood (Fritz Pienaar Cycles)0:22:37
44Werner Van Heerden0:23:56
45Joel Hieber (Rockhoppers)0:24:00
46Ndumiso Dontso (Molteno Cycling Club)0:24:02
47Johan Moller0:24:36
48Nelius LuusRow 47 - Cell 2
49Neil Fourie0:24:39
50Martin Van Veelen (Epic Sports)0:26:00
51Schalk Botha (Cyclesport)0:26:09
52Gareth Coleman0:26:31
53Benjamin Freedemann0:26:34
54Jeandre Smit0:26:35
55Harko De Boer (Jowett's Cycvling Club)0:27:05
56Pieter Herbst Jnr (Mr Price Yca)0:27:08
57Ruan Van Heerden0:27:21
58Jacques Steenkamp (Bester Cycles)0:31:00
59Martin Pretorius0:31:09
60Wikus Boshoff0:31:39
61Stefan Colmanet0:31:43
62David Morris (Roag)0:32:00
63Arrie Rossouw0:32:43
64Jannie Van Straaten (Molteno Mountain Bike Club)0:33:49
65Olivier Nouwens0:34:58
66Iwan De Jongh (Club100)0:40:36
67Steve Reid (Kearsney Riders)0:42:45
68Keith O'leary0:42:55
69Steyn Prinsloo0:43:34
70Rolf Louis Meyer0:43:47
71Jan-Hendrik Van Heerden0:44:02
72Herman Ferreira0:44:04
73Alwyn Jr Prinsloo0:44:16
74Danie Le Roux0:44:20
75Deon Carstens0:44:34
76Herman Smalberger0:45:09
77Ingo De Jager0:45:26
78Louis Kieser0:45:30
79Calvin Van Wieringen (Roag)0:45:31
80Devin Kruger (Cawcc)0:45:53
81Geoff David0:46:01
82Alwyn Prinsloo0:46:05
83Mark Lamb0:46:43
84Hannes Spies (Pe Louis Trichardt)0:46:51
85Martin Mcgarrigle0:47:11
86Sias Steyn0:47:31
87Carl Van Der Merwe (Roag)0:47:39
88Abonga Langa (Molteno Cycling Club)0:47:41
89Christopher Banahan (Fritzpienaar Cycles)0:48:20
90Heinrich Scheun0:49:19
91Flip Verwey0:49:30
92Gerhard Kruger (Hillbillies George)0:50:27
93Charl Marais0:50:30
94John Parr0:50:31
95Dm Coetzer (Bethlehem Maluti Wheeler)0:51:09
96Tjaart Van Der Walt0:51:16
97Brad Bentz0:51:25
98Frans Geldenhuys (Fritz Pienaar Cycles)0:52:14
99Piet Lombard0:52:16
100Herman Victor0:54:57
101Vincent Leygonie0:55:44
102Dg Gerber (Bethlehem Maluti Wheelers)0:56:20
103Smiley Nel (Maluti Wheelers)0:56:30
104Gerhard Koekemoer (Megchem)0:56:46
105Daniel Francois Blignaut0:56:55
106Richard Johnson (Rockhoppers)0:57:31
107Dellan Jeffery0:57:33
108Arthur Pearce (Harrismith Wheelers)0:58:41
109Stefan Van Eck (Siegetown Wheelers)0:59:09
110Gary Wilby (Jmbc)1:01:48
111Dawid Geyser1:02:11
112Herman Wessels1:02:22
113Cobus Du Plessis1:02:27
114Johan Roux (Tokkie Wheelers)1:02:41
115Nic Du Preez1:04:27
116Lemar Meyer (C & C Steel)1:04:39
117Piet Xhagwe (Molteno Cycling Club)1:04:40
118Bruce Campbell1:04:46
119Hendrik Kamp1:04:52
120Robert Mortimer1:06:24
121Gerhard Myburgh1:06:47
122Petrus Hattingh1:08:00
123Renier Jacobus Vorster1:08:29
124Martin Grotepass (Hillbillies Cycle Club)1:10:55
125Mark Leighton1:11:03
126Zane Figueiredo1:11:28
127Oscar Nouwens (Harry's @ Shila)1:11:36
128Avumile Kupa (Molteno Cycling Club)1:11:45
129Gerhard Koekemoer1:12:02
130Peter Lindstrom1:13:28
131Gert Steenkamp (Bester Cycles)1:17:00
132Braham Van Schalkwyk1:20:08
133Ricardo Dos Santos1:20:11
134Michael Smith1:21:16
135Mark Stockton (Mr Price)1:23:13
136Nico Smith (Maluti Wheelers)1:24:32
137Renier Brand1:24:47
138Deon Maree (Harrismith Wheelers)1:25:55
139Marius Bester1:27:33
140Andre Strydom1:27:38
141Sarel Van Der Merwe (Lady Smith)1:29:14
142Theo BlokRow 141 - Cell 2
143Jan Lourens1:29:17
144Christo Mostert1:29:54
145Jean Van Den Bosch1:29:59
146Carel Franken1:31:00
147Adriaan Bouwer (Harrismith Wheelers)1:31:14
148Ruan Venter (Founties Mounties)1:31:39
149Deon Van De Merwe1:34:06
150Jaco Pieterse1:34:12
151Johan Leonard1:35:13
152Darren Neethling1:35:52
153Dean Mumby (Hs Lyde Club)1:36:54
154Carl De Klerk (Harrismith Wheelers)1:36:58
155Raymond Ruiter1:37:09
156Russel Weavill1:39:09
157Sean Weavill (Harri's & Shila)1:39:22
158Darrell Van Rooy1:39:24
159Luis Figueiredo1:39:32
160Thomas Kamp1:40:10
161Justin Schuitemaker1:42:19
162John Cato (Roag)1:42:20
163Emiel Swanepoel1:45:09
164Chris Verwey1:46:42
165Marette Du Toit1:59:09
166Henry Du Toit1:59:11
167Hendri Stander2:00:15
168Pete Swanepoel (Roag)2:00:16
169Dieter Seeger2:00:57
170Geoff Harrs (Centurion Cycle Club)2:01:08
171Pieter Van Schryff (Maluti Wheelers)2:03:48
172Jordaan Jordaan2:05:49
173Frikkie Franken2:07:19
174Grantham Spilsbury (Harry & Shila)2:08:06
175Adrian Smith (Club Roag)2:08:16
176Whitney Visser2:08:35
177Frans Van Aardt2:23:00
178Rudie Van Aardt (Canon Richards Bay Athletic Club)2:23:01
179Alexander Vesely2:29:21
180Willie Buser (Club 100)2:38:10
181Charl Holl2:38:57
182Marius De Swardt2:40:41
183Jaco Seeger3:11:40
184Zander Van Wyk (Gs Cycling)3:20:27
185Johan Rens (Hoeveld Fiotren Klub)4:11:04
DNFLouis Jnr HarmseRow 185 - Cell 2
DNFRuan ErasmusRow 186 - Cell 2
DNFArmand SwanepoelRow 187 - Cell 2
DNFDerick NeethlingRow 188 - Cell 2
DNFDavid Maartens (Fritz Pienaar Cycles)Row 189 - Cell 2
DNFThami Gwalimpi (Molteno Cycling Club)Row 190 - Cell 2
DNFHenri Van Reenen (Harrismith Wheelers)Row 191 - Cell 2
DNFClint Hodgskin (Mugg And Bean)Row 192 - Cell 2
DNFRichard ArnellRow 193 - Cell 2
DNFHubert LinstromRow 194 - Cell 2
DNFArie Bouwer (Harrismith Wheelers)Row 195 - Cell 2
DNFCormac Slattery (Cycle Lab)Row 196 - Cell 2
DNFKobus CronjeRow 197 - Cell 2
DNFJustin DaweRow 198 - Cell 2
DNFJustin Dawe (Mugg And Bean)Row 199 - Cell 2


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