Armstrong remains unbeaten in Sea Otter stage race

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Elite men
1Francisco Mancebo ( Pro Cycling Team)0:17:04
2Andres Diaz Corrales (Team Exergy)0:00:09
3Matthew Cooke (Team Exergy)0:00:29
4Andy Jacques-Maynes (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:29
5Nate English (Yahoo! Cycling Team)0:00:32
6Ben Jacques-Maynes (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:33
7Paul Mach (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:40
8Jay Thomson (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:41
9Jeremy Vennell (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:45
10Chase Pinkham (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:50
11Cesar Grajales ( Pro Cycling Team)0:00:54
12Carlos Alzate (Team Exergy)0:00:57
13Kai Applequist (Team Exergy)0:00:57
14Sam Johnson (Team Exergy)0:00:59
15Raul Cancado (Passion Bikes)0:01:01
16Evan Hyde ( Pro Cycling Team)0:01:02
17Justin Rossi (Marc Pro - Strava)0:01:02
18Alastair Loutit (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda)0:01:07
19Cole House ( Pro Cycling Team)0:01:08
20Robin Eckmann0:01:13
21John Bennett (California Giant/Specialized)0:01:13
22Fred Rodriguez (Team Specialized)0:01:14
23Kirk Carlsen (Chipotle Development Team)0:01:17
24Stephen Leece (NOW - MS Society)0:01:18
25James Wingert (Yahoo! Cycling Team)0:01:20
26Logan Loader (Rideclean p/b Patentit.Com)0:01:20
27Chris Stastny (California Giant/Specialized)0:01:27
28Jesse Miller-Smith (Marc Pro-Strava)0:01:30
29Thomas Rabou ( Pro Cycling Team)0:01:32
30Kris Lunning (Marcpro-Strava)0:01:34
31Ozzie Olmos (California Giant/Specialized)0:01:36
32Thomas Faiers (Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycling)0:01:38
33Tommy Nankervis ( Pro Cycling Team)0:01:48
34Daniel Cassidy (US Military Cycling Team)0:01:50
35Tyler Brandt (California Giant/Specialized)0:01:56
36Conor Mullervy (Live Train Race)0:01:57
37Colt Peterson (NOW - MS Society)0:01:58
38Frank Spiteri (Marc Pro - Strava)0:01:59
39Erik Slack (Team Exergy)0:02:01
40Shawn Olin (US Military Cycling Team)0:02:09
41Danny Heeley (NOW - MS Society)0:02:10
42Ian Burnett ( Pro Cycling Team)0:02:10
43Nate Freed (Marc Pro - Strava)0:02:15
44Thomas Hubbard (NOW - MS Society)0:02:19
45Victor Riquelme (Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycling)0:02:19
46Kevin Mullervy (Live Train Race)0:02:21
47Keith Hillier (Marc Pro - Strava)0:02:22
48Remi McManus (Team Exergy)0:02:24
49Eric Losak (A Road Bike 4U Elite Team)0:02:25
50Eric Riggs (Yahoo! Cycling Team)0:02:27
51Karl Evans0:02:31
52Mike Midlarsky ( Pro Cycling Team)0:02:35
53Alton Dunnigan (Bicycle Planet)0:02:43
54Charles Hutcheson (US Military Cycling Team)0:02:58
55Joe Iannarelli (Yahoo! Cycling Team)0:03:02
56Alexandre Mantovani (Passion Bikes)0:03:03
57Andy Chocha (USAF Academy)0:03:06
58Eddy Kwon (Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycling)0:03:10
59Peter Taylor (California Giant/Specialized)0:03:11
60Michael Williams (Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycling)0:03:12
61Danny Katz (NOW - MS Society)0:03:13
62Aliaksandr Sinelnikau (Third Pillar)0:03:14
63Julian Martinez (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)0:03:24
64Nick Schaffner (Marc Pro - Strava)0:03:26
65Jacob Brewer (US Military Cycling Team)0:03:27
66Martin Acosta (McGuire Cycling Team)0:03:29
67Luca Ortolani (Cuore Italiano)0:03:37
68Jordan Haggard (Riders One)0:03:41
69Jon Hornbeck (Simple Green /Bike Religion)0:03:49
70Gabe Varela (Yahoo! Cycling Team)0:03:53
71Ian Moir0:03:53
72Arthur Rand (Marc Pro-Strava)0:04:06
73Jeff Malnick (Echelon Cycle/Multisport)0:04:22
74Miles Lamon (Yahoo! Cycling Team)0:04:45
75Alexander Vaughan-Ruiz (The Team)0:04:58
76Josh Lapacik (Donnys Cafe Racing)0:05:08
77Eric Bennett (Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycling)0:05:28
DNSPedro Martinez (Southernelite Cycling Team)Row 77 - Cell 2
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Elite women
1Kristin Armstong Savola (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12)0:18:55
2Rhae Shaw0:00:47
3Jennifer Wheeler (Team TIBCO / To The Top)0:01:15
4Jade Wilcoxson (Landshark/Flywheel)0:01:24
5Meredith Miller (Team TIBCO / To The Top)0:01:44
6Molly Van Houweling (Metromint Cycling Team)0:01:44
7Alisha Welsh (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12)0:01:54
8Olivia Dillon (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12)0:01:54
9Emily Kachorek (Primal/Mapmyride Womens Racing)0:02:17
10Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12)0:02:17
11Anna Barensfeld (Missing Link Coaching Systems / Specialized)0:02:28
12Cara Gillis (Missing Link Coaching Systems / Specialized)0:02:28
13Nicole Evans (Primal/Mapmyride Womens Racing)0:02:32
14Kristina Seley (Missing Link Coaching Systems / Specialized)0:02:33
15Megan Hottman (Primal/Mapmyride Womens Racing)0:02:34
16Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:02:35
17Melinda Weiner (Herbalife Lagrange)0:02:37
18Kasey Clark (Primal/Mapmyride Womens Racing)0:02:43
19Kristen Lasasso (Wheelbuilder.Com)0:02:44
20Jazzy Hurikino (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:02:46
21Jerika Hutchinson0:02:46
22Olivera Flavia (Project Cycling Women)0:02:51
23Emily Thurston (Missing Link/ 3rd Rail)0:03:08
24Tiffany Pezzulo (Primal/Mapmyride Womens Racing)0:03:08
25Julia Lafranchise (NOW - MS Society)0:03:10
26Kendall Ryan (Team TIBCO / To The Top)0:03:11
27Erika Graves (NOW - MS Society)0:03:15
28Beatriz Rodriguez (SC Velo/ Empower Coaching)0:03:27
29Vanessa Drigo (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:03:36
30Peggy Legrand (US Military)0:03:37
31Lisa Turnbull (Rep Gym/Riverstone)0:03:38
32Devon Gorry0:03:43
33Melina Bernecker (Hebalife Legrange)0:03:47
34Samantha Schneider (Team TIBCO / To The Top)0:04:00
35Liza Rachetto (Primal/Mapmyride Womens Racing)0:04:02
36Emily Weinert (Team TIBCO II)0:04:16
37Rebecca Rising (Metromint Cycling Team)0:04:22
38Starla Teddergreen (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:04:33
39Lauren Liscinski (NOW - MS Society)0:04:39
40Josephine Morgan (Michael David Winery Cycling Team)0:04:53
41Courtney Dimpel0:04:55
42Jenna Kowalski (NOW - MS Society)0:05:18
43Kimberly Fong (Michael David Winery Cycling Team)0:05:49

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