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Coquard the big cheese in Paris-Camembert

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Bryan Coquard (Europcar) won the big cheese in Paris-Camembert

Bryan Coquard (Europcar) won the big cheese in Paris-Camembert (Image credit: Jean-François Quénet)
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Bryan Coquard (Europcar) winner of the Paris-Camembert

Bryan Coquard (Europcar) winner of the Paris-Camembert (Image credit: Jean-François Quénet)

As soon as his Europcar teammates crossed the line in Vimoutiers, Bryan Coquard apologized that his weight in Camembert wouldn't make much cheese to share, as this was historically the winner's price of the old French semi-classic. The little Frenchman, 58kg, scored his fourth victory this year after two stages of the Etoile de Bessèges and the Route Adélie.

The 75th Paris-Camembert propelled Coquard into the lead of the French cup, but runner up Samuel Dumoulin of AG2R-La Mondiale keeps one more overall victory in sight. Laurent Pichon of completed the podium fully occupied by representatives of French Pro Teams.

"This morning at the start, we were scared that we'd have to assume the responsibilities in the race but we haven't had to do it," enjoyed Coquard who watched the AG2R-La Mondiale do most of the work chasing behind the five breakaway riders Alexandre Blain (Raleigh), Franck Vermeulen (Roubaix-Lille Métropole), Moreno De Pauw (Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise), Alo Jakin (BigMat-Auber 93) and Fabio Chinello (Area Zero Pro Team).

In the hills around Vimoutiers in the beautiful and sunny Normand countryside, local rider Anthony Delaplace (Bretagne-Séché Environnement) launched a strong attack in the Mur des Champeaux but got chased down by Coquard's teammate Alexandre Pichot who is also from Normandy. Another Europcar rider, Maxime Médérel, was the last attacker of the day, prior to the regrouping of twenty-five men for an unexpected bunch sprint.

"Had Médérel passed the top of the last hill alone, I don't think he'd have been caught," Coquard suggested. "I struggled in the climbs, but I managed to hold on."

"We knew that we had to get rid of Coquard to have a chance of winning," Dumoulin commented. "He had attacked a few times in the hills, so we hoped that he'd blow at the end but he didn't. I was on his wheel for the sprint but with the head wind and the false flat terrain to finish, he was definitely the strongest."

"I'm not afraid of races over 200km anymore," Coquard added. "I marked FDJ when Anthony Geslin was leading the sprint for Laurent Pichon and I believed I had to go at 200 metres from the line. On this false-flat, it was a bit far out but I felt I had good legs. I'm super happy with the team work. It was as efficient as at the Route Adélie. Last year I finished fifth here behind a breakaway of four and I was disappointed because we didn't understand each other with Pierrot [Rolland]. This time around, I'm happy with my results so far. I was just a bit disappointed with no stage win at Paris-Nice but I've improved in the climbs."

At the difference of Dumoulin, Coquard will not contest the weekend's French cup races as he'll embark to World Tour events Amstel Gold Race and Flèche Wallonne, "to gain experience," he said. "It's of another standard of racing but the Amstel Gold Race has a pretty similar terrain as this one here. I'm still in a learning process."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bryan Coquard (Fra) Team Europcar4:41:56
2Samuel Dumoulin (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
3Laurent Pichon (Fra)
4Romain Hardy (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits
5Anthony Roux (Fra)
6Julien Simon (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits
7Gerry Druyts (Bel) Team 3M
8Sébastien Minard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
9Stéphane Rossetto (Fra) BigMat - Auber 93
10Romain Bardet (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
11Paolo Ciavatta (Ita) Area Zero Pro Team
12Arnaud Gérard (Fra) Bretagne Séché Environnement
13Armindo Fonseca (Fra) Bretagne - Seche Environnement
14Matthieu Boulo (Fra) Team Raleigh
15Théo Vimpere (Fra) BigMat - Auber 93
16Quentin Jauregui (Fra) Roubaix Lille Metropole
17Rudy Molard (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits
18Cédric Pineau (Fra)
19Yoann Bagot (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits
20Rémy Di Grégorio (Fra) Team La Pomme Marseille 13
21Anthony Delaplace (Fra) Bretagne - Seche Environnement
22Pierrick Fédrigo (Fra)
23Florian Guillou (Fra) Bretagne - Seche Environnement
24Julien Antomarchi (Fra) Team La Pomme Marseille 13
25Anthony Geslin (Fra) FDJ.fr0:00:07
26Alexandre Pichot (Fra) Team Europcar0:00:21
27Flavien Dassonville (Fra) BigMat - Auber 930:00:30
28Brice Feillu (Fra) Bretagne - Seche Environnement0:00:35
29Maxime Mederel (Fra) Team Europcar
30Evan Oliphant (GBr) Team Raleigh0:00:40
31Mark Christian (GBr) Team Raleigh
32Bryan Naulleau (Fra) Team Europcar
33Rein Taaramae (Est) Cofidis, Solutions Credits
34Morgan Kneisky (Fra) Team Raleigh0:02:22
35Tom Van Asbroeck (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
36Victor Campenaerts (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise0:02:35
37Jimmy Turgis (Fra) Roubaix Lille Metropole
38Julien Duval (Fra) Roubaix Lille Metropole0:02:57
39José Gonçalves (Por) Team La Pomme Marseille 13
40Simone Petilli (Ita) Area Zero Pro Team
41Florian Vachon (Fra) Bretagne - Seche Environnement
42Steven Tronet (Fra) BigMat - Auber 93
43Mikael Chérel (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
44Tony Hurel (Fra) Team Europcar0:04:03
45Angelo Tulik (Fra) Team Europcar
46César Bihel (Fra) Team Differdange - Losch0:05:01
47Guillaume Bonnafond (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
48Pierre-Henri Lecuisinier (Fra)
49Pierre Gouault (Fra) BigMat - Auber 93
50Romain Lemarchand (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits
51Christophe Le Mével (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Crédits0:05:04
52Dimitri Le Boulch (Fra) BigMat - Auber 930:05:33
53Peeter Pruus (Est) Rietumu - Delfin
54Yoann Paillot (Fra) Team La Pomme Marseille 130:07:20
55Maxime Vantomme (Fra) Roubaix Lille Metropole
56Alexis Gougeard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:07:22
57Ian Wilkinson (GBr) Team Raleigh
58Gianluca Mengardo (Ita) Area Zero Pro Team
59Arnaud Courteille (Fra)
60Domingos Goncalves (Por) Team La Pomme Marseille 13
61Antoine Lavieu (Fra) Team La Pomme Marseille 13
62Laurent Mangel (Fra)
63Baptiste Planckaert (Bel) Roubaix Lille Metropole
64Rudy Kowalski (Fra) Roubaix Lille Metropole
65Romain Guillemois (Fra) Team Europcar
66Johan Coenen (Bel) Team Differdange - Losch0:09:13
67Charly Petelin (Ita) Area Zero Pro Team
68Jens Vandenbogaerde (Bel) Team 3M0:09:38
69Tim Vanspeybroeck (Bel) Team 3M
70Christian Helmig (Ned) Team Differdange - Losch0:10:19
71Sebastiaan Pot (Ned) Team 3M
72Kenny De Ketele (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
73Sebastiano Frassetto (Ita) Team Differdange - Losch
74Otto Vergaerde (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
75Fréderic Brun (Fra) BigMat - Auber 93
76Alo Jakin (Est) BigMat - Auber 93
77Alexandre Blain (Fra) Team Raleigh
78Armands Becis (Lat) Rietumu - Delfin
79Lubos Pelanek (Cze) Team Differdange - Losch
80Andris Smirnovs (Lat) Rietumu - Delfin
81Edgaras Kovaliovas (Ltu) Rietumu - Delfin
82Liam Stones (GBr) Team Raleigh
83Thomas Rostollan (Fra) Team La Pomme Marseille 13
84Maxime Bouet (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
85Nicolas Edet (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits
86Silvio Giorni (Ita) Area Zero Pro Team
87Jimmy Janssens (Bel) Team 3M
88Gianluca Leonardi (Ita) Area Zero Pro Team
89Joren Segers (Bel) Team 3M0:13:44
DNFJoseph Perrett (GBr) Team Raleigh
DNFRomain Pillon (Fra) Roubaix Lille Metropole
DNFFabio Chinello (Ita) Area Zero Pro Team
DNFAxel Domont (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
DNFFranck Vermeulen (Fra) Roubaix Lille Metropole
DNFAndrea Pasqualon (Ita) Area Zero Pro Team
DNFJoaquin Sobrino (Spa) Team Differdange - Losch
DNFJanis Dakteris (Lat) Team Differdange - Losch
DNFDylan Van Zijl (Ned) Team 3M
DNFGiovanni Bernaudeau (Fra) Team Europcar
DNFEduardo Sepulveda (Arg) Bretagne - Seche Environnement
DNFJulien El Fares (Fra) Team La Pomme Marseille 13
DNFMoreno De Pauw (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
DNFKevin Suarez Martinez (Bel) Team Differdange - Losch
DNFEmils Liepins (Lat) Rietumu - Delfin
DNFRomain Feillu (Fra) Bretagne - Seche Environnement
DNFJonas Rickaert (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
DNFJaap De Man (Ned) Team 3M
DNSAndzs Flaksis (Lat) Rietumu - Delfin
DNSAndris Vosekalns (Lat) Rietumu - Delfin


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