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Wilding wins men's race over Sharratt

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Annika Smail, winner of the 25th Karapoti Classic

Annika Smail, winner of the 25th Karapoti Classic (Image credit:
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Tim Wilding won the men's race at the 25th Karapoti Classic.

Tim Wilding won the men's race at the 25th Karapoti Classic. (Image credit:

The 25th anniversary of the Southern Hemisphere's longest standing mountain bike race threw up surprise winners as Taupo's Tim Wilding and Rotorua's Annika Smail dominated the Karapoti Classic.

More than 1300 riders from eight countries assembled for the event that kick-started New Zealand's mountain bike movements 25 years ago. The 50km ride around Upper Hutt's rugged and remote Akatarawa Ranges is renowned for testing both body and bike and while the forecasted rain and winds never quite arrived, storming rides from two unexpected winners were the talking point of the day.

The name of Tim Wilding didn't feature once during pre-race build up for this year's Karapoti Classic. The Taupo mountain bike and off road triathlon specialist has been thereabouts on the national scene for several years, even winning a couple of national title, but a string of punctures and crashes have ruined any chance of success in New Zealand's premier mountain bike event, to the point where even Wilding himself was surprised to find himself alone at the front of the race after only 15km.

When the race got underway with Karapoti's famed LeMan's style start across the Akatarawa River, all eyes were on defending champion Mark Leishman, 2008 winner Stu Houltham and current New Zealand number two Brendon Sharratt. No one mentioned Tim Wilding, and thus no one reacted when the 26-year-old when straight to the front.

"I felt pretty good right from the start, so I decided to push it and see if anyone wanted to come along," said Wilding after the race.

No one did. Or not for long anyway. Houltham and Sharratt stayed close in the first 15km through Karapoti Gorge and the undulated approach to Deadwood Ridge, the first of Karapoti's famed climbs. But once the route headed uphill Wilding went solo.

This wasn't unexpected; Wilding is a former national hill climb champion. But with his record of disappointing Karapoti showings Houltham wasn't unduly worried so early in the race. Sharratt, meanwhile, was focusing on Houltham, whose record on the gruelling course included a win and three other podium placings.

This was a sound tactic because Houltham did indeed start closing on the surprise leader as they approached the infamous Rock Garden, a 3km long downhill over soccer-ball-sized rocks and waist high drop-offs. But no sooner said and Houltham experienced his own string of bad luck as a series of punctures suddenly saw him out of contention.

This left Sharratt stranded in no-man's land. Well ahead of anyone else but not close enough to launch an attack on an inspired Wilding, who led over the gruelling Devil's Staircase bike carry section with close to two minutes in hand. That opened up to three minutes as he started the last long climb of the day up the Pram Track to the top of Doper's Hill, but even Wilding himself still wasn't convinced that this could be his day.

"When I was still leading over the Staircase I started thinking this might be the day," said Wilding later. "But up Dopers I was really hurting. I was right on the limit and really worried someone might be coming up behind me."

Wilding was right to worry for while Sharratt wasn't making any inroads into the lead, behind him defending champion Mark Leishman and 15-year-old Christchurch phenomenon Anton Cooper were catching both of them. However, 25 years of Karapoti history shows that the leader over the top of Doper's Hill is usually the winner and Wilding knew it.

"I almost couldn't believe it when I was still in the lead at the top of Dopers he said. "It's mostly downhill and flat after that to the finish and I was pretty sure I could hold on."

And hold on he did, stopping the clock after 2 hours, 21 minutes, 29 seconds to become the fifth fastest winner in Karapoti history. This year's 25th anniversary also doubled as the New Zealand mountain bike marathon championship

"I can't believe it really," said Houltham on the finish line, a big grin braking out behind a face covered in Karapoti mud. I've never had much luck in this race and even when I was still leading I was expecting guys like Stu and Cabin (Mark Leishman) to come through on the final climb."

Leishman did indeed come through, but it was too little too late. Behind Wilding, Sharratt held on by the skin of his teeth to claim second in two hours, 24 minutes and 10 seconds, just nine seconds ahead of the defending champion. In fourth place, Cooper claimed the junior title just 11 seconds ahead of Houltham, who shrugged off punctures to ride back to fifth place.

Women's race follows similar pattern

The women's race at this year's 25th anniversary Karapoti Classic followed much the same pattern as the men. Pre-race favourite was Rotorua's Nic Leary, but it was another Rotorua rider who stole the day as Annika Smail shrugged of past Karapoti nightmares to claim the country's premier mountain bike race.

The pre-race hype surrounded Leary, who in just two years in the sport claimed her first national title just a week prior to Karapoti. Locals hoped 19-year-old Samara Sheppard might shine, and the three-time Karapoti junior winner claimed a solid third place. But it was Smail who shone brightest.

The three were close together through the early kilometres, but bike problems saw Leary lose sight of Smail approaching halfway. The lead seemed to give new life to Smail's legs and she romped away to claim the national marathon title eight minutes ahead of Leary.

"It was good to finally have a good ride at Karapoti," laughed Smail, who stopped the clock at 2 hours, 52 minutes, 13 seconds to become the fourth fastest female in the event's 25 years.

Further back in the field, the 25th anniversary was celebrated record performances of another kind. Tokoroa rider Alden Etheridge became the eldest ever Karapoti finisher at age 73, while Hamilton's 63-year-old Issy Kennedy became the eldest female finisher. Other highlights included Upper Hutt's own Alastair Rhodes finishing his 23rd Karapoti.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tim Wilding2:21:29
2Brendon Sharratt0:02:41
3Cabin Leishman0:02:50
4Stuart Houltham0:06:56
5Jason Goldie0:09:47
6Dave Sharpe0:11:10
7Nick Bushlove Kennedy0:11:54
8Dirk Peters0:12:20
9Silas Cullen0:16:08
10Gavin Mccarthy0:16:42
11Tony Hogg0:17:05
12Alexander Revell0:17:27
13Wayne Hiscock0:21:35
14Jordan Blake0:21:52
15Vaughn Phillipson0:23:44
16Karl Strode-Penny0:24:21
17Jason Mccarty0:25:53
18John Gray0:26:03
19Ben Earnshaw0:26:06
20Paul Deuritz0:26:18
21Mike Brough0:26:45
22Ricky Bushlove Pincott0:26:58
23Paul Mcnabb0:27:14
24Miles Davies0:27:42
25Richard Smith0:28:12
26Laurence Mote0:28:31
27Chris Johnston0:29:31
28Chris Kendall0:30:09
29Axel Reiser0:30:14
30Thomas Lindup0:31:00
31Anthony Bradshaw0:31:08
32Brett Kennedy0:31:24
33Kurt Lancaster0:32:19
34Marco Renalli0:32:44
35Steve Stannard0:34:11
36Asher Regan0:35:04
37Wade Jennings0:35:50
38Steve Pedley0:37:00
39James Hufflett0:37:33
40David Howard0:38:55
41Matt Farrar0:41:05
42Chris Stark0:42:10
43Richard Greenwood0:42:46
44Jonathan Halliwell0:42:52
45Scott Maclachlan0:43:02
46Richard Ainsworth Ainsworth0:43:27
47Neil Poskitt0:44:01
48Conal Mckenna0:44:47
49Steve Owens0:45:06
50Micheal Searle0:45:07
51Dan Roberts0:45:26
52Blair Oldershaw0:45:42
53Dave Wallace0:45:45
54Marty Dinniss0:48:39
55Chris Nicholls0:49:11
56Euan Seymour0:49:37
57Lindsay Horton0:50:51
58Doug Sharland0:51:33
59Chris Sanson0:55:01
60Steve Rooney0:59:45
61Frank Schlaffmann1:00:17
62Mark Hiddleston1:01:19
63David Milne1:02:16
64Tim Elliott1:07:19
65Warren Borlase1:09:00
66Blair Macdonald1:11:36
67Doug Haines1:11:47
68Tristan Kramers1:14:50
69Thomas Zink1:26:03
70Todd Stephenson1:28:53
71Tim Wilson1:33:57
72Fraser Collie1:36:35
73Lindsay Gault1:38:40
74Garry Wadsworth1:40:30
75Dion Bareta Bareta1:53:11
76Ben Doyle1:54:15
77Bryan Crump2:15:27
78Peter Hatton
79James Williamson
80Edwin Crossling
81Alistair Crossling
82Jurjen Geerts
83Cameron Wood
84Pete Rhodes-Robinson
85Justin Price
86Tate Dogan
87James Early

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annika Smail2:52:13
2Nic Leary0:08:02
3Samara Sheppard0:27:11
4Sara Taylor0:28:07
5Marjolein Ros0:29:26
6Amanda Jenkins0:41:49
7Lisa Morgan0:42:32
8Eloise Fry
9Monique Avery

Junior women 13-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alexa Peters3:39:37
2Wendy Prinsloo0:32:23

Women 19-29
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rachel Reynolds3:26:47
2Hayley Davis0:01:56
3Kristie Fogarty0:28:06
4Kim Willianson0:34:04
5Jane Bamfield0:38:03
6Penny Kane0:46:14
7Aleisha Keating0:51:10
8Anique Blythen1:06:26
9Kathryn Campbell1:11:50
10Kirsty Craig1:15:45
11Angela Anders

Women 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Thomson3:38:07
2Katie Collins0:00:17
3Heather Kirkham0:12:23
4Charlotte Ireland0:14:07
5Bex Daly0:15:37
6Karen Murray0:18:06
7Mandy Richards0:28:03
8Sandra Stevenson0:31:15
9Rachel Ockelford0:31:36
10Maria Leijerstam0:34:24
11Diana Pedlow0:36:40
12Kim Hamer-Hurst0:46:00
13Nadia Coombe0:53:26
14Weston Angela0:53:45
15Renita Vanderhelm0:55:05
16Esther Neville0:55:19
17Emma Buttle1:00:33
18Helen Spring1:02:15
19Saskia Van Zijp1:15:25
20Anita Hiscock1:19:22
21Nic Jackson1:25:05
22Ginny Thomas1:36:41
23Jill Sirota2:35:58
24Cris Needham2:50:39
25Catherine Hale

Women 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kris Couch3:50:06
2Mandy Hancock0:03:57
3Janet Mckay0:17:16
4Jenny Visser0:21:56
5Jude Ellis0:24:11
6Marianne Kerridge0:27:21
7Phillippa Harford0:33:24
8Kim Slattery0:33:43
9Sarah Beadel0:40:25
10Jenny Marfell-Jones1:07:19
11Sherry Mckinnon1:35:57
12Fay Cunningham3:07:14
13Kaylene Wilson
14Vicky Robertson

Women 50-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sharon Prutton3:41:14
2Jo Holden0:06:44
3Susan Heydon-Whalley0:49:21
4Jaquetta Bradshaw1:11:08

Women 60+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Liz Eskrick3:45:31
2Isy Kennedy0:56:29
3Sue Cuthbertson3:18:41

Junior men 13-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anton Cooper2:27:33
2Tom Bradshaw0:07:37
3Samuel Shaw0:09:47
4Nigel Mcdowell0:13:59
5Richard Anderson0:19:33
6Conor Corbett0:31:44
7Chris Strain0:39:50
8Jonty Sanders0:41:16
9Timothy Robertson0:55:30
10David Robbins1:00:37
11Geoff Zink1:09:37
12Natedogg Sheppard1:22:35
13Jono Wood1:36:24
14Dylan Smith1:42:09
15Joshua Cornish1:49:44
16Vincent Phua1:53:00
17Jack Sowry2:01:58
18Brad Nelson2:13:06
19Adam 'Bushman' Parr2:20:38
20Sean Johnson2:50:18
21Jack Pearson3:06:33
22Christen Kruger
23Gareth Barker3:06:40
24Dylan Graham3:12:06
25Kieran Ginty3:29:27
26Mitchell Jack
27Aidan Terpstra
28Oliver Craig
29Marcus Slack

Men 19-20
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Damon Mead2:52:39
2Thomas Mace0:05:10
3Rory Hart0:05:57
4Josh Scott0:07:42
5Matthew Page0:07:48
6Andrew Beijeman0:07:49
7Mark Beijeman0:08:47
8Oliver Coutts0:09:47
9Hamish Collie0:11:46
10Mark Dunlop0:16:26
11Lindsay Froggatt0:17:02
12Dayne Mcknight0:18:35
13Stuart Kuus0:18:58
14Kane Armstrong0:22:00
15Rob Farmer0:22:33
16Andrew King0:29:33
17Palmer Duncan0:34:24
18John Hungerford0:34:31
19Andrew Maddever0:37:15
20Paul Moreno0:39:04
21Chris Gudopp0:41:14
22Blair Cornelius0:41:24
23Stephen Mcneil0:42:24
24Shaun Mcgrath0:42:39
25David Kirby0:42:49
26Russell Allen0:44:37
27Scott Taylor0:46:31
28Richard Davidson0:46:58
29Grant Amelung0:47:55
30Nick Flack0:49:08
31Lester Young0:49:25
32Dan Lovett0:50:24
33Ben Longworth0:54:36
34Owen Hughes1:00:23
35Bertie De Graaff1:01:23
36Jonathan Wild1:03:57
37John Froude1:05:17
38Jarrod Bang1:06:01
39Jamie Stewart1:06:05
40Jack Edginton1:06:22
41Alex Horvat1:07:31
42Kaiser Stephen1:10:23
43Sam Thornton1:14:02
44Alex Foster1:17:25
45Chris Darby1:21:50
46David Lim1:26:13
47Hendrik Britz1:31:41
48Gareth Beaumont1:37:50
49Patrick Newsam1:41:27
50Miguel Roncoroni1:48:43
51Jon Lloyd1:50:56
52James Pugsley1:52:46
53Stu Bailey1:57:21
54Kieran Adams2:10:06
55Richard Noble2:10:16
56Jonathan Swan2:15:16
57David Selby2:19:59
58Benji Hall2:30:22
59Paul Bascand2:30:24
60Bob Agnew2:50:55
61Rorn Pheng
62Robert Kropp
63Henry Cook
64Angus Newsam
65Alexey Z

Men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kyle Wood2:35:06
2Gary Hall0:00:21
3Tony Keith0:02:50
4Tony Brownrigg0:10:47
5Josh Wrigley0:11:12
6Bob Addey0:12:54
7Maurice Ebbett0:12:56
8Hamish Lane0:16:07
9Niall Brown0:18:18
10Kether Gati0:22:50
11Julian Mitchell0:23:09
12Mark Vincett0:24:09
13Callum Kennedy0:26:11
14Joshu Mountjoy0:26:21
15Rob Moore0:26:53
16Nathan Rankin
17Mark Wallace0:27:44
18Tom Frith0:29:21
19Daryl Warnock0:29:33
20Colin Slater0:35:29
21Chris Cheesmore0:37:15
22Dominic Blissett0:38:10
23Duane Watene0:38:12
24Pete Gilbert0:38:50
25Hayden Friend0:39:05
26Brent Simpson0:39:38
27Matt Amos0:40:14
28Alex Fierro0:40:33
29Rod Armstrong0:41:23
30Ed Banks0:41:56
31Gregg Simpson0:42:01
32Robert Duff0:42:32
33Jason Turner0:42:40
34Mirko Zatezalo0:43:56
35Matthew St Amand0:45:12
36Nic Blair0:45:42
37Keith Anderson0:45:59
38Felix Roethenbacher0:47:15
39Reece Geursen0:48:40
40Anders Waiker0:48:52
41Fergus Robertson0:48:59
42Thomas Charles0:49:39
43Nick Gould0:50:04
44Hugh Biss0:50:27
45Pete Marshall0:50:57
46Steve Rusbatch0:51:26
47Scott Manderson0:52:42
48Andrew Murray0:53:38
49Craig Anderson0:53:45
50Chris Baring0:53:59
51Jez Simpson0:54:02
52Josiah Sciascia0:54:12
53Jonathan Gunn0:54:30
54Hugo Chisholm
55Andrew Gifford0:55:22
56Tim Divett0:55:37
57Ross Valintine0:55:44
58Marcus Baguley0:55:50
59Dave Pillar0:56:46
60Dave Norriss0:56:54
61Dave Campbell0:57:46
62Mat Devery0:58:21
63Craig Briggs0:58:28
64Chris Purchas0:59:57
65Ben Casson1:00:36
66Ben Lepper1:00:46
67Troy Hicks1:00:48
68Bruce Troughton1:01:01
69Vaughan Harrison1:01:12
70Mark Fraser1:01:38
71Euan Mcintosh1:01:52
72Tim O'donovan1:02:00
73David Fryer1:02:56
74Nick Timmins1:03:06
75Blair Clatworthy1:04:06
76Bruce Cullen1:05:12
77Paul Norman1:05:37
78Liam O'leary1:05:54
79Ed Menzies1:06:53
80Henry Collingridge1:07:05
81Martyn Bryant1:07:27
82Mathew Clark1:07:28
83Peter Woodman-Aldridge1:08:04
84Angus Mcgrath1:08:21
85Nicholas Thomas1:08:26
86Gawn Steve1:08:33
87Jason Eady1:08:39
88Colin Sullivan1:09:25
89Justin Crawshay1:10:53
90Nathan Strong1:11:02
91Martijn Van Der Tol1:12:35
92Jason Bye1:12:40
93Eddie Hussey1:13:42
94Jason Cornish1:13:43
95Marty Coyle1:13:58
96Kevin Fisher1:14:20
97Ian Thompson1:14:25
98Bruce Roberts1:14:41
99Paul Bishop1:14:45
100Nigel Gaudin1:15:38
101Tim Davidson1:15:58
102Ewan Macmaster1:16:16
103Leon Dawson1:16:54
104Travis Gray1:16:56
105Justin Emerson1:16:58
106Adam Christian1:17:00
107Dayne Mcandrews1:17:14
108Steve Galletly1:18:09
109Matthew Mcculloch1:18:15
110Hayden Armstrong1:18:41
111Rex Massey-Molloy1:18:48
112Alister Watt1:19:41
113Matt Mckendrey1:20:23
114Ross Gardiner1:20:25
115Rob Holmes1:20:26
116Malcolm Wilson1:21:06
117Conor Kershaw1:21:11
118Michal Solc1:22:12
119Lawson Freeman1:22:15
120Dave Hale1:22:41
121Andre Reynolds1:23:05
122Andrew Outhwaite1:23:31
123William Pennington1:23:53
124Marc Freeman1:24:19
125Andy Bowley1:24:45
126Andy Carruthers1:24:48
127Alastair Kendrew1:25:18
128Karl Rippey1:25:21
129Mike Brown1:25:23
130Jonathan Zukerman1:27:27
131Karl Wilton1:27:28
132John Dinsdale1:27:42
133Liam Murphy1:28:18
134Mark Schwarz1:28:36
135Stuart Maxwell1:28:56
136Rod Gear1:29:08
137Rhys Jamie Fox1:29:12
138Hamish Mcgregor1:29:44
139William Chaney1:30:20
140Chris Newton1:30:38
141Scott Mcintosh1:32:41
142Daniel Bognuda1:32:45
143Mark Bennett1:32:51
144Ross Hammersley-Myers1:33:00
145Luc Hennekens1:33:01
146Mark Drew1:33:18
147Michael Collins1:33:21
148Lloyd Kinzett1:34:07
149Edward Goody1:34:15
150Ross Hubbard1:34:25
151Hayden Kana1:35:07
152Brent Cleator1:35:21
153Glenn Sturgess1:36:42
154Paul Andrewes1:37:56
155Tony Humphries1:38:14
156Michael Pennington1:38:21
157Brett Andrews1:38:52
158Paul Carlyon1:39:04
159Phill Sherring1:39:09
160Geoff Mcdonnell1:39:45
161Chris Fitzwater1:40:00
162Adam Souness1:40:08
163Vince Robertson1:40:59
164Andrew Lloyd1:41:49
165Bryant Cook1:42:19
166John Kowalczyk1:43:03
167Simon Crook1:43:21
168James Hardaker1:45:03
169Reon Graham1:45:16
170Kevin Broome
171Jason Scobie1:45:43
172Claude Dabaliz1:46:27
173Ed Martin1:46:53
174Kris Hammond1:47:10
175Andre Russell1:47:18
176Billy Brough1:47:26
177Daniel Mcguigan1:47:45
178Matt Houlihan1:48:29
179Chris Holmes1:49:12
180Gene Clendon1:49:38
181Nik Cheals1:51:56
182Peter Bennett1:52:26
183Craig Wilson1:52:27
184Jed Glasgow1:52:57
185Mark Wansbrough1:53:40
186Peter Shaw1:54:45
187Simon Blencowe1:57:32
188Phillip Martin2:00:34
189Kevin Crane2:01:31
190Waitoa Nathan2:02:11
191Troy Hunt2:02:36
192Stu Smith2:02:41
193Rene Genet2:04:24
194Richard Plyer2:12:19
195Neville Clark2:13:17
196Andrew Baily Gibson2:13:39
197Aaron Sloss2:14:25
198Don Moormann2:14:31
199Owen Sutherland2:14:35
200Graeme Boner Jaques2:14:53
201David Crawford2:15:19
202Chris Gadd2:15:31
203Bennie Prinsloo2:16:01
204Chris Hipkins2:17:13
205Robert Webber2:18:21
206Aaron Cowan2:21:38
207Henk Van Duin2:23:17
208Gary Baird2:23:51
209Brent Windelburn2:24:32
210Steve Sim2:24:34
211Kirk Cheney2:25:00
212Dave Ramsden2:25:28
213Greg Lynch2:26:20
214Robert Lancaster2:27:06
215Brett Gray2:28:14
216Andy Morse2:29:55
217Chris Henry2:30:50
218Malcolm Jeffrey2:31:06
219Ian Dunford2:31:48
220Craig Scott2:33:43
221Ben Mchugo2:33:49
222Damien Rogers2:36:43
223Martin Gribble2:36:49
224Kirk Austin2:38:26
225Craig Kenny2:40:13
226Andy Greenhill2:41:20
227Mark Carter2:46:52
228Anthony Muollo2:49:18
229Horrice Molyneux2:54:08
230Simon Smith2:55:29
231Tim Knight2:57:40
232Carl Larsen3:05:30
233Scott Cowan3:09:45
234Phil Templeton3:12:26
235Ben Rowell3:18:02
236Anthony Murch3:26:17
237Stephan Kruger5:02:05
238Ryan Crawcour
239Corrie Sargent
240Phil Southey
241Sam Oosterkamp
242Neil Mora
243Dan Kellow
244Karl Duncan
245Leighton Stevenson
246Dallas Rewi
247Jimmie Fourie
248Jeremy Broom
249Scott Estcourt
250James Burgess
251Stephen Wallace
252Blair Gollop
253Duncan Elliott
254Darren Calder
255David Flynn
256David Rohan
257Charlie Blanch
258Owen Clarke
259Blair Leslie
260Stuart Cowdell
261Matt Gerstenberger
262Marty Simeon

Men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Trevor Woodward2:41:00
2Nick Warring0:04:21
3Clive Bennett0:04:28
4Jonny Waghorn0:14:51
5Kerei Thompson0:16:50
6Jerome Sheppard0:16:51
7Paul Chaplow0:18:03
8Barryn Westfield0:19:20
9Tim Bygate0:22:03
10Mike Hunn0:22:36
11Jon Prescott0:22:39
12Brent Symes0:24:36
13Steve Grenside0:24:37
14Andy Macdonald0:25:27
15Brett Irving0:25:35
16Ross Bailey0:32:42
17Dave Dellabarca0:33:56
18Mark Sherlock0:36:35
19Steve Orchard0:37:43
20Rhys Lyall0:38:37
21Andy Mcdonell0:39:26
22Scott Adin0:39:39
23Ian Thomas0:39:48
24John Jacob0:39:55
25John Mcgrail0:41:25
26Nick Lowe0:41:34
27Shane Williams0:42:33
28Anthony Edmonds0:42:41
29Gil Peters0:42:58
30Tim Renner0:43:09
31Ken Anderson0:44:18
32Geoff Tilbrook0:44:39
33Paul Adams0:44:46
34Ross Mepham0:44:55
35Mark Wright0:44:58
36Steve Strain0:45:51
37Nick Sheen0:47:52
38Brendan Ryan0:48:07
39Brent Doile0:49:38
40Dave Rudge0:49:42
41Craig Norman0:49:49
42David Carman0:50:39
43Andy Martin0:50:51
44John Willmer0:51:13
45Blair Francis0:51:38
46Danie Mars0:52:39
47Paul Withnall0:52:48
48Barry Jowett0:52:53
49Mark Blythen0:53:21
50John Robertson0:53:37
51Chris Anderson0:53:57
52Shane Collett0:54:09
53Gavin Hadfield0:54:48
54Jim Terpstra0:57:20
55Trev Mail0:57:35
56Simon Dearsly0:57:43
57Stephen Smith0:58:33
58Benjamin Short0:59:20
59Ray Molloy1:00:16
60Karl Van Polanen1:00:29
61Paul Harford1:00:36
62Chris Sherwood1:01:14
63Sandy Milliken1:01:40
64Gavin Ng1:01:52
65John Unwin1:01:56
66Michael Norton1:02:05
67Anthony O'connell1:03:05
68Gary Dunnet1:03:12
69Paul Pearson1:03:20
70David Woodnorth1:03:37
71Jamie Hodgkinson1:04:41
72Andrew Seeley1:06:15
73John Grimwood1:06:56
74Jarlath Blair1:06:58
75Malcolm Stairmand1:07:09
76Dirk Naish1:07:11
77Andrew Simmonds1:07:15
78Myles Cosgrove1:07:20
79Richard Hoskin1:07:23
80Grant Pidgeon1:07:30
81Nigel Mcilroy1:07:59
82Tim Collinson1:08:01
83Alan T Hill1:08:21
84Kevin Lampen-Smith1:08:28
85Nigel Streeter1:08:31
86Mark Allen1:08:42
87Brian Walmsley1:09:01
88Ralph Roberts1:09:07
89Sven Mehzoud1:09:12
90Craig Erskine1:10:22
91Adam Lewis1:10:23
92Malcolm Robbins1:11:03
93Barrie Wallington1:11:12
94Theo Deen1:11:19
95Brendon Oneill1:11:45
96Steve Witkowski1:11:56
97Chris Toovey1:12:33
98John Barr-Brown1:13:13
99Jason Hall1:13:24
100Ralph Noldan1:13:34
101Rob Molloy1:14:08
102Murray Leikis1:15:08
103Brian Faulknor1:15:18
104Greg Hamilton1:15:19
105Malcolm Bull1:15:41
106Tony Goodrick1:16:36
107Rob Burroughs1:16:39
108Andy Jones1:16:53
109Clive Walmsley1:16:55
110Kevin Small1:18:24
111Peter Crabtree1:18:29
112Warren Shervey1:18:53
113Greg Spence1:19:11
114Pete Wells1:20:56
115Dave Russell1:21:06
116Raymond Morgan1:21:40
117Warren King1:22:02
118Maurice Mills1:22:12
119Steve Buckley1:22:36
120Stuart Byrne1:23:31
121Phil Goodwin1:23:34
122Kevin Dickins1:24:42
123John Harvey1:25:06
124Mark Smith1:25:20
125Chris Appleby1:27:25
126Colin Wansbrough1:27:39
127Andrew Curtis-Cody1:27:55
128Gavin Fitzgerald1:28:03
129Sean Broadley1:28:06
130Andrew Eales1:29:48
131Allan Tapp1:30:00
132John Filsell1:30:15
133Colin Owens1:30:38
134Howard Markland1:30:45
135Brian Orman1:31:14
136John Evans1:32:28
137Darren Smith1:32:52
138Murray Beker1:33:08
139John Etherington1:33:14
140Nigel Parry1:33:24
141Mike Dalton1:33:41
142Davin Murdoch1:33:52
143Paul Alexander1:34:06
144Peter Caldwell1:34:11
145Simon Bendall1:34:37
146Mark Schroder1:35:20
147Charles De Groot1:35:24
148Chris Duthie-Jung1:35:46
149Kevan Scott1:35:49
150Peter Rawlins1:36:06
151Tony Pepperell1:36:26
152John Gasson1:36:27
153Peter Johnston1:36:39
154Brent Sarten1:37:10
155Graham Burrell1:37:17
156Mark Southworth1:37:18
157Craig Fraser1:37:56
158Steven Fitzgerald1:38:07
159Bruce Gardiner1:38:13
160Mark Lockyer1:38:39
161Simon Hegarty1:38:56
162Keith Pittams1:39:04
163Richard Creasy1:39:06
164Andrew Strother1:39:16
165David Grahame1:39:19
166Noel Tapp1:40:13
167Richard Paddock1:40:21
168David Comans1:41:04
169Graeme Walton1:42:00
170David Talbot1:42:45
171Danny Mollan1:42:55
172Herwin Bongers1:43:20
173Maurice Heappey1:43:41
174Paddy Atkinson1:44:31
175Ross Twyford1:44:35
176Parkes Bruce1:44:42
177Marty Richards1:45:57
178Ben Allan1:46:07
179Bojan Radosavljevic1:46:27
180Mike Etheridge1:46:48
181Ian Cooper1:47:47
182John Makowem1:48:46
183John Marker1:49:03
184Simon Hunt1:49:10
185Alan May1:49:35
186Martin Hunn1:49:50
187Angus Grant1:50:18
188Nigel Raymond1:50:24
189Eddie Davis1:50:43
190Randall Walker1:51:14
191Steve Martin1:51:25
192Andrew Mcfarlane1:51:45
193Steve Searancke1:52:17
194Bruce Symon1:52:41
195Ricky Gould1:57:00
196Steven Lawson1:57:29
197Neil Thompson1:57:36
198Steve Roberts1:58:03
199Neil Butler1:58:07
200Wade Tihema1:59:35
201Saxon Marfell-Jones2:01:32
202Alan Unsworth2:02:19
203Mark Aitken2:02:40
204Matt Durkin2:02:49
205Nathan Callaghan2:03:29
206Peter Borstrok2:03:34
207Grant Neilson2:05:14
208Michael Kerr2:05:19
209Andrew Gregory2:05:29
210Peter Rose2:07:26
211Greg Galland2:12:08
212Ashley Barker2:12:39
213Hamish Bowen2:12:55
214Philip Wolstencroft2:13:18
215Simon Firth2:14:38
216Martin Screen2:15:16
217Tim Ramsden2:17:34
218Paul Larkin2:18:14
219Chris Costello2:19:07
220Tim Cleary2:20:21
221Bong Clarin2:21:13
222Dave Cahill2:22:31
223Phil Grey2:22:58
224Paul Thomas2:26:59
225David Saxton2:27:25
226Kenneth Ryan2:31:50
227Ray Yates2:32:39
228Mark Meyer2:36:23
229Richard Norton2:36:29
230Mike Kelly2:41:10
231Chadd Thornton2:44:06
232Wayne Kaire2:47:40
233Steve Booth2:48:22
234Glen Banks2:48:54
235Peter Bevington2:50:20
236Sean Johnson's Dad2:53:30
237Peter Goodman3:06:54
238Keith Lawrence3:11:40
239Matt Jones3:13:17
240Philip Nelson3:20:26
241Andrew Burgess3:25:52
242George Smart3:29:22
243Paul Jakobs3:37:35
244Mark Le Moray4:36:31
245Martin Henry
246Steve Braithwaite
247Robert Cameron
248Chris Walker
249Peter Wills
250Michael Emerson
251Allan Hughes
252Lyndon Hookham
253Dave Bishop
254Miles Doring
255Darin Stringer
256Common Pseudonym
257Simon Bygate
258Mark Shotter
259David Hudson
260Rob Ferreira
261Rodney Barber
262Alan Whiting
263Andrew Slack
264Rob Harrow
265Andrew Fisher
266Daniel Coe
267Guy Lane
268Brent Weber

Men 50-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ian Paintin2:45:06
2Peter Arkwright0:09:34
3Phil Etheridge0:22:36
4Stephen Coppard0:24:52
5Martyn Pearce0:26:15
6David King0:27:31
7Gary Moller0:27:34
8Geoff Buysman0:28:11
9David Heads0:32:00
10Martin Lewington0:42:11
11Peter Pigou0:44:52
12Rob Kay0:48:02
13Jon Davison0:49:46
14Christopher Charles Janes0:49:58
15Glen Gibb0:50:13
16Paul Saxer-Tidswell0:51:00
17Jamie Woods0:52:27
18John Mote0:52:35
19Francis Hoen0:54:12
20Warwick Bolton0:54:28
21Brent Jeffares0:55:26
22Philip Bartley0:56:11
23Dennis Bartlett0:57:39
24John Keeler1:00:24
25Dave Ross1:00:53
26Stephen Franks1:01:39
27James Wright1:01:59
28Ton Remmerswaal1:07:23
29Chris Logan1:08:10
30Peter Miskimmin1:08:17
31Richard Croad1:08:28
32Herman Hudepohl1:09:22
33Ian Hague1:10:08
34Vince Langford1:12:07
35Tom Greenwood1:12:24
36Ross Edward Curry1:12:32
37Ross Leslie1:13:14
38Bob Biker1:13:45
39Brent Miskimmin1:14:21
40Murray Puklowski1:15:13
41Robert Miller1:16:27
42Peter Campbell1:18:24
43Wayne Dahren1:19:30
44Greg Hicks1:21:28
45Dave O'donovan1:21:35
46Keith Wild1:22:04
47Kevin Pinfold1:23:07
48Paul Atkins1:30:53
49Bruce Chisholm1:33:32
50Tim Cookson1:34:25
51Phil Beijeman1:36:07
52Peter Ryan1:38:52
53Jaime Martinez1:42:46
54Christopher Harvey1:43:21
55Sean Froude1:44:18
56Stephen Purchas1:46:36
57Lester Ronald1:46:40
58Shane Gaskin1:47:36
59Phil Swain1:47:38
60Richard Lawrence1:47:53
61James Craig1:48:05
62Trevor Mallard1:51:15
63Nick Rea1:53:18
64Joey Groves1:53:56
65Russell Pilcher1:54:38
66Barry Vryenhoek1:57:00
67Marc Wheeler1:58:26
68Barry Lindsay1:58:58
69Perry Loader2:00:24
70Steve O'malley2:08:25
71Marco Kraayvanger2:11:03
72Grant Pearson2:18:30
73Elwyn Pugsley2:41:07
74Paul Mcgillicuddy2:43:32
75Mark Farrell2:48:30

Men 60+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dale Lopez3:20:34
2Noel Eley0:07:40
3Arlo Guthrie0:21:43
4Peter Allpress0:29:49
5Noel Pollard0:32:05
6Ash Brown0:43:12
7Michael Baring0:54:39
8Brian Goodwin0:59:04
9John Barber1:01:35
10Theo Barsanti1:05:15
11John Rowland1:08:23
12Peter Schmitz1:16:01
13Goss Brian1:32:56
14Max Kerrison1:34:40
15Brian Stewart1:41:03
16Tom Clarkson1:43:43
17Ron Maher1:50:43
18Alden Etheridge2:04:10
19Alister Rhodes2:28:09
20Phil Christmas
21Alan Eskrick


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