Cole leads local charge

Tauranga's 2Stage Mountainbike Park played host to an estimated 3000 spectators, who flooded in to see Cameron Cole take victory in the latest round of the New Zealand Downhill Cup on Saturday.

The new 2Stage race course was constructed specifically for this event, and competitors relished the loose, dusty conditions to post close times at the front of all age group categories.

The elite men's race was a showdown that wasn't to be missed. The morning's seeding showed that it would be anybody's race to win. New Zealand MTB series round four winner Glenn Haden was an early casualty of the course as he punctured during his race run, to ruin any chance of a repeat this week.

American professional Luke Strobel qualified fastest, but just couldn't replicate that clean run with too many mistakes in his race run seeing him slide to 21st.

Cameron Cole rode a calculated run to take the win this week from Wyn Masters, with Switzerland's Martin Frei posting his best result this summer with a third placed finish. Matt Scoles and Nathan Rankin rounded out the top five by the narrowest of margins.

Jay Barrett continued his winning New Zealand MTB Cup form in the under 17 category on the way to posting the eighth fastest time of the day, while Vaughan Woolhouse (under 19) and Freddie King (senior) both won at this new venue, against highly competitive fields.

In the open women's race, Sarah Atkin finally took the top step of the podium after threatening to do so at previous rounds, winning by a huge 12-second margin

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Results Elite Men
1Cameron Cole0:02:14.550
2Wyn Masters0:02:16.990
3Martin Frei0:02:17.160
4Matt Scoles0:02:17.240
5Nathan Rankin0:02:17.910
6Hayden McGregor0:02:18.480
7George Brannigan0:02:20.760
8James Dodds0:02:22.230
9Sean McCarroll0:02:23.000
10Matt Walker0:02:23.110
11Des Curry0:02:23.470
12Harry Armstrong0:02:23.910
13Tim Eaton0:02:25.480
14Joel Gebbie0:02:25.790
15Edo Franco0:02:28.280
16Rob VenablesRow 15 - Cell 2
17Ken Faubert0:02:29.340
18James Rennie0:02:33.740
19Mathew Hillsey0:02:34.790
20Hayden Lee0:02:41.120
21Luke Strobel0:02:43.390
DNFGlenn HadenRow 21 - Cell 2
DNSBrook MacdonaldRow 22 - Cell 2
DNSThomas JeandinRow 23 - Cell 2
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Under 19 Men
1Vaughan Woolhouse0:02:22.700
2Brandon Lumsden0:02:26.860
3Sam Baker0:02:27.310
4Brandon Ransfield0:02:29.320
5Kirk Fisher0:02:30.420
6Kurt McDonald0:02:31.190
7Mitch Townsend0:02:33.330
8Corey Penney0:02:34.040
9Matt Silcock0:02:34.680
10Ryan Lewis0:02:35.840
11Corey Patel0:02:37.720
12Jason Lang0:02:40.420
13Lachlan Cruickshank0:02:41.550
14Oscar Tatom0:02:42.860
15Jack Sharland0:02:46.370
16Ryan Knell0:02:47.700
17Ben Dowman0:02:48.070
18Jeremy Compton0:02:48.510
19David Browne0:02:48.600
20Tyler Caplan0:02:48.750
21Jourdan Lethbridge0:02:48.880
22Nathan Sheppard0:02:49.170
23Jason Todd0:03:00.560
24Kyle Stannard0:03:26.800
25Jonathan Andrew0:03:52.440
26Tyler Kirk0:04:53.090
DNSNick BygateRow 26 - Cell 2
DNSLucas JacksonRow 27 - Cell 2
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Under 17 Men
1Jay Barrett0:02:19.950
2Jake Robinson0:02:26.480
3Jacques Vosloo0:02:27.880
4Louis Hamilton0:02:30.550
5Campbell Mercer0:02:35.330
6Kurt Summerfield0:02:35.660
7Zach Baker0:02:35.720
8Giulio Laura0:02:36.160
9Dan Mccombie0:02:38.380
10Lawrence Cawte0:02:38.560
11Joel Tunbridge0:02:39.440
12Tom Rose0:02:40.720
13Mark Werpachowski0:02:43.780
14Morgan Taylor0:02:46.780
15Tim Adams0:02:48.550
16Jack Arnopp0:02:49.840
17Cameron Hancox0:02:49.920
18Michael Melles0:02:51.390
19Scott Milner0:02:52.710
20Kayne McGlue0:02:52.860
21Jackson Hine0:02:53.620
22Dan Lawton0:02:53.920
23Thomas Schischka0:02:54.040
24Jack Dodd0:02:54.300
25Mitch Thomas0:02:56.040
26Zach Rowe0:02:57.380
27Ryan Hunt0:03:02.400
28Jamie Rosier0:03:04.530
29Daniel La ulu0:03:05.600
30James Paling0:03:07.650
31Aled Dunn0:03:10.310
32Harrison Redshaw0:03:15.010
DNSMichael GunterRow 32 - Cell 2
DNSJosiah ClarkRow 33 - Cell 2
DNSJarrod AndersonRow 34 - Cell 2
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Senior Men
1Freddie King0:02:21.200
2Daniel Meilink0:02:21.240
3Sam Shucksmith0:02:21.390
4Scott McGregor0:02:21.930
5Richard Leacock0:02:22.200
6David Balderstone0:02:23.830
7Tom Winwood0:02:25.180
8Carl Edmondson0:02:25.280
9Nick Mead0:02:25.960
10Daniel Heads0:02:25.980
11Rob Farmer0:02:26.490
12Kurt Lancaster0:02:26.790
13Dominic Stulen0:02:28.150
14Chris Johnston0:02:28.350
15Bryn Dickerson0:02:28.930
16Tyler Perrin0:02:29.080
17Ollie Knight0:02:29.390
18Joel Flanagan0:02:30.110
19Jamie Lyall0:02:30.450
20Ben Tyas0:02:30.480
21Matt Ineson0:02:30.620
22Shanan Whitlock0:02:35.040
23Mathew Mcgovern0:02:35.210
24Asher Ellery0:02:36.240
25Ben Stewart0:02:36.560
26Joe Henry0:02:37.430
27Scott Taylor0:02:37.610
28Simon Dibben0:02:39.020
29Kevin Warner0:02:39.460
30Callum Wilson0:02:39.520
31Steven Pattle0:02:40.040
32Jamie Eagle0:02:41.940
33Ryan Williamson0:02:42.090
34Kai Crow0:02:42.410
35Ilya Zharenikov0:02:45.610
36Daniel Taylor0:02:45.840
37Tristan Ratcliffe0:02:49.640
38Tim Warner0:02:54.740
39Josh Hutchinson0:02:58.030
40Jono Tonkin0:03:03.770
41Beau Lowrie0:03:09.120
DNSTom MathewsRow 41 - Cell 2
DNSMichael SimsRow 42 - Cell 2
DNSDave AndersonRow 43 - Cell 2
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Master 1
1Byron Scott0:02:19.520
2Cameron Bisset0:02:34.030
3Andrew Martin0:02:37.480
4Kevin English0:02:49.080
5Leon Duggan0:02:54.820
6Stefan Bek0:02:55.750
7Rich Seaton0:03:07.840
DNFMike GreenRow 7 - Cell 2
DNSEugene KaraRow 8 - Cell 2
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Master 2
1Dave Hamilton0:02:35.410
2David Rose0:03:05.960
3Andrew Melles0:03:54.540
DNSGraeme HuntRow 3 - Cell 2
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Hardtail Men
1Jade Erickson0:03:31.160
DNSLuke BrindleRow 1 - Cell 2
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Open Women
1Sarah Atkin0:02:51.610
2Charlotte Clouston0:03:03.780
3Sophiemarie Bethell0:03:09.870
4Baylee Jackson0:03:27.570
DNSMadeline TaylorRow 4 - Cell 2
DNSKaytee CampbellRow 5 - Cell 2
DNSSophie TyasRow 6 - Cell 2
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Under 15 Boys
1Josh Mccombie0:02:37.210
2Connor Hamilton0:02:40.400
3Cam Barrett0:02:44.040
4Gregory Tew0:02:44.790
5Ben Watkins0:02:49.660
6Josh Airey0:02:58.960
7Hayden Melles0:03:05.210
8Tom Brian0:03:13.990
9Matt Lawton0:03:18.790
10Dino Rutten0:03:27.550
11Tom Goodman0:03:39.280
12Jordan Holliday0:03:41.290
DNSDanie KattenbergRow 12 - Cell 2
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1Snow Kris0:02:41.180

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