Blair extends overall lead on day 4 and two more stages

Stage 5

And three become two...or so it could transpire as Jason English fell away in today's stage 5 22km time trial, leaving yellow jersey rider Andy Blair, along with Aiden Lefmann, to put the pedal down for a face-off battle up front.

It was Lefmann who went harder out on his own, taking the stage win by 8 seconds in a time of 53:29. His result is rewarded with a 20-second time credit, meaning he overtook English to be second place in the overall standings. Blair took second in 53:37 (minus his 10-second credit), but in losing time to Lefmann becomes a marked man with no clear advantage for either in the remaining stages.

"There was a lot of singletrack in today's stage, so I knew it was a good opportunity to pick up some time," said Lefmann. "I knew it'd be hard to pick up anything on Andy, but I thought Jase (English) would suffer a bit in this one."

With only seventeen seconds now separating first and second, the race leader's jersey could feasibly change hands this evening in the stage 6 night race, however Lefmann predicts the 2011 MTB Enduro title will more likely be decided in tomorrow's final stage.

"I reckon we'll play it conservatively tonight with Andy and I working together to keep Jason at bay given night racing plays to his advantage.

"Tomorrow will be the crucial day, and it wouldn't surprise me if it comes down to the last 10km and a sprint finish, especially with time credits coming into play. It'll be every man for himself."

English isn't out of the picture entirely, being only one minute and 31 seconds off Lefmann's cumulative time and a further eight seconds from the lead. A tough ask, but with a night stage and some luck, English - the first yellow jersey wearer of the event - could still pull of a comeback win.

Anna Beck scraped back some time from overall leader Jess Douglas in the women's, taking a stage win in 1:06:27, nearly three minutes ahead of Douglas, crossing in 1:09:06. With time credits, Beck registers 1:05:57 and Jess a 1:08:56.

The stage 5 result means the pair go into the night race with only six minutes separating them. Barring mechanical, the stage is not realistically long enough for Beck to do much more than reel Douglas in more, if she can, to set up for a final day showdown and tilt at an overall win.

"Although my legs are very tired," said Beck. "I'm pretty exhausted overall, so the shorter the stages get the better for me!"

"I think a win is doable, but definitely not a given. I'll just try to ride smooth, do what I can. Jess will be strong in the night stage. I think it will come down to who can stick with the fast guys in tomorrow's stage and who can just hang on the longest."

Riders now check that their Ay Up lights are all charged and attached to bikes and helmets, ready for the 22km night stage over the same course as this morning's race, but as race director John Jacoby said, "Everything looks different in the dark - you may as well be on an entirely new course."

Stage 6

Intense. That's the word that rode back in from a pitch-black, relentlessly tight singletrack course tonight, a tight four-way sprint finish and a smattering of on course carnage defining the penultimate night stage in the Ingkerreke Commercial Mountain Bike Enduro.

Andy Blair extended his overall lead after taking a slingshot ride on the final corner courtesy of rival team rider, Merida's Ryan Standish. He crossed less than a bike length in front of stage favourite, Jason English. Aiden Lefmann snuck into third with Standish falling to fourth in the final metres, despite his bull run.

Knowing that English would threaten in the dark, teammates Blair and Lefmann worked in tandem for most of the race to hold him off, much to English's chagrin.

"That's racing I guess," said English. "But you're supposed to let faster riders through," he said, tongue only half in cheek.

It was Blair who led most of the singletrack, keeping a solid tempo knowing that there weren't many passing slots.

"Jase (English) did manage to get through with a few kays of singletrack to go," said Blair."He lit it up a bit there and tried to unload a few passengers but we stuck with him onto the fire roads."

It was here in the open that a possible team tactical error unfolded.

"Ryan (Standish) went to the front with about 400 metres to go, trying to lead out English, but I got on his wheel and it was the perfect lead out. I wanted to be second wheel out of the corner, so I was in the perfect position."

With the 20-second credit, Blair pushes out his overall lead once again, drawing away from English, who trades back into second place overall and Lefmann who slips to third being outside the time credits.

The result tightens Blair's grip on the Enduro title. Even if he should finish outside the top three for the final stage, he will still win his first Ingkerreke Commercial Mountain Bike Enduro.

"I'll sleep easier tonight knowing that all I need to do is stay with the lead bunch."

Stage victory in the women's went to Jess Douglas, a win not without its challenges, including crashes for both Douglas and Anna Beck, who was leading at the time of her downfall.

"I had some pressure from a (male) rider behind me, hit a rock and crashed pretty badly," said Beck, who was shaken but safe at the finish, recovering to maintain fourth position and second overall.

Douglas' mishap ended her helmet's career, but didn't stop the race leader from taking the stage win ahead of Anne Antrecht in second and Jo Wall in third.

The race for the women's title has cooled a little with tonight's result making Douglas short odds to win with a good nine minutes up her yellow sleeve.

Tomorrow's final stage is a 40-kilometre ride on a new course.

Stage 5 Results

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Women open 18-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anna Beck1:05:57
2Jessica Douglas0:02:59
3Anne Antrecht0:03:26
4Jo Wall0:06:53
5Maggie Synge0:10:24
6Josie Simpson0:11:25
7Claire Stevens0:12:10
8Lauretta Howarth0:13:55
9Bethany Thompson0:14:40
10Merle Weber0:15:17
11Jane Clifton0:16:02
12Georgina Landy0:16:39
13Jenny Kjar0:18:33
14Jade Forsyth0:21:14
15Lisa Barry0:21:21
16Brooke Cunningham0:22:39
17Lesley Sutton0:27:40
18Rachel Nolan0:33:14
19Bec Gooley0:36:24
20Susie Williams0:41:39
21Kiah Mcgregor0:45:46
22Lee Skerke0:46:10
23Rebecca Dobbs0:46:33
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Women veteran 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Juliet Plumb1:20:44
2Kerstin Oelckers0:03:24
3Jo Riley0:03:37
4Ciara O'sullivan0:06:56
5Jane Ollerenshaw0:08:50
6Joanne Oliver0:13:53
7Jackie Ellis0:15:53
8Chris Keir0:16:18
9Sarah Lodge0:20:03
10Jacque Lawrence0:23:59
11Sharon Kewley0:24:29
12Jo-Anne Gardiner0:41:34
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Women vintage 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carolyn Jackson1:22:48
2Sharon Tucker0:15:15
3Pia Larque0:47:46
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Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Standish0:57:37
2Sebastian Jayne0:03:05
3Billy Sewell0:04:57
4Jack Hazelgrove0:17:36
5Anthony Driver0:28:10
6Jacques Jacobie1:08:24
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Men open 18-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Aiden Lefmann0:53:09
2Andrew Blair0:00:18
3Jason English0:01:32
4Simon Frederiksen0:04:05
5Nick Both0:04:26
6Ken Allen0:04:36
7Dan Macmunn0:05:41
8Scott Chancellor0:06:01
9Jarrad BurrellRow 8 - Cell 2
10Steven Cusworth0:06:08
11Chris Hanson0:06:13
12David Wood0:06:57
13Mike Blewitt0:07:02
14Craig Findlow0:07:10
15Andrew Bell0:07:31
16Michael Kerklaan0:08:16
17Glenn Stewart0:08:41
18Ray O'shaughnessy0:08:42
19Grant Brow0:08:53
20David Atkins0:10:16
21Stephen Alegria0:10:27
22Warren Burgess0:10:57
23Matt King0:11:03
24Michael Crummy0:11:08
25Jason Hatzimihail0:11:59
26Rik Symes0:12:00
27Seb Dunne0:12:27
28Benjamin Bruce0:13:01
29Tom Barry0:13:40
30Mark Hudson0:13:49
31Rohin Adams0:14:12
32Shane Jenkin0:14:27
33Mark Hussey0:14:38
34Evan Rohde0:14:57
35Adam Nicholson0:16:46
36Robert Waters0:16:55
37Vaughan Sketcher0:17:10
38Brendon Skerke0:17:46
39Dean Ballinger0:18:42
40Adam Morris0:19:23
41Nicolas Borchardt0:19:41
42Dan Harris0:20:02
43Mark Phillips0:20:40
44Richard Sonnerdale0:21:03
45Richard Kjar0:21:18
46Michael Norman0:22:14
47Rodney Angelo0:22:23
48Nic French0:22:26
49Andrew Bennett0:23:19
50Tim Wallace0:23:36
51Bryan WilsonRow 50 - Cell 2
52Mark Branson0:25:12
53Scott Hamilton0:25:26
54Marcus Bridle0:25:47
55William Sargent0:26:18
56Mark Grubert0:26:31
57Peter Wallis0:26:37
58Kim Mason0:26:47
59Angus West0:26:56
60Carlos Aberasturi0:27:14
61Patrick Kinsella0:27:30
62Nicholas Barnes0:27:54
63Raymond Choi0:29:25
64Ron Bailey0:30:52
65David Higham0:31:52
66Chris Turnbull0:33:28
67Kristian Russet0:35:30
68Simon Frost0:38:30
69Matthew Whitehead0:42:41
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Men veteran 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tim Jamieson1:00:17
2Roelof Burger0:02:05
3Paul Brodie0:02:29
4Gary Harwood0:03:30
5Duncan Markham0:03:44
6Duncan Rose0:05:39
7Steve Munyard0:06:41
8Ron Whitehead0:06:47
9Morten Hansen0:07:41
10Malcolm Lindsay0:07:44
11Mark Hardy0:09:18
12Greg Blackman0:10:00
13Jason Rolfe0:10:12
14Vaughan Andrews0:10:20
15Peter Svara0:11:13
16Richard Sinclair0:11:29
17Glenn Taylor0:11:47
18Stephen Fortuyn0:11:50
19Andrew Perry0:12:18
20Matthew Aldridge0:12:48
21Lester Hamilton0:13:24
22Aj Power0:13:41
23Damian Tice0:14:00
24Kim Bunny0:14:07
25Ken Donovan0:15:19
26Andrew LuedeckeRow 25 - Cell 2
27Brett Richardson0:16:59
28Bradley Roylance0:18:23
29Finbarr Dowling0:18:50
30Robert Sewell0:19:26
31Mick Armstrong0:19:36
32Peter Pearse0:20:54
33Michael Heyburn0:21:06
34Kerrod Cronin0:22:30
35Alan Hainsworth0:22:34
36Richard FearRow 35 - Cell 2
37Mike Compton0:23:39
38Andrew Stone0:23:53
39Scott Wilson-Haffenden0:24:18
40Tim Fryer0:26:14
41Brett Parker0:27:05
42Stephen Brady0:29:23
43Maurice Antonelli0:30:41
44Mark Ashley0:35:31
45Gary Fry0:41:32
46Tony Marker0:41:44
47Christo Jacobie0:42:58
48Chris Wright0:55:16
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Men vintage 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Charlie Bottero1:05:07
2John Allison0:00:51
3Ronald Horne0:04:36
4Robert Rhodes0:04:49
5Mark Knowles0:06:31
6John Travers0:07:02
7Frank Mcgoldrick0:10:43
8Paul Hamilton0:11:24
9Michael Tyrrell0:12:05
10Geoffrey Clarke0:12:20
11Micheal Lentas0:13:43
12Alfred Bluch0:13:56
13Lars Spangberg0:14:07
14Allan Stancombe0:14:45
15Ron GuascoineRow 14 - Cell 2
16Dave Sutton0:15:05
17Wayne Maher0:18:02
18Leigh Onions0:18:19
19Richard Tustin0:21:02
20Tony Branchflower0:21:55
21Bill Vandendool0:24:23
22Neil Kinder0:28:32
23Greg Smith0:30:52
24Ian Stanley0:42:05
25Malcolm Robins0:47:39
26Shane Mulcahy0:54:36

Stage 6 Results

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Women open 18-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jessica Douglas1:12:02
2Anne Antrecht0:01:22
3Jo Wall0:03:04
4Anna BeckRow 3 - Cell 2
5Maggie Synge0:06:13
6Josie Simpson0:11:23
7Claire Stevens0:13:49
8Lauretta Howarth0:13:51
9Georgina Landy0:14:22
10Jane Clifton0:17:02
11Jade Forsyth0:17:06
12Brooke Cunningham0:18:05
13Bethany Thompson0:20:00
14Merle Weber0:25:00
15Lisa Barry0:25:05
16Jenny Kjar0:31:36
17Kiah Mcgregor0:41:11
18Rachel Nolan0:42:31
19Lesley Sutton0:43:03
20Lee Skerke0:43:05
21Bec Gooley0:47:47
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Women veteran 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kerstin Oelckers1:22:22
2Jo Riley0:03:31
3Juliet Plumb0:06:51
4Jane Ollerenshaw0:13:10
5Jackie Ellis0:16:51
6Joanne Oliver0:22:24
7Ciara O'sullivan0:24:36
8Chris Keir0:32:43
9Jacque Lawrence0:32:46
10Sarah Lodge0:34:15
11Jo-Anne Gardiner0:49:57
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Women vintage 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carolyn Jackson1:26:54
2Sharon Tucker0:15:21
3Pia Larque0:43:46
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Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ryan Standish0:58:00
2Billy Sewell0:01:31
3Sebastian Jayne0:05:00
4Jack Hazelgrove0:19:46
5Anthony Driver0:48:04
6Jacques Jacobie1:14:16
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Men open 18-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Blair0:57:38
2Jason English0:00:10
3Aiden Lefmann0:00:21
4Simon Frederiksen0:00:58
5Ken Allen0:02:23
6Steven Cusworth0:03:13
7Andrew Bell0:03:14
8Dan Macmunn0:04:00
9Glenn Stewart0:04:29
10Mike Blewitt0:04:30
11Warren BurgessRow 10 - Cell 2
12David Wood0:04:55
13Grant Brow0:05:35
14Rohin Adams0:05:37
15Michael Kerklaan0:06:40
16Matt King0:07:41
17Ray O'shaughnessy0:07:48
19Stephen Alegria0:07:49
18David AtkinsRow 18 - Cell 2
20Scott Chancellor0:09:20
21Jason Hatzimihail0:09:48
22Craig Findlow0:10:54
23Benjamin Bruce0:10:59
24Nick Both0:11:35
25Chris Hanson0:12:04
26Tom Barry0:12:12
27Shane Jenkin0:12:44
28Seb Dunne0:13:07
29Mark Hussey0:13:12
30Adam Nicholson0:13:47
31Mark Hudson0:14:25
32Rik Symes0:15:07
33Michael Crummy0:17:12
34Adam Morris0:17:18
35Brendon Skerke0:18:27
36Dan Harris0:19:14
37Robert Waters0:19:58
38Richard Sonnerdale0:20:42
39Rodney Angelo0:20:43
40Jarrad Burrell0:22:51
41Andrew Bennett0:23:38
42Mark Phillips0:23:40
43Carlos Aberasturi0:25:28
44Tim Wallace0:28:11
45Mark Branson0:28:23
46Kim Mason0:28:26
47William Sargent0:28:33
48Mark Grubert0:29:07
49Michael Norman0:29:51
50Nic French0:31:19
51Raymond Choi0:31:36
52Patrick Kinsella0:31:46
56Nicholas Barnes0:31:52
53Scott HamiltonRow 53 - Cell 2
55Angus WestRow 54 - Cell 2
54Bryan WilsonRow 55 - Cell 2
57Vaughan Sketcher0:34:29
58Evan Rohde0:36:01
60Ron Bailey0:36:05
59David HighamRow 59 - Cell 2
61Kristian Russet0:39:06
62Peter Wallis0:39:10
63Nicolas Borchardt0:39:21
64Chris Turnbull0:40:33
65Simon Frost0:43:13
66Richard Kjar0:46:00
67Matthew Whitehead0:56:14
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Men veteran 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tim Jamieson1:05:21
2Roelof Burger0:00:01
3Paul Brodie0:01:31
4Richard Sinclair0:02:59
5Duncan Markham0:03:00
6Duncan Rose0:03:25
7Gary Harwood0:04:53
8Morten Hansen0:05:57
9Ron Whitehead0:07:01
10Jason Rolfe0:07:06
11Peter Svara0:08:24
12Mark Hardy0:09:10
13Vaughan Andrews0:09:34
14Greg Blackman0:11:19
15Malcolm Lindsay0:11:34
16Kim Bunny0:11:55
17Matthew Aldridge0:12:13
18Glenn Taylor0:12:36
19Lester Hamilton0:12:50
20Bradley RoylanceRow 19 - Cell 2
21Finbarr Dowling0:13:06
22Steve Munyard0:13:41
23Ken Donovan0:14:54
24Brett Richardson0:15:55
25Damian Tice0:15:56
26Alan Hainsworth0:15:57
27Andrew Luedecke0:17:37
28Stephen Fortuyn0:18:44
29Tony Marker0:20:08
30Aj Power0:20:32
31Kerrod Cronin0:20:34
32Peter Pearse0:20:43
33Mike Compton0:23:57
34Robert Sewell0:27:17
35Andrew Stone0:27:23
36Andrew Perry0:28:20
37Michael Heyburn0:28:46
38Tim Fryer0:34:41
39Maurice Antonelli0:34:44
40Mark Ashley0:35:24
41Richard Fear0:37:23
42Scott Wilson-Haffenden0:39:26
43Stephen Brady0:41:37
44Chris Wright0:48:44
45Mick Armstrong0:54:29
46Gary Fry1:05:20
47Christo Jacobie1:06:54
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Men vintage 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Allison1:08:35
2Robert Rhodes0:06:20
3Charlie Bottero0:08:05
4Ronald Horne0:08:21
5Mark Knowles0:09:03
6John Travers0:09:06
7Micheal Lentas0:11:13
9Alfred Bluch0:13:27
8Michael TyrrellRow 8 - Cell 2
10Paul Hamilton0:16:21
11Allan Stancombe0:16:54
12Ron Guascoine0:17:25
13Frank Mcgoldrick0:17:30
14Dave Sutton0:19:32
15Geoffrey Clarke0:20:35
16Wayne Maher0:22:45
17Lars Spangberg0:24:00
18Leigh Onions0:25:14
19Bill Vandendool0:28:31
20Tony Branchflower0:31:27
21Richard Tustin0:31:40
22Greg Smith0:32:19
23Ian Stanley0:39:20
24Michael Styring0:51:17
25Neil Kinder0:52:01
26Malcolm Robins0:59:29
27Shane Mulcahy1:03:46

General classification after stage 6 (day 4)

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Women open 18-39 classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
38Jessica Douglas10:15:23
42Anna Beck10:24:30
51Jo Wall10:41:18
62Anne Antrecht11:04:45
71Maggie Synge11:31:18
79Josie Simpson11:44:51
94Lauretta Howarth12:19:51
97Claire Stevens12:21:18
112Jade Forsyth12:48:16
113Jane Clifton12:51:07
119Georgina Landy13:13:27
123Bethany Thompson13:21:47
124Jenny Kjar13:25:58
128Brooke Cunningham13:32:47
137Merle Weber14:13:52
152Lesley Sutton14:49:46
154Rachel Nolan14:54:17
157Kiah Mcgregor15:13:03
164Bec Gooley17:10:25
165Lee Skerke17:16:04
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Women veteran 40-49 classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
84Jo Riley12:02:51
87Kerstin Oelckers12:07:29
107Juliet Plumb12:40:20
116Jane Ollerenshaw13:07:26
132Jackie Ellis13:51:38
143Ciara O'sullivan14:33:40
151Joanne Oliver14:43:03
158Chris Keir15:28:14
159Sarah Lodge15:50:08
172Jo-Anne Gardiner19:36:35
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Women vintage 50+ classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
109Carolyn Jackson12:42:38
140Sharon Tucker14:30:47
171Pia Larque18:35:12
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Junior men classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
4Billy Sewell8:50:21
6Ryan Standish8:56:13
24Sebastian Jayne9:36:35
66Jack Hazelgrove11:18:02
142Anthony Driver14:33:25
168Jacques Jacobie17:57:50
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Men open 18-39 classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Blair8:25:16
2Aiden Lefmann0:00:38
3Jason English0:01:58
5Dan Macmunn0:29:21
7Steven Cusworth0:31:46
8Chris Hanson0:34:50
9Ken Allen0:36:16
10Rohin Adams0:38:33
11Mike Blewitt0:39:40
12Simon Frederiksen0:43:05
13Andrew Bell0:50:55
14Nick Both0:51:38
15Craig Findlow0:53:26
16Glenn Stewart0:54:10
18Jarrad Burrell0:56:04
19David Wood0:57:34
20Ray O'shaughnessy0:59:44
21Michael Kerklaan1:01:57
23Scott Chancellor1:09:39
25Grant Brow1:15:08
26David Atkins1:22:19
28Stephen Alegria1:27:19
31Matt King1:36:37
32Michael Crummy1:39:07
35Seb Dunne1:44:22
36Jason Hatzimihail1:48:12
37Benjamin Bruce1:48:40
40Mark Hussey1:53:53
41Rik Symes1:53:59
46Mark Hudson2:03:39
47Shane Jenkin2:07:14
57Brendon Skerke2:27:48
58Robert Waters2:32:24
59Adam Nicholson2:32:51
61Evan Rohde2:38:14
65Rodney Angelo2:47:44
68Vaughan Sketcher2:59:37
69Dan Harris2:59:53
73Nic French3:12:41
82Adam Morris3:34:18
85Richard Sonnerdale3:38:38
91Nicolas Borchardt3:47:31
92Michael Norman3:50:08
95Andrew Bennett3:55:19
99Mark Phillips4:02:23
100Angus West4:02:40
101Scott Hamilton4:03:09
105Bryan Wilson4:08:55
108William Sargent4:15:23
110Mark Grubert4:17:51
114Kim Mason4:33:11
115Carlos Aberasturi4:38:23
120Nicholas Barnes4:48:51
121Richard Kjar4:50:27
134Kristian Russet5:31:30
136Patrick Kinsella5:43:38
138Simon Frost6:00:24
144Chris Turnbull6:10:37
145Ron Bailey6:13:01
148David Higham6:14:32
149Tim Wallace6:16:11
153Peter Wallis6:28:16
156Matthew Whitehead6:45:04
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Men veteran 40-49 classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
17Tim Jamieson9:19:31
22Roelof Burger9:28:30
27Paul Brodie9:51:09
30Duncan Markham10:01:30
33Duncan Rose10:06:38
34Gary Harwood10:07:46
39Steve Munyard10:18:18
44Ron Whitehead10:26:59
45Mark Hardy10:28:45
48Malcolm Lindsay10:33:22
50Morten Hansen10:41:15
53Peter Svara10:47:59
54Vaughan Andrews10:50:39
56Glenn Taylor10:52:14
63Andrew Perry11:07:47
64Stephen Fortuyn11:08:47
67Greg Blackman11:18:22
70Damian Tice11:28:07
72Matthew Aldridge11:33:36
75Jason Rolfe11:41:12
76Kim Bunny11:42:35
77Finbarr Dowling11:44:14
80Lester Hamilton11:54:35
81Ken Donovan11:55:41
83Aj Power12:00:14
88Brett Richardson12:08:05
89Bradley Roylance12:09:18
90Andrew Luedecke12:12:26
98Kerrod Cronin12:22:42
106Robert Sewell12:39:42
111Peter Pearse12:45:30
117Mike Compton13:11:27
118Tony Marker13:12:34
122Michael Heyburn13:20:49
129Richard Fear13:38:20
135Andrew Stone14:01:10
139Maurice Antonelli14:29:01
146Stephen Brady14:38:41
147Scott Wilson-Haffenden14:39:23
155Tim Fryer15:05:12
160Mark Ashley16:31:05
161Mick Armstrong16:35:17
163Gary Fry17:05:32
167Christo Jacobie17:34:43
169Chris Wright18:00:13
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Men vintage 50+ classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
29John Allison10:00:57
43Charlie Bottero10:24:44
49Ronald Horne10:41:13
52Robert Rhodes10:44:13
55Mark Knowles10:51:09
60John Travers11:00:30
74Paul Hamilton11:41:11
78Frank Mcgoldrick11:44:22
86Allan Stancombe12:04:06
93Michael Tyrrell12:19:44
96Alfred Bluch12:21:03
102Geoffrey Clarke12:28:54
103Dave Sutton12:29:38
104Ron Guascoine12:30:38
125Micheal Lentas13:26:27
126Richard Tustin13:27:01
127Wayne Maher13:29:13
130Bill Vandendool13:48:36
131Tony Branchflower13:49:44
133Leigh Onions13:51:51
141Greg Smith14:30:56
150Neil Kinder14:42:25
162Ian Stanley16:49:28
166Malcolm Robins17:23:29
170Shane Mulcahy18:22:57

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