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Fly V Australia's Day lands time trial win

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Anne Samplonius (Vera Bradley)

Anne Samplonius (Vera Bradley) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Alison Starnes (TIBCO Pro Cycling Team)

Alison Starnes (TIBCO Pro Cycling Team) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Sue Schlatter (Stevens-The Cyclery)

Sue Schlatter (Stevens-The Cyclery) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Jessica Phillips (Colavita Baci Pro Cycling Team)

Jessica Phillips (Colavita Baci Pro Cycling Team) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia)

Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Tara Whitten (Specialized Mazda Samson G Conseil)

Tara Whitten (Specialized Mazda Samson G Conseil) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Linda Villumsen (HTC-Columbia)

Linda Villumsen (HTC-Columbia) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Women's podium: Linda Villumsen, Evelyn Stevens, Alison Starnes.

Women's podium: Linda Villumsen, Evelyn Stevens, Alison Starnes. (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Ben Day (Fly V Australia)

Ben Day (Fly V Australia) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Aaron Fillion (Ride with Rendall)

Aaron Fillion (Ride with Rendall) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Marc Demaar (UnitedHealthcare-Maxxis)

Marc Demaar (UnitedHealthcare-Maxxis) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Morgan Schmitt (UnitedHealthcare-Maxxis)

Morgan Schmitt (UnitedHealthcare-Maxxis) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Will Routley (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling)

Will Routley (Jelly Belly Pro Cycling) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Men's Podium: Ryan Roth, Ben Day, Aaron Fillion.

Men's Podium: Ryan Roth, Ben Day, Aaron Fillion. (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Ryan Roth (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy)

Ryan Roth (Spidertech p/b Planet Energy) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)
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Amber Neben (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)

Amber Neben (Webcor Builders Cycling Team) (Image credit: Tour of Japan)

 The first edition of the Chrono Gatineau UCI time trial proved to be a success, with pro riders Ben Day (Fly V Australia) and Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Columbia) becoming the first to have their names inscribed on the trophy of what organizers hope will become an annual event.

Despite early worries of rain after teams woke to wet roads and drizzle, the rain held off for the women's 17.2 kilometre race, and conditions began to improve through the men's 34.4 kilometre event, to the point of blue skies and hot sun by the end of the men's race.

The out and back circuit took riders down one side of a divided highway and back along the other, on what were possibly some of the smoothest roads in the province of Québec, a jurisdiction notorious for potholed and frost-heaved pavement. There were no climbs of significance, but shifting winds kept riders guessing as to where to position themselves. The women faced cross-tailwinds on the way out, but by the time the men rode it had shifted to a straight headwind on the outward leg. The women did one lap and the men two.

Linda Villumsen (HTC-Columbia) was only the ninth rider to start in the 43 rider field, but her time of 23:16.17 was the fastest of the day until her teammate Stevens - seventh from last to start - finally broke it by 11.52 seconds. Stevens started just behind Alison Starnes (TIBCO), who finished third, 44.28 seconds back, followed by U.S. champion Jessica Phillips (Colavita Baci) at 1:01.10 . Sue Schlatter, former Canadian national team member was the top Canadian, in fifth, followed by Canadian national time trial champion Tara Whitten (Specialized Mazda).

Stevens, a first year professional, was excited by her win. "I didn't know what to expect, I'm pretty good at time trials, but I'm still learning every race. The course was great, and definitely harder than I expected. All I could do was go out there and ride my best."

For Whitten, it was her first return to racing after winning two world titles on the track in late March, and then injuring her elbow, requiring surgery.

"It's been a month since surgery, and the swelling is pretty much gone down,” she said. “I've been riding, but I really didn't know what to expect. I had hoped to be closer than a minute [1:03.05], but my goal on the road is the world championships, so I've got lots of time to get my form back."

In the men's race the first two riders on course - Derrick St-John (Garneau Club Chasure) and Will Routley (Jelly Belly) - set the bar high, with what would prove to be the seventh and sixth fastest times of the day, respectively. Along with Charly Vives (SpiderTech-Planet Energy), who finished eighth, they were the only riders from the first wave to finish in the top ten.

Morgan Schmitt (United HealthCare-Maxxis) finally knocked Routley out of the lead, but he held it for only six riders before Canadian national road champion Aaron Fillion (Ride with Rendall) bumped him.

However, the two favourites were on course, and well ahead of the rest of the field at intermediate splits. Day finished the first lap in 21:12, 33 seconds ahead of former Canadian champion Ryan Roth (SpiderTech-Planet Energy). Roth had posted a strong result a week earlier at Philly, and was coming back from an early season knee injury; the question was, could he make up the difference in the second lap?

The answer proved to be a decisive no, as Day's final time of 42:30.45 was an impressive 1:14.89 ahead of Roth.

"I wasn't getting any updates, so I didn't really know where I was in relation to Ryan. I know he's a strong time trialler, so I certainly wasn't sure of the win,” said Day. “I had a crash a couple of weeks ago in California, so I hadn't really had a chance to test myself before this race either. A flat course like this is actually pretty hard, because there is absolutely nowhere to rest. All you can do is give it your best effort and hope that it's enough."

Roth was also satisfied with his effort and second place. "I had an injury earlier in the year at the Tour of Cuba, so last week [at Philly] was only my first race back. I was pretty pleased at how well it went over a 200 kilometre race. But a time trial is a different race; I know Ben Day is an excellent time trial rider, and this shows that I am getting my form back."


Elite men - 34.4 km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Benjamin Day (USA) Fly V Australia0:42:30.45
2Ryan Roth (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:01:14.89
3Aaron Fillion (Can) Ride with Rendall0:02:06.02
4Morgan Schmitt (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis0:02:15.13
5Marc Demaar (Ned) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis0:02:38.39
6Will Routley (Can) Jelly Belly Pro Cycling0:02:58.39
7Derrick St John (Can) Garneau - Club-Chaussures0:03:00.90
8Charlie Vives (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:03:23.07
9Jean Sebastien Perron (Can) Garneau - Club-Chaussures0:03:31.38
10Warren McDonald (Can) NinetoFivePro0:03:41.86
11Hugo Houle (Can) Garneau - Club-Chaussures0:03:42.31
12David Boily (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy0:03:42.48
13Charles Dionne (Can) Fly V Australia0:03:44.51
14Keir Plaice (Can) UWTCde Volharding0:03:52.60
15Matteo Dal Cin (Can) Rocky Mountain CIBC0:04:02.63
16Michael Nash (Can) Ride with Rendall0:04:22.28
17Ed Veal (Can) La Bicicletta Elite0:04:31.34
18Michael Joanisse (Can) Nativo Team0:05:59.57
19Glen Rendall (Can) Ride with Rendall0:05:18.72
20Mason Hanrahhan (Can) EURO Sport Foodery0:06:11.60
21Jamie Riggs (Can) Garneau - Club-Chaussures0:06:16.89
22Shaun Adamson (Can) Scott Racing0:06:25.41
23Antoine Duchesne (Can) Team Quebec0:06:47.61
24Justin Kitney (Can) EURO Sport Foodery0:06:55.53
25Doug Vandenham (Can) NinetoFivePro0:07:05.31
26Greg Reain (Can) Ride with Rendall0:07:06.07
27Shaun Clarke (Can) Scott Racing0:07:33.90
28Chris Read (Can) Ride with Rendall0:07:37.23
29Casey Roth (Can) Ride with Rendall0:07:54.39
30Imad El Gazel (Lib) Imad El Gazel (Lib)0:10:55.03

Elite women - 17.7km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Evelyn Stevens (USA) HTC-Columbia0:23:05
2Linda Villumsen (NZl) HTC-Columbia0:00:11
3Alison Starnes (USA) TIBCO Pro Cycling Team0:00:44
4Jessica Phillips (USA) Colavita Baci Pro Cycling Team0:01:01
5Sue Schlatter (Can) Stevens p/b the Cyclery0:01:03
6Tara Whitten (Can) Specialized Mazda Samson G Conseil0:01:03
7Amber Neben (USA) Webcor Builders Cycling Team0:01:05
8Anne Samplonius (Can) Vera Bradley0:01:14
9Emilia Fahlin (Swe) HTC-Columbia0:01:19
10Laura Brown (Can) Team Canada0:01:24
11Erinne Willock (Can) Webcor Builders Cycling Team0:01:24
12Ruth Corset (Aus) TIBCO Pro Cycling Team0:01:26
13Katheryn Mattis (USA) Webcor Builders Cycling Team0:01:29
14Maria Grandt Petersen (Den) Hitec Products UCK - Norway0:01:30
15Denise Ramsden (Can) Team Canada0:01:34
16Rebecca Much (USA ) TIBCO Pro Cycling Team0:01:38
17Heather Logan-Sprenger (Can) Colavita Baci Pro Cycling Team0:01:49
18Rushlee Buchanan (NZl) Colavita Baci Pro Cycling Team0:02:06
19Cynthia Wilson (Can) Eat-Clean Diet Women's Cycling Team0:02:12
20Veronique Labonte (Can) Nanoblur Gears0:02:27
21Alison Testroete (Can) Vera Bradley0:02:29
22Bromwyn Ryan (Aus) Australian National Team0:02:32
23Annick Dufour (Can) Stevens p/b the Cyclery0:02:34
24Veronique Bilodeau (Can) Equipe Cascades0:02:37
25Jacqueline Hahn (Aut) Hitec Products UCK - Norway0:02:49
26Adriane Provost (Can) Team Canada0:02:51
27Sophie Matte (Can) Stevens p/b the Cyclery0:02:58
28Johanne Cyr (Can) Team Quebec0:03:00
29Martine Amundsen (Nor) Hitec Products UCK - Norway0:03:02
30Miriam Gaudreault (Can) Team Quebec0:03:10
31Rachel Warner (USA) BMW - Bianchi0:03:18
32Krysta Jeffs (Can) Nanoblur Gears0:03:22
33Jenny Trew (Can) Specialized Mazda Samson G Conseil0:03:28
34Alexandra Carle (Aus) Australian National Team0:03:28
35Evelyn Gagnon (Can) Team Quebec0:03:33
36Virginie Gauthier (Can) Equipe Cascades0:03:51
37Kyla Rollinson (Can) Specialized Mazda Samson G Conseil0:04:13
38Krista Ruby (Can) Eat-Clean Diet Women's Cycling Team0:04:20
39Allison Lampi (Can) 7th Groove/Reform Body Clinic0:04:25
40Julia Farell (Can) 7th Groove/Reform Body Clinic0:04:59
41Paula Powell (Can) 7th Groove/Reform Body Clinic0:06:14
42Cinthia Lehner (USA) BMW - Bianchi0:06:38
43Leigh Hargrove (Can) Eat-Clean Diet Women's Cycling Team0:07:41


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