Gruber and Cernilogar in Wiriehorn

The fourth round of the iXS European Downhill Cup brought the majority of the European downhill elite to Switzerland. This time they had to face the fast track in Diemtigtal at the Wiriehorn.

Once again, the weather forecast promised optimal conditions for another high-class race of the European downhill series. It was the first visit of the Wiriehorn in the cup's six-year history. With the "Hot Trail" club as the main organizer, the Wiriehorn has been playing host to the Swiss iXS series for many years and finally entered the European stage this year.

The track was reshaped and even redeveloped for last weekend's event and provided the riders with 2.6 km full of fun and excitement, as well as 450 vertical meters to play with. The average time to ride the track was between four and five minutes, which gives a hint of the high speed at the extremely dusty track.

Slawomir Lukasik (Fro Pro), winner of EDC #3 in Pila, had to pay the toll early in the trainings. With an injured arm, he has not been able to take part in the seeding run and the finals. In the meantime, Lutz Weber (iXS Gravity Union) took his chance and went fastest in the seeding run, securing him the top spot in the overall standings for the present.

Zarja Cernilogar (Blackthorn GT) also managed to extend her lead over her strongest competitor Jana Bártová (Bikeplac Racing) in the women's standings.

On Sunday, both the weather and the atmosphere were simply perfect for the finals and for the first time, fans all over the world were able to witness the race, as the finals were broadcasted via an internet live stream in cooperation with Swiss Sport TV.

At 12:30 the masters category opened the race of the licensed classes. Paolo Aleva (Team Scout/Nukeproof) was the first man down the hill and set a first fast time, but was soon edged out by the local Thomas Ryser (Thömus/Hot Trail), who finished five seconds faster. Not even Rostislav Stencel (Bikeplac racing) could reach this best time and finished in second, while seeding-run winner Marcel Waldmann (iXS Gravity Union) only finished in fifth due to a flat. Rostislav, however, now sits atop the overall standings.

In the junior category, Silas Grandy (Moto Club Faro / Xdream) took the his third win in a row and the gap to his competitors gets bigger and bigger in the standings. Second place went to Loris Revelli (Argentina Bike), followed by Maxime Fransolet from Belgium.

Whereas the result of the junior category was not that big of a surprise, it was a really hard race in the elite women's category. Jana Bártová lost control and fell down hard only a few meters before reaching the finish line. She was up and back on the bike again within seconds, but had to give way to the next rider and only finished in 10th in the end. Zarja Cernilogar set a best time of 4:35.262 and took her second win of the season and also the top spot in the standings with a healthy 70 points. The elite women's podium was rounded out by Miriam Ruchti (SC-Intense) and Alanna Columb (Off Road Adventures Queenstown), who moved up to third place in the overall standings as well.

Due to a flat in the seeding run Marco Milivinti (Torpato surfing shop) was the first man down the hill and stayed in the hot seat for more than an hour with his 4:03.113. The first rider to get near this time was Joe Connell (SC-Intense) who also started early after having even 2 flat tires in qualifying. It was not until Bryn Dickerson crossed the finish line that Milivinti had to leave the hot seat. The Austrian Champion Manuel Gruber (Alpine Commencal Austria) was even faster and finished up the day in first place, while Miran Vauh (Blackthorn GT), the last man down the hill, failed to change the podium with his final run and ended up in fifth. In the end, Gruber took the win, followed by Dickerson and Milivinti, while the injured Lutz Weber did not even start in the finals. For now, Joe Connell dominates the overall standings in the Elite Men category, but nothing has been decided yet.

Full Results

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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Manuel Gruber (Aut)0:04:02.122
2Bryn Dickerson (NZl)0:00:00.980
3Marco Milivinti (Ita)0:00:00.991
4Joe Connell (GBr)0:00:01.296
5Miran Vauh (Slo)0:00:02.281
6Marcus Klausmann (Ger)0:00:04.280
7Fabian Bieli (Swi)0:00:04.852
8Guy Gibbs (GBr)0:00:05.008
9Felix Klee (Swi)0:00:05.747
10Basil Weber (Swi)0:00:06.261
11Stefan Garlicki (RSA)0:00:06.294
12Martin Frei (Swi)0:00:06.957
13Lars Peyer (Swi)0:00:07.615
14Samuel Zbinden (Swi)0:00:08.155
15Nils Correvon (Swi)0:00:08.217
16Maxime Chapuis (Swi)0:00:08.717
17Pascal Tinner (Swi)0:00:09.053
18Benny Strasser (Ger)0:00:09.902
19Adi Van Der Merwe (RSA)0:00:10.505
20Billy Caroli (Swi)0:00:10.738
21Fabien Sellier (Fra)0:00:10.771
22Jérémie Sevrain (Fra)0:00:11.175
23Jonas Bernet (Swi)0:00:11.344
24Nicolas Walser (Swi)0:00:11.503
25Maximilian Bender (Ger)0:00:12.128
26Nicolo Hofer (Swi)0:00:12.482
27Freddy Hunziker (Swi)0:00:13.374
28Gregoire Pazdziorko (Bel)0:00:13.458
29Jeremias Maio (Arg)0:00:13.563
30Jacques Bouvet (Ger)0:00:13.602
31Ales Virtic (Slo)0:00:13.646
32Ewan Doherty (Irl)0:00:13.762
33Manuel Marty (Swi)0:00:13.988
34Patrik Deuss (Swi)0:00:14.003
35Andreas Schafer (Swi)0:00:14.006
36Mitchell Ingley (GBr)0:00:14.480
37Samuel Bull (RSA)0:00:14.522
38Fabian Fader (Ger)0:00:14.783
39Nicolas Cherik (Swi)0:00:14.964
40Pablo Seewald (Arg)0:00:16.429
41Leopold Köllner (Aut)0:00:16.457
42Mike Schaer (Swi)0:00:16.847
43Joel Andrey (Swi)0:00:17.300
44Josh Lowe (GBr)0:00:17.364
45Stephan Schelling (Swi)0:00:17.474
46Tim Kaelin (Swi)0:00:17.511
47Julien Rossé (Swi)0:00:17.546
48Fabian Kuttel (Swi)0:00:17.654
49Sebastian Jensen (Den)0:00:18.736
50Vid Kovac (Slo)0:00:19.170
51Philippe Frey (Swi)0:00:20.343
52Mehdi Lorenz (Swi)0:00:20.466
53Colin Favre (Swi)0:00:20.561
54Markus Planitzer (Aut)0:00:21.230
55Myles Weber (Swi)0:00:21.423
56Erich Wieland (Aut)0:00:21.428
57Mads Weidemann (Den)0:00:21.743
58Balz Weber (Swi)0:00:21.817
59Alan Turin (Swi)0:00:22.853
60Alex Baechler (Swi)0:00:22.921
61David Von Ballmoos (Swi)0:00:23.049
62Michael Pfaff (Ger)0:00:23.195
63Floris Snoeren (Ned)0:00:23.257
64Fabio Jungen (Swi)0:00:23.744
65Patrik Kuster (Swi)0:00:23.766
66Romain Burnier (Swi)0:00:23.903
67Niklas Eckert (Ger)0:00:24.397
68Nicola Friedli (Swi)0:00:24.522
69Nico Koelbl (Ger)0:00:24.857
70Robin Van Goubergen (Bel)0:00:25.501
71Lukas Pfiffner (Swi)0:00:26.218
72Marco Heim (Swi)0:00:26.234
73Dennis Scharf (Ger)0:00:26.796
74Martin Kägi (Swi)0:00:27.177
75Jon Stout (GBr)0:00:27.307
76Stephan Schneider (Aut)0:00:27.406
77Niko Kindle (Lie)0:00:27.418
78Philipp Bünnemann (Ger)0:00:27.635
79Timothée Oppliger (Swi)0:00:27.735
80Michael Bischoff (Swi)0:00:27.828
81Alessandro Letey (Ita)0:00:27.830
82Juan Cruz Paez (Arg)0:00:28.063
83Dominic Tinner (Swi)0:00:28.184
84Beda Berchtold (Swi)0:00:28.582
85Marco Ebner (Ger)0:00:29.251
86Ken Zimmermann (Swi)0:00:30.685
87Carlo Caire (Ita)0:00:30.864
88Nicolas Simon (Bel)0:00:31.330
89Samuel Wicki (Swi)0:00:31.605
90Tristan Pfarr (Ger)0:00:31.646
91Roman Kumpers (RSA)0:00:31.971
92Andre Vögele (Aut)0:00:32.105
93Fabian Buschor (Swi)0:00:32.148
94Ian Schaad (Swi)0:00:32.578
95Sandro Ender (Swi)0:00:32.861
96Franck Caillet (Fra)0:00:33.241
97Daniel Zollinger (Swi)0:00:33.468
98Gavin O'connell (Irl)0:00:33.873
99Quentin Deloye (Fra)0:00:33.907
100Tilmann Herrnberger (Ger)0:00:34.138
101Marco Schlegel (Swi)0:00:34.464
102Enrico Zamboni (Swi)0:00:35.170
103Timon Kalbermatten (Swi)0:00:35.364
104Hannes Urech (Swi)0:00:35.828
105Roger Keller (Swi)0:00:36.604
106Markus Bucher (Swi)0:00:36.866
107Joël Reusser (Swi)0:00:37.985
108Leon Baldinger (Swi)0:00:39.696
109Philipp Gerlach (Bel)0:00:39.777
110Daniel Kusy (Swi)0:00:39.862
111Romain Sax (Fra)0:00:40.233
112Nico Kasper (Ger)0:00:40.347
113Diego Gempeler (Swi)0:00:40.393
114Jerremy Buesch (Ger)0:00:40.607
115Philipp Steiert (Ger)0:00:41.915
116Benjamin Worrall (GBr)0:00:42.244
117Tom Turlo (Swi)0:00:42.586
118Udo Pradler (Ger)0:00:42.836
119Christian Gauch (Swi)0:00:43.928
120David Rubin (Swi)0:00:44.509
121Fabian Kuster (Swi)0:00:48.559
122Johannes Schorr (Ger)0:00:49.129
123Christof Kohler (Swi)0:00:49.566
124James Goodley (GBr)0:00:50.422
125Yannik Fejfar (Ger)0:00:50.461
126Stefan Strohmayer (Aut)0:00:51.655
127Daniel Godard (USA)0:00:54.323
128Marco D'oro (Swi)0:00:54.906
129Harry Bowman (GBr)0:00:55.664
130Sven Siats (Ger)0:00:59.995
131Sean Dillon (Irl)0:01:02.704
132Joachim Krug (Ger)0:01:10.189
133Alex Hinnen (Swi)0:01:11.891
134Max De Simone (Ger)0:01:12.699
135Erwin Aydin (Aut)0:01:50.479
136Jerome Caroli (Swi)0:02:11.319
137Samuel Lantschner (Ita)0:10:12.924
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Zarja Cernilogar (Slo)0:04:35.262
2Miriam Ruchti (Swi)0:00:02.018
3Alanna Columb (NZl)0:00:04.525
4Martina Bruehlmann (Swi)0:00:04.758
5Alba Wunderlin (Swi)0:00:09.907
6Carina Cappellari (Swi)0:00:11.212
7Elke Rabeder (Aut)0:00:13.725
8Alia Marcellini (Ita)0:00:14.899
9Geraldine Fink (Swi)0:00:17.116
10Jana Bartova (Cze)0:00:36.595
11Yvonne Birker (Swi)0:00:48.899
12Sandra Borner (Ger)0:01:00.399

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