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Celestino takes dominate victory

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Alban Lakata makes his first race appearance as marathon World Champion.

Alban Lakata makes his first race appearance as marathon World Champion. (Image credit: Team Topeak-Ergon)
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Sally Bigham on her way to a victory

Sally Bigham on her way to a victory (Image credit: Team Topeak-Ergon)

Sally Bigham (Topeak Ergon) and Mirko Celestino took victories at at Ischgl Ironbike Marathon, a race well known for being a challenging event with 79km, 3820m of climbing and a maximum altitude of 2853m.

Bigham's race went according to plan from the beginning. After just a couple of kilometres she had formed a gap over the other riders, and it was a lead that she didn't ever give up. She won in 5:14:45, 25 minutes ahead of second place Katrin Schwing and 26 minutes ahead of Birgit Söllner.

"I felt so strong. The win was great, and the course was difficult, but breath-taking," said Bigham.

In the men's race, Celestino won by over five minutes ahead of Karl Platt and by 16:44 over newly crowned World Champion Alban Lakata.

It was Lakata's first appearance in rainbow stripes. After a week of media obligations following his new title, he said, "Third position today was good. I crashed, and didn't have a great pre-race, but I am very pleased all things considered."


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mirko Celestino (Ita)3:58:52
2Karl Platt (Ger)0:05:16
3Alban Lakata (Aut)0:16:44
4Alexey Medvedev (Rus)0:20:27
5David George (RSA)0:21:47
6Tim Bohme (Ger)0:23:19
7Mannie Heymans (Nam)0:24:11
8Jakob Nimpf (Aut)0:26:30
9Mauro Bettin (Ita)0:30:06
10Daniel Gathof (Ger)0:32:01
11Stefan Schaufuss (Ger)0:32:23
12Niels Boon (Ned)0:33:37
13Georg Piazza (Ita)0:33:38
14Guido Thaler (Aut)0:34:22
15Michael Schuchardt (Ger)0:36:01
16Gunter Egger (Ita)0:39:45
17Onno Reijnhout (Ned)0:52:29
18Gerhard Kaufmann (Aut)1:04:33
19Klemens Bont (Swi)1:05:03
20Wolfgang Fink (Ger)1:06:58
21Robin Weber (Ger)1:12:18
22Christoph Seeber (Ita)1:16:15
23Christian Süss (Ger)1:16:45
24Michael Bonnekessel (Ger)1:16:48
25Klaus Hannawald (Ger)1:18:37
26Hartmann Stifter (Ita)1:25:37
27Gotthard Nossig (Aut)1:29:42
28Leander Hamelink (Ned)1:32:21
29Martin Hankele (Ger)1:32:46
30Martin Jochem (Ger)1:32:56
31Thomas Berger (Aut)1:33:21
32Matthias Waldhart (Aut)1:36:18
33Erkan Sakallioglu (Ger)1:43:31
34Jörg Schrod (Ger)1:46:08
35Andrea Berlusconi (Ita)1:47:18
36Nenad Miric (Srb)1:49:25
37Marcus Werf (Ger)1:53:32
38Christian Kux (Ger)1:57:37
39Christian Eckert (Ger)2:00:42
40Clemens Sietas (Ger)2:05:10
41Fabrizio Marchi (Ita)2:20:12
42Peter Huntjens (Ned)2:23:24
43Steffen Reger (Ger)2:25:04
44Thomas Jäger (Ger)2:42:47
45Frederik Vandendriessche (Bel)3:06:14
46David Delsemme (Bel)3:17:00
47Tonny Muller (Ger)3:24:50
48Eltjo Biemold (Ned)3:32:19
49Uwe Koch (Ger)3:49:39
DSQRichard Wagenaar (Ned)
DNFArmin Neurauter (Aut)
DNFTommy Galle (Ger)
DNFBruno Lechner (Ita)

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sally Bigham (GBr)5:14:45
2Katrin Schwing (Ger)0:25:06
3Birgit Söllner (Ger)0:26:07
4Verena Krenslehner (Aut)0:28:42
5Silke Keinath (Ger)1:11:42
6Daniela Bargholt (Ger)1:27:34
7Hedvig Nagy (Hun)1:39:27
8Gisela Makowski (Ger)1:42:49


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