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Llordella Prat wins men's race

Joan Llordella on his way to winning the GP Massi in Calaf.

Joan Llordella on his way to winning the GP Massi in Calaf. (Image credit: Ocisport)

Joan Llordella and Anna Villar won the sixth and penultimate round of the GP Massi BTT International Catalan Cup, held in the town of Calaf, in the region of Anoia Barcelona.

Despite rains in the 48 hours preceding the race, competitors enjoyed excellent weather conditions with sunshine and temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius.

The course was reduced to 9km as the ground had absorbed significant water and could not be used everywhere.

Spanish champion Llordella, Marc Trayter and Guillem Muñoz got away in the men's race and stayed together until 1km to go, when Llordella took the win after four laps in 1:37:11. Trayter took second place just 11 seconds behind the winner, and Munoz was third, just over one minute back.

Francesc Freixer finished fourth, ahead of Ramón Sagués and Josep Betalú. The best under 23 rider was Diego Latasa while Ever Alejandro Gómez was the best under 21 rider.

In the elite women's race, Anna Villar mathematically secured the championship after her fourth wins in the series. Sandra Santanyes was leading the race on the opening lap, but suffered an untimely puncture on the second lap. Villar finished three laps in 1:29:39 with a three-minute margin of victory on Santanyes. Behind them, Maria Mercé Pacios won the battle with Cristina Mascarreras by just seven seconds for the final spot on the podium.

The International Catalan Cup GP Massi will wrap up on October 3, as part of the exhibition of adventure sports and outdoor recreation, the Outdoor Sports Experience, to be held around the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joan Llordella Prat (Spa)1:37:11
2Marc Trayter Alemany (Spa)0:00:11
3Guillem Munos (Spa)0:01:20
4Francesc Freixer (Spa)0:03:00
5Ramon Sagues Portabella (Spa)0:03:27
6Josep Betalu (Spa)0:04:27
7Ever Alejandro Gomez (Bol)0:04:41
8Oriol Morata Abril (Spa)0:05:04
9Cristofer Bosque (Spa)0:05:51
10Jordi Carnicer (Spa)0:06:05
11Umbert Almenara Verges (Spa)0:06:08
12Diego Latasa Abancens (Spa)0:06:16
13Marcos Vasquez (Spa)0:07:10
14David Lozano Riba (Spa)0:07:57
15Raul Serrano Martinez (Spa)0:10:28
16Christian Collados (Spa)0:10:31
17Jesus Bacaicoa (Spa)0:10:32
18Xavier Vinyas (Spa)0:10:33
19Carlos Portilla Parrilla (Spa)0:11:29
20Noel Trillo Flores (Spa)0:12:05
21Enric Martorell (Spa)0:12:22
22Borja Murillo Caballero (Spa)0:12:55
23Oriol Domenech (Spa)0:14:29
24Albert Codinach (Spa)0:16:05
25Jordi Martorell (Spa)0:16:41
26Xavier Jornet (Spa)
27Oscar Sabiote (Spa)0:17:44
28Roger Puig (Spa)0:18:02
29Jordá Cullell (Spa)0:19:38
30Jofre Prunera (Spa)0:20:55
31Pau Bosch (Spa)0:21:07
32Albert Carreras (Spa)0:21:31
33Sergi Pujabet (Spa)0:22:46
34Cristian Navarro (Spa)0:22:59
35Jordi Sanmartin (Spa)0:24:43
36Eloi Preckler (Spa)0:26:52
37Christian Cruz (Spa)
38David Peñaloza (Spa)0:28:08
39Marc Grau Lopez (Spa)0:41:36
40Eduard Figueras (Spa)
41Santiago Jurado (Spa)
DNFJoan Marc Perarnau Garcia (Spa)
DNFArnau Planas (Spa)
DNFBernat Costa Pérez (Spa)
DNFRoger Argelaguer (Spa)
DNFAlbert Mendoza (Spa)
DNFIsmael Ventura Sanchez (Spa)
DNFRuben Trillo (Spa)

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anna Villar Argente (Spa)1:29:39
2Sandra Santanyes Murillo (Spa)0:03:56
3Mercedes Pacios Pujalo (Spa)0:06:21
4Cristina Mascarreras Sabria (Spa)0:06:28
5Mercé Tusell Quevedo (Spa)0:13:19
6Merce Petit (Spa)0:13:29
7Nuria Espinosa (Spa)0:14:09
8Mariana Catedra Fernando (Spa)0:15:39
9Clara Soms (Spa)0:25:56
10Arantxa Millan (Spa)0:28:01
11Maria Del Mar Sancho Bauza (Spa)0:34:26

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