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Giro d'Italia: Ewan wins stage 8

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Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) won in Pesaro after a series of close shaves

Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) won in Pesaro after a series of close shaves (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Valerio Conti (UAE Team Emirates) celebrates another day in pink

Valerio Conti (UAE Team Emirates) celebrates another day in pink (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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A long shot of Ewan celebrating his second career Giro stage win

A long shot of Ewan celebrating his second career Giro stage win (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Ciccone spent another day in blue

Ciccone spent another day in blue (Image credit: Getty Images)
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The peloton mid-stage

The peloton mid-stage (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Giulio Ciccone (Trek-Segafredo) leads a late-stage attack, along with Francois Bidard (AG2R La Mondiale) and Louis Vervaeke (Sunweb)

Giulio Ciccone (Trek-Segafredo) leads a late-stage attack, along with Francois Bidard (AG2R La Mondiale) and Louis Vervaeke (Sunweb) (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Elia Viviani (Deceuninck-Quick Step) with some snacks from the feed zone

Elia Viviani (Deceuninck-Quick Step) with some snacks from the feed zone (Image credit: Getty Images)
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The peloton rolling through the countryside

The peloton rolling through the countryside (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) spraying the Prosecco on the podium

Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) spraying the Prosecco on the podium (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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The dash to the line

The dash to the line (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) beat Pascal Ackermann and Elia Viviani to the line on stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia

Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) beat Pascal Ackermann and Elia Viviani to the line on stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) can't hide his feelings after winning stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia

Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) can't hide his feelings after winning stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) can't hide his feelings after winning stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia

Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) can't hide his feelings after winning stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) wins his first Grand Tour stage since moving to his new team

Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) wins his first Grand Tour stage since moving to his new team (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) wins stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia

Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) wins stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia (Image credit: Getty Images)
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The final break on stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia

The final break on stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) wins stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia

Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) wins stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) wins stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia

Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) wins stage 8 of the Giro d'Italia (Image credit: Getty Images)
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An overhead view of the peloton at the start

An overhead view of the peloton at the start (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Manuel Belletti (Androni Giocattoli) rocks the shades at the start of stage 8

Manuel Belletti (Androni Giocattoli) rocks the shades at the start of stage 8 (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Elia Viviani (Deceuninck-QuickStep) rolls to the stage start

Elia Viviani (Deceuninck-QuickStep) rolls to the stage start (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Mikel Landa (Movistar) at the stage start

Mikel Landa (Movistar) at the stage start (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Mitchelton-Scott in the peloton

Mitchelton-Scott in the peloton (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Thomas De Gendt (Lotto-Soudal) leads the peloton ahead of Bardiani-CSF

Thomas De Gendt (Lotto-Soudal) leads the peloton ahead of Bardiani-CSF (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Jon Polanc (UAE Team Emirates) and Primoz Roglic (Jumbo-Visma) in the peloton

Jon Polanc (UAE Team Emirates) and Primoz Roglic (Jumbo-Visma) in the peloton (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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José Joaquín Rojas (Movistar) not in the break for once

José Joaquín Rojas (Movistar) not in the break for once (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Diego Ulissi (Team UAE Emirates) chatting with Italian champion Elia Viviani (Deccuninck-QuickStep)

Diego Ulissi (Team UAE Emirates) chatting with Italian champion Elia Viviani (Deccuninck-QuickStep) (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Riders pass through a picturesque town en route

Riders pass through a picturesque town en route (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Lotto-Soudal lead the peloton

Lotto-Soudal lead the peloton (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Pascal Ackermann (Bora-Hansgrohe) waves to the fans at the stage start

Pascal Ackermann (Bora-Hansgrohe) waves to the fans at the stage start (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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The jersey holders before the stage start

The jersey holders before the stage start (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Vincenzo Nibali (Bahrain-Merida) heads to the stage start

Vincenzo Nibali (Bahrain-Merida) heads to the stage start (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Race leader Valerio Conti (UAE Team Emirates) emerges from his team bus

Race leader Valerio Conti (UAE Team Emirates) emerges from his team bus (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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White jersey Giovanni Carboni (Bardiani-CSF) at the stage start

White jersey Giovanni Carboni (Bardiani-CSF) at the stage start (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Primoz Roglic (Jumbo-Visma) before the start of stage 8

Primoz Roglic (Jumbo-Visma) before the start of stage 8 (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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The break of the day – Frapporti, Brown and Cima

The break of the day – Frapporti, Brown and Cima (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Nathan Brown (EF Education First) leads the break of the day

Nathan Brown (EF Education First) leads the break of the day (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Vincenzo Nibali (Bahrain-Merida) and pink jersey Valerio Conti (UAE Team Emirates)

Vincenzo Nibali (Bahrain-Merida) and pink jersey Valerio Conti (UAE Team Emirates) (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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A bandaged Tao Geoghegan Hart (Team Ineos)

A bandaged Tao Geoghegan Hart (Team Ineos) (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Elia Viviani rides in the peloton

Elia Viviani rides in the peloton (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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White jersey Giovanni Carboni (Bardiani-CSF)

White jersey Giovanni Carboni (Bardiani-CSF) (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Giulio Ciccone (Trek-Segafredo) in the blue jersey

Giulio Ciccone (Trek-Segafredo) in the blue jersey (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Caleb Ewan (Lotto Soudal) won stage 8 of the Giro d’Italia, triumphing in a sprint finish in the Adriatic coastal town of Pesaro. The Australian beat Elia Viviani (Deceuninck-QuickStep) and Pascal Ackermann (Bora-Hansgrohe) to the line, having jumped from behind the German’s wheel in the closing metres.

Lotto Soudal had worked on the front of the peloton for the bulk of the stage, keen to secure a win for their star sprinter after a series of near misses so far in the race. Ewan had sprinted to third in Fucecchio, second in Frascati, and fourth in Terracina before today’s victory.

A tricky technical descent that ended just 3km from the line threatened to derail the sprinters’ chances, but luckily the possibility of rain was confined to a few light sprinkles and a short shower in the final ten kilometres.

Bora and Deceuninck were the teams in prime position heading to the seafront, with Ackermann in prime position, while Viviani eschewed his lead-out train once again to sit on Ewan’s wheel. A bend at 200 metres to go was navigated without any trouble before Ackermann launched the sprint 100 metres from the line.

Ewan came off the points classification leader’s wheel, his aero style clearly giving him the edge in the dash from the line. From further back, Viviani wasn’t close to Ewan, but edged past Ackermann to take another runner-up spot.

“We've been trying pretty much all seven days now that we've been here, and I'm just so happy to repay them with the win now,” said Ewan after the stage. “I thought if I was feeling good that I'd go first through the last corner, but it was still a long way to go and I wasn't feeling that good.

“It was quite a hard final – harder than I thought it would be. I just waited. I knew I had a good kick so I just waited until he [Ackermann] went then I came around him.

“It means a lot. I have a lot of pressure on me to win races now. The difference now is I'm expected to win. I had an alright start to the year, but not a great one. To win here means the world to me.”

Stage 8 saw no changes in the major classifications, with Valerio Conti (UAE Team Emirates) retaining the pink jersey, while Ackermann, Giulio Ciccone (Trek-Segafredo), and Giovanni Carboni (Bardiani-CSF) kept the cyclamen, blue and white jerseys, respectively.

How it unfolded

Another long stage in the Giro d'Italia from Tortoreto Lido to Pesaro started under cloudy skies, with a threat of rain for the finish. The attacks went early in the pan-flat early kilometres, with Marco Frapporti (Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec) and Damiano Cima (Nippo Vini Fantini - Faizane) forming the day's move. The pair had Nathan Brown (EF Education First) along for a while, but the American decided against a likely fruitless day off the front of a sprinter's stage and went back to the peloton.

The Italian duo built up a maximum lead of just over six minutes before Lotto Soudal began to help reel them back, with Thomas de Gendt doing long turns for sprinter Caleb Ewan, almost singlehandedly controlling the breakaway.

There were a few crumbs of inspiration for the two leaders along the route, with intermediate sprints in Senigallia at km 127 and Calcinelli after 159.4km, and then a trio of small climbs - the category 3 Mombaroccio topping out at km 168.5, and category 4 climbs Monteluro (km. 203.7) and Gabicce Monte (km. 214.9) adding to the fatigue.

Cima took out the first sprint over Frapporti, and in the peloton behind Arnaud Démare (Groupama-FDJ) added to his tally in the sprint classification with third over points leader Pascal Ackermann. By the time the duo got to the second sprint, their lead had been cut in half. Frapporti claimed the sprint over Cima, with Oliver Le Gac (Groupama-FDJ) leading the peloton through while helping De Gendt bring the gap down.

On the category 3 climb the leaders had 2:47, with Frapporti taking the maximum points, and once De Gendt finally pulled off with 43.5km to go, the leaders had only 52 seconds in hand. Movistar, UAE Team Emirates, and Jumbo-Visma came to the fore to protect their leaders against any attacks on the next climbs.

As they went up the Monteluro, Cima was distanced and caught by the peloton, meanwhile mountain classification leader Ciccone put in an attack as the peloton closed in to under 20 seconds from Frapporti, easily bridged across to the Androni rider, had a chat, then sprinted full out to take the measly three points on offer at the top. Frapporti managed to come back to the Trek-Segafredo rider, but the pair had just eight seconds on the descent with 32km to go.

Soon, the peloton reeled in the escapees as the sprinters' teams - Bora-Hansgrohe and Groupama-FDJ in particular - pedalled a furious pace. Ciccone went again on the Gabicce Monte, taking out the points and getting away briefly with Francois Bidard (AG2R La Mondiale) and Louis Vervaeke (Sunweb), but with 22.7km to go and only 12 seconds, the attack would always be futile, especially when Deceuninck-QuickStep and Movistar started contributing to the pace in the peloton.

With another uncategorized climb at 20km to go, the trio built up a 42-second lead as the peloton eased somewhat to save their legs for the sprint. A tricky descent with some rain and wet roads called for maximum concentration for the riders, allowing the leaders to hold 34 seconds with 16km to go.

Luckily the rain let up and the riders traversed the technical descent with 10km without incident as the sprinters' teams brought the trio back to 16 seconds with 10km and one more unclassified climb to go. Vervaeke lost contact first as Bidard attacked, sensing the presence of the peloton just behind.

The trio’s move looked promising at one point, with a rain shower promising to make the task of catching them on the winding roads tougher. It passed quickly though, and the attack was brought back with 6.5km to go.

Deceuninck-QuickStep and Bora-Hansgrohe took to the front on the tricky descent down into Pesaro. The German team lead the way under the flamme rouge, launching Ackermann on the short run to the line, but it was Ewan who prevailed to take his second career Giro stage win.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Caleb Ewan (Aus) Lotto Soudal5:43:32
2Elia Viviani (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep
3Pascal Ackermann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe
4Fabio Sabatini (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep
5Manuel Belletti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec
6Arnaud Demare (Fra) Groupama-FDJ
7Davide Cimolai (Ita) Israel Cycling Academy
8Marco Canola (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane
9Giacomo Nizzolo (Ita) Dimension Data
10Rüdiger Selig (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe
11José Rojas (Spa) Movistar Team
12Valerio Agnoli (Ita) Bahrain-Merida
13Paul Martens (Ger) Team Jumbo-Visma
14Michael Gogl (Aut) Trek-Segafredo
15Andrey Zeits (Kaz) Astana Pro Team
16Amaro Antunes (Por) CCC Team
17Davide Formolo (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe
18Primoz Roglic (Slo) Team Jumbo-Visma
19Bob Jungels (Lux) Deceuninck-QuickStep
20Richard Carapaz (Ecu) Movistar Team
21Manuele Boaro (Ita) Astana Pro Team
22Sam Oomen (Ned) Team Sunweb
23Gianluca Brambilla (Ita) Trek-Segafredo
24Vincenzo Nibali (Ita) Bahrain-Merida
25Alexis Vuillermoz (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
26Jan Polanc (Slo) UAE Team Emirates
27Tanel Kangert (Est) EF Education First
28Esteban Chaves (Col) Mitchelton-Scott
29Jan Bakelants (Bel) Team Sunweb
30Victor De La Parte (Spa) CCC Team
31Tao Geoghegan Hart (GBr) Team Ineos
32Mikel Landa (Spa) Movistar Team
33Giovanni Carboni (Ita) Bardiani CSF
34Andrey Amador (CRc) Movistar Team
35Salvatore Puccio (Ita) Team Ineos
36Tony Gallopin (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
37Pavel Sivakov (Rus) Team Ineos
38Rafal Majka (Pol) Bora-Hansgrohe
39Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team
40Simon Yates (GBr) Mitchelton-Scott
41Hugh John Carthy (GBr) EF Education First
42Ilnur Zakarin (Rus) Katusha-Alpecin
43Pello Bilbao (Spa) Astana Pro Team
44Valentin Madouas (Fra) Groupama-FDJ
45Bauke Mollema (Ned) Trek-Segafredo
46Mikel Nieve (Spa) Mitchelton-Scott
47Nans Peters (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
48Jacopo Guarnieri (Ita) Groupama-FDJ
49Eros Capecchi (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep
50Michael Schwarzmann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe
51Ion Izagirre Insausti (Spa) Astana Pro Team
52Jay Mc Carthy (Aus) Bora-Hansgrohe
53Ben O'Connor (Aus) Dimension Data
54Joe Dombrowski (USA) EF Education First
55Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec
56Enrico Gasparotto (Ita) Dimension Data
57Dario Cataldo (Ita) Astana Pro Team
58Valerio Conti (Ita) UAE Team Emirates
59Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier (Eri) Dimension Data
60Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec
61Jan Hirt (Cze) Astana Pro Team
62Pieter Serry (Bel) Deceuninck-QuickStep
63Louis Vervaeke (Bel) Team Sunweb
64Christopher Juul Jensen (Den) Mitchelton-Scott
65Marco Marcato (Ita) UAE Team Emirates
66Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) Bahrain-Merida
67Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo
68François Bidard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
69Florian Senechal (Fra) Deceuninck-QuickStep
70Larry Warbasse (USA) AG2R La Mondiale0:00:43
71Hubert Dupont (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:01:04
72Guillaume Boivin (Can) Israel Cycling Academy
73Jos van Emden (Ned) Team Jumbo-Visma
74Andrea Vendrame (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec
75Matteo Montaguti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec
76Ryan Gibbons (RSA) Dimension Data
77Davide Villella (Ita) Astana Pro Team0:01:07
78Simone Consonni (Ita) UAE Team Emirates
79Edward Dunbar (Irl) Team Ineos
80Nathan Brown (USA) EF Education First0:01:47
81Sepp Kuss (USA) Team Jumbo-Visma
82Enrico Barbin (Ita) Bardiani CSF
83Luis Mas Bonet (Spa) Movistar Team
84Sebastian Henao (Col) Team Ineos
85Lukasz Owsian (Pol) CCC Team
86Ramon Sinkeldam (Ned) Groupama-FDJ0:02:09
87Francisco Ventoso (Spa) CCC Team0:02:33
88Francesco Gavazzi (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec
89Diego Ulissi (Ita) UAE Team Emirates
90Jasper De Buyst (Bel) Lotto Soudal
91Jai Hindley (Aus) Team Sunweb
92Jonnathan Narvaez (Ecu) Team Ineos
93Sean Bennett (USA) EF Education First
94Ben Gastauer (Lux) AG2R La Mondiale
95Hector Carretero (Spa) Movistar Team
96Enrico Battaglin (Ita) Katusha-Alpecin
97Reto Hollenstein (Swi) Katusha-Alpecin
98Danilo Wyss (Swi) Dimension Data
99Ignatas Konovalovas (Ltu) Groupama-FDJ0:03:09
100Tosh Van Der Sande (Bel) Lotto Soudal
101Adam Hansen (Aus) Lotto Soudal
102Christian Knees (Ger) Team Ineos
103Nicola Conci (Ita) Trek-Segafredo0:04:16
104Krists Neilands (Lat) Israel Cycling Academy0:04:57
105Tobias Ludvigsson (Swe) Groupama-FDJ
106Kristian Sbaragli (Ita) Israel Cycling Academy
107Andrea Garosio (Ita) Bahrain-Merida
108Nicola Bagioli (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane
109Miguel Eduardo Florez Lopez (Col) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec
110Luke Durbridge (Aus) Mitchelton-Scott
111Brent Bookwalter (USA) Mitchelton-Scott
112Jasha Sütterlin (Ger) Movistar Team
113Juan Jose Lobato Del Valle (Spa) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane0:05:03
114Pawel Poljanski (Pol) Bora-Hansgrohe0:05:05
115Mikkel Frølich Honoré (Den) Deceuninck-QuickStep0:05:23
116Christopher Hamilton (Aus) Team Sunweb0:05:50
117Lucas Hamilton (Aus) Mitchelton-Scott
118Conor Dunne (Irl) Israel Cycling Academy
119Viacheslav Kuznetsov (Rus) Katusha-Alpecin
120Ruben Plaza (Spa) Israel Cycling Academy
121Antonio Nibali (Ita) Bahrain-Merida
122Mirco Maestri (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:06:48
123Lorenzo Rota (Ita) Bardiani CSF
124Damiano Caruso (Ita) Bahrain-Merida
125Grega Bole (Slo) Bahrain-Merida
126Jonathan Caicedo (Ecu) EF Education First
127Ivan Sosa (Col) Team Ineos
128Thomas Leezer (Ned) Team Jumbo-Visma
129Koen Bouwman (Ned) Team Jumbo-Visma
130Antwan Tolhoek (Ned) Team Jumbo-Visma
131Marco Haller (Aut) Katusha-Alpecin
132Antonio Pedrero (Spa) Movistar Team
133Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Lotto Soudal0:07:21
134Jenthe Biermans (Bel) Katusha-Alpecin
135Luca Covili (Ita) Bardiani CSF
136Awet Andemeskel (Eri) Israel Cycling Academy
137Ivan Santaromita (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane
138Manuel Senni (Ita) Bardiani CSF
139Giovanni Lonardi (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane0:08:10
140Victor Campenaerts (Bel) Lotto Soudal
141Cesare Benedetti (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe
142Paolo Simion (Ita) Bardiani CSF
143Chad Haga (USA) Team Sunweb0:10:39
144Guy Niv (Isr) Israel Cycling Academy0:11:06
145Dmitrii Strakhov (Rus) Katusha-Alpecin
146Will Clarke (Aus) Trek-Segafredo0:11:39
147Jakub Mareczko (Ita) CCC Team
148James Knox (GBr) Deceuninck-QuickStep0:11:53
149Scott Davies (GBr) Dimension Data
150Mark Renshaw (Aus) Dimension Data
151Miles Scotson (Aus) Groupama-FDJ
152Nico Denz (Ger) AG2R La Mondiale
153Matteo Moschetti (Ita) Trek-Segafredo
154Markel Irizar (Spa) Trek-Segafredo
155Sho Hatsuyama (Jpn) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane
156Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane
157Tom Bohli (Swi) UAE Team Emirates
158Roger Kluge (Ger) Lotto Soudal
159Olivier Le Gac (Fra) Groupama-FDJ
160Jack Bauer (NZl) Mitchelton-Scott
161Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec
162Josef Cerny (Cze) CCC Team
163Kamil Gradek (Pol) CCC Team0:12:06
164Umberto Orsini (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:12:51

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Caleb Ewan (Aus) Lotto Soudal25pts
2Elia Viviani (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep18
3Pascal Ackermann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe17
4Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane12
5Arnaud Demare (Fra) Groupama-FDJ11
6Fabio Sabatini (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep8
7Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec8
8Manuel Belletti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec6
9Rüdiger Selig (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe5
10Davide Cimolai (Ita) Israel Cycling Academy4
11Marco Canola (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane3
12Jacopo Guarnieri (Ita) Groupama-FDJ3
13Giacomo Nizzolo (Ita) Dimension Data2
14Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Lotto Soudal2
15Cesare Benedetti (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe1

Mountain 1 (Cat. 3) Mombaroccio, km. 168.5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec9pts
2Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane4
3Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo2
4Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Lotto Soudal1

Mountain 2 (Cat. 4) Monteluro, km. 203.7
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo3pts
2Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec2
3Damiano Caruso (Ita) Bahrain-Merida1

Mountain 3 (Cat. 4) Gabicce Monte, km. 214.9
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo3pts
2Louis Vervaeke (Bel) Team Sunweb2
3François Bidard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale1

Intermediate sprint 1 - Senigallia, km. 127
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane10pts
2Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec6
3Arnaud Demare (Fra) Groupama-FDJ3
4Pascal Ackermann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe2
5Rüdiger Selig (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe1
6Jacopo Guarnieri (Ita) Groupama-FDJ
7Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Lotto Soudal
8Cesare Benedetti (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe

Intermediate sprint 2 - Calcinelli, km. 159.4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec10pts
2Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane6
3Olivier Le Gac (Fra) Groupama-FDJ3
4Cesare Benedetti (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe2
5Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Lotto Soudal1

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec11pts
2Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane10
3Caleb Ewan (Aus) Lotto Soudal6
4Pascal Ackermann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe6
5Elia Viviani (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep5
6Arnaud Demare (Fra) Groupama-FDJ4
7Fabio Sabatini (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep3
8Olivier Le Gac (Fra) Groupama-FDJ3
9Manuel Belletti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec2
10Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo2
11Cesare Benedetti (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe2
12Rüdiger Selig (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe1
13Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Lotto Soudal1

Breakaway Stage Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec209pts
2Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane200
3Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo19
4Louis Vervaeke (Bel) Team Sunweb19
5François Bidard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale19
6Nathan Brown (USA) EF Education First18

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
3Movistar Team
4Astana Pro Team
8Team Ineos
9AG2R La Mondiale
10Team Sunweb
12Dimension Data
13Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec
14EF Education First
15UAE Team Emirates
16Team Jumbo-Visma0:01:04
17CCC Team0:01:47
19Lotto Soudal0:05:42
20Israel Cycling Academy0:06:01
21Bardiani CSF0:08:35
22Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane0:10:00

General classification after stage 8
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Valerio Conti (Ita) UAE Team Emirates35:13:06
2José Rojas (Spa) Movistar Team0:01:32
3Giovanni Carboni (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:01:41
4Nans Peters (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:02:09
5Valentin Madouas (Fra) Groupama-FDJ0:02:17
6Amaro Antunes (Por) CCC Team0:02:45
7Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:03:14
8Pieter Serry (Bel) Deceuninck-QuickStep0:03:25
9Andrey Amador (CRc) Movistar Team0:03:27
10Sam Oomen (Ned) Team Sunweb0:04:57
11Pello Bilbao (Spa) Astana Pro Team0:05:23
12Primoz Roglic (Slo) Team Jumbo-Visma0:05:24
13Davide Formolo (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe
14Tony Gallopin (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:05:34
15Simon Yates (GBr) Mitchelton-Scott0:05:59
16Vincenzo Nibali (Ita) Bahrain-Merida0:06:03
17Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team0:06:08
18Rafal Majka (Pol) Bora-Hansgrohe0:06:13
19Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:06:16
20Bauke Mollema (Ned) Trek-Segafredo0:06:19
21Bob Jungels (Lux) Deceuninck-QuickStep0:06:26
22Victor De La Parte (Spa) CCC Team0:06:34
23Hugh John Carthy (GBr) EF Education First0:06:40
24Esteban Chaves (Col) Mitchelton-Scott
25Richard Carapaz (Ecu) Movistar Team0:06:45
26Pavel Sivakov (Rus) Team Ineos0:06:48
27Ilnur Zakarin (Rus) Katusha-Alpecin0:07:00
28Jan Polanc (Slo) UAE Team Emirates0:07:03
29Mikel Landa (Spa) Movistar Team0:07:13
30Alexis Vuillermoz (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:07:18
31Mikel Nieve (Spa) Mitchelton-Scott0:07:20
32Tao Geoghegan Hart (GBr) Team Ineos0:07:43
33Joe Dombrowski (USA) EF Education First0:07:52
34Tanel Kangert (Est) EF Education First0:08:15
35Eros Capecchi (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep0:08:22
36Ben O'Connor (Aus) Dimension Data0:08:23
37Davide Villella (Ita) Astana Pro Team0:08:38
38Enrico Gasparotto (Ita) Dimension Data0:09:27
39Dario Cataldo (Ita) Astana Pro Team0:10:08
40Francesco Gavazzi (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:10:12
41Larry Warbasse (USA) AG2R La Mondiale0:10:22
42Jan Bakelants (Bel) Team Sunweb0:11:07
43Jay Mc Carthy (Aus) Bora-Hansgrohe0:11:30
44Louis Vervaeke (Bel) Team Sunweb0:11:31
45Tosh Van Der Sande (Bel) Lotto Soudal0:11:50
46Matteo Montaguti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:12:05
47Andrea Vendrame (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:12:40
48Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo0:13:14
49Kristian Sbaragli (Ita) Israel Cycling Academy0:13:47
50Sebastian Henao (Col) Team Ineos0:13:58
51Lucas Hamilton (Aus) Mitchelton-Scott0:14:55
52Edward Dunbar (Irl) Team Ineos0:15:06
53Ryan Gibbons (RSA) Dimension Data0:15:31
54Ruben Plaza (Spa) Israel Cycling Academy0:15:32
55Hubert Dupont (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:15:54
56Jai Hindley (Aus) Team Sunweb0:15:58
57Diego Ulissi (Ita) UAE Team Emirates0:16:08
58Andrey Zeits (Kaz) Astana Pro Team0:16:27
59François Bidard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:16:41
60Ben Gastauer (Lux) AG2R La Mondiale0:16:49
61Gianluca Brambilla (Ita) Trek-Segafredo0:17:02
62Ion Izagirre Insausti (Spa) Astana Pro Team0:17:25
63Enrico Battaglin (Ita) Katusha-Alpecin0:17:31
64Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) Bahrain-Merida0:17:34
65Lukasz Owsian (Pol) CCC Team0:18:18
66Jan Hirt (Cze) Astana Pro Team0:19:12
67Adam Hansen (Aus) Lotto Soudal0:19:21
68Paul Martens (Ger) Team Jumbo-Visma0:20:00
69Jonnathan Narvaez (Ecu) Team Ineos0:20:44
70Luke Durbridge (Aus) Mitchelton-Scott0:21:03
71Reto Hollenstein (Swi) Katusha-Alpecin0:21:10
72Brent Bookwalter (USA) Mitchelton-Scott0:21:49
73Christopher Hamilton (Aus) Team Sunweb0:21:57
74Christopher Juul Jensen (Den) Mitchelton-Scott0:22:16
75Ivan Santaromita (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane0:22:31
76Lorenzo Rota (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:23:26
77Koen Bouwman (Ned) Team Jumbo-Visma0:23:33
78Florian Senechal (Fra) Deceuninck-QuickStep0:24:11
79Ivan Sosa (Col) Team Ineos0:24:17
80Antonio Nibali (Ita) Bahrain-Merida0:24:40
81Pawel Poljanski (Pol) Bora-Hansgrohe0:25:44
82Manuel Belletti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:26:02
83Manuel Senni (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:26:16
84Marco Marcato (Ita) UAE Team Emirates0:26:25
85Salvatore Puccio (Ita) Team Ineos0:26:26
86Antwan Tolhoek (Ned) Team Jumbo-Visma
87Nicola Conci (Ita) Trek-Segafredo0:27:04
88Andrea Garosio (Ita) Bahrain-Merida0:27:10
89Marco Canola (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane0:27:12
90Fabio Sabatini (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep0:28:29
91Antonio Pedrero (Spa) Movistar Team0:28:45
92Nicola Bagioli (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane0:28:50
93Damiano Caruso (Ita) Bahrain-Merida0:29:26
94Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier (Eri) Dimension Data0:29:40
95Marco Haller (Aut) Katusha-Alpecin0:30:26
96Valerio Agnoli (Ita) Bahrain-Merida0:30:27
97Manuele Boaro (Ita) Astana Pro Team0:31:01
98Danilo Wyss (Swi) Dimension Data0:32:49
99Sepp Kuss (USA) Team Jumbo-Visma0:33:09
100Jasper De Buyst (Bel) Lotto Soudal0:33:36
101Nathan Brown (USA) EF Education First0:33:48
102Viacheslav Kuznetsov (Rus) Katusha-Alpecin0:34:08
103Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Lotto Soudal0:34:16
104Jonathan Caicedo (Ecu) EF Education First0:34:23
105Luca Covili (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:35:36
106Christian Knees (Ger) Team Ineos0:35:45
107Michael Gogl (Aut) Trek-Segafredo0:36:15
108Francisco Ventoso (Spa) CCC Team0:36:16
109Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:36:36
110Tobias Ludvigsson (Swe) Groupama-FDJ0:37:49
111Enrico Barbin (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:38:53
112Miguel Eduardo Florez Lopez (Col) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:39:32
113Pascal Ackermann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe0:39:45
114Caleb Ewan (Aus) Lotto Soudal0:40:49
115Arnaud Demare (Fra) Groupama-FDJ0:41:07
116Krists Neilands (Lat) Israel Cycling Academy0:41:39
117Elia Viviani (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep0:42:03
118Guy Niv (Isr) Israel Cycling Academy0:42:28
119Jos van Emden (Ned) Team Jumbo-Visma0:43:14
120Jacopo Guarnieri (Ita) Groupama-FDJ0:43:28
121Michael Schwarzmann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe0:43:33
122Rüdiger Selig (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe0:43:34
123Davide Cimolai (Ita) Israel Cycling Academy0:44:22
124Cesare Benedetti (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe0:45:03
125Jenthe Biermans (Bel) Katusha-Alpecin0:46:07
126Sean Bennett (USA) EF Education First0:46:33
127Ignatas Konovalovas (Ltu) Groupama-FDJ0:47:00
128Chad Haga (USA) Team Sunweb0:47:43
129Simone Consonni (Ita) UAE Team Emirates0:48:27
130Grega Bole (Slo) Bahrain-Merida0:49:03
131Mirco Maestri (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:50:55
132Giacomo Nizzolo (Ita) Dimension Data0:55:30
133Ramon Sinkeldam (Ned) Groupama-FDJ0:57:28
134Luis Mas Bonet (Spa) Movistar Team0:57:36
135Victor Campenaerts (Bel) Lotto Soudal0:57:55
136Guillaume Boivin (Can) Israel Cycling Academy0:58:10
137Roger Kluge (Ger) Lotto Soudal0:58:26
138Josef Cerny (Cze) CCC Team0:58:45
139Olivier Le Gac (Fra) Groupama-FDJ0:59:25
140Umberto Orsini (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:59:39
141Hector Carretero (Spa) Movistar Team1:01:14
142Jack Bauer (NZl) Mitchelton-Scott1:01:34
143Mikkel Frølich Honoré (Den) Deceuninck-QuickStep1:02:44
144Thomas Leezer (Ned) Team Jumbo-Visma1:02:45
145Jasha Sütterlin (Ger) Movistar Team1:03:43
146Awet Andemeskel (Eri) Israel Cycling Academy1:04:41
147James Knox (GBr) Deceuninck-QuickStep1:05:53
148Juan Jose Lobato Del Valle (Spa) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane1:09:29
149Markel Irizar (Spa) Trek-Segafredo1:11:24
150Conor Dunne (Irl) Israel Cycling Academy1:13:17
151Giovanni Lonardi (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane1:14:18
152Kamil Gradek (Pol) CCC Team1:16:47
153Scott Davies (GBr) Dimension Data1:17:00
154Dmitrii Strakhov (Rus) Katusha-Alpecin1:17:04
155Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane1:17:06
156Miles Scotson (Aus) Groupama-FDJ1:17:39
157Paolo Simion (Ita) Bardiani CSF1:18:25
158Mark Renshaw (Aus) Dimension Data1:19:36
159Matteo Moschetti (Ita) Trek-Segafredo1:19:48
160Jakub Mareczko (Ita) CCC Team1:22:25
161Tom Bohli (Swi) UAE Team Emirates1:26:33
162Will Clarke (Aus) Trek-Segafredo1:26:38
163Sho Hatsuyama (Jpn) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane1:26:59
164Nico Denz (Ger) AG2R La Mondiale1:31:27

Points classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pascal Ackermann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe150pts
2Arnaud Demare (Fra) Groupama-FDJ98
3Caleb Ewan (Aus) Lotto Soudal91
4Richard Carapaz (Ecu) Movistar Team50
5José Rojas (Spa) Movistar Team32
6Matteo Moschetti (Ita) Trek-Segafredo32
7Valerio Conti (Ita) UAE Team Emirates29
8Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane28
9Primoz Roglic (Slo) Team Jumbo-Visma27
10Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec26
11Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec25
12Pello Bilbao (Spa) Astana Pro Team25
13Diego Ulissi (Ita) UAE Team Emirates25
14Davide Cimolai (Ita) Israel Cycling Academy24
15Simon Yates (GBr) Mitchelton-Scott23
16Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team21
17Tony Gallopin (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale20
18Manuel Belletti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec20
19Florian Senechal (Fra) Deceuninck-QuickStep19
20Mirco Maestri (Ita) Bardiani CSF18
21Giacomo Nizzolo (Ita) Dimension Data16
22Davide Formolo (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe15
23Enrico Barbin (Ita) Bardiani CSF12
24Sho Hatsuyama (Jpn) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane12
25Valentin Madouas (Fra) Groupama-FDJ12
26Vincenzo Nibali (Ita) Bahrain-Merida12
27Ryan Gibbons (RSA) Dimension Data12
28Jakub Mareczko (Ita) CCC Team12
29Giovanni Carboni (Ita) Bardiani CSF10
30Rafal Majka (Pol) Bora-Hansgrohe10
31Giovanni Lonardi (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane10
32Paolo Simion (Ita) Bardiani CSF10
33Pieter Serry (Bel) Deceuninck-QuickStep9
34Jacopo Guarnieri (Ita) Groupama-FDJ9
35Rüdiger Selig (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe9
36Nans Peters (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale8
37Sam Oomen (Ned) Team Sunweb8
38Jan Bakelants (Bel) Team Sunweb8
39Louis Vervaeke (Bel) Team Sunweb8
40Lucas Hamilton (Aus) Mitchelton-Scott8
41Ruben Plaza (Spa) Israel Cycling Academy8
42Fabio Sabatini (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep8
43Jenthe Biermans (Bel) Katusha-Alpecin8
44Sean Bennett (USA) EF Education First8
45Christian Knees (Ger) Team Ineos7
46Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec6
47Bauke Mollema (Ned) Trek-Segafredo6
48Miguel Eduardo Florez Lopez (Col) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec6
49Krists Neilands (Lat) Israel Cycling Academy6
50Matteo Montaguti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec5
51Ivan Santaromita (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane5
52Tao Geoghegan Hart (GBr) Team Ineos4
53Sebastian Henao (Col) Team Ineos4
54Lukasz Owsian (Pol) CCC Team4
55Viacheslav Kuznetsov (Rus) Katusha-Alpecin4
56Michael Schwarzmann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe4
57Ignatas Konovalovas (Ltu) Groupama-FDJ4
58Josef Cerny (Cze) CCC Team4
59Olivier Le Gac (Fra) Groupama-FDJ4
60Umberto Orsini (Ita) Bardiani CSF4
61Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo3
62Marco Canola (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane3
63Antonio Pedrero (Spa) Movistar Team3
64Sepp Kuss (USA) Team Jumbo-Visma3
65Jasper De Buyst (Bel) Lotto Soudal3
66Ramon Sinkeldam (Ned) Groupama-FDJ3
67Andrey Amador (CRc) Movistar Team2
68Jay Mc Carthy (Aus) Bora-Hansgrohe2
69Kristian Sbaragli (Ita) Israel Cycling Academy2
70François Bidard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale2
71Paul Martens (Ger) Team Jumbo-Visma2
72Nicola Conci (Ita) Trek-Segafredo2
73Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Lotto Soudal2
74Juan Jose Lobato Del Valle (Spa) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane2
75Amaro Antunes (Por) CCC Team1
76Andrea Vendrame (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec1
77Damiano Caruso (Ita) Bahrain-Merida1
78Manuele Boaro (Ita) Astana Pro Team1
79Jos van Emden (Ned) Team Jumbo-Visma1
80Cesare Benedetti (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe1
81Will Clarke (Aus) Trek-Segafredo1
82Koen Bouwman (Ned) Team Jumbo-Visma-10
83Elia Viviani (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep-14

Mountains classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo32pts
2Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec18
3Antonio Pedrero (Spa) Movistar Team18
4Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec15
5Valerio Conti (Ita) UAE Team Emirates8
6Andrey Zeits (Kaz) Astana Pro Team8
7François Bidard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale7
8Giovanni Carboni (Ita) Bardiani CSF6
9Lucas Hamilton (Aus) Mitchelton-Scott6
10Louis Vervaeke (Bel) Team Sunweb5
11Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane5
12José Rojas (Spa) Movistar Team4
13Pello Bilbao (Spa) Astana Pro Team4
14Primoz Roglic (Slo) Team Jumbo-Visma4
15Ruben Plaza (Spa) Israel Cycling Academy4
16Lukasz Owsian (Pol) CCC Team3
17Simon Yates (GBr) Mitchelton-Scott2
18Ivan Santaromita (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane2
19Mirco Maestri (Ita) Bardiani CSF2
20Pieter Serry (Bel) Deceuninck-QuickStep1
21Rafal Majka (Pol) Bora-Hansgrohe1
22Jay Mc Carthy (Aus) Bora-Hansgrohe1
23Paul Martens (Ger) Team Jumbo-Visma1
24Koen Bouwman (Ned) Team Jumbo-Visma1
25Damiano Caruso (Ita) Bahrain-Merida1
26Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Lotto Soudal1
27Enrico Barbin (Ita) Bardiani CSF1

Young riders classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Giovanni Carboni (Ita) Bardiani CSF35:14:47
2Nans Peters (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale0:00:28
3Valentin Madouas (Fra) Groupama-FDJ0:00:36
4Sam Oomen (Ned) Team Sunweb0:03:16
5Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team0:04:27
6Hugh John Carthy (GBr) EF Education First0:04:59
7Pavel Sivakov (Rus) Team Ineos0:05:07
8Tao Geoghegan Hart (GBr) Team Ineos0:06:02
9Ben O'Connor (Aus) Dimension Data0:06:42
10Andrea Vendrame (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:10:59
11Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo0:11:33
12Lucas Hamilton (Aus) Mitchelton-Scott0:13:14
13Edward Dunbar (Irl) Team Ineos0:13:25
14Ryan Gibbons (RSA) Dimension Data0:13:50
15Jai Hindley (Aus) Team Sunweb0:14:17
16Jonnathan Narvaez (Ecu) Team Ineos0:19:03
17Christopher Hamilton (Aus) Team Sunweb0:20:16
18Lorenzo Rota (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:21:45
19Ivan Sosa (Col) Team Ineos0:22:36
20Antwan Tolhoek (Ned) Team Jumbo-Visma0:24:45
21Nicola Conci (Ita) Trek-Segafredo0:25:23
22Nicola Bagioli (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane0:27:09
23Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier (Eri) Dimension Data0:27:59
24Sepp Kuss (USA) Team Jumbo-Visma0:31:28
25Luca Covili (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:33:55
26Miguel Eduardo Florez Lopez (Col) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:37:51
27Pascal Ackermann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe0:38:04
28Caleb Ewan (Aus) Lotto Soudal0:39:08
29Krists Neilands (Lat) Israel Cycling Academy0:39:58
30Guy Niv (Isr) Israel Cycling Academy0:40:47
31Jenthe Biermans (Bel) Katusha-Alpecin0:44:26
32Sean Bennett (USA) EF Education First0:44:52
33Simone Consonni (Ita) UAE Team Emirates0:46:46
34Umberto Orsini (Ita) Bardiani CSF0:57:58
35Hector Carretero (Spa) Movistar Team0:59:33
36Mikkel Frølich Honoré (Den) Deceuninck-QuickStep1:01:03
37James Knox (GBr) Deceuninck-QuickStep1:04:12
38Giovanni Lonardi (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane1:12:37
39Scott Davies (GBr) Dimension Data1:15:19
40Dmitrii Strakhov (Rus) Katusha-Alpecin1:15:23
41Miles Scotson (Aus) Groupama-FDJ1:15:58
42Matteo Moschetti (Ita) Trek-Segafredo1:18:07
43Jakub Mareczko (Ita) CCC Team1:20:44
44Tom Bohli (Swi) UAE Team Emirates1:24:52
45Nico Denz (Ger) AG2R La Mondiale1:29:46

Sprints classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane48pts
2Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec38
3Mirco Maestri (Ita) Bardiani CSF22
4José Rojas (Spa) Movistar Team21
5Arnaud Demare (Fra) Groupama-FDJ21
6Enrico Barbin (Ita) Bardiani CSF20
7Pascal Ackermann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe12
8Valerio Conti (Ita) UAE Team Emirates10
9Sho Hatsuyama (Jpn) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane10
10Valentin Madouas (Fra) Groupama-FDJ9
11Louis Vervaeke (Bel) Team Sunweb8
12Ivan Santaromita (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane8
13Michael Schwarzmann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe7
14Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec6
15Sam Oomen (Ned) Team Sunweb6
16Jan Bakelants (Bel) Team Sunweb6
17Miguel Eduardo Florez Lopez (Col) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec4
18Cesare Benedetti (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe4
19Olivier Le Gac (Fra) Groupama-FDJ4
20Umberto Orsini (Ita) Bardiani CSF4
21Giovanni Carboni (Ita) Bardiani CSF3
22Ruben Plaza (Spa) Israel Cycling Academy3
23Michael Gogl (Aut) Trek-Segafredo3
24Krists Neilands (Lat) Israel Cycling Academy3
25Jacopo Guarnieri (Ita) Groupama-FDJ3
26Miles Scotson (Aus) Groupama-FDJ3
27Nans Peters (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale2
28Matteo Montaguti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec2
29Kristian Sbaragli (Ita) Israel Cycling Academy2
30Florian Senechal (Fra) Deceuninck-QuickStep2
31Sean Bennett (USA) EF Education First2
32Grega Bole (Slo) Bahrain-Merida2
33Will Clarke (Aus) Trek-Segafredo2
34Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo1
35Jai Hindley (Aus) Team Sunweb1
36Lukasz Owsian (Pol) CCC Team1
37Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Lotto Soudal1
38Caleb Ewan (Aus) Lotto Soudal1
39Rüdiger Selig (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe1
40Ignatas Konovalovas (Ltu) Groupama-FDJ1

Combativity classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pascal Ackermann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe30pts
2Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane28
3Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec27
4Arnaud Demare (Fra) Groupama-FDJ26
5Caleb Ewan (Aus) Lotto Soudal19
6José Rojas (Spa) Movistar Team16
7Mirco Maestri (Ita) Bardiani CSF15
8Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec13
9Valerio Conti (Ita) UAE Team Emirates12
10Enrico Barbin (Ita) Bardiani CSF10
11Elia Viviani (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep10
12Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo9
13Primoz Roglic (Slo) Team Jumbo-Visma8
14Valentin Madouas (Fra) Groupama-FDJ7
15Louis Vervaeke (Bel) Team Sunweb7
16Pello Bilbao (Spa) Astana Pro Team6
17Richard Carapaz (Ecu) Movistar Team6
18Giovanni Carboni (Ita) Bardiani CSF6
19Ruben Plaza (Spa) Israel Cycling Academy6
20Ivan Santaromita (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane6
21Sho Hatsuyama (Jpn) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane5
22Tony Gallopin (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale5
23Simon Yates (GBr) Mitchelton-Scott5
24Michael Schwarzmann (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe5
25Matteo Moschetti (Ita) Trek-Segafredo5
26Sam Oomen (Ned) Team Sunweb4
27Davide Formolo (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe4
28Vincenzo Nibali (Ita) Bahrain-Merida4
29Jan Bakelants (Bel) Team Sunweb4
30Lucas Hamilton (Aus) Mitchelton-Scott4
31Diego Ulissi (Ita) UAE Team Emirates4
32Florian Senechal (Fra) Deceuninck-QuickStep4
33Miguel Eduardo Florez Lopez (Col) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec4
34Cesare Benedetti (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe4
35Olivier Le Gac (Fra) Groupama-FDJ4
36Umberto Orsini (Ita) Bardiani CSF4
37Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) Astana Pro Team3
38Fabio Sabatini (Ita) Deceuninck-QuickStep3
39Antonio Pedrero (Spa) Movistar Team3
40Michael Gogl (Aut) Trek-Segafredo3
41Krists Neilands (Lat) Israel Cycling Academy3
42Jacopo Guarnieri (Ita) Groupama-FDJ3
43Miles Scotson (Aus) Groupama-FDJ3
44Nans Peters (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale2
45Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec2
46Matteo Montaguti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec2
47Kristian Sbaragli (Ita) Israel Cycling Academy2
48Andrey Zeits (Kaz) Astana Pro Team2
49Manuel Belletti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec2
50Sean Bennett (USA) EF Education First2
51Grega Bole (Slo) Bahrain-Merida2
52Giacomo Nizzolo (Ita) Dimension Data2
53Will Clarke (Aus) Trek-Segafredo2
54Pieter Serry (Bel) Deceuninck-QuickStep1
55Rafal Majka (Pol) Bora-Hansgrohe1
56Ryan Gibbons (RSA) Dimension Data1
57Jai Hindley (Aus) Team Sunweb1
58François Bidard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale1
59Lukasz Owsian (Pol) CCC Team1
60Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Lotto Soudal1
61Rüdiger Selig (Ger) Bora-Hansgrohe1
62Davide Cimolai (Ita) Israel Cycling Academy1
63Ignatas Konovalovas (Ltu) Groupama-FDJ1
64Jakub Mareczko (Ita) CCC Team1

Breakaway classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marco Frapporti (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec620pts
2Damiano Cima (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane564
3Mirco Maestri (Ita) Bardiani CSF374
4Giulio Ciccone (Ita) Trek-Segafredo221
5François Bidard (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale214
6Lukasz Owsian (Pol) CCC Team195
7Sean Bennett (USA) EF Education First151
8Will Clarke (Aus) Trek-Segafredo150
9Sho Hatsuyama (Jpn) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane144
10Louis Vervaeke (Bel) Team Sunweb134
11Ivan Santaromita (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane85
12Enrico Barbin (Ita) Bardiani CSF85
13Miguel Eduardo Florez Lopez (Col) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec85
14Umberto Orsini (Ita) Bardiani CSF85
15José Rojas (Spa) Movistar Team57
16Pello Bilbao (Spa) Astana Pro Team50
17Davide Formolo (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe50
18Tony Gallopin (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale50
19Mattia Cattaneo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec50
20Lucas Hamilton (Aus) Mitchelton-Scott50
21Fausto Masnada (Ita) Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec48
22Sebastian Henao (Col) Team Ineos42
23Jay Mc Carthy (Aus) Bora-Hansgrohe41
24Andrey Zeits (Kaz) Astana Pro Team41
25Antonio Pedrero (Spa) Movistar Team41
26Valerio Conti (Ita) UAE Team Emirates39
27Nans Peters (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale27
28Nathan Brown (USA) EF Education First18
29Lorenzo Rota (Ita) Bardiani CSF17
30Krists Neilands (Lat) Israel Cycling Academy17
31Marco Marcato (Ita) UAE Team Emirates16
32Pieter Serry (Bel) Deceuninck-QuickStep10
33Ruben Plaza (Spa) Israel Cycling Academy10
34Nicola Bagioli (Ita) Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane10

Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Movistar Team105:47:30
3Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec0:06:29
4AG2R La Mondiale0:06:43
6Astana Pro Team0:10:34
7UAE Team Emirates0:11:43
9EF Education First0:13:03
10Team Ineos0:15:46
12Team Sunweb0:16:25
13CCC Team0:17:18
14Team Jumbo-Visma0:18:21
16Dimension Data0:22:42
18Israel Cycling Academy0:24:31
19Lotto Soudal0:28:46
20Bardiani CSF0:33:20
22Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane1:03:34

Fair Play Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1UAE Team Emirates
2Movistar Team
3Bardiani CSF
4AG2R La Mondiale
6CCC Team
7Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec
9Team Sunweb
10Astana Pro Team
15Team Ineos
17Dimension Data
18Lotto Soudal
19Israel Cycling Academy
20Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane
21Team Jumbo-Visma75pts
22EF Education First185

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