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Kröger wins German time trial title

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Mieke Kroger of Germany finished a close third

Mieke Kroger of Germany finished a close third (Image credit: Bettini Photo)
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Mieke Kroger on the podium

Mieke Kroger on the podium (Image credit: Bettini Photo)

Meike Kröger took an upset win in the German women’s national time trial championships, beating world champion Lisa Brennauer by 38 seconds, claiming the title with a time of 39:37.73. Third place went to Trixi Worrack, 53 seconds down. All three women ride for Velocio-SRAM.

Brennauer, reigning world and German champion, was the overwhelming favourite going into the race, which was two laps of the 15km circuit course. Only two seconds down at the halfway point, she steadily lost time on the second lap.

Kröger, 22, started as fourth last and consistently put in a strong time. She led at the halfway point with a time of 19:36, with Brennauer unable to match that time. Kröger remained strong on the closing lap, while Brennauer faded.

It was the first win of the season for the young German. She finished fourth in the national time trial last year and won the U23 European title.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mieke Kröger (Ger) Velocio-SRAM0:39:37
2Lisa Brennauer (Ger) Velocio-SRAM0:00:38
3Trixi Worrack (Ger) Velocio-SRAM0:00:53
4Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger) Rusvelo0:01:06
5Stephanie Pohl (Ger)0:02:04
6Charlotte Becker (Ger) Hitec Products0:02:29
7Adelheid Schütz (Ger) VC Corona W0:02:30
8Corinna Lechner (Ger)0:02:40
9Gudrun Stock (Ger)0:03:16
10Elena Büchler (Ger)0:03:19
11Clara Koppenburg (Ger)0:03:26
12Katharina Venjakob (Ger)
13Dorothee Lorch (Ger)0:03:32
14Lisa Klein (Ger)0:03:39
15Claudia Häusler (Ger)0:03:41
16Romy Kasper (Ger)0:03:47
17Sam Sandten (Ger)0:03:53
18Larissa Kleinmann (Ger)0:04:00
19Franziska Banzer (Ger)0:04:06
20Beate Zanner (Ger)0:04:19
21Tatjana Paller (Ger)
22Ronja Köckerling (Ger)0:04:22
23Jacqueline Dietrich (Ger)0:04:34
24Lisa Küllmer (Ger)0:04:49
25Jessica Lambracht (Ger)0:04:50
26Stefanie Paul (Ger)0:05:00
27Luisa Kattinger (Ger)0:05:01
28Wiebke Rodieck (Ger)0:05:05
29Madeleine Ortmüller (Ger)0:05:12
30Stefanie Meizer (Ger)
31Theres Klein (Ger)0:05:21
32Lena Köckerling (Ger)0:05:38
33Heike Noever (Ger)0:05:51
34Christina Koep (Ger)0:06:07
35Carolin Dietmann (Ger)0:06:13
36Sarah Scharbach (Ger)0:06:20
37Ellen Heiny (Ger)0:06:25
38Liv-Susanne Bachmann (Ger)0:06:48
39Yvonne Fiedler (Ger)
40Sofie Mangertseder (Ger)0:07:10
41Jasmin Rebmann (Ger)0:07:14
42Annika Wohlfahrt (Ger)0:07:21
43Nadja Hasenstab (Ger)0:07:23
44Johanna Peters (Ger)
45Alina Lange (Ger)0:07:36
46Claudia Alfes (Ger)0:07:51
47Dana Wagner (Ger)0:07:53
48Sonja Ludwig (Ger)0:08:39
49Sandra Klotz (Ger)0:08:53
50Ulrike Baetz (Ger)0:08:54
51Stephanie Hermann (Ger)0:09:04
52Julia Deuerlein (Ger)0:09:17
53Sonja Rau (Ger)0:09:45
54Nina Schulz (Ger)0:11:59
55Kerstin Schulz (Ger)0:12:18
56Hannah Scheffler (Ger)0:13:03

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