Graves and Moseley win Enduro World Series in Valloire

After six stages of wild alpine racing, epic hammer-down descents that lasted up to 18 minutes, and a winning overall combined time of 1:20:40, the final podium of the the third round of the Enduro World Series this weekend in Valloire, France, came down to a microscopic four-second spread between the top three men.

A testament to the unpredictability of racing flat-out down mountains for a cumulative 12,000 metres of descent, (the largest amount of vertical covered in any EWS round yet), the weekend saw a myriad of punctures and mechanical issues shake down many of the top racers and early leaders. Every stage saw the top 10 leaderboard reconfigured dramatically.

Despite not winning an individual stage, Australian Jared Graves' (Yeti/Fox Shox) consistency put him on the top step, flanked by two newcomers to the Enduro World Series podium - Frenchman Damien Oton (Devinci/ who powered home on the final two stages after top 10 finishes all weekend to take second place, and Switzerland's Rene Wildhaber (Trek Factory Racing Enduro) who took third.

In the women's race, Britain's Tracy Moseley (Trek Factory Racing) won all but one stage to finish in 1:29:50, 1:36 ahead of France's Anne Caroline Chausson (Ibis) and 2:02 ahead of The Netherlands' Anneke Beerten (Specialized Racing).

Beerten celebrated her first EWS podium after being so close for so long. Isabeau Courdurier (Rocky Mountain Urge BP) finished in fourth, followed by Cecile Ravanel (GT Pulse) whose powerful start to the weekend was upset by a puncture on stage 2.

The Enduro Series Valloire was the 10th anniversary of the Valloire French Series Enduro hosted at the famous mountain bike hub, featuring the style of riding that forged the discipline. Both Moseley and Graves declared it the hardest round yet, with Graves telling Dirt TV in the first day's highlight video, "It's real riding. Your heart rate's on max, you've got arm-pump, your legs are burning up and you're just ploughing through rock gardens at 50 kms/hr. It's awesome."

Navigating snow patches, endlessly unfurling singletrack and menacing alpine rock at full-throttle took its toll on the field.

France's Francois Bailly-Maitre (BMC Enduro Racing Team) started strong, winning the first stage ahead of Graves and Leov, and holding the lead after the second stage, but a spate of mechanical issues saw him drop back to 19th.

After a second place finish at TweedLove, New Zealand's Justin Leov (Trek Factory Racing) had his eye on the top step this weekend. After winning two stages, he finished day one in the lead, only to see a 38-second lead eaten up by a puncture on stage 5. Leov rallied to win the final stage and finish 11th overall, keeping him in second place in the Overall Series Rankings.

TweedLove winner, and the current French Enduro Series leader, Nico Lau (Cube Action Team), was another threat thwarted by a puncture. Lau salvaged his race, coming back on Sunday to win stage 4 and 5 and take second on the final stage, for a top 20 result and fifth in the Overall rankings.

Nico Vouilloz (Lapierre Gravity Republic) who finished the inaugural Enduro World Series season in fifth, but has been rehabilitating from knee surgeries and a broken scaphoid, made his comeback ride this weekend, but retired from the race with fatigue, saving himself for round four in La Thuile in three weeks.

Having identified himself at TweedLove as one to watch, France's Damien Oton proved to be the most consistent rider amongst the field, clinching top eight finishes in every single stage to secure second place.

Bringing his deep alpine racing experience and swag of Megavalanche victories to bear, Switzerland's Rene Wildhaber (Trek Factory Racing) held strong through the race to secure third place, his first EWS podium.

Curtis Keene (Specialized Racing Team) and Ben Cruz (Cannondale Overmountain) both rode on pace to put the USA into the top 10.

"This was the tenth anniversary of the Valloire French Series Enduro and it went down in style, securing itself as a classic that will not be forgotten by many of the riders for a long time," said Enduro World Series Managing Director Chris Ball. "The diversity we saw in the top 10 in the men's and women's, in ages, backgrounds, and nationalities, is a real testament to the demands of enduro mountain biking. It's physically and mechanically challenging. I think this weekend was a bit of a surprise to those who expected the alpine specialists to dominate."

The next round - number four - will be in La Thuile, Italy on July 12-13.


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Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jared Graves (Aus) Yeti / Fox Shox Factory Team1:20:40
2Damien Oton (Fra) Devinci/ Enduro R0:00:04
3Rene Wildhaber (Swi) Trek Factory Racing Enduro Te0:00:04
4Cedric Gracia (Fra) Santa Cruz0:00:28
5Yoann Barelli (Fra) Giant Factory Off Road0:00:54
6Curtis Keene (USA) Specialized Racing Team0:01:14
7Alexandre Cure (Fra) Rocky Mountain Urge BP Team0:01:17
8Thomas Lapeyrie (Fra) Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team0:01:19
9Benjamin Cruz (USA) Cannondale Overmountain0:01:29
10Joe Barnes (GBr) Canyon Factory Enduro Team0:01:31
11Justin Leov (NZl) Trek Factory Racing Enduro Te0:01:43
12Florian Nicolai (Fra) Rocky Mountain Urge BP Team0:01:46
13Remy Absalon (Fra) Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team0:01:56
14Fabien Cousinie (Fra) Polygon UR0:01:59
15Theo Galy (Fra) Devinci/ Enduro R0:02:13
16Ludovic May (Swi) Canyon Factory Enduro Team0:02:16
17Bryan Regnier (Fra)0:02:20
18Nico Lau (Fra) Cube Action Team0:02:21
19Francois Bailly-Maitre (Fra) BMC Enduro Racing Team0:02:29
20Jamie Nicoll (NZl) Polygon UR0:02:41
21Aurelien Giordanengo (Fra) Polygon UR0:03:00
22Jordan Regnier (Fra)0:03:04
23Florian Golay (Fra) BMC Enduro Racing Team0:03:31
24Greg Callaghan (Irl)0:03:33
25Antonin Gourgin (Fra)0:03:37
26Cedric Ravanel (Fra) GT Pulse0:03:43
27Lukas Anrig (Swi) Norco Enduro World Team0:03:47
28Olivier Giordanengo (Fra)0:04:01
29Pierre Charles Georges (Fra)0:04:01
30Aaron Bradford (USA) BMC Enduro Racing Team0:04:02
31Bernat Guardia (Spa) Intense Go Pro0:04:06
32Adam Craig (USA) Giant Factory Off Road0:04:17
33Joseph Nation (NZl)0:04:27
34Lars Sternberg (USA)0:04:34
35Baptiste Gaillot (Fra)0:04:47
36Jeremy Arnould (Fra)0:05:04
37Alex Lupato (Ita) FRM Factory Racing Team0:05:17
38Maurian Marnay (Fra)0:05:19
39Thomas Decugis (Fra)0:05:20
40Nicola Casadei (SMr)0:05:29
41SOTTOCORNOLA Davide (Ita)0:05:35
42Liam Moynihan (GBr)0:05:45
43Josh Carlson (Aus) Giant Factory Off Road0:06:01
44Nejc Rutar (Slo) Unior Tools0:06:07
45Tobias Reiser (Ger) Focus Trail Team0:06:26
46Thomas Hartstern (Fra)0:06:27
47Iago Garay (Spa) Santa Cruz0:06:30
48Emmanuel Allaz (Swi)0:06:39
49Daniel Macmunn (Aus)0:06:47
50Guillaume Heinrich (Fra)0:07:12
51Nace Krivonog (Slo)0:07:15
52Nick Geddes (Can) Norco Enduro World Team0:07:20
53Max Schumann (Ger)0:07:27
54Vincent Colange (Fra)0:07:30
55Max Leitsberger (Aut)0:07:31
56Maxime Dekeyser (Fra)0:07:33
57Jonas Bahler (Swi)0:07:45
58Robert Kordez (Slo)0:07:48
59Denny Lupato (Ita) FRM Factory Racing Team0:07:50
60Gaetan Dupin (Fra)0:08:33
61Jakob Breitwieser (Ger)0:08:36
62Andrea Pirazzoli (Ita) FRM Factory Racing Team0:08:47
63James Hampton (NZl)0:08:49
64Xavier Murigneux (Fra)0:09:01
65Paul Aston (GBr)0:09:05
66Anze Zabjek (Slo) Unior Tools0:09:40
67Markus Reiser (Ger) Focus Trail Team0:09:53
68Quentin Arnaud (Fra)0:10:00
69Dorian Pascal (Fra)0:10:11
70Matthieu Seguy (Fra)0:10:16
71Yannick Pontal (Fra)0:10:24
72Thomas Blondeau (Fra)0:10:25
73Jeremy Voet (Fra)0:10:48
74Aurele Arnaud (Fra)0:10:56
75Damien Saint-Patrice (Fra)0:10:56
76Lachlan Blair (GBr)0:11:44
77David Rimailho (Fra)0:11:46
78Von Wurstemb Alois (Swi)0:11:50
79Simon Andre (Fra) Orbea Enduro Crew0:11:57
80Peter Mlinar (Slo)0:12:02
81Ian Coates (Irl)0:12:10
82Juuso Pihlaja (Fin)0:12:28
83Nicolas Legrand (Fra)0:12:32
84Gael Wirz (Fra)0:12:40
85Thomas Escudier (Fra)0:12:44
86Yoan Pesenti (Fra)0:12:53
87Pierre Lehry (Fra)0:12:55
88Alexander Rudigier (Ger)0:13:10
89Clement Benoit (Fra)0:13:39
90Peter Ostroski (USA)0:13:42
91Christophe Trognon (Fra)0:13:47
92Klas Oberg (Swe)0:13:52
93Matthew Ineson (GBr)0:13:54
94Yohann Vachette (Fra)0:14:01
95Evgeny Shipilov (Rus)0:14:09
96Henrik Karppinen (Fin)0:14:20
97Elliot Lees (Fra)0:14:46
98Adrien Bartole (Fra)0:14:54
99Michael Gray (GBr)0:14:58
100Florian Findeisen (Ger)0:15:00
101Ismael Muller (Swi)0:15:07
102Richie Rude (USA) Yeti / Fox Shox Factory Team0:15:25
103Ulysse Francoglio (Fra)0:15:27
104Anthony Balester (Fra)0:15:29
105Andreas Tschanz (Swi)0:15:57
106Baptiste Remblier (Fra)0:16:12
107Thomas Jouet-Pastre (Fra)0:16:34
108Quentin Champion (Fra)0:16:49
109Julien Knuchel (Swi)0:16:50
110Michel Angelini (Ita)0:16:56
111Thibaut Legastelois (Fra)0:17:07
112Gaylord Delamarliere (Swi)0:17:52
113Maxime Levert (Fra)0:18:03
114Thibaut Poncet (Fra)0:18:11
115Alan Stokes (Irl)0:18:13
116Damien Guichard0:18:27
117Andrea Scappini (Ita)0:18:27
118Eric Regallet (Fra)0:18:34
119Clement Comte (Fra)0:18:35
120James Shirley (GBr)0:18:53
121Florent Bois (Fra)0:18:53
122Thomas Di Litta (Swi)0:19:09
123Jean-Baptiste Gali (Fra)0:19:17
124Franck Dalla Costa (Fra)0:19:40
125David Schmied (Ger)0:19:51
126Julien Brosse (Fra)0:20:05
127Martin Maes (Bel) GT Factory Racing0:20:50
128Andy Hyam (GBr)0:21:31
129Sam Gerrett (GBr)0:21:34
130Mark Scott (GBr)0:21:47
131Sean Glynn (Irl)0:22:29
132Daniel Prijkel (Ned)0:22:44
133Conor Swaine (Irl)0:22:50
134PEYSSONNEAUX Sebastien (Fra)0:23:15
135Nicolas Mavit (Fra)0:23:20
136Bjorn Petterson (Swe)0:23:21
137Meyer-Krentle Philipp (Ger)0:23:27
138Thomas Boch (Fra)0:23:57
139Vincent Piquet (Fra)0:24:42
140Andrea Mori (Ita)0:25:38
141Even Braaten (Nor)0:26:20
142Erwin Mattesich (Ita)0:26:23
143Martin Larsson (Swe)0:26:36
144Walker Shaw (USA)0:26:36
145Stephane Besacier (Fra)0:26:52
146Chris Panozzo (Aus)0:27:01
147Mathias Havaux (Bel)0:27:18
148Pierre Mommessin (Fra)0:28:00
149Damien Delorme (Fra)0:28:06
150Guilhem Lamoise (Fra)0:28:12
151Julien Mairot (Fra)0:28:25
152Matthias Schmid (Swi)0:29:12
153Pascal Knuchel (Swi)0:29:39
154Benoit Beltritti (Fra)0:29:48
155Jeremie Teuma (Fra)0:30:23
156Yannick Offredi (Fra)0:31:05
157Andy White (Swe)0:32:39
158Massimiliano Caroli (Ita)0:32:55
159Gaetan Ritz (Fra)0:34:01
160Cyril Ben Said (Fra)0:34:22
161Antoine Machin (Fra)0:34:40
162Clement Haudrechy (Fra)0:35:00
163Gaetan Falaize (Fra)0:35:24
164Inko Iriarte (Spa)0:35:34
165Daniel Naftali (Ita)0:36:30
166Keith Brock (Irl)0:37:13
167Vandenbrouck Olivier (Bel)0:39:00
168Andre Anthony (Fra)0:40:14
169Guillaume Farin (Fra)0:43:29
170Romain Lopez (Fra)0:52:42
171Andrew Devine (GBr)0:55:00
172Jake Paddon (NZl)0:55:05
173Damien Pages (Fra)1:04:01
174Arno Faucher (Fra)1:04:04
175Aurelien Ferriere (Fra)1:04:56
176Renaud Havaux (Bel)1:31:26
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Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tracy Moseley (GBr) Trek Factory Racing Enduro Te1:29:50
2Anne Caroline Chausson (Fra) Ibis0:01:37
3Anneke Beerten (Ned) Specialized Racing Team0:02:02
4Isabeau Courdurier (Fra) Rocky Mountain Urge BP Team0:05:23
5Cecile Ravanel (Fra) GT Pulse0:06:42
6Rosara Joseph (NZl) Yeti / Fox Shox Factory Team0:06:58
7Meggie Bichard (NZl)0:07:19
8Ines Thoma (Ger) Canyon Factory Enduro Team0:07:32
9Anita Gehrig (Swi)0:08:30
10Nathalie Schneitter (Swi)0:10:34
11Kelli Emmett (USA) Giant Factory Off Road0:10:53
12Carolin Gehrig (Swi)0:11:45
13Katy Winton (GBr)0:12:08
14Gabby Molloy (NZl)0:12:52
15Morgane Jonnier (Fra)0:13:20
16Emily Horridge (GBr)0:13:41
17Anka Martin (NZl)0:14:06
18Laura Rossin (Ita)0:15:14
19Chiara Pastore (Ita)0:16:23
20Axelle Murigneux (Fra)0:16:35
21Cecilia Thomasson (Swe)0:19:08
22Valentina Macheda (Ita) Ibis0:19:44
23Kerstin Koegler (Ger) BMC Enduro Racing Team0:20:19
24Hannah Barnes (GBr)0:21:13
25Kristien Nelen (Bel)0:24:21
26Cait Elliott (Irl)0:24:31
27Alexandra Marchal (Bel)0:24:50
28Hanna Oletra (Swe)0:26:05
29Michelle Muldoon (Irl)0:26:06
30Nina Rupnik (Slo)0:29:41
31Diana Margraff (Ecu)0:49:02
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adrien Dailly (Fra)1:25:34
2Elliot Trabac (Fra) Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team0:00:37
3Sebastien Claquin (Fra)0:00:47
4Conor Lavelle (Irl)0:07:52
5Clement Decugis (Fra)0:08:42
6Rudy Lemeunier (Fra)0:15:39
7Gatien Pernet (Fra) GT Pulse0:17:34
8Jerome Muller (Swi)0:26:56
9Axel Fresquet (Fra)0:31:11
10Ferran Jorba (Spa) Intense Go Pro0:32:19
11Eliott Baud (Fra)0:42:28
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Elite men standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Jared Graves1300pts
2Justin Leov1170Row 1 - Cell 3
3Damien Oton1160Row 2 - Cell 3
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Elite women standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Tracy Moseley1150pts
2Anne Caroline Chausson1100Row 1 - Cell 3
3Cecile Ravenel930Row 2 - Cell 3
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Junior men standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Robin Matot620pts
2Sebastien Claquin520Row 1 - Cell 3
3Pedro Burns470Row 2 - Cell 3
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Team standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Trek Factory Racing Enduro Team3410pts
2Rocky Mountain Urge BP Team3050Row 1 - Cell 3
3Canyon Factory Enduro Team2495Row 2 - Cell 3

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