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Langvad wins again in Cyprus; Moorlag surprises in men's race

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Sabine Spitz (Central Haibike)

Sabine Spitz (Central Haibike) (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Henk Jaap Moorlag takes the win.

Henk Jaap Moorlag takes the win. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Lisa Brandau at the Cyprus Sunshine Cup's final round

Lisa Brandau at the Cyprus Sunshine Cup's final round (Image credit: Ralf Schäuble)
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Annika Langvad of Easton Rockets.

Annika Langvad of Easton Rockets. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Elisabeth Brandau, central Pro Team.

Elisabeth Brandau, central Pro Team. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Karl Markt, Felt

Karl Markt, Felt (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Karl Markt shows his strength.

Karl Markt shows his strength. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Fabian Giger, Karl Markt, Henk Jaap Moorlag, Irjan Luttenberg, Emil Lindgren.

Fabian Giger, Karl Markt, Henk Jaap Moorlag, Irjan Luttenberg, Emil Lindgren. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Henk Jaap Moorlag of Rabobank-Giant.

Henk Jaap Moorlag of Rabobank-Giant. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Henk Jaap Moorlag had little time to enjoy the view.

Henk Jaap Moorlag had little time to enjoy the view. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Henk Jaap Moorlag of Rabobank-Giant.

Henk Jaap Moorlag of Rabobank-Giant. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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The tussle for open space was on.

The tussle for open space was on. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Sabine Spitz looked determined.

Sabine Spitz looked determined. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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René Tann heads uphill.

René Tann heads uphill. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Karl Markt of Felt

Karl Markt of Felt (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Karl Markt, Felt

Karl Markt, Felt (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Thomas Litscher, MiG, ahead of Henk Jaap Moorlag, Rabobank-Giant.

Thomas Litscher, MiG, ahead of Henk Jaap Moorlag, Rabobank-Giant. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Lene Byberg, Specialized Factory Racing, heads downhill.

Lene Byberg, Specialized Factory Racing, heads downhill. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Blaza Klemencic celebrates.

Blaza Klemencic celebrates. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Blaza Klemenic out in front.

Blaza Klemenic out in front. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Annika Langvad powers ahead.

Annika Langvad powers ahead. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Annika Langvad takes a drink.

Annika Langvad takes a drink. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Annika Langvad crossed the line victorious.

Annika Langvad crossed the line victorious. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Annika Langvad crossed the line victorious.

Annika Langvad crossed the line victorious. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Thomas Litscher, MiG.

Thomas Litscher, MiG. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Thomas Litscher ahead of Emil Lindgren.

Thomas Litscher ahead of Emil Lindgren. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)
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Elisabther Brandau, Sabine Spitz, Annika Langvad, Lene Byberg, and Blaza Klemencic.

Elisabther Brandau, Sabine Spitz, Annika Langvad, Lene Byberg, and Blaza Klemencic. (Image credit: Marius Maasewerd)

The Cyprus Sunshine Cup 2011 ended in Amathous with an expected win by favorite Annika Langvad (Easton Rockets) and with a surprising victory by Henk Jaap Moorlag (Rabobank Giant Offroad Team). Langvad claimed her second victory ahead of Lene Byberg (Specialized Factory Team) and Sabine Spitz (Central Haibike). Moorlag was faster around the course than Irjan Luttenberg (MPL Specialized MTB Team) and Karl Markt (Felt Otztal X-Bionic). Overall Sunshine Cup leaders Blaza Klemencic (Felt Otztal X-Bionic) and Markt were in no danger of losing their orange jerseys.

The women's race provided the same outcome as the first round two weeks ago. Langvad immediately took the lead and rode solo until the end of the race at the ruins of Amathous. She enjoyed warm, sunny conditions and had no problems en route to victory, which she took by one minute.

"I was a little bit tired this morning, like I had a cold," said Langvad. "So I was nervous about how it would go. But at least I was able to show again my current form. I'm very pleased about that."

She added that she would have liked to have had a full suspension bike on the more technical course.

Byberg showed up riding stronger than the previous week - as did Sabine Spitz (Central Haibike). For half the race, Spitz stayed close to Byberg, but the Norwegian created a gap that Spitz couldn't close.

"It was my best day for a long time. I was able to find a good rhythm and to push hard," said runner-up Byberg. "When I saw that Sabine had to let me go, I was riding on my own. I'm really happy that I was feeling so good after last weekend. My shape is coming. It was a good decision to come to Cyprus again. I had two good weeks and this course is good for training."

For a long time, Spitz battled with Klemencic for the final podium spot and during the final lap, she secured the second spot.

"It was a nice race, and I'm satisfied with the result. It was the second time I was on my mountain bike this year, and I saw that I need some more training on my technical skills. But with my physical condition, I'm okay," said Klemencic. "I think I'm on a better level than normally in this part of the year. I cannot compare to my competitors but only to the memories I have in my mind."

Klemencic was able to keep the fourth position despite a charge by Lisa Brandau (Central Haibike) and so secured her first Cyprus Sunshine Cup overall win. Second place went to Anne Terpstra (MPL Specialized).

"I didn't have the legs for the podium today," said Klemencic. "After three weeks on Cyprus I'm very happy to get the overall win. That's a pretty good start to the season."

Men's race

In the men's race, under 23 racer Moorlag showed his talent by taking his first victory outside of his home country. He started pretty fast, joining the Swiss Thomas Litscher (Felt Ötztal X-Bionic) in the lead. Litscher flatted in the first complete lap, and so Moorlag was left alone.

From the beginning I had good legs and I felt like I can do whatever I want to," said Moorlag. "I recognized that I'd been going better day by day, but I never expected to win. It was so easy. It's amazing to ride in front and it was a kind of flow. This victory is good for the team and also good for Dutch mountain biking. We are now at the end of three weeks with good weather and it is a perfect start into the season.

Markt, Emil Lindgren (Rabobank-Giant) and Luttenberg formed the chase group, at 45 seconds.

Jaroslav Kulhavy (Specialized) was missing at the front of the race. A broken pedal had put him out of the race in the very first lap.

It was expected that Markt or Lindgren would be the one to make it into second place, but surprisingly Dutchman Luttenberg took that spot. In the penultimate lap, he got away from Markt and Lindgren, chasing his fellow Dutchman Moorlag who led. Luttenburg couldn't get close to the leader, but he left his contenders behind, earning the second spot on the podium.

"That's a surprise for me," said Luttenburg of his second place. "After a bad season last year (overtraining), I had a lot of good training this winter and now it's put me in good shape. I was starting from the back, but I rode to the front easily. The third lap I thought, 'why don't give it a try?' and it worked."

Markt, wearing the Sunshine Cup leader's jersey, took fight for third place against Lindgren and Fabian Giger (Rabobank-Giant) who earned fourth and fifth respectively.

"I couldn't ride in front today, but the win is in the team," said Lindgren. "I said to Henk-Jaap, if you can follow Litscher then do it. The win is important for the team. We are three in the top five, so everything is fine.

"Henk-Jaap was not to be caught," said Markt. "I tried to catch him, but I was no chance to. I had some problems with my suspension but that didn't make the difference. He was in his own league today."

"I was trying to bring the Sunshine Cup to a good end and third place is good. These two weeks were crazy for me. The weather was super, there were a lot of points and my shape is okay."

Sunshine Cup #3 Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Henk Jaap Moorlag (Ned) Rabobank Giant Offroad Team1:25:16
2Irjan Luttenberg (Ned) MPL Specialized MTB Team0:00:40
3Karl Markt (Aut) Felt Otztal X-Bionic0:01:00
4Emil Lindgren (Swe) Rabobank Giant Offroad Team0:01:02
5Fabian Giger (Swi) Rabobank Giant Offroad Team0:01:06
6Matous Ulman (Cze) S&H Superior MTB Team0:02:00
7Klaus Nielsen (Den) Giant Denmark0:02:04
8Thomas Litscher (Swi) Felt Otztal X-Bionic0:02:08
9Magnus Darvell (Swe) Swedish National Team0:02:10
10Christoph Soukup (Aut) Union Rc Hitec Team0:02:15
11Jan Skarnitzl (Cze) Rider Rubena Birell Specialized0:02:40
12Tim Bohme (Ger) Team Bulls0:02:50
13Milan Spensy (Cze) S&H Superior MTB Team0:03:17
14Kevin Van Hoovels (Bel) Versluys-Evenza0:03:29
15Thomas Dietsch (Fra) Team Bulls0:03:41
16Frank Schotman (Ned) MPL Specialized MTB Team0:03:47
17Marco Minnaard (Ned) Rabobank Giant Offroad Team0:03:53
18Ole-Christian Fagerli (Nor)0:04:09
19Jiri Friedl (Cze) Rider Rubena Birell Specialized0:04:27
20Matthias Wengelin (Swe) Swedish National Team0:04:27
21Sebastien Carabin (Bel) Versluys-Evenza0:04:56
22Simon Scheiber (Aut) Felt Otztal X-Bionic0:05:10
23Maxim Gogolev (Rus) Leningrad Region0:05:11
24Lee Williams (GBr) Wiggle0:05:25
25Fredrik Edin (Swe) Cykloteket0:05:37
26Ola Kjoren (Nor) Team Focus-Danica0:05:45
27Jonas Pedersen (Den) HMTBK0:07:20
28Michiel Van De Heijden (Ned) Rabobank Giant Offroad Team0:07:27
29Olof Jonsson (Swe) Swedish National Team0:07:40
30Mikhail Baryshnikov (Rus) Primorskiy District0:07:53
31Alexander Vincent Blomqvist (Swe) Alings?S Sportsclub0:08:32
32Ivan Seledkov (Rus) Velodrive0:09:09
33Ivan Smirnov (Rus) Primorskiy District0:09:12
34Henrique Avancini Da Silva (Bra) Isd Cycling Team0:09:12
35Torsten Marx (Ger) German National Team0:09:41
36Jiri Novak (Cze) S&H Superior MTB Team0:09:52
37Evgeny Nikolaev (Rus) Primorskiy District0:09:54
38Henrik Kippernes (Nor) Team Focus-Danica0:10:09
39Pavel Pryadein (Rus)0:10:49
40Artem Orlov (Rus) Leningrad Region0:11:02
41Jelmer Jubbega (Ned) Rabobank Giant Offroad Team0:11:37
42Marios Athanasiades (Cyp) Omonoia0:11:47
43Chris Andrews (GBr) Orange Monkey/Cannondale0:13:18
44Anton Gogolev (Rus) Impuls0:14:42
45Fabrice Mels (Bel) Rocky Roads Orbea0:15:36
46Michalis Kitis (Cyp) Pol0:15:54
47Aleksey Leontyev (Rus)0:16:24
48Mykhaylo Batsutsa (Ukr) Info Tre-Bi Esse0:16:31
49Timofei Ivanov (Rus) Primorskiy District0:16:42
50Anton Liubyi (Ukr)0:17:24
51Anatoly Gravilov (Rus)0:17:54
-2lapsIlya Dyshakov (Rus)
-2lapsKiriakos Skettos (Cyp) Omonoia
-2lapsDenis Khobotov (Rus)
-3lapsGiorgos Fattas (Cyp) Limassol Sporting Club
-3lapsVadim Galeyev (Kaz) Kaz Olympic Traning Center
-4lapsPantelis Christoforou (Cyp) Agios Mnason
-4lapsTheodorou Loukas (Cyp) Hrakleitos
-4lapsAggelos Kiriakou (Cyp) Agios Mnason
-6lapsJaroslav Kulhavy (Cze) Specialized Factory Team
-6lapsTimotheos Skettos (Cyp) Sporting Club Lemesos
DNFRene Tann (Ger) German National Team
DNFLukas Kaufmann (Swi) Easton Rockets
DNFVasilis Adamou (Cyp) Omonoia
DNFJonas De Backer (Bel) Rocky Roads Orbea
DNFMattias Nilsson (Swe) Swedish National Team
DNSMartin Loo (Est) Info Tre-Bi Esse
DNSGluth Martin (Ger) Team Bulls
DNSSavvas Petrou (Cyp) Hraklitos

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Annika Langvad (Den) Easton Rockets1:20:45
2Lene Byberg (Nor) Specialized Factory Team0:01:05
3Sabine Spitz (Ger) Central Haibike0:02:08
4Blaza Klemencic (Slo) Felt Otztal X-Bionic0:02:31
5Elisabeth Brandau (Ger) Central Haibike0:03:02
6Anne Terpstra (Ned) MPL Specialized MTB Team0:05:42
7Kathrin Stirnemann (Swi) Central Haibike0:06:33
8Rie Katayama (Jpn) Specialezed Jpn0:06:53
9Ekaterina Anoshina (Rus) Primorskiy District0:08:27
10Tatjana Dold (Ger) Easton Rockets0:08:39
11Asa Erlandsson (Swe) Swedish National Team0:09:08
12Githa Michiels (Bel) Trek Kmc Trade Team0:09:43
13Iana Belomoyna (Ukr) Info Tre-Bi Esse0:10:22
14Melanie Spath (Ger) Cycleways0:10:40
15Nicoletta De Jager (Ned) Rijwielpaleis Mountainbike Team0:10:52
16Vera Andreeva (Rus)0:11:36
17Oxana Rybakova (Rus)0:11:41
18Krista Park (USA) Cannondale/Notubes0:13:27
19Emmy Thelberg (Swe) Swedish National Team0:14:22
20Elena Gogoleva (Rus) Leningrad Region0:18:04
21Marta Terershchuk (Ukr) Info Tre-Bi Esse0:20:55
22Nadya Kachshkina (Rus)0:20:55
23Kseniya Kirillova (Rus)0:22:02
24Michaela Malarikova (Svk) Ck Suicmub Bratislava0:23:14
-1lapViktoriya Sultanova (Ukr) C.C. Roma
-1lapAndria Christophorou (Cyp) Omonoia
-2lapsJelena Petrova (Lat) Omonoia
DNSTereza Hurikova (Cze) Central Haibike

Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kropachev Egor (Rus) Primorskiy District1:01:00
2Alexey Lomilov (Rus) Primorskiy District0:00:04
3Artem Shevtsov (Ukr) Team Protek0:00:36
4Alexei Krylov (Rus) Primorskiy District0:01:40
5Vladislav Bondaruk (Rus) Leningrad Region0:02:53
6Alex Baker (GBr) Orange Monkey/Cannondale0:03:25
7Christos Loizou (Cyp) Omonoia0:03:30
8Yernar Bauyrbek (Kaz) Kaz Olympic Trainig Center0:03:40
9Mark Kuyan (Rus) Primorskiy District0:04:31
10Roman Balashov (Kaz) Kaz Olympic Trainig Center0:07:57
11Leontios Katsouris (Cyp) P.O.L0:08:51
12Pavel Aidubayev (Kaz) Kaz Olympic Trainig Center0:09:28
13Sergey Kovalchuk (Kaz) Kaz Olympic Trainig Center0:09:43
14Papacharalampous Kiriakos (Cyp) Omonoia0:14:03
15Ilya Chaplygin (Kaz) Kaz Olympic Trainig Center0:16:06
16Irineos Koutsiou (Cyp) Hrakleitos0:17:19
17Ivan Podgornov (Rus) Leningrad Region0:20:18
-1lapKagkelaris Andreas (Cyp) Pol
DNSKiriakou Mamas (Cyp) Agios Mnason
DNSMikhail Protonin (Rus)

Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Evgeniya Nekrasova (Rus) Leningrad Region0:54:45
2Rimma Luchshenko (Kaz) Kaz Olympic Trainig Center0:04:23
3Marzhan Baitleuova (Kaz) Kaz Olympic Trainig Center0:15:07
-1lapSkouroupathi Mirto (Cyp) Apollon

Masters 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ioannou Marios (Cyp) Pol0:56:44
2Petros Petrakis Pol0:03:23
3Zorpas Stauros0:09:54
DNSFeggaras Doros Omonoia

Masters 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Viktor Korchagin (Rus)0:47:55
2Damalas Koulis (Cyp) Omonoia0:12:55
3Antreou Vasos (Cyp) Podilatiki Kipros0:16:39
4Vasilas Eystathios (Cyp) Podilatiki Kipros0:17:09
-1lapAchilleos Sofoulis (Cyp) Spoko

Master women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Galina Balaguzova (Rus)0:59:41
DNFKsenia Chernykh (Rus)

Cadet boys
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Paltagian Dimos (Cyp) Pol0:49:54
2Xristodoulidis Markos (Cyp) Agios Mnason0:03:34
3Antoniou Andreas (Cyp) Pol0:07:36
4Petrides Andreas (Cyp) Pol0:08:18
5Giorgos Irakleos (Cyp) Apollon0:13:32
6Dimitriades Andreas (Cyp) Omonoia0:15:32
7Kiriakos Andreou (Cyp) Podilatiki Kipros0:26:27
-1lapDimitriou Michalis (Cyp) Apollon
DNSTheocharous Andys (Cyp) Pol
DNSIakovou Iakovos (Cyp) Hrakleitos

Cadet girls
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Olga Terentieva (Rus)0:56:04
-1lapKatsikidou Antigoni (Cyp) Apollon

Under 15 boys
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anton Maltsev (Rus) Leningrad Region0:52:06
2Michael Xristodoulos (Cyp) Agios Mnason0:18:28
3Christou Andreas (Cyp) Podilatiki Kipros0:18:45
4Andreas Papastaurou (Cyp) P.O.L0:29:29
5Adamou Alexandros (Cyp) Omonoia0:38:53
6Giagkou Nikolas D8fbd2330 Pol0:43:43
DNFAndreas Poullakos (Cyp) Hraklitos
DNSPetrou Kiriakos (Cyp) Hraklitos
DNSIlia Basilis (Cyp) Hrakleitos

Under 15 girls
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Regina Skobelva (Rus) Leningrad Region1:02:03
-1lapChristodoulou Anastasia (Cyp) Podilatiki Kipros
-1lapZotti Eleni (Cyp) Podilatiki Kipros
-1lapPolidorou Elina (Cyp) Podilatiki Kipros
-1lapKaragiorgi Kiriaki (Cyp) Podilatiki Kipros

Final Cyprus Sunshine Cup Standings

Elite men final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Karl Markt285pts
2Emil Lindgren245
3Fabian Giger240
4Henk Jaap Moorlag222
5Jan Skarnitzl208
6Irjan Luttenberg198
7Kevin Van Hoovels176
8Jiri Friedl176
9Magnus Darvell144
10Sebastien Carabin144
11Periklis Ilias142
12Simon Scheiber134
13Alban Lakata130
14Marco Minnaard125
15Matthias Wengelin123
16Matous Ulman122
17Frank Schotman117
18Fredrik Edin117
19Fagerli Ole-Christian112
20Milan Spensy110
21Maxim Gogolev107
22Christoph Soukop104
23Lee Williams102
24Henrique Avancini Da Silva102
25Niels Wubben98
26Ivan Seledkov98
27Klaus Nielsen97
28Thomas Dietsch97
29Ivan Smirnov97
30Mikhail Baryshnikov92
31Tim Wynants91
32Tim Bohme90
33Jaroslav Kulhavy90
34Jonsson Olof85
35Jukka Vastaranta82
36Alexander Vincent Blomqvist82
37Jeroen Boelen81
38Tim Lemmers75
39Jiri Novak74
40Kohei Yamamoto73
41Ola Kjoren72
42Martin Loo70
43Thomas Litscher65
44Timofei Ivanov64
45Evgeny Nikolaev61
46Bas Peters61
47Jonas Pedersen59
48Oliver Beckingsale56
49Torsten Marx55
50Rene Tann54
51Marek Konwa53
52Marios Athanasiades46
53Mykhaylo Batsutsa46
54Jelmer Pietersma46
55Erik Groen45
56Stefan Sahm45
57Anatoly Gravilov41
58Mattias Nilsson38
59Michiel Van De Heijden37
60Henrik Kippernes37
61Adam Craig36
62Chris Andrews34
63Nicolas Jeantet34
64Pavel Pryadein33
65Michalis Kitis27
66Artem Orlov25
67Anton Liubyi25
68Jelmer Jubbega24
69Anton Gogolev24
70Fabrice Mels22
71Sang Hoon Na21
72Aleksey Leontyev20
73Jonas De Backer20
74Seyia Hirano18
75Nicolas Vermeulen16
76Georgios Pattes - Toumanis16
77Andy Eyring15
78Gluth Martin15
79Ilya Dyshakov14
80Denis Khobotov14
81Giorgos Fattas14
82Antoniades Dimitrios14
83Lukas Kaufmann14
84Kazuhiro Yamamoto13
85Kiriakos Skettos12
86Simon Stiebjahn11
87Victor Trokhin11
88Vadim Galeyev9
89Vasilis Adamou9
90Pantelis Christoforou8
91Theodorou Loukas7
92Aggelos Kiriakou6
93Paul Beales6
94Timotheos Skettos5
95Alexios Kokovikas5
96Marcel Braun4
97Markus Preis1
98Marcel Fleschhut
99Felix Euteneuer
100Savvas Petrou
101Loukas Theodorou
102Ben Roff
103Johannes Koelze
104Mario Waibel
105Ruslan Gritsan
106Daniel-Marius Rosioru
107Sergji Rysenko
108Oleksandr Gerashenko
109Dmytro Titarenko
110Alexey Kuzmenko
111Salah Rabah
112Zaher El Hage
113Vladislavs Neroznaks

Elite women final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Blaza Klemencic260pts
2Anne Terpstra215
3Rie Katayama210
4Annika Langvad200
5Lene Byberg190
6Iana Belomoyna176
7Melanie Spath168
8Asa Erlandsson166
9Krista Park163
10Elisabeth Brandau155
11Githa Michiels154
12Nicoletta De Jager151
13Laura Turpijn136
14Elena Gogoleva132
15Marta Terershchuk129
16Ekaterina Anoshina127
17Tatjana Dold125
18Emmy Thelberg121
19Viktoriya Sultanova120
20Jelena Petrova110
21Maaris Meier106
22Oxana Rybakova100
23Maria Osl97
24Michelle Hediger94
25Dosa Eszter90
26Anja Gradl85
27Sabine Spitz85
28Kristine Nørgaard85
29Michaela Malarikova81
30Janka Stevkova80
31Stephania Magri76
32Natasha Barry75
33Kathrin Stirnemann68
34Helen Grobert54
35Silke Schmidt50
36Vera Andreeva49
37Anneke Beerten46
38Ekaterina Anoshina44
39Rozanne Slik44
40Nadya Kachshkina43
41Kseniya Kirillova42
42Michaela Malarikova40
43Idit Shub39
44Andria Christophorou39
45Tereza Hurikova
46Ann Berglund
47Andria Christophorou
48Nadine Rieder
49Mona Eiberweiser
50Alla Boyko
51Demetra Antoniou
52Nataliya Krompets

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