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Huber secures Crocodile Trophy

Swiss mountain biker Urs Huber added his name to the exclusive international list of cyclists who have won Australia's Crocodile Trophy, after enduring an intense nine-day battle with Dutchman Bart Brentjens.

A testament to both the talent and mental strength of the 24-year-old World Championship bronze medallist, Huber rode with such power on the day's final mountain stage in Australia's Daintree that Brentjens was unable to launch an attack to reel in his one minute and 26 second lead.

Instead, it was Huber who did the attacking as the race headed off-road onto the CREB Track, a perilous ascent into the rainforest that has become part of the Crocodile Trophy's growing tradition.

"It's very important. It's my first win in a stage race and ten days," an elated Huber said. "When I can say I won the Crocodile Trophy, it's a great thing."

Huber launched his first attack at the base of the CREB where the gradient is close to 20 percent. Behind him, the former Olympic and World Champion appeared visibly in pain, but Brentjens refused to give in and continually clawed his way back.

"After the second depot I made the pace and Bart could not come with me," Huber said. "So I saw that and I thought that I should roll without risk to the finish."

That was easier said than done as the Crocodile Trophy ventured onto the zig-zag track, one of the most technical sections of the race. It was there that Brentjens had planned to attack, near the river crossing at Roaring Meg. Huber and Brentjens had already reeled in an early breakaway containing Slovenian Jure Robic and Belgian Mike Mulkens.

When the riders reached the river, Huber crossed first, the smile on his face obvious as he realised the Crocodile Trophy was his for the taking.

"I was dropped a few times and I came back and I had to follow him," Brentjens said. "He (Huber) really put the hammer down and all I could do was follow his wheel, actually there was no chance for me to make an attack."

There was a degree of consolation for Brentjens as he won the sprint to the finish in Ayton - his sixth stage victory in this edition of the race.

But the ultimate objective proved elusive this time around for "Sir Bart" who is already plotting a course to Australia in 2010 to make amends.

"It's a really nice stage race to ride, it's a challenge, an adventure, nice country, nice area and has good organisation," Brentjens said.

"I've already spoken with Gerhard (Schoenbacher) about next year. I'd like to come back and try to win, now I know a little bit more about the course, maybe I can win it once."

Belgian Mike Mulkens hung on bravely again to finish third in the stage and third overall, while Robic, who attacked today, almost from the gun, had to settle for fourth on both counts.

"Today I tried one last time to attack and I felt very strong on the climbs," Robic, the four-time Race Across America winner said.
"I came to this race not prepared after an injury to my ribs and I decide only two days before the race to come, so I have to be pleased."

Zeldenrust wins women's event, McLennan and Pleyer share the experience

At the end of nine days, It was a foregone conclusion that Dutchwoman Monique Zeldenrust would become the women's victor of the 2009 Crocodile Trophy.

Zendenrust, who has been racing with her father Martin, made easy work of today's stage, bringing to an end an almost flawless campaign.

However, the battle for the minor placings, intense until this point, took an unusual turn today.

Australia's Abby McLennan and Austria's Lisa Pleyer, who continued to fight for supremacy during today's stage, crossed the finish line together, to signal an official end to on-course hostilities.

"I stuck with Lisa all day and we just kept fighting it out, in the end we decided to cross the line to-gether, as a sporting gesture," McLennan said.

Pleyer finished the race in second overall, with McLennan an impressive third.

The experience, one that McLennan and her Rattle & Hum teammates will carry with them.

"Just the achievement that we feel is amazing it's the best thing we've done in our life I think," McLennan said. "I already feel prematurely excited that it's over and we do have to ride tomorrow.

"We're going to enjoy the feeling that we have and try to make it last as long as possible."


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bart Brentjens (Ned) Trek-Brentjens MTB racing team4:25:36
2Urs Huber (Swi) Team Stöckli-Craft0:00:01
3Mike Mulkens (Bel)0:05:32
4Jurij Robic (Slo) Matej & Jure0:13:38
5Tomas Kozak (Cze) Di-Elcom-Outdoor sports club0:14:16
6Kai Hundertmark (Ger) Dream Team0:24:50
7Steve Rankine (Aus) Tropical Tablelands Discovery0:28:57
8Shane Taylor (Aus) ADCC/Rocky Trail Entertainment0:35:58
9Daris Zubani (Ita) Neviprogettoavventura0:38:00
10James Banner-Smith (Aus) Rattle N Hum0:59:31
11Ivan Negro (Ita) Neviprogettoavventura1:11:51
12Christoph Kirchmeier (Aut)1:21:40
13Morten Larsen (Den) Team Sun-Print1:22:35

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Monique Zeldenrust (Ned)5:23:23
2Lisa Pleyer (Aut) Roadbike Holidays - KTM0:13:25
3Abby McLennan (Aus) Rattle N Hum
4Eva Hasek (Cze) Outdoor sports club1:54:10
5Sharman Parr (Aus) jungle patrol; wilderness medicine2:17:06

Master Men 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Raimund Burböck (Aut)4:39:52
2Isaac Tonello (Aus)0:10:34
3Nikolaus Syc (Ger) LeXXi MTB feat.VulkanBike.de0:14:41
4Alexander Valdiek (Ger) JRV Team Deutsche Sepsisgesellschaft0:19:29
5Franz Preihs (Aut) Radsport Kotnik-Focus0:22:41
6Glen De Bont (Bel) Shifting Gears0:23:44
7Sam Nathan (Aus) Team Nathan0:45:15
8Sam Brovender (Can) Team SDC Chris Nicholson
9Per Imer (Den) Team Sun-Print0:52:33
10Ron Whitehead (Aus) Ron Whitehead0:56:57
11Dennis Bergen (Den) Team Sun-Print1:08:19

Master men 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Branko Grah (Aut) Team RC Sereno4:50:25
2Milan Spolc (Cze) Dream Team0:00:01
3Erich Reith (Aut)0:17:37
4Günter Weichbold (Aut)0:28:28
5Pieter van Rooyen SAF Team Van Rooyen
6Chris Nicholson (Aus) Team SDC Chris Nicholson0:34:42
7Scott McLennan (Aus) Rattle N Hum0:46:24
8Pio Tomasetig (Ita) Team Tomesetig
9Josef Neururer (Swi) Velolade-Hittnau.ch0:56:51
10Rudolf Hansgut (Cze)0:57:46
11Yvan Vekemans (Bel) Belgian Power/Granville
12Erwin Klocker (Aus)1:24:03
13Kees Zuidhoek (Ned) Team Kees Fietsshop1:31:07
14Jörg Steenbock (Ger) wingsforlife.com1:35:22
15Mohammed Boufessile (Bel) Belgian Power/Granville
16Heinz von Holzen (Swi)1:37:12
17Marten Zeldenrust (Ned)
18Bernhard Weixelbaum (Aut) Team RC Sereno1:54:50
19Geert Matthijs (Bel) Team Matthys1:59:17
20Paul van Hattem (Ned) Team Kees Fietsshop
21Theo Molenbrugge (Ned) Theo Molenbrugge2:01:04
22Willemjan Hopstaken (Ned) Team Kees Fietsshop2:14:51
23Hennie Schoonheim (Ned)
24Andrew Graham (Aus) jungle patrol; wilderness medicine2:14:52
25Aaron Pickett-Heaps (Aus)
26Jan van Baast (Ned)2:27:09
27Greg Parr (Aus) jungle patrol; wilderness medicine2:50:04
28Erik Stokman (Ned)
29Chris Neal (Aus)4:05:05

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Klaus Sever (Aut) Radsport Weichberger BionX8:10:53

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bart Brentjens (Ned)20pts
2Urs Huber (Swi)15
3Mike Mulkens (Bel)10
4Jurij Robic (Slo)5
5Josh Prete (Aus)
5Tomas Kozak (Cze)2pts
7Milan Spolc (Cze)
8Steve Rankine (Aus)
9Kai Hundertmark (Ger)

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rattle N Hum5:25:07
2Team Sun-Print0:23:04
3Team Kees Fietsshop1:24:35
4Jungle Patrol; Wilderness Medicine2:15:22

Elite men general classification after stage 9
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Urs Huber (Swi) Team Stöckli-Craft33:59:06
2Bart Brentjens (Ned) Trek-Brentjens mtb racing team0:01:20
3Mike Mulkens (Bel)1:09:27
4Jurij Robic (Slo) Matej & Jure1:41:31
5Tomas Kozak (Cze) Di-Elcom-Outdoor sports club2:05:54
6Kai Hundertmark (Ger) Dream Team2:58:47
7Steve Rankine (Aus) Tropical Tablelands Discovery3:16:11
8Shane Taylor (Aus) ADCC/Rocky Trail Entertainment4:54:16
9Daris Zubani (Ita) Neviprogettoavventura5:26:59
10Morten Larsen (Den) Team Sun-Print8:32:46
11Ivan Negro (Ita) Neviprogettoavventura8:48:17
12James Banner-Smith (Aus) Rattle N Hum10:07:22
13Christoph Kirchmeier (Aut)11:12:51

Elite women general classification after stage 9
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Monique Zeldenrust (Ned)41:45:35
2Lisa Pleyer (Aut) Roadbike Holidays - KTM1:37:58
3Abby McLennan (Aus) Rattle N Hum1:55:30
4Eva Hasek (Cze) Outdoor sports club10:16:37
5Sharman Parr (Aus) jungle patrol; wilderness medicine15:37:15

Master 1 men general classification after stage 9
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Isaac Tonello (Aus) Tropical Tablelands Discovery37:08:00
2Alexander Valdiek (Ger) JRV Team Deutsche Sepsisgesellschaft0:27:22
3Nikolaus Syc (Ger) LeXXi MTB feat.VulkanBike.de0:50:09
4Raimund Burböck (Aut)1:44:25
5Franz Preihs (Aut) Radsport Kotnik-Focus2:14:44
6Glen De Bont (Bel) Shifting Gears2:14:57
7Sam Nathan (Aus) Team Nathan3:22:51
8Per Imer (Den) Team Sun-Print5:13:41
9Sam Brovender (Can) Team SDC Chris Nicholson5:44:32
10Dennis Bergen (Den) Team Sun-Print6:54:08
11Ron Whitehead (Aus) Ron Whitehead6:55:36

Master 2 men general classification after stage 9
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Milan Spolc (Cze) Dream Team36:32:57
2Branko Grah (Aut) Team RC Sereno1:12:15
3Erich Reith (Aut)2:34:46
4Günter Weichbold (Aut)3:19:15
5Pieter van Rooyen SAF Team Van Rooyen4:51:10
6Chris Nicholson (Aus) Team SDC Chris Nicholson6:07:26
7Josef Neururer (Swi) Velolade-Hittnau.ch6:54:57
8Pio Tomasetig (Ita) Team Tomesetig7:01:48
9Scott McLennan (Aus) Rattle N Hum7:09:58
10Yvan Vekemans (Bel) Belgian Power/Granville7:10:44
11Kees Zuidhoek (Ned) Team Kees Fietsshop8:27:55
12Rudolf Hansgut (Cze)9:34:11
13Jörg Steenbock (Ger) wingsforLife.com11:00:18
14Mohammed Boufessile (Bel) Belgian Power/Granville11:24:39
15Marten Zeldenrust (Ned)11:40:42
16Bernhard Weixelbaum (Aut) Team RC Sereno12:54:29
17Geert Matthijs (Bel) Team Matthys13:05:22
18Theo Molenbrugge (Ned) Theo Molenbrugge15:10:47
19Paul van Hattem (Ned) Team Kees Fietsshop16:55:15
20Hennie Schoonheim (Ned)16:55:18
21Aaron Pickett-Heaps (Aus)17:00:09
22Andrew Graham (Aus) jungle patrol; wilderness medicine17:11:23
23Willemjan Hopstaken (Ned) Team Kees Fietsshop17:17:53
24Greg Parr (Aus) jungle patrol; wilderness medicine19:41:20
25Erwin Klocker (Aus)20:06:00
26Heinz von Holzen (Swi)20:17:40
27Jan van Baast (Ned)22:03:53
28Erik Stokman (Ned)23:02:41
29Chris Neal (Aus)26:47:33

Points classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bart Brentjens (Ned)150pts
2Urs Huber (Swi)130
3Mike Mulkens (Bel)57
4Jurij Robic (Slo)44
5Josh Prete (Aus)12
5Tomas Kozak (Cze)12
7Milan Spolc (Cze)5
8Steve Rankine (Aus)4
9Kai Hundertmark (Ger)2

Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Sun-Print42:30:29
2Rattle N Hum1:35:59
3Team Kees Fietsshop9:15:32
4jungle patrol; wilderness medicine13:43:48


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