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Plaxton wins Canada Cup round by 10 seconds

Full Results

Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Max Plaxton (Can) Specialized1:41:03
2Andrew Watson (Can) Norco Factory Team0:00:10
3Raphaël Gagné (Can) cky Mountain Bicycles Factory Tea0:02:12
4Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) Cannondale Factory Racing0:02:40
5Daniel Sessford (Can) Aviawest-Blue Competition Cycles0:02:51
6Kristofor Sneddon (Can) KONA0:02:56
7Stefan Widmer (Can) cky Mountain Bicycles Factory Tea0:03:12
8Matthew Hadley (Can) XPREZO - BORSAO0:03:27
9Peter Glassford (Can) Trek Canada0:03:43
10Adam Morka (Can) Trek Canada0:04:07
11Ishai Rotem (USA) Jamis0:04:35
12Léni Trudel (Can) Specialized0:04:40
13Eric Batty (Can) Trek Canada0:05:05
14Craig Richey (Can) Aviawest - Blue Competition Cycles0:06:00
15Francis Morin (Can) Specialized0:06:03
16Marc-Adre Daigle (Can) Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy0:06:51
17Benoit Simard (Can) Specialized0:06:57
18Adam Snyder (USA) Team Jamis0:07:15
19Ryan Atkins (Can) EMD SERONO SPECIALIZED0:07:35
20Sébastien Cadieux-Duval (Can) CVM Val-David0:08:17
21Matthew Paziuk (Can) Trek Store Toronto0:08:46
22Justin Lindine (USA) / Cannondale0:08:51
23Simon Lalancette (Can) Devinci0:08:53
24Cody Canning (Can) ERTC/revolution cycle0:10:29
25Cameron Jette (Can) La Bicicletta Elite Team0:10:30
26Jean-Philippe Thibault-Roberge (Can) Planet Sports.ca0:10:32
27Peter Ostroski (USA) Rocky Mountain/Michelin0:10:33
28Félix Côté (Can) CVM Val-David0:10:33
29Jon Kirsie (Can) Lapierre0:10:36
30Seamus Powell (USA) aching/industry nine/windham mt. o0:10:38
31Thomas Skinner (Can) Aviawest - Blue Competition Cycles0:11:17
32Pierre-Louis Chamberland (Can) CVM Val-David0:12:24
33Jared Stafford (Can) Team Ontario-Bikesports Racing0:12:49
34Olivier Bordeleau (Can) XPREZO - BORSAO0:13:43
35Olivier Robidoux (Can) Marin Bikes0:14:02
36Alex Lavertu (Can) Performance Vélo Lévy Honda0:14:06
37Andrew LEspérance (Can) Cyclesmith/Trek0:14:23
38Zachary Hughes (Can) Norco Factory Team0:14:38
39Neil Schiemann (Can) Tall Tree Cycles0:15:11
40Patrick Chartrand (Can) CVM Val-David0:15:28
41Tim Carleton (Can) TREK STORE RACE TEAM0:15:53
42John Burns (USA) Bikeman.com0:16:21
43Jacob McClelland (Can) Team Hardwood-Trek0:16:39
44Mathieu Boily-Tremblay (Can) Marin Bikes0:16:49
45Luc Boily (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:16:53
46Charles Blanchet-Levesque (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:17:41
47Nicolas Tremblay (Can) Specialized0:17:57
48Aaron Oakes (USA) Bulldog / Cyclecraft0:18:02
49Aroussen Laflamme (Can) XPREZO - BORSAO0:18:23
50Patrick Mimeault (Can)0:18:25
51Benoit Paradis Letarte (Can)0:19:52
DNFFrédéric Forgues-Lapointe (Can) Vélomania
DNFTyson Wagler (Can) 3 Rox Racing
DNFSteve Caillé (Can) La Cordée Plein Air
DNFSamuel Dostie-Ménard (Can) Skinouk-VDM
DNFAlexis Cartier (Can) CVM Val-David
DNFMarc Plante (Can) LÉlite Vélozone
DNFMathieu Bélanger Barrette (Can) XPREZO - BORSAO
DNFJonathan Boucher (Can) XPREZO - BORSAO
DNFAnton Varabei (Can) ycleSolutions/AngryJohnnys Racin
DNFFrançois-Charles Dumas (Can) Performance Vélo Lévy Honda
DNFImad El-Ghazal (Can) Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club
DNFJeremi Bussières (Can) CVM Val-David
DNFMichael Mooradian (USA) K.Bedford/Verge/Spin
DNFTomy Brouillette (Can)
DNFJulien Marceau (Can) Performance Vélo Lévy Honda
DNFMathieu Bilodeau (Can) Espresso Sports
DNFTroy Wells (USA) Team Clif Bar
DNFPhilippe Dépault (Can)
DNFEric Tourville (Can) Devinci
DNFPierre-Yves Nadeau (Can) Performance Vélo Lévy Honda
DNFTom Sampson (USA) Canondale Factory Racing
DNFJeffrey Simms (Can) Hub Cycle/Specialized

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mikaela Kofman (Can) 3 Rox Racing1:41:34
2Aleksandra Mooradian (Pol) K.Bedford/Verge/Spin0:00:23
3Sandra Walter (Can) Local Ride Elite Womens MTB0:01:54
4Jean Ann McKirdy (Can) LOCAL RIDE WOMENS MTB0:04:57
5Cindy Montambault (Can) CVM Val-David0:05:33
6Catherine Vipond (Can) Norco Factory Team0:08:12
7Caroline Villeneuve (Can) Norco Factory Team0:10:48
8Rébecca Beaumont (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:11:01
9Cassandre Olivier-Lapierre (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:11:42
10Marie-Claude Surprenant (Can) XPREZO - BORSAO0:11:55
11Maureen Bruno Roy (USA) MM Racing0:12:35
12Stéphanie Lacoursière (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:17:19
13Bryna Blanchard (USA) Windham Mountain Cycling Team0:17:31
14Linnea Koons (USA) Embrocation Cycling Team0:17:33
15Sarah Moore (Can) CVM Val-David0:20:24
16Annick Chrétien (Can) Kona Bio-Max0:21:26
DNFHolly WhiteKnight (Can)
DNFJulie Melanson (Can) Indépendant
DNFAndréanne Pichette (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik
DNFAnna Obrien (Can) Tall Tree Cycles
DNFLisa Morgan (NZl)
DNFSamantha Grover (Can) Pedalhead Racing
DNFKarine Travaillaud (Can) Cycles des Monts
DNFMarjorie Lavoie (Can) CVM Val-David
DNFKaren Méroz (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)
DNFAshley Barson (Can) m Ontario/ Velik

Junior expert men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Léandre Bouchard (Can) Cyclone dAlma1:28:14
2Mitch Bailey (Can) Team Ontario0:01:13
3Evan McNeely (Can) EMD Serono/Specialized CC0:02:35
4Antoine Caron (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:04:42
5Jérémy Martin (Can) cky Mountain Bicycles Factory Tea0:06:27
6Steven Noble (Can) Team Ontario/Jetpower0:07:11
7Thomas Néron (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:07:46
8Sébastien Raymond (Can)0:07:48
9Jean-Philippe Côté (Can) Vélo Plein-Air0:08:13
10Karl Hoppner (Can) EMD SERONO SPECIALIZED0:08:27
11Preston Wagler (Can) 3 Rox Racing0:08:37
12Bretton Matthews (Can) Jet Power/Team Ontairo0:09:31
13Emmanuel Boily (Can) Indépendant0:10:41
14Samuel Tremblay (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:13:12
15Xavier Perreault (Can) CVM Val-David0:13:22
16Conor OBrien (Can) EMD SERONO SPECIALIZED0:14:10
17Étienne Tremblay (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:14:35
18Joé Dufour (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:16:22
19Philippe Paradis (Can) CVM Val-David0:16:50
20Steven Turcotte (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:20:52
21Simon Gauthier (Can) Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy0:22:27
22Philippe Gauthier Boudreau (Can) CVM Val-David0:24:39
23Marc-André Desmeules (Can) Acidose Lactique0:28:14
24Joshua Thomas (Can) Think Electric0:29:48
25Samuel Waterhouse (Can) CVM Val-David0:31:27
26François Saint-Laurent (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:34:34
DNFGuillaume Bauret (Can) Acidose Lactique
DNFNicolas André (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA
DNFStéphan Boily (Can) Acidose Lactique
DNFNikita Touchette-Lebel (Can) Beauport
DNFWilliam Morin (Can) Felt MTB Racing Team
DNFAntoine Donahue-Laliberté (Can) CCS/Dalbix
DNFSébastien Belisle (Can) RST Vélosports

Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristina Laforge (Can) Cyclone dAlma1:05:33
2Laura Bietola (Can) 3 Rox Racing0:02:50
3Valérie Meunier (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:03:21
4Andréane Lanthier-Nadeau (Can) cky Mountain Bicycles Factory Tea0:05:16
5Emily Fisher (Can) Indépendant0:05:28
6Cayley Brooks (Can) Team Ontario/Hardwood0:06:04
7Malia Poulin (Can) Charlevoix0:10:08
8Justine Morin (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:10:34
9Emily Flynn (Can) MD-Serono Specialized Cycling Clu0:11:55
10Laurence Harvey (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:12:56
11Samantha Wagler (Can) Two Wheel Express0:18:43
12Gabrielle Dallaire (Can) Acidose Lactique0:38:14
13Stéphanie Vialle (Can) CVM Val-David0:42:45
14Justine Desmarais (Can) CVM Val-David0:48:41

Expert men under 30
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Codey May (Can) Mountainview Cycling Club1:16:17
2Antoine Dufour-Simard (Can) Club cycliste Charlevoix0:00:59
3Matthew Farquharson (Can) HBCC0:01:33
4François Lehoux (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:03:36
5Pierre-Luc Tanguay (Can) CVM Normandin0:05:37
6Alexandre Gagnon (Can) Performance Vélo Lévy Honda0:05:54
7Keven-Derick Auclair Savard (Can) Brunelle Sport0:06:23
8Jonathan Cantin (Can) Vélo Extrême St-Raymond0:06:27
9Mathieu Bérubé (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:08:20
10Émile Cossette-Levasseur (Can) Brunelle Sport0:08:52
11Jasmin Cantin (Can) Vélo Extrême St-Raymond0:08:55
12Dominic Beaudoin (Can) Passion Vélos TR0:10:54
13Anthony Laroche (Can)0:11:12
14Vincent Dugré (Can) Brunelle Sport0:11:18
15Maxime Laperrière (Can) Vélo Extrême St-Raymond0:12:23
16Etienne Leblanc (Can)0:12:45
17Julien Petit (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:12:47
18Éric Lapointe (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:14:46
DNFMarc-Olivier Bouchard (Can) Charlevoix
DNFIsmaël Dufour-Simard (Can) Charlevoix
DNFSébastien Bourgault (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik
DNFVincent Poisson-Gagnon (Can)
DNFPascal Dugré (Can) Brunelle Sport
DNFSamuel Dostie-Ménard (Can) Skinouk-VDM

Expert men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gino Ricci (Can)1:18:52
2Robin Tétreault (Can) La Cordée Plein Air0:00:10
3Steve Lachance (Can) Ryno Performance0:00:18
4Alexandre Frappier (Can) Biogen Idec0:00:56
5Franco Serli (Can) GTH0:01:04
6Christian Gauvin (Can) Les Yables0:01:51
7Frédéric Gobeil (Can) Espresso Sports0:02:21
8Frédérick Bédard (Can) Brynd Smoked Meat0:02:42
9Dany Boulanger (Can) Vélogamik0:03:14
10Luca Serli (Can) Biogen Idec0:03:35
11Pascal Larouche (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA0:03:49
12Maxime Hébert (Can) Quilicot-Rackultra0:04:00
13Maxim Morel (Can) Xcluziv0:04:10
14Paul Ignatiuk (Can) Quilicot-Rackultra0:05:24
15Jasmin Hébert (Can) Sport Olympe0:05:32
16Eric Dyke (Can) Marin Bikes0:06:14
17Stéphane Paquin (Can) CVM Normandin0:06:33
18Jean-Francois Bertrand (Can) Marin Bikes0:06:41
19Simon Castonguay (Can) GTH0:06:42
20Mathieu Laberge (Can) Espresso Sports0:07:18
21Alain Gagnon (Can) Vélo Plein-Air0:08:03
22André Leclerc (Can) Ryno Performance0:08:36
23Luc Massé (Can) Brynd Smoked Meat0:08:37
24Jean-Sébastien Messier (Can) XPREZO - BORSAO0:09:31
25Jean-Philippe Beaudet (Can)0:09:38
26Louis-Michel Ménard (Can) Les Yables0:09:59
27Jean-François Lafond (Can)0:10:03
28Guillaume Nadeau (Can) Les Yables0:10:25
29Nicolas Grenon (Can) Acidose Lactique0:12:27
30Raymond Bouchard (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:13:42
31Daniel Lafreniere (Can) Ryno Performance0:14:36
32Mathieu Grenier (Can) Brynd Smoked Meat0:30:50
DNFPascal Normandin (Can) Brynd Smoked Meat

Expert men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sébastien Gravel (Can) CVM Normandin1:19:30
2Sylvain Poitras (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:00:19
3Éric Truchon (Can) Felt MTB Racing Team0:00:36
4Michel LeBlanc (Can) cky Mountain Bicycles Factory Tea0:01:17
5Bernard Vermette (Can) Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy0:01:32
6Christian Lalancette (Can) Devinci0:02:09
7Jean Roy (Can) XPREZO - BORSAO0:02:25
8Éric Lemaire (Can) Quilicot-Rackultra0:02:38
9Pierre-Maurice Dufresne (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:02:58
10Luc Menard (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:02:59
11Yvan Huot (Can) Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy0:03:24
12Michel Trudel (Can) Performance Vélo Lévy Honda0:03:49
13Pierrot Fortin (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:04:56
14Vincent Audet (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:05:24
15Daniel Chamberland (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA0:05:44
16Alain Beaudry (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:06:21
17Luc Belanger (Can) Vélogamik0:06:35
18Stéphane Plante (Can) Indépendant0:07:01
19Martin Morin (Can) Performance Vélo Lévy Honda0:07:22
20Pierre Mercier (Can) Xcluziv0:11:25
21Claude Boily (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:13:17
22Éric Dufour (Can) Vélomania0:13:49
DNFSylvain Robert (Can) GTH
DNFJean-Claude André (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA

Expert men 50-59
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pierre Harvey (Can) Devinci1:00:52
2Jacques Dubé (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA0:00:36
3Claude Caillé (Can) La Cordée Plein Air0:04:01
4Jean Prévost (Can) Felt MTB Racing Team0:05:32
5Pierre Guérin (Can) Sport Olympe0:06:28
6Alain Beaudoin (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:06:48
7François Amyot (Can) Xprezo0:07:04
8Sylvain Gagné (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:07:16
9Alain Rivard (Can) La Cordée Plein Air0:07:31
10René Lévesque (Can) Indépendant0:08:44
11Pierre Fleury (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:08:47
12Denis Ménard (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:09:32
13Harvey Bobrow (Can) Indépendant0:13:14
14Damien Harvey (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:16:15
15Gilles Tanguay (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:17:10
16Denis Caron (Can) Brynd Smoked Meat0:17:28
17Martin Tremblay (Can) La Cordée Plein Air0:19:41
18Guy Dubé (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA0:21:14
19Pierre Lehoux (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:25:08
20Jean-Marc Coutur (Can) Sportif Bromont0:25:37
21Alain Dupont (Can) Le Pédalier0:25:43
22Augustin Brais (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA0:38:12
DNFRichard Laramée (Can) Felt MTB Racing Team
DNFPierre Turmel (Can) Performance Vélo Lévy Honda

Master men 60+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pierre Ethier (Can) Performance Vélo Lévy Honda1:08:40
2Richard Tétreault (Can) La Cordée Plein Air0:05:44

Expert women under 30
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Catherine Pitre (Can) Vélomania1:16:15
2Isabelle Dumas (Can) Performance Vélo Lévy Honda0:01:34
3Karine Pinard (Can) Indépendant0:07:34
4Anne-Marie Therrien (Can) Charlevoix0:10:08

Expert women 30+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Julie Lafrenière (Can) Indépendant1:06:49
2Carmen Labbé (Can) GTH0:01:15
3Nathalie Godbout (Can) Caron & Guay-TVA-MSA0:02:11
4Nadine Petit (Can) Équipe 3DS0:04:45
5Genevieve Larouche (Can) Xprezo/Borsao0:05:53
6Linda Jacques (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:07:27
7Caroline Gautier (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:07:51
8Véronique Vachon (Can)0:10:13
9France Arseneault (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:12:07
10Sandra Duchesne (Can) La Cordée Plein Air0:13:37
11Annie Gaudreault (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA0:15:41
12Denise Lévesque (Can) CVM Val-David0:18:00

Sport men Under 30
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Michael Tremblay (Can) La Vie Sportive1:01:03
2Francis Therrien (Can) Kona Bio-Max0:03:44
3Dominic Jean (Can)0:04:59
4Vincent Roberge (Can) Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy0:05:43
5Guillaume Dumas (Can) Vélo St-Joseph0:09:45
6Simon Drouin (Can) CVM Normandin0:10:00
7Vincent Drouin (Can) CVM Normandin0:13:09
8Sylvain Gravel (Can)0:15:33
9Nicholas Bertrand (Can)0:20:50
10Jérôme Tremblay (Can) Ryno Performance0:21:58
11Jonathan Auger-Cournoyer (Can)0:27:22
DNFNicolas Rompré (Can) Vélomania

Sport men 30-39
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jocelyn Tremblay (Can) Indépendant1:02:31
2Jean Courcelles (Can) Quilicot-Rackultra0:00:38
3Jonathan Dubois (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:00:39
4Louis-Philippe Racette (Can)0:00:42
5Bruno Plafter (Can) Le Grand Cycle0:01:47
6Stéphane Blais-Lacroix (Can) Vélomania0:02:00
7Tony Bradette (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:02:16
8Guillaume Bard (Can) Indépendant0:02:46
9Richard Sigouin (Can) Indépendant0:03:10
10Daniel Cormier (Can)0:03:19
11Michael Simard (Can) Sport Olympe0:03:29
12Martin Massicotte (Can) Evolution CCVM0:03:34
13Simon Imbeault (Can) Novabrik0:03:42
14Franck Asselin (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:04:14
15Guillaume Tremblay (Can) Quilicot-Rackultra0:04:25
16Stéphane Carignan (Can) ABC Cycles et Sports0:04:37
17Guillaume Leblond (Can)0:05:20
18Jean-Sebastien Lemay (Can) Indépendant0:05:21
19Mathieu Bouthillier (Can)0:06:01
20Luc Dugal (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:06:39
21Benjamin Goyette (Can)0:07:45
22Félix Berrigan (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:07:58
23Patrick Coutu (Can) CVM Normandin0:08:29
24Martin Faucher (Can) Quilicot-Rackultra0:08:47
25Yan Larouche (Can) Acidose Lactique0:08:51
26David Villeneuve (Can) Équipe Brunet0:09:13
27François Chamdelaine (Can)0:10:04
28Michel Fillion (Can) La Cordée Plein Air0:10:52
29Frederic Paquet (Can) Indépendant0:12:58
DNFPatrick Seguin (Can) Indépendant
DNFMathieu Houle (Can) CIBC Wood Gundy - Novabrik
DNFFrédéric Beaudin (Can) Équipe 3DS

Junior sport men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jean-Richard Carbonneau (Can) Cyclone dAlma1:03:19
2Louis Arsenault (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA0:00:04
3Jean-Luc Filion (Can) Club cycliste Charlevoix0:15:46
DNFJérémie Bonneau (Can) Indépendant

Sport men 40-49
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marc Belhumeur (Can) Lessard Bicycles1:05:13
2Marc Gaudreault (Can) Acidose Lactique0:01:22
3Stephane Roberge (Can)0:01:36
4Jacques Thiboutot (Can) Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy0:01:50
5Dany Bouillon (Can) Marin Bikes0:02:00
6Robert Chartrand (Can) La Cordée Plein Air0:02:04
7Carl Munger (Can) Acidose Lactique0:02:06
8Sylvain Tremblay (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:02:21
9Raynald Lavoie (Can) CVM Val-David0:03:36
10Martin Gagnon (Can) Acidose Lactique0:03:44
11Gilles Meunier (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:04:05
12Jacques Flageol (Can) Le Yéti0:04:11
13Benoît Corriveau (Can) Caron & Guay-TVA-MSA0:04:14
14Daniel Trudeau (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:04:18
15François Maltais (Can) La Cordée Plein Air0:04:28
16Benoît Paris (Can) ABC Cycles et Sports0:05:33
17Rémy Fortin (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA0:05:49
18Stéphane Jacques (Can) Ryno Performance0:06:40
19Rémi Cauchon (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:07:09
20Jean-François Brousseau (Can) XPREZO - BORSAO0:07:09
21Bruno Carrier (Can) Eolien de Matane0:07:36
22William Vialle (Can) CVM Val-David0:07:45
23Benoît Gagné (Can) CVM Val-David0:08:50
24Nicolas Foucard (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:08:51
25Stéphan Boucher (Can) CVM Val-David0:09:39
26Pierre Martel (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA0:09:40
27Denis Lapointe (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:11:06
28Paul Wagler (Can) Two Wheel Express0:11:57
29Marc A Fontaine (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:24:36
30Martin Lewis (Can) Kona Bio-Max0:24:42
31Claude Veillette (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:26:51
32Robert Roussel (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA0:27:27
DNFMario Lane (Can)
DNFDaniel Claveau (Can) Acidose Lactique
DNFRichard Carbonneau (Can) Cyclone dAlma
DNFMark Matthews (Can) Mountainview Cycling Club
DNFMichel Boilard (Can)

Cadet women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Frédérique Trudel (Can) Specialized0:44:41
2Stéfanie Tremblay (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:00:36
3Catherine Fleury (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:02:15
4Sarah-Claudie Dostie-Ménard (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:03:13
5Audrey Tardif (Can) CVM Val-David0:04:32
6Frédérique Larose-Gingras (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:04:50
7Émie Jacques-Beaudoin (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:05:00
8Marie Harvey (Can) Charlevoix0:05:49
9Gabrielle April (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:07:09
10Emanuelle Langlois (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:09:25
11Rosalie Auger (Can) CVM Val-David0:09:32
12Pageau Rachel (Can) Acidose Lactique0:11:14
13Anne Tremblay (Can) Acidose Lactique0:14:41
14Miranda Giguère (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:19:03
15Camille Morin (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:30:51
DNFAmélie Lemire (Can) Acidose Lactique

Sport women under 30
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nadia Déziel (Can) Les Yables0:51:35
2Marie-Claire Lévesque (Can) Spin Sport Inc.0:02:12
3Julie Therrien (Can) CVM Normandin0:13:32
4Elisabeth Fontaine (Can) Vélo St-Joseph0:17:01
5Joanie Paquette (Can) Brunelle Sport0:20:03
6Julie-Anne Perreault (Can) Brunelle Sport0:21:53

Sport women 30+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Julie Houde (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:51:05
2Catherine Jonckeau (Can) Les Yables0:02:33
3Brigitte Pagé (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:04:28
4Julie Durand (Can) ABC Cycles et Sports0:06:24
5Mélanie Barthe (Can) Indépendant0:07:11
6Cindy Lemieux (Can)0:07:49
7Line Paradis (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:09:46
8Cathy Tremblay (Can) Vélogamik0:10:01
9Caroline Boyer (Can) CVM Val-David0:11:39
10Catherine Deburghgraeve (Can)0:18:15
11Élisa Piscollo (Can) La Cordée Plein Air0:29:24
12Jeanne Minier (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:31:48

Minime Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marc-André Fortier (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle0:38:19
2Guillaume Larose-Gingras (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:01:06
3Raphael Auclair (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:02:05
4Félix Belhumeur (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:02:08
5Francis Pelletier (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:02:37
6Anthony Bergeron (Can) Vélogamik0:03:53
7Justin Samson (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:03:54
8François Turgeon (Can) Caron & Guay-TVA-MSA0:04:29
9Charles Faucher Robert (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:04:38
10Philippe Pare (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle0:04:39
11Patrick Fortin (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:06:20
12Antoine Bouchard (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:06:40
13William Dumas (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:07:03
14Jean-Cristophe Desrosiers (Can) CVM Val-David0:07:24
15William G. Tremblay (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:07:27
16Olivier Lapointe (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:07:49
17Alexis Tremblay-Roussel (Can) IGA Lambert/ACDA0:08:06
18Édouard Reed-Metayer (Can) Indépendant0:09:24
19Francis Cardinal (Can) CVM Val-David0:09:42
20Benjamin Boucher (Can) Vélo St-Joseph0:09:45
21Gabriel Sarrazin (Can) CVM Val-David0:09:49
22Thomas Gauthier (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:10:39
23Éric-Alexandre Girard (Can) Acidose Lactique0:10:44
24William Verreault (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:11:16
25Tristan Boucher (Can) CVM Val-David0:12:07
26Sasha VanderBellen (Can) CVM Val-David0:12:20
27Bastien Simard (Can) Club cycliste Charlevoix0:12:34
28Riccardo Durisotti (Can) Centre du Vélo Mascouche0:12:36
29Marc-Antoine Boivin-Martel (Can) Acidose Lactique0:12:39
30Félix-Antoine Vézina (Can) Caron & Guay-TVA-MSA0:13:09
31Jean-Simon Carrier (Can) Cyclone dAlma0:14:11
32Anthony Flageol (Can) Le Yéti0:14:14
33Philippe Lamarre (Can) CVM Val-David0:14:16
34Philippe Ratte (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:14:55
35Nicolas Thibeault (Can) Kona Bio-Max0:15:57
36Nicolas Venne (Can) CCVM Evolution0:16:17
37Jean-Philippe Parent (Can)0:17:19
38Samuel Moreau (Can) Caron & Guay-TVA-MSA0:18:57
39Billy Picard (Can) Baiecycle0:19:19

Minime Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marine Lewis (Can) Kona Bio-Max0:46:09
2Marie Corriveau (Can) Caron & Guay-TVA-MSA0:01:46
3Rachel St-Amand (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:04:17
4Amélie Simard (Can) Caron & Guay-TVA-MSA0:05:03
5Kayla Morin-Blanchette (Can) CVM Val-David0:06:22
6Judith Desmeules (Can) Club cycliste Charlevoix0:06:36
7Elodie Bernier (Can) Club cycliste Charlevoix0:07:36
8Emily Thomas (Can) Coach Chris/Ted Velikonja0:10:16
9Sabrina Bureau (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:12:58
10Ann Gibbs (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:13:57
11Luce Anne Desmeules (Can) Club cycliste Charlevoix0:15:12
DNFAnne Lehoux (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik
DNFCatherine Hamel (Can) Acidose Lactique
DNSAnne-Julie Tremblay (Can) Acidose Lactique
DNSFlorence Claveau (Can) Acidose Lactique

Pee Wee Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Victor Verreault (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:30:13
2Xavier Morin (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:00:05
3Antoine Belanger-Rannou (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:01:45
4Cedrick Cantin (Can) Vélo Extrême St-Raymond0:01:54
5Frédéric Bergeron (Can) Vélogamik0:02:44
6Olivier Lévesque (Can) Acidose Lactique0:02:48
7Jean-Nicolas Pomerleau (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:03:02
8Gabriel Lauzière (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:03:03
9Tony Lampron (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:03:16
10Émile Perreault (Can) Accro Vélo Val-dOr0:03:48
11Francis Fortin (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:04:17
12Michel-Olivier Boivin (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:04:20
13Maxime Fortier (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:04:22
14Pierre-Luc Girard (Can) Acidose Lactique0:04:33
15Félix Longpré (Can) Caron & Guay-TVA-MSA0:04:38
16David Harvey (Can)0:05:06
17Yohan Foucard (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:05:43
18Philippe Truchon (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:05:44
19Joé Morin (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:05:56
20Antoine Lauzière (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:06:01
21Mathieu Comeau (Can) Caron & Guay-TVA-MSA0:06:07
22Nicolas Germain (Can) CVM Val-David0:06:44
23Antony Pomerleau (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:07:59
24Charles St-Pierre (Can) Vélo Extrême St-Raymond0:08:23
25Mathieu Tremblay (Can)0:08:42
26Philippe St-Laurent (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:09:24
27Philippe Bourget (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:10:23
28Jérémy Flageol (Can) Le Yéti0:11:22
29Félix Maltais (Can) La Cordée Plein Air0:12:59
30Simon Fichault (Can)0:12:59
31Alex Ratte (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:14:39
32Charles-Elliott Bureau (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:15:04
33Raphaël Bouchard (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:21:57
DNFElie Sarrazin (Can) CVM Val-David
DNFBenjamin Morin (Can) CCS/Dalbix

Pee Wee Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ariane Lewis (Can) Kona Bio-Max0:32:24
2Jasmine Fortin (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:01:12
3Matilde Bouillon (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:01:21
4Sophianne Samson (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:01:51
5Alyson Côté-Laforest (Can) Charlevoix0:05:17
6Raphaëlle Sylvain (Can) Charlevoix0:07:16
7Mireille Larose-Gingras (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:12:02
8Virginie Lavoie (Can) Charlevoix0:15:56
9Roxane Vermette (Can) Caron & Guay-TVA-MSA0:21:00
DNSNatasha Villeneuve (Can)

Cadet men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Marc-Antoine Nadon (Can) Team Ontario-Hardwood0:55:14
2Alexandre Vialle (Can) CVM Val-David0:01:05
3Patrick Martin (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:01:35
4Yohan Patry (Can)0:02:29
5Nicolas Bauret (Can) Acidose Lactique0:02:37
6Vincent Belhumeur (Can) Specialized0:02:43
7Francis Roy (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:04:40
8Pierre-Olivier Veillette (Can) Acidose Lactique0:05:01
9Merlin Dallaire (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:05:24
10Jean-Daniel Boily (Can) Indépendant0:05:48
11Julien Gagné (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:06:35
12Jean-Sébastien Parent (Can) Vélo Plein-Air0:06:54
13Philippe Robidoux (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:06:57
14Gabriel Thibeault (Can) Kona Bio-Max0:07:39
15Emmanuel Dépault (Can)0:07:57
16Gabriel Lafontaine (Can) Kona Bio-Max0:08:28
17Pier-Luc Boivin (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:08:38
18Daniel Martel (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:08:50
19Alexandre Tremblay (Can) Acidose Lactique0:08:56
20Anthony Barrette (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:09:13
21Charles-Antoine Beaudry (Can) Skinouk-VDM0:09:17
22Cédric Herrmann (Can) Caron & Guay-TVA-MSA0:09:31
23William Naisby (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:09:44
24Thomas Tremblay (Can) Acidose Lactique0:09:55
25Félix Hamel (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:09:55
26Dominic Bolatre (Can) Indépendant0:09:57
27Frederic Pomerleau (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:11:10
28Elliot Barthe (Can) Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)0:11:15
29Félix Robitaille (Can) CCS/Dalbix0:12:04
30Matthew Turcotte (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:12:42
31Jacob Côté (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:12:46
32Frédéric Lemieux (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle0:12:53
33Alexis Buisson (Can) Kona Bio-Max0:13:05
34Mathieu Giguère (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:13:54
35Tommy Simard (Can) Charlevoix0:14:07
36Samuel Lalancette (Can) Acidose Lactique0:14:28
37Noriko Leger (Can) CVM Val-David0:14:37
38Jules-Vincent Tremblay (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:14:50
39Guillaume Normandeau (Can) Indépendant0:15:30
40Charles Fichault (Can) CVM Val-David0:16:29
41Yannick Morin-Blanchette (Can) CVM Val-David0:16:46
42David Fugère (Can) Vélo Plein-Air0:17:26
43Nicolas Buisson (Can) Kona Bio-Max0:18:38
44Simon Claveau (Can) Acidose Lactique0:18:45
45Antoine Gill (Can) CVM Subway-Génétik0:19:03
46Philippe Hudon (Can) Club cycliste Charlevoix0:20:19
47Jean-Christophe Desmarais (Can) CVM Val-David0:21:17
48Viktor Touchette Lebel (Can) Beauport0:22:47
49Francis Labelle (Can) CVM Val-David0:23:50
50Frédéric Gzasson (Can)0:25:25
51Philippe Ménard0:26:12
52Marc-Antoine St-Onge (Can) Sportif Bromont0:27:08
53Alexandre Déry (Can) Lessard Bicycles0:29:04
54Alexandre Legault (Can)0:35:15
DNFSamuel Harrisson (Can)
DNFWilliam Larosa-Verdon (Can) Caron & Guay-TVA-MSA
DNFGrégory Lane (Can) CCVM Evolution
DNFDavid Bouchard (Can) Charlevoix
DNFCharles-Étienne Gregoire (Can) CCVM Evolution
DNFAntoine Perreault (Can) CVM Val-David

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