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McConnell and Henderson win Thredbo cross country

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Bec Henderson wins the elite women's crosss country race

Bec Henderson wins the elite women's crosss country race (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Dan McConnell wins the elite men's cross country race.

Dan McConnell wins the elite men's cross country race. (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Jenni King topped the elite women's cross country podium for the Australian National Series

Jenni King topped the elite women's cross country podium for the Australian National Series (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Cameron Ivory topped the elite men's cross country podium for the Australian National Series

Cameron Ivory topped the elite men's cross country podium for the Australian National Series (Image credit: Russell Baker)

Jenny King and Cameron Ivory finished off an excellent season of racing with podium finishes in Moama to be crowned the 2014 Australian National Mountain Bike cross country series winners on Saturday in Moama.

The final round of the series presented by Mountain Bike Australia saw racing action for the cross country taking place in a brand new mountain bike park built on the banks of the Murray river. The unique track is shorter and faster than most in Australia, delivering exciting racing across all classes.

Elite men

In the elite men's racing, lead riders stayed together in a tight bunch for the first two laps, but it wouldn't take long for the true class of two-time Olympian Dan McConnell to come the fore. McConnell broke away on lap 3 and would never look back. McConnell proceeded to extend his lead for each of the last five laps. In many ways, it was just another day at the office for the seasoned professional who is now a cut above the rest.

"The race was fast at the start, and on lap 3 I felt fairly good and a few gaps started to appear," said McConnell. "I got away for a little bit and was able to settle in and enjoy myself on the fun and flowy trails." McConnell was second in the World Cup Series last year, and he's feeling good about 2014. "To win by as much as I did, I'm pretty happy, the form seems to be coming good with good time to the first World Cup so it's promising."

Cameron Ivory placed second outright today after a strong battle with Michael Crosbie in the early laps and Adrian Jackson would take third.

Ivory's second place would secure him the series title. The understated rider, who is still riding in the under 23 category, wasn't expecting to win. "I'm a little bit surprised - and very pleased." He has an eye on the nationals in two weeks. "I can't wait for the national championships, I need to work on a few things before then, but I'm counting down the days."

Elite women

The elite women's field was one of the best fields assembled in recent years. Racing fast from the start-line a star-studded lead group formed instantly - Bec Henderson, Peta Mullens, Tory Thomas, Jenny King and Rowena Fry.

There was some position swapping, but it wouldn't be until the fourth lap that there was a decisive move by the pair of Henderson and Mullens to separate and stay away.

On lap 5, Henderson attempted to power away for the win but was caught by Mullens who would then lead for most of the last lap. In the end though, it would be Henderson who would retake the lead on the last fireroad and hold that position in a hard finish-straight sprint to record another win.

Henderson said, "It was a tough race, there was absolutely no rest having all the best riders in Australia here. It was also a really tactical race, you have to be careful not to blow out as it's actually quite a long."

Jenni King was the 2012 series winner, and she delivered the goods again across the races in 2014 to win the title again. "Today was a bit touch and go, I think it was on the third last lap, I noticed my rear tyre was going flat but I got a quick change and managed to still finish fourth, it was good to have a consistent series."

Other categories

In the under 19 action, recently crowned New Zealand U19 National Champion Ben Oliver brought his excellent form to Australia to take the win in the men's, and versatile rider Ellie Wale took the win for the under 19 women.

Full Results

Elite and U23 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Daniel McConnell1:52:50
2Cameron Ivory*0:03:14
3Adrian Jackson0:03:48
4Mark Tupalski0:03:57
5Ben Forbes*0:04:18
6Michael Crosbie*0:05:10
7Nicholas Morgan0:05:19
8Brendan Johnston0:07:03
9Scott Bowden*0:07:25
10Chris Hamilton*0:07:51
11Shaun Lewis0:08:19
12Tristan Ward*0:08:24
13Murray Spink0:09:11
14Travis Frisby
15Ethan Kelly*0:09:32
16Tom Goddard*0:09:55
17John Groves0:10:33
18Steven Cusworth0:10:34
19Warrack Leach0:10:56
20Brendan Adair*0:11:16
21Tasman Nankervis*0:11:44
22Lachlan Paton0:11:56
23Matthew Molan0:12:53
24Kyle Ward*0:13:57
25Aiden Stewart0:15:36
-1lapBen Bradley*
-2lapsAlexander Meyland*
-3lapsRussell Nankervis*
-3lapsSamuel Barnden*
-3lapsJack Lavis*
-3lapsSid Taberlay
-4lapsLiam Harland*
-5lapsJacob Sutherland
DNFSebastian Jayne*
DNFWilliam Geor
DNFNathan Oman*
DNSAndrew Blair
DNSJack Haig*

Elite and U23 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Henderson1:39:27
2Peta Mullens0:00:01
3Tory Thomas0:00:47
4Jenni King0:00:54
5Rowena Fry0:04:10
6Sarah Riley0:04:17
7Rebecca Locke0:04:23
8Melissa Anset0:04:24
9Holly Harris*0:04:25
10Therese Rhodes0:06:20
11April McDonough0:06:44
12Karen Hill0:09:07
13Kelly Bartlett0:10:36
14Emily Parkes*0:11:15
15Katie Chancellor0:15:58
DNFRenata Bucher
DNFEmma Colson

U19 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Oliver1:03:43
2David Ashby-Coventry0:00:01
3Reece Tucknott0:00:02
4Jayden Ward0:00:29
5Felix Smalley0:00:47
6Michael Potter0:00:56
7Callum Carson0:01:01
8Luke Brame0:01:28
9Mitchell Greenway0:01:29
10Harrison Ernst0:01:57
11Alex Lack0:02:38
12Bryan Dunkin0:03:24
13Foley Lachal0:03:38
14Tom Green0:04:02
15Liam Jeffries0:05:00
16Dean Madden0:09:06
17Jack Booth0:11:19
18Mitchell Dosser0:17:19
DNFFoley Lachal

U19 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ellie Wale1:03:15
2Sara Mills0:01:57

U17 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Isaac Buckell0:53:13
2Oliver Armstrong0:00:10
3Dylan McKenna0:00:11
4Michael Harris0:00:18
5Samuel McNaughton0:02:13
6Jack Feltham0:02:34
7Ben Walkerden0:03:13
8Riley Morgan0:04:22
9Ayden Venturin0:07:43
10Joshua Sullivan0:07:53
11Lex Bounds0:08:03
12Jasper Albrecht0:08:48

U17 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mikayla Wolfe1:04:13
2Ebony Tanzen0:13:35

U15 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cameron Wright0:40:17
2Ben Metcalfe0:00:27
3Jarrah Forrer0:01:03
4Matthew Dinham0:03:07
5Samuel Buckell0:09:12
6Mitchell Thompson0:12:16
DNFJoshua Tanzen

U15 women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Zoe Cuthbert0:49:39
2Teagan Atherstone0:04:31
3Amy Jackson0:09:32
4Sabrina Ernst0:17:08

Elite men final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cameron Ivory*168pts
2Daniel McConnell160
3Michael Crosbie*151
4Jared Graves145
5Mark Tupalski129
6Adrian Jackson113
7Brendan Johnston104
8Ben Forbes*87
9Nicholas Morgan67
10Kyle Ward*62
11Andrew Blair57
12Travis Frisby55
13Shaun Lewis54
14Chris Hamilton*51
15Scott Bowden*50
15Shaun Lewis50
17Murray Spink41
18Craig Cooke32
19Tristan Ward*30
20Dylan Cooper29
20John Groves29
22Ethan Kelly*27
22Tom Goddard*27
24Sam Chancellor22
25Russell Nankervis*19
26Ben Bradley*18
26Steven Cusworth18
28Matthew Molan17
28Warrack Leach17
30Daniel Braunsteins16
31Brendan Adair*15
32Jason Lowndes*14
32Sebastian Jayne*14
34Lachlan Paton13
34Todd Lorenz13
36Lucas Sproson10
36Samuel Barnden*10
36Tasman Nankervis*10
39Alexander Meyland*8
39Glen Sinnott8
39Sid Taberlay8
42Christopher Aitken*7
43Aiden Stewart6
43Michael England6
45Jack Allison*5
45Jack Lavis*5
45Landon Arthur5
48Jacob Sutherland4
48Liam Harland*
50Declan Wharton*

Elite women final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jenni King193pts
2Tory Thomas175
3Rebecca Henderson160
4Peta Mullens120
5Sarah Riley105
6Rowena Fry86
7Karen Hill84
8Melissa Anset77
9Emily Parkes*60
9Therese Rhodes60
11Kelly Bartlett56
12Rebecca Locke55
13Jodie Willett48
14April McDonough40
15Anna Beck33
15Jenny Fay33
15Katie Chancellor33
18Eliza Kwan29
19Holly Harris*25
19Ruth Corset25
21Jessica Douglas19
21Sarah Holmes19

U19 men final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mitchell Greenway185pts
2Reece Tucknott175
3Jayden Ward139
4Michael Potter136
5Liam Jeffries129
6Felix Smalley106
7Callum Carson104
8Luke Brame87
9Ben Oliver80
10David Ashby-Coventry65
11Harrison Ernst64
12Simon Harrington58
13Tom Green48
14Jack Booth46
15Alex Lack40
16Cosi Hofman32
17Jonathon Dahl30
18Jonathon Noble22
19Bryan Dunkin19
19David Bleakley19
19Josh Hooton19
22Tynan Cox18
23Dean Madden15
23Foley Lachal15
25Shane VanLuenen14
26Ben Lack13
26Brendan Rose13
26Mitchell Dosser13
29Jet Turner12

U19 women final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ellie Wale215pts
2Sara Mills195
3Sarah Tucknott80

U17 men final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Isaac Buckell208pts
2Ben Walkerden168
3Dylan Mckenna158
4Samuel McNaughton124
5Kian Lerch-Mackinnon120
6Oliver Armstrong108
7Jack Feltham86
8Jasper Albrecht56
9Riley Morgan54
10Michael Denton48
10Michael Harris48
12Ayden Venturin45
13Lex Bounds38
14Josh Battye33
14Nick Pedler33
16Luke Pankhurst29
17Connor Rose25
18Adam Blazevic22
18Joshua Sullivan22
18Sean Maggs22
21Griff Knight20
22Joel Kristensen17
22Oliver Gibson17
24Bryce Penno16

U17 women final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ebony Tanzen210pts
2Mikayla Wolfe160

U15 men final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cameron Wright240pts
2Jarrah Forrer175
3Matthew Dinham131
4Ben Metcalfe120
5Samuel Buckell101
6Joshua Tanzen86
7Callum Inglis68
8Charlie Brodie48
9Jake Sedgman43
10Mitchell Thompson38
11Charlie Todd33
11Robert Allison33
13Johl Basso29
13Tristan Miller29
15Thomas Gibson25
16Alexander Matthews22
16Joshua Markham22
18Nohah Dayman20
19Oliver Beaumont19

U15 women final standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Zoe Cuthbert240pts
2Teagan Atherstone195
3Amy Jackson165
4Sally Potter96
5Sabrina Ernst48
6Grace Upton Jones43

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