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Ivory and Fry win eliminator final round at Australian National Series

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Emily Parkes topped the elite women's series podium for the eliminator

Emily Parkes topped the elite women's series podium for the eliminator (Image credit: Russell Baker)
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Cameron Ivory topped the elite men's podium for the eliminator series

Cameron Ivory topped the elite men's podium for the eliminator series (Image credit: Russell Baker)

Moama Mountain Bike park served up perfect eliminator action to a large crowd gathered on the banks of Murray River in Southern NSW.  At the end of the day, Cameron Ivory and Rowena Fry won the final round of racing while Ivory and Emily Parkes took top honors in the overall series.

Elite men

The elite men's racing was fast and furious, and four riders in the final attacked the first climb together as a group: Cameron Ivory, Nicholas Morgan, Sebastian Jayne and Ben Forbes.

The four riders raced wheel on wheel throughout, and a massive sprint started when riders first saw the finish line. Ivory would back up yesterday's series win to take both today's eliminator race and the national series for the elite men.

A modest Ivory reflected on taking the series win in both the eliminator and cross country formats. "I'm a little bit surprised again, I'm quite happy," said Ivory. "It's a huge step up for me. It's the year to do it with Commonwealth Games selections, and also I'm aiming for a spot on the world championships team."

Elite women

The elite women's racing featured former short track national champion Rowena Fry, Olympian Rebecca Henderson and young guns Emily Parkes and Holly Harris.

Fry and Parkes established a lead early and would battle it out around the course, but in a finish line sprint, Fry would hold out Parkes for the win.

Parkes took second in every round of the series in amazingly close racing and her performance today secured her the national series title

"It's fantastic to take the win, it's great motivation to take into the national champs," said Parkes, who enjoys the eliminator discipline. "I like the close racing, the competitiveness and the courses are usually pretty technical."

Russ Baker, President of Mountain Bike Australia, said, "It's been a successful 2014 series. I'd like to thank all of the riders for supporting MTBA in running the series for them. It has provided an excellent platform for both our developing riders and those heading overseas to international competition."


Elite men
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Cameron Ivory
2Nicholas Morgan
3Sebastian Jayne
4Ben Forbes
5Daniel McConnell
6Matthew Molan
7Luke Brame
8Bryan Dunkin

Elite women
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Rowena Fry
2Emily Parkes
3Rebecca Henderson
4Holly Harris
5Zoe Cuthbert
6Sara Mills
7Dora Bettridge
8Jennifer Enderby

U17 men
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Samuel McNaughton
2Jarrah Forrer
3Ben Walkerden
4Dylan McKenna
5Jack Feltham
DNSBen Metcalfe
DNSJoshua Sullivan
DNSOliver Armstrong

Elite men final series results
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cameron Ivory185pts
2Daniel McConnell123
3Sebastian Jayne93
4Luke Brame91
5Felix Smalley79
6Connor Mackne69
7Jack Lavis66
8Andrew Blair65
8Cameron Ryan65
8Nicholas Morgan65
11Jason Lowndes63
12Liam Jeffries61
12Tristan Ward61
14Michael Potter57
15Jack Lamshed55
16Ben Forbes48
16Samuel Barnden48
18Benjamin Dengate47
18Reece Tucknott47
20Andrew Choma45
21Cosi Hofman43
21Scott Bowden43
23Matthew McCorkell38
23Matthew Molan38
25Christopher Aitken37
26Kyle Ward30
27Bryan Dunkin29
27Shaun Lewis29
29Jack Booth28
30Jack Allison25
30Thomas Crimmins25
32Todd Lorenz19
33Jonathon Noble18
33Tom Goddard18
35Alex Lack14
35Callum Kidney14
35Dean Madden14
35Ethan Kelly14
35Foley Lachal14
35Jayden Ward14
35Jet Turner14
35Lachlan Paton14
35Russell Nankervis14
44Brendan Rose12
45Adrian Jackson6
45Andrew Mock6
45Brendan Johnston6
45Callum Carson6
45Tom Green6
45William Geor6

Elite women final series results
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Parkes185pts
2Rowena Fry160
3Rebecca Henderson135
4Zoe Cuthbert114
5Sara Mills100
6Jennifer Enderby76
7Sarah Holmes65
8Kelly Bartlett56
9Jenny Fay55
10Sally Potter54
11Holly Harris48
11Philippa Rostan48
11Sarah Tucknott48
14Brodie Chapman43
14Jaclyn Schapel43
16Dora Bettridge33
17Ebony Tanzen25
18April McDonough18
18Karen Hill18
18Peta Mullens18

U17 men final series results
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dylan Mckenna193pts
2Ben Walkerden175
3Jackson Frew98
4Jarrah Forrer90
5Isaac Buckell80
5Samuel McNaughton80
7Jasper Albrecht76
8Kian Lerch-Mackinnon68
9Jack Feltham61
10Riley Morgan58
11Ayden Venturin50
11Cameron Wright50
13Charlie Brodie48
13Nick Pedler48
15Callum Inglis43
15Lex Bounds43
17Ben Metcalfe38
17Matthew Dinham38
19Joshua Sullivan33
19Oliver Armstrong33
21Connor Rose29
21Luke Pankhurst29
23Michael Harris25
24Joshua Markham22
25Johl Basso20
26Nohah Dayman19
27Charlie Todd18
27Joshua Tanzen18
27Louis McKenna18
30Tristan Miller14
31Samuel Buckell13

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