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Logie and Mather triump in marathon challenge

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Ben Mather and Heather Logie pose in their new national championships jerseys.

Ben Mather and Heather Logie pose in their new national championships jerseys. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Shaun Lewis and Jason English on the course.

Shaun Lewis and Jason English on the course. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Take your pick!

Take your pick! (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Heather Logie takes on some fluid during the race.

Heather Logie takes on some fluid during the race. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Jodie Willett fills up her bottle en route to second place.

Jodie Willett fills up her bottle en route to second place. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Ben Mather celebrates as he crosses the line first.

Ben Mather celebrates as he crosses the line first. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Ben Mather was pretty pumped after winning the elite men's Australian marathon title.

Ben Mather was pretty pumped after winning the elite men's Australian marathon title. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Heather Logie crossed the line wearing a smile and ready for a rest.

Heather Logie crossed the line wearing a smile and ready for a rest. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Ben Mather pops the lid on celebrations.

Ben Mather pops the lid on celebrations. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Heather Logie managed a quick smile during the long race.

Heather Logie managed a quick smile during the long race. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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The refreshment areas were kept busy throughout the event.

The refreshment areas were kept busy throughout the event. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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A rider stops for a refreshment during the event.

A rider stops for a refreshment during the event. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Riders get ready to roll away at the start of the championships.

Riders get ready to roll away at the start of the championships. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Troy Glennan finds it's a lonely road to 18th place.

Troy Glennan finds it's a lonely road to 18th place. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Riders set out on the course together, but it didn't take long before the group was reduced.

Riders set out on the course together, but it didn't take long before the group was reduced. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Riders start to string out as the course heads uphill.

Riders start to string out as the course heads uphill. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Troy Glennan out of the saddle on his way to 18th place.

Troy Glennan out of the saddle on his way to 18th place. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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One of the Merida-Flight Centre riders leads a group.

One of the Merida-Flight Centre riders leads a group. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Ben Mather keeps his mind on the job.

Ben Mather keeps his mind on the job. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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Riders climb through a section of the course.

Riders climb through a section of the course. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)
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The top five riders in the men's category pose on the podium.

The top five riders in the men's category pose on the podium. (Image credit: Cameron Wells)

On a course that many described as the toughest in Australia, a touch of luck and impressive technical helped Tasmania's Ben Mather and Canberra's Heather Logie reign supreme at the 2010 Nemisis Australian Mountain Bike Marathon Championships in Avoca.

A last minute entry into the event, Mather made a bold move to go out hard from the outset and looked too strong for the remainder of the field in the early stages of the race.

Winning the King of the Mountain on the first climb and extending his lead to over three minutes at the half way point, Mather looked to have the race sewn up.

A first time rider on the course, the 28-year-old looked to his road cycling experience to put him ahead of the pack. "I went out from the gun up the first hill and took the King of the Mountain. I didn't realise I had the form but I thought I would just keep going and see how it panned out," Mather said.

"I hadn't been here before to have a look at the course. But listening to a few of the guys, they knew it was harder than a lot of the other courses, so I thought I was in for a tough one.

"They also mentioned that there was a lot of gravel road. I tend to go alright on the gravel tracks, so I went out hard knowing that whatever time I could get up on them on the road makes it harder for them to bring back in the hills."

But as predicted the hills became a sticking point for Mather. The Tasmanian resorted to travel by foot in sections of the final 40km, providing the chance for Sydney's Peter Hatton to take the lead.

After pushing out to a three-minute lead and approaching on 90km over an agonizing four hours, a cruel twist of fate saw Hatton suffer a flat tyre on the final descent which him the victory.

Fighting all the way, Mather recovered to finish the eventual winner in a time of four hours, 40 minutes and 58 seconds . Hatton held on to finish second (4:44:09) ahead of 2006 world 24-hour solo champion Craig Gordon (4:44:25).

"Peter (Hatton) caught me at the 60km mark and by the last feed station he had put about two or three minutes into me," Mather said. "I got lucky, Peter got a flat tyre coming down the last big descent.

"He probably deserved to win, but that is the luck of the draw with mountain biking. I have had my fair share of bad luck, so it's great to have a little bit of good luck my way."

In the women's event, after working out to a considerable lead in the first half of the race, Logie held off a mid-race challenge from Sydney's Jenny Fay to take out the national championship in five hours, 53 minutes and 41 seconds. Queensland's Jodie Willett fought on to finish second (5:57:23), with Fay the eventual third place getter (6:13:08).

Defying her expectations and an aching body, an impressive display of technical skill helped an ecstatic Logie to victory.

"This was one of the toughest 100km races I have ever done," the 31-year-old said.

"It started getting steep and sketchy and all I could think was that there was a lot more of the same to come and I needed to save something. It didn't feel like there was much in the legs and I was in the suffer box for a while there.

"I had Jenny Fay making me work really hard during the middle stages of the race. She was incredibly strong, really impressive on the hills and motoring on. For a while there I thought it was hers to be honest.

"I am so excited with myself because I think today it was a bit of technical skill that bridge the gap which for me is unheard of. There was a section of single track where I dropped her and I didn't see her again."

The event doubled as the 2010 Nemisis Marathon Challenge, a mass participation event that saw over 600 riders take on the 93km, 45km, 33km and 15km course options.

Each of the riders wore rainbow shoelaces on their shoes, helmets and wrists in memory of former 24-hour solo World Champion James Williamson, who passed away in South Africa last month and in support of his chosen charity Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation which promotes organ and tissue donation awareness.

Full Results

Elite men - 93.1km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Mather (Aus)4:40:58
2Peter Hatton (Aus)0:03:11
3Craig Gordon (Aus)0:03:27
4Jason English (Aus)0:07:11
5Shaun Lewis (Aus)0:08:47
6Adrian Jackson (Aus)0:17:13
7Matthew Fleming (Aus)0:18:49
8Phillip Orr (Aus)0:23:05
9Steele Von Hoff (Aus)0:39:01
10Michael Smith (Aus)0:45:15
11Matt Molan (Aus)0:47:21
12Peter Kutschera (Aus)0:48:13
13David Johnston (Aus)0:49:42
14Paul Randell (Aus)0:50:20
15Merlin Spranz (Aus)0:50:45
16Peter Butt (Aus)0:50:56
17Mark Tupalski (Aus)0:53:03
18Troy Glennan (Aus)0:54:10
19Graeme Arnott (Aus)0:55:22
20Grant Lebbink (Aus)1:01:40
21Joel Read (Aus)1:02:32
22Craig Borham (Aus)1:05:54
23James Peaock (Aus)1:06:26
24Scott Chancellor (Aus)1:08:06
25Julien Wicks (Aus)1:08:39
26Pat Howard (Aus)1:10:00
27Daniel Strauss (Aus)1:17:44
28Joel Donney (Aus)1:20:47
29Ben Henderson (Aus)1:20:55
30Sam Chancellor (Aus)1:21:34
31Matt Ligtermoet (Aus)1:23:39
32Ash Thomas (Aus)1:40:25
33Karri Golding (Aus)1:56:47
34James Lechte (Aus)2:31:18
35Daniel Doherty (Aus)2:49:55
36Matt Swann (Aus)2:49:57
37Stephen Van Dyke (Aus)3:07:36
38Lauchlan Stewart (Aus)
DNFMurray Spink (Aus)
DNFJack Lamshed (Aus)
DNFBen Randall (Aus)
DNFJames Devonshire (Aus)
DNFJohn Blankenstein (Aus)
DNSNick Both (Aus)
DNSJarrod Moroni (Aus)
DNSDean Jones (Aus)
DNSMark Fenner (Aus)
DNSBrad Tuohy (Aus)
DNSCraig Storey (Aus)

Elite women - 93.1km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Heather Logie (Aus)5:53:41
2Jodie Willett (Aus)0:03:42
3Jenny Fay (Aus)0:19:27
4Tory Thomas (Aus)0:41:09
5Vanina Vergoz (Fra)1:07:34
DNFNaomi Williams (Aus)
DNFMelissa Vandewater (Aus)
DNFNaomi Hansen (Aus)
DNSPeta Mullens (Aus)
DNSJessica Douglas (Aus)
DNSBianca Mauch (Aus)

Open men - 93.1km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Simon Thompson (Aus)5:32:29
2Tim Calkins (Aus)0:42:27
3Steven Hanley SS (Aus)0:43:08
4Andras Nagy (Aus)0:50:07
5Stuart White (Aus)0:51:19
6Warren Faneco (Aus)0:54:01
7Neil Bennett (Aus)0:57:35
8David MacDonald (Aus)1:04:33
9Matthew Zagorski (Aus)1:10:01
10Tim Corbett (Aus)1:16:34
11Peter Malcolm (Aus)1:32:16
12Simon Easy (Aus)1:35:08
13Duncan McLean (Aus)1:35:49
14Alistair McDonald Rigid SS (Aus)1:43:36
15David Collins (Aus)1:44:46
16Nicholas Edwards (Aus)1:47:24
17Phil Bickerdike (Aus)1:56:03
18Adam Kelly (Aus)1:57:00
19Cang Nguyen (Aus)2:07:13
20Matthew Turner (Aus)2:12:43
21Craig Lawn (Aus)2:20:36
22Andrew Gogos (Aus)2:35:49
23Tim Bigarelli (Aus)2:57:39
24Sean Hurley (Aus)
25Simon Mason (Aus)
26Chris Bennett (Aus)
27Lee Gratton (Aus)
28Vu Long (Aus)
29Frederico Panise (Aus)
30Dallas McDonald (Aus)
31Graeme Taylor (Aus)
32Bill Crilis (Aus)
33David Vo (Aus)
34Douglas Allan (Aus)
DNFTim Rowe (Aus)
DNSSam Harvey (Aus)

Open women - 93.1km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Vanessa Frazer (Aus)6:45:31
2Felicity Wardlaw (Aus)1:14:13
3Nicole Jeffries (Aus)1:25:37
4Crystal Petersen (Aus)1:27:02
5Kath Copland (Aus)1:25:15
6Jane Hutchinson (Aus)1:47:49
7Katie Chancellor (Aus)2:00:04

Veteran men - 93.1km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristjan Snorrason (Aus)5:32:05
2Aaron Knight (Aus)0:00:46
3Marcus Bourne (Aus)0:01:05
4Paul McEntee (Aus)0:05:21
5Reece Stephenss (Aus)0:07:05
6Ashley Hayat (Aus)0:18:55
7Duncan Murray (Aus)0:19:15
8Mark Thompson (Aus)0:19:56
9Sam Maffett (Aus)0:21:16
10Andrew Bell (Aus)0:21:30
11Ollie Klein (Aus)0:25:41
12Stuart Brown (Aus)0:25:58
13Rian Douglas (Aus)0:26:39
14Jason Jackson (Aus)0:29:44
15Tom MacMunn (Aus)0:34:29
16Tim Ferres (Aus)0:35:30
17Christian Caceres (Aus)0:47:35
18Troy Bailey (Aus)0:49:15
19Ivan Kallaur (Aus)0:51:08
20Andrew Brockway (Aus)0:51:15
21James Deane (Aus)0:55:25
22Mark Simpson (Aus)0:55:42
23Alistair Miller (Aus)1:00:29
24Clinton Lemaitre (Aus)1:00:33
25Matt Tait (Aus)1:03:38
26Jason Halls (Aus)1:06:14
27Alex Ramsey SS (Aus)1:08:41
28Julien Redmond (Aus)1:11:43
29Ben Szczesny (Aus)1:12:37
30James Pierce (Aus)1:18:01
31Stuart Morgan (Aus)1:18:06
32Craig Armour (Aus)1:18:37
33Ryan Hawson (Aus)1:21:51
34Craig Van Der Valk (Aus)1:25:57
35Steve Allen (Aus)1:33:48
36Mark Caldwell (Aus)1:36:53
37Kel Boers (Aus)1:36:55
38Gavin Piergrosse (Aus)1:38:07
39Nathan Wilson (Aus)1:39:03
40Mike Back (GBr)1:45:41
41Jason Archer (Aus)1:49:03
42James O’Keefe (Aus)1:51:45
43Geoff Kelly (Aus)1:53:24
44Craig Spry (Aus)1:54:34
45Anthony Breen (Aus)1:55:15
46Duane Meredith (Aus)2:03:08
47Gareth Williams (Aus)2:07:32
48Ben English (Aus)2:08:42
49Francis Jackson (Aus)2:09:41
50Benjamin Goodall (Aus)2:12:32
51Adam Griffiths (Aus)2:15:52
52Adam Fletcher (Aus)2:17:59
53Chris Baillie (Aus)2:18:44
54Tony Freijah (Aus)2:21:53
55Robin Harris (Aus)2:23:30
56Jeremy Redmond (Aus)2:26:13
57Matt Hand (Aus)2:29:10
58Andrew McPhee (Aus)2:29:57
59Michael Veal (Aus)2:32:17
60Brett Bradley (Aus)2:34:53
61Jason Finlay (Aus)2:34:59
62Adam Kelsall (Aus)2:35:32
63Jeremy Winfield (Aus)2:35:41
64Warren Nelson (Aus)2:36:16
65Troy Harding (Aus)2:40:50
66Dylan Reilly (Aus)2:40:52
67Dean Jeffery (Aus)2:42:49
68Rob Leeson (Aus)2:47:17
69Shannon Turner (Aus)2:47:33
70Kristian Smythe (Aus)2:54:03
71Drew Sutherland (Aus)2:58:08
72Peter Bell (Aus)3:02:08
73Chris Woodroffe (Aus)3:01:34
74Jason Quigley (Aus)
75Rorigo Azubel (Aus)
76David Samuel (Aus)
77Arends Juan (Aus)
78Aaron Rowe (Aus)
79Adam Bell (Aus)
80John Murphy (Aus)
81Steve Possingham (Aus)
82Anthony Rogan (Aus)
83Paul Durante (Aus)
84Bill Crowe (Aus)
DNFJames Brownlie (Aus)
DNFTim Harman (Aus)
DNFPaul Cubbin (Aus)
DNSTimothy Bateman (Aus)
DNSJames Aylmer (Aus)
DNSPaul Ripp (Aus)
DNSPaul Justus (Aus)
DNSKeith Middleton (Aus)
DNSCam Froomes (Aus)
DNSAaron Hill (Aus)

Veteran women - 93.1km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amity Czechowski (Aus)7:13:51
2Jo Williams (Aus)0:05:29
3Sam Reinhardt (Aus)0:22:45
4Tanya Wiggins (Aus)0:48:35
5Sandy Starkey (Aus)0:52:26
6Bec Caskey (Aus)1:19:16
7Jade Forsyth (Aus)1:22:02
8Sharon Marston (Aus)1:38:29
DNFHeidi Gratton (Aus)

Master men - 93.1km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Simon Knowles (Aus)5:22:13
2Scott Butler (Aus)0:05:40
3Brian John (Aus)0:15:54
4Justin Wornes (Aus)0:23:10
5David Rusden (Aus)0:29:19
6Tim McGrath (Aus)0:30:20
7Steve Peddle (Aus)0:37:37
8John Henderson (Aus)0:39:30
9Liam McCrory (Aus)0:40:00
10Tim McColl (Aus)0:40:25
11Tim Jamieson (Aus)1:02:12
12Jim Anthanasopoulous (Aus)1:07:53
13David Ruggero (Aus)1:08:27
14Lee Floyd (Aus)1:10:31
15Murray Brady (Aus)1:11:00
16Peter Cheesman (Aus)1:17:40
17Enrico Eberhart (Aus)1:19:32
18Martin Grannas (Aus)1:23:52
19Tim Acker (Aus)1:25:21
20Garry James (Aus)1:26:36
21Brendan Hills (Aus)1:27:20
22Matthew McGill (Aus)1:28:35
23David Scarlett (Aus)1:32:13
24Tim James (Aus)1:32:35
25John Wright (Aus)1:38:20
26Shaun Kinna (Aus)1:40:08
27Shaun Henchley (Aus)1:50:39
28Colin Rofe (Aus)2:05:31
29Barry Floyd (Aus)2:11:35
30David Herrewyn (Aus)2:25:20
31David Willems (Aus)2:26:27
32Anthony Caffry (Aus)2:28:11
33Pete Smith (Aus)2:30:54
34Alan Carpenter (Aus)2:33:14
35Neil Prosser (Aus)2:37:14
36James Hopping (Aus)2:37:52
37Michael Anderson (Aus)2:42:36
38Les Lindenburg (Aus)2:45:29
39Steve McKay (Aus)2:57:39
40Andy Symons (Aus)2:58:43
41Bill Taylor (Aus)3:06:11
42Andrew Hocking (Aus)
43Adrian Hocking (Aus)
44Garry Leed (Aus)
45Phillip Timpano (Aus)
46Christian Haidacher (Aus)
47Mike Pickavance (Aus)
48Gary Jeffries (Aus)
49Franco Cavalieri (Aus)
50Glen Wearne (Aus)
51Stefan Romiti (Aus)
52Craig Steen (Aus)
53Dean Jamieson (Aus)
54Darren Gannon (Aus)
DNFJohn Clews (Aus)
DNFCarl Maroney (Aus)
DNFMike Fitzpatrick (Aus)
DNFRichard Peil (Aus)
DNFDavid Gorrie (Aus)
DNSJonathan Cowan (Aus)
DNSJustin Prior (Aus)
DNSDavid Rusden 324 (Aus)
DNSAnthony Natoli (Aus)
DNSCam Morgan (Aus)
DNSBen Blackman (Aus)
DNSBrian McTaggart (Aus)
DNSIan Prosser (Aus)
DNSDarren Davis (Aus)

Master women - 93.1km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sue Thompson (Aus)7:14:44
2Meg Carrigan (Aus)0:12:43
3Jo Riley (Aus)0:46:35
4Catherine MacKay (Aus)1:20:58
5Thorlene Egerton (Aus)1:26:34

Super master men - 93.1km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Craig Peacock (Aus)5:47:22
2Roger Cull (Aus)0:11:26
3Hans Dielacher (Aus)0:30:32
4Neville George (Aus)0:42:47
5John Allison (Aus)0:57:13
6Malcolm Robertson (Aus)1:12:07
7Steve Chapman (Aus)1:14:04
8David Braddick (Aus)1:15:27
9Garry Lewis (Aus)1:23:11
10Dave McAlpin (Aus)1:47:11
11Kahn Franke (Aus)1:47:27
12Rowan Tatchell (Aus)1:48:32
13Peter Carr (Aus)1:56:47
14Brian Scarborough (Aus)1:57:04
15Greg Molesworth (Aus)2:05:56
16Walter Lederman (Aus)2:24:40
17David Mast (Aus)2:38:48
18Greg Lane (Aus)2:52:36
19Mike Claytor (Aus)3:05:12
DNSFinlay Luff (Aus)
DNSGregor Blair-Smith (Aus)
DNSFelice Scapin (Aus)
DNSPeter McWaters (Aus)
DNSMax Thorley (Aus)

Super Master women - 93.1km
#Rider Name (Country) Team
1Kay Haarsma (Aus)
2Carolyn Jackson (Aus)

Grand master men - 93.1km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kerry Ryan (Aus)7:05:35
2Colin O’Brien (Aus)0:39:46
DNFOwen Pahl (Aus)

Open men - 45km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh Fleming2:27:32
2Lee Burchell0:20:02
3Hayden Kerr0:20:18
4Mikkeli Godfree0:21:32
5Dale Boucher0:23:17
6Chris Carr0:26:49
7Ian Rolston0:30:10
8Jason Sim0:32:01
9Pat Fitzpatrick0:34:13
10Andrew Caithness0:34:34
11Robby Jennings0:34:42
12Jason Dennis0:37:35
13Jarrod Stonham0:41:40
14Steve Drake0:45:02
15Lincoln Fitzgerald0:46:13
16Paul Busscher0:46:49
17Richard Eisner0:47:54
18Barry King0:48:28
19Jase Finch0:49:13
20Peter Kennedy0:49:42
21Alan McCubbin0:50:27
22Brett Willoughby0:50:36
23Rod Browning0:50:38
24Stephen White0:53:10
25Paul Mathers0:54:21
26Andrew Sleeman0:54:28
27Andrew Low0:54:46
28Will Geor0:57:15
29Simon Payne0:59:00
30Gavin Prentice0:59:04
31Andrew Dunoon1:00:20
32Daniel Dujic1:00:37
33Karl Neumeister1:01:18
34Glenn Rea1:01:55
35Phillip Greenwood1:04:54
36Andrew Bos1:05:35
37Nicholas Deane1:06:13
38Michael Tyrrell1:06:54
39Steve McCabe1:06:59
40Stuart Allen1:07:25
41Stephen McGreesh1:09:13
42Peter Hart1:09:14
43Blair Hocking1:09:43
44Charles Read1:10:00
45Andrew Swann1:10:47
46Carl Voss1:11:43
47Michael Ranson1:12:06
48Jeremy Fitzwilliam1:12:12
49Peter Mayne1:13:47
50Wayne Buttie1:13:59
51Chris Quain1:14:00
52Rick Stillman1:14:26
53Greg Wright1:15:21
54Andrew Threlfall1:16:09
55Jeff Filip1:16:19
56David Worthy1:17:14
57Phil Vanderdrift1:19:01
58Jamie Solomons1:20:42
59Shane Wilson1:21:05
60Daniel Davies1:21:28
61James Oliver1:22:24
62Troy Kerno Kernaghan1:22:42
63Stuart Clarke1:22:50
64Mark Webber1:22:51
65Ifor Lucas1:25:44
66Russell Parsons1:25:47
67Geoff MacIlwain1:26:18
68Timmy Scarborough1:26:25
69Shane Curran1:26:32
70Evan Pennington1:27:00
71Mike Bigarelli1:27:16
72Paul Mascitti1:28:02
73Sam Foster1:28:05
74Garry Giles1:28:51
75Mark Southby1:29:01
76Brett Trace1:29:28
77Stephen Johnson1:30:53
78Paul Cheshire1:33:26
79Alastair Dawe1:33:43
80Nick Pile1:33:45
81Peter Neville1:34:16
82Andrew Herron1:35:31
83Craig Weaver1:35:56
84Phillip Evans1:36:12
85Henry Harlan1:36:22
86David Tannard1:37:11
87Stephen Gleeson1:37:15
88David Milella1:37:16
89Sam Tedesco1:38:07
90Robert Giles1:38:16
91Jason Cottam1:38:18
92Graeme Hill1:38:20
93Wayne Maher1:38:29
94Trevor Herinrich1:39:21
95Dean Grundell1:39:25
96David Kellett1:39:30
97Brad Allen1:40:16
98Tim Hart1:40:18
99Paul Reading1:40:52
100Fabien Giraud1:41:55
101Simon Boundy1:42:07
102Martin Watkins1:42:09
103Brett Dedman1:43:44
104Bill Vandendool1:46:20
105Stephen Fortuyn1:46:27
106Mark Kelley1:46:48
107Brian Fitzwilliam1:47:01
108Lucas Marsh1:47:51
109Clint Murrell1:48:03
110Michael Baker1:48:05
111David Ninnis1:50:07
112Andrew Price1:50:29
113Trent Dean1:51:44
114Simon Bonner1:52:34
115Marcus Bridle1:52:38
116Evan Sheppard1:52:51
117Frank Gasperic1:53:43
118Martin Savage1:54:17
119Chris O’Keefe1:55:49
120Craig Wallace1:56:19
121Damian Collins1:56:55
122Liam Barr1:57:58
123Ryan Annear1:59:48
124Peter Stapleton2:01:38
125Heath Christie2:02:28
126Chad Sully2:02:46
127Adam Roberts2:02:58
128Clint Beattie2:03:14
129Roger Ashburner2:05:12
130Keenan Rogers2:05:19
131Peter Gallagher2:08:00
132Bruce Whitling2:12:41
133Stuart MacQueen2:15:50
134Darren Flett 8222:16:44
135Tim Kemsley2:19:13
136Damien Royes2:21:38
137Andrew Stone2:22:21
138Alan Watson2:25:36
139David Graham2:27:40
140Nathan Weinrich2:35:12
141Paul Schifferle2:37:58
142Stephen Hook2:39:49
143Anthony Meyer2:40:18
144Shay Elkington2:43:34
145Andrew Woodroffe2:46:49
146Theo Howell2:52:15
147Mark Guy2:58:28
148James McLeish3:08:20
149James Prime3:08:22
150Riko Rakhmanto3:39:28
151Martin Mendoza3:41:20
152Damian Ryan3:52:14
153Adam Howlett3:53:05
154Roderick Heron3:53:26
DNSJarrod Biffin
DNSMichael Collins
DNSCraig Edwards
DNSChris Edwards
DNSDarryn Ellis
DNSSimon Gilbert
DNSBrett Jarvis
DNSDavid Lacey
DNSSean Penno
DNSRod Speakman
DNSScott Williams
DNSDarren Flett 801
DNSJames Kennedy
DNSRobert Faull

Open women - 45km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rebecca Locke3:03:14
2Lizzie Williams0:04:20
3Melissa Anset0:13:54
4Paula Ewing0:27:48
5Emma Drake0:31:14
6Shelley McColl0:41:14
7Nicole Walker0:55:18
8Deborah Richards0:58:51
9Sarah Butler1:00:37
10Monica Campi1:02:55
11Karen Stuart1:03:45
12Pia Larque1:32:23
13Annabel Brennan1:37:19
14Janette Brady1:40:10
15Kate List1:43:03
16Alissa Rogers1:51:55
17Belinda Travis1:56:05
18Jo Foley1:56:33
19Seton Walsh-Rose1:57:31
20Nicole Street1:59:27
21Lisa Bourne2:07:23
22Jo Hand2:13:04
23Amber Wood2:15:40
24Kristin Henriksson2:20:09
25Kim Leong2:24:37
26Cara Malzinskas3:40:20
DNSMichelle Grundell
DNSNicole Johnson
DNSCheryl Quirion

Under 18 men - 45km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Josh Sek2:50:40
2Thomas Power0:02:24
3Simon De Campo0:12:25
4Nathan Caithness0:17:21
5Shaun Wright0:26:32
6Bill McEvoy0:29:17
7Mac West-Moore0:54:22
8Michael Salvitti0:56:06
9Michael Ruggero1:18:01
DNSTom Cooper

Open men - 33km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David McGrath1:52:43
2Peter Walker0:09:19
3Tim Sayer0:22:33
4Johann Odou0:23:34
5Neil Harrington0:26:57
6Geoff De Campo0:34:12
7Owen Sargisson0:36:48
8Gerard Pike0:38:35
9Simon Martin0:41:14
10Michael Dening0:47:33
11Corey Hogg0:49:41
12Glenn Williams0:50:34
13Colin Bullen0:50:51
14Nicholas Bauer0:55:38
15John Burdess0:56:53
16Andrew Edgar1:00:25
17Rohan Bentley1:01:54
18Kingsley Morse-McNabb1:04:05
19Craig Cameron1:05:53
20Craig Smith1:11:23
21Benjamin Baker1:15:18
22Andrew Nicolas1:21:12
23Christopher Wright1:21:52
24Carl Barry1:24:33
25Ben Thomson1:24:34
26Martin Rogers1:26:37
27Anthony Szczerba1:38:34
28Wayne Bickerdike1:39:50
29Nicholas Clement1:42:53
30Leigh Cadzow1:46:37
31Terry Monaghan1:46:42
32Simon Lakey2:02:24
33Dale McKee2:32:15
34Lamberto Cabritit2:48:42
35Ulysses Bilog2:50:22
36Michael Mabuti2:52:01
37Wally Cabritit2:54:46
38Paul Gregor3:21:53
39Tom Fraser4:04:47

Open women - 33km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kim Eberhart2:31:52
2Katrina Blaubaum0:03:29
3Marita Delany0:10:56
4Lauren Farnsworth0:45:57
5Briohny Lebbink0:46:59
6Amanda Rhodes-Andrew0:52:45
7Megan Lawson0:54:05
8Halena Chandler0:59:29
9Jacqui Knee1:00:14
10Simone Fraser1:00:22
11Kathryn Feldmaier1:07:21
12Karen Simmons1:09:31
13Natalie Goodall1:41:12
14Annie McKee1:53:01
15Kate Gregor1:58:06

Under 16 men - 33km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Felix Smalley1:51:00
2Simon Harrington0:05:00
3Jack Allison0:11:22
4Magnus Baker0:16:26
5Harrison Ernst0:22:19
6Timothy Jackson0:33:08
7Matt Haymes0:33:09
8Hugh Ingram0:49:25
9Alexander Drysdale0:53:16
10Liam Jeffries1:01:12
11Chris Hewitt1:12:20
12Jack Nicolas1:21:42
13Mark McKee1:49:57
14Mark Giliberto2:17:03

Under 16 women - 33km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Elizabeth Baker3:08:00

Open men -1 5km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jackson Southby1:03:42
2Rohan McBean0:02:01
3Scott Kindred0:03:30
4Geoff Andrews0:19:36
5Andrew Meiers0:44:43
6Daryl West-Moore1:39:46
7Shane Lord2:02:19

Open women - 15km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Danielle Paterson1:05:10
2Lyndal McKenzie0:07:19
3Dianne Liston0:10:31
4Dale Allen0:18:08
5Kate Thompson0:18:30
6Michelle Possingham0:22:29
7Rebecca Newger0:25:47
8Vicki Gee0:34:07
9Nina Meiers0:43:11
10Jo West-Moore0:51:46

Under 15 men - 15km
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Meiers1:00:41
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