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Hochenwarter bests Brems in opening stage

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Stage one winner Uwe Hochenwarter (Muskelkater Genesis Tea).

Stage one winner Uwe Hochenwarter (Muskelkater Genesis Tea). (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)
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Riders await the start of the Alpentour Trophy's opening stage.

Riders await the start of the Alpentour Trophy's opening stage. (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)
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Natalia Krompets (Team Ukraine) won the elite women's race.

Natalia Krompets (Team Ukraine) won the elite women's race. (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)
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Austrian national champion Hannes Metzler (Muskelkater Genesis Tea) suffered a mechanical and dropped to ninth place.

Austrian national champion Hannes Metzler (Muskelkater Genesis Tea) suffered a mechanical and dropped to ninth place. (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)
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Frank Beemer (Trek-Brentjens mtb racing) finished sixth on the opening day of racing.

Frank Beemer (Trek-Brentjens mtb racing) finished sixth on the opening day of racing. (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)
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Matthias Leisling (Muskelkater Genesis Tea) en route to a third place finish.

Matthias Leisling (Muskelkater Genesis Tea) en route to a third place finish. (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)
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Austria's Philipp Haas (Janger Simplon 3)

Austria's Philipp Haas (Janger Simplon 3) (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)
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Francois Theron (Team Garmin adidas) laughs off his crash.

Francois Theron (Team Garmin adidas) laughs off his crash. (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)
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Tim Wynants (Trek-Brentjens mtb racing) leads Uwe Hochenwarter (Muskelkater Genesis Tea) through a tight turn.

Tim Wynants (Trek-Brentjens mtb racing) leads Uwe Hochenwarter (Muskelkater Genesis Tea) through a tight turn. (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)
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The field gets stretched out early in the opening stage.

The field gets stretched out early in the opening stage. (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)
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Uwe Hochenwarter (Muskelkater Genesis Tea) leads Tim Wynants (Trek-Brentjens mtb racing) and Matthias Leisling (Muskelkater Genesis Tea).

Uwe Hochenwarter (Muskelkater Genesis Tea) leads Tim Wynants (Trek-Brentjens mtb racing) and Matthias Leisling (Muskelkater Genesis Tea). (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)
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And they're off!

And they're off! (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)
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The elite men's podium (l-r): Matthias Leisling, Uwe Hochenwarter and Bjorn Brems.

The elite men's podium (l-r): Matthias Leisling, Uwe Hochenwarter and Bjorn Brems. (Image credit: Alpentour Trophy)

Austria's Uwe Hochenwarter (Muskelkater Genesis Team) won a shortened opening stage with a slender five-second gap over runner-up Bjorn Brems (G-SKIN Deforche) and a near three-minute margin over his Muskelkater Genesis teammate Matthias Leisling.

Snow and thick fog on the highest peak of the course, temperatures not much higher than zero degrees Celsius and intense and constant rain were forecast for the 12th International Alpentour Trophy's opening stage. However, the weather turned out much better than initially predicted and the 270 competitors on the start line only had to combat the aftermath of the rainfall from previous days.

The 65km course took the racers onto the Hochwurzenalm and into the Untertal on muddy terrain, as the original trail routing via the Ursprungalm and the Giglach Lakes had to be changed at short notice because of excessive snow above the elevation of 2,000 metres.

Five racers quickly took the lead after the start of the race, all among the final top-seeded riders at the finish. Behind them seven solo athletes tried to keep up individually. During the first lap the slippery track conditions were most suitable for Uwe Hochenwarter and whilst still wheel-to-wheel with the Belgians Tim Wynants and Bjorn Brems, he decided to attack the group at the second ascent towards Hochwurzen. "I was feeling great before the ascent today and knew that things would work out for me. For a moment I hesitated when Tim suddenly broke away. But then I pushed on and rode ahead. It was tough, but great at the same time," said the 23-year-old rider from Carinthia.

"I was a bit surprised by the long duration of the race," said Brems, who came in second and also admitted that he wasn't the strongest in the group in the end.

Austrian National Champion Hannes Metzler was considered one of the favorites to finish on the podium, but suffered bad luck when he was slowed down on his second lap due to problems with his shifters. Metzler dropped off the leading group onto ninth place. "I had to manually adjust the chain after each downhill section, which of course cost me a lot of time. But tomorrow is another day," said Metzler, still keen to compete.

The Ukrainian delegation dominated the women's field. Natalia Krompets won today's stage ahead of Yana Belomoyna, even though the 22-year-old inadvertently thought the race to be over after her first lap. Back at the team headquarter she realised her mistake and caught up brilliantly throughout the remaining lap. Third place was also claimed by Ukraine's Viktoria Sultanova to complete the team's sweep of the podium.

Elite men
1Uwe Hochenwarter (Aut) Muskelkater Genesis Tea3:25:37
2Bjorn Brems (Bel) team G-SKIN DEFORCH0:00:05
3Matthias Leisling (Ger) Muskelkater Genesis Tea0:02:52
4Joris Massaer (Bel) team G-SKIN DEFORCH0:06:34
5Tim Wynants (Bel) Trek-Brentjens mtb racing0:07:22
6Frank Beemer (Ned) Trek-Brentjens mtb racing0:07:34
7Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) Cannondale Factory Raci0:08:31
8Michael Binder (Aut) Trek-Mountainbiker.at0:10:33
9Hannes Metzler (Aut) Muskelkater Genesis Tea0:10:38
10Irjan Luttenberg (Ned) Trek-Brentjens mtb racing0:10:42
11Georg Koch (Aut) Janger Simplon 10:11:56
12Bart Brentjens (Ned) Trek-Brentjens mtb racing0:12:04
13Thomas Strobl (Aut) RC ARBÖ Radsport Weic0:12:19
14Bram Rood (Ned) Feenstrabiketeam0:12:45
15Jakob Nimpf (Aut) ÖAMTC Team Brandlhof0:12:52
16Marc Bassingthwaighte (Nam) Team Garmin adidas0:15:52
17Christopher Maletz (Ger) Team GIANT Deutschlan0:16:38
18Phillip Buys (RSA) Team Garmin adidas0:18:42
19Roman Rametsteiner (Aut) Team Nakita-Energie AG/0:18:47
20Matiss Preimanis (Lat) Team Rietumu-Delfin 10:19:13
21Claus Crone (Den) Pingel MTB Race & Fun/0:19:57
22Oleksandr Kachanov (Ukr) Team Ukraine0:23:04
23Manuel Pliem (Aut) RC Ausseerland radsportl0:23:22
24Anton Lubyy (Ukr) Team Ukraine0:23:49
25Andreas Kirchberger (Aut) UNION XC-Club Mühldorf0:24:01
26Yevgen Lyvadnii (Ukr) Team Ukraine0:25:38
27Pascal Hossay (Bel) team G-SKIN DEFORCH0:27:01
28Kristofers Racenajs (Lat) Team Rietumu Bankak-Ri0:28:18
29Francois Theron (RSA) Team Garmin adidas0:28:24
30Mannie Heymans (Nam) Team Garmin adidas0:33:46
31Wolfgang Mayer (Ger) FXX Mountain Cycling Te0:35:13
32Jelmer Pietersma (Ned) Trek-Brentjens mtb racing
33Klemen Hojnik (Slo) MTB KOROSKA0:37:12
34Rik Van Ijzendoorn (Ned) Cube-Nutswerk Mountain0:38:28
35Liwald Doornbos (Ned) Cube-Nutswerk Mountain0:39:42
36Erich Baumgartner (Aut) Janger Simplon 10:42:06
37Thomas Edelsbrunner (Aut) Drahteisel MTB Team0:43:05
38Micha Vries, De (Ned) Cube-Nutswerk Mountain0:43:30
39Andreas Franz Gatterer (Aut) Janger Simplon 10:43:35
40Sander Bouwens (Ned) Cube-Nutswerk Mountain0:52:16
41Ivo Rubinic (Cro) FRACASSO RACING1:00:29
42Artem Shevcov (Ukr) Team Ukraine1:01:00
43Yves Kellogg (Ger) Team Endorfin- Solvis1:04:27
44Klaas Vanmoortel (Bel) Lingier-Versluys1:07:04
45Stefan Braun (Ger) SC Hausach / Team neu1:11:14
46Frank Nak (Ned) Team Balk House of Cycli1:13:01
47Thibault Henin (Bel) team G-SKIN DEFORCH1:15:34

Elite women
1Natalia Krompets (Ukr) Team Ukraine4:32:17
2Yana Belomoyna (Ukr) Team Ukraine0:10:45
3Viktoria Sultanova (Ukr) Team Ukraine0:13:48
4Eiduka Ivanda (Lat) Team Rietumu-Delfin 10:16:15
5Lelde Tipane (Lat) Team Rietumu-Delfin 10:18:58
6Theresia Kellermayr (Aut) Janger Simplon 30:20:18
7Ruth Hagen (Aut) Merida AT UNION RV Dor0:28:32

Amateur women
1Cathryn Zeglinski (Can) Northlands Medical Clinic5:32:43
2Sabine Halkes (Ned) Bikelane RS0:12:32
3Piera Morando (Ita) FLINTSTONES0:22:16
4Claudia Brunner (Aut) KTM Donau Fritzi Racing0:36:29
5Siska Van De Bijl (Ned)0:57:18

Elite masters
1Peter Hasenfratz (Hun) X2S Kona Team3:57:34
2Eduard Trausmüller (Aut) RC-TRI-RUN ARBÖ Weiz0:03:58
3Sebastjan Andrejc (Slo) MTB KOROSKA0:12:21
4Christian Süß (Ger) Bike-Shop-Lang0:13:22
5Heinz Schnupp (Aut) RC radsportland.at0:14:29
6Jan Vokoun (Cze) KL sport Most0:25:40
7Kevin Mori (Ned) Rise of the dead pinguins0:27:20
8Klaus Hannawald (Ger) Seba Med0:34:21
9Makan Emil (Slo) MTB KOROSKA0:38:32
10Peter Lammer (Aut) RC Hochschwab Aflenz0:41:41
11Thomas Marquardt (Ger) Seba Med0:58:56
12Hrvoje Ruzic (Cro) FRACASSO RACING1:00:20
13Matthew Ohran (USA) Cannondale1:06:09
14Martin Bihounek (Aut) SWAT 2RadChaoten.com1:16:48
15Martin Bauer (Aut) RC SERENO1:18:12
16Juro Wiggers (Ned) Oxyin MTB Racing Team1:44:04
17Lodewijk Wiggers (Ned) Oxyin MTB Racing Team1:44:10
18Jörn Hoetmer (Ned) Oxyin MTB Racing Team1:46:00

Amateur men I (1981-1991)
1Daniel Jung (Ita) Ötzi Bike Team3:46:48
2Markus Loisl (Aut) ÖAMTC Power Bike Tea0:07:29
3Hans Belking (Bel)0:12:08
4Jaroslaw Halas (Pol) SIKORSKI bikeBoard TE0:19:50
5Karl Lechner (Aut) bikes4you-exciting fit0:24:43
6Daniel Fissneider (Ita) ARSV Vinschgau0:37:19
7Juul Van Loon (Ned) Bikefreak-Magazine Marat0:37:21
8Christoph Tschellnig (Aut) morethanbike0:37:48
9Martijn Roelofs (Ned) MTB Licht Verzet0:45:59
10Mario Färberböck (Aut) Arbö Weichberger Purgst0:50:44
11Jan Hasek (Cze) Factor Bike Team0:56:51
12Etienne Jansen (Ned) Licht-Verzet 11:05:34
13Michael Weick (Ger) Stollenwühler1:06:50
14Christian Helmberger (Aut)1:10:53
15Gene Rekko (Ned) Team MotKinne1:13:54
16Philipp Haas (Aut) Janger Simplon 31:18:21
17Christian Volk (Ger) TG Boppard/ Co-Team Ea1:25:36
18Manuel Buttinger (Aut) FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC1:35:53
19Dominik Kiss (Aut) Kuota.2radchaoten.com1:37:47
20Rudolf Teiner (Aut) Drahteisel MTB Team1:45:45
21Sascha Lägeler (Ger) FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC1:45:47
22Willem Jan Van Der Woude (Ned) MTB Licht Verzet1:49:49
23Reinhard Jöbstl (Aut) Drahteisel MTB Team1:59:35

Amateur men II (1980-1971)
1Bernd Tauderer (Aut) BIKECLUB STATTEGG B3:59:49
2Dietmar Hundegger (Aut) ARBÖ Sparkasse Pernitz0:01:39
3Christoph Giestheuer (Aut) Arbö Weichberger Purgst0:10:19
4Daniel Polman (Cze) DURATEC TEAM N. PAK0:15:24
5Feichtegger Martin (Aut) RC ARBÖ Raika Weichbe0:16:42
6Christian Hohenwarter (Aut) Team FOCUS Genesezei0:18:12
7Dieter Gösweiner (Aut) Trek-Mountainbiker.at0:20:19
8Startnummer 176 (Aut)0:22:15
9Thomas Klimo (Aut) ARBÖ MERIDA POLIZEI0:22:38
10Johannes Horner (Aut) swat.2radchaoten.com0:25:41
11Franz Bekerthy (Aut) swat.2radchaoten.com0:27:02
12Marco Conter (Ita) Nora Racing Team0:29:34
13Ronald De Jong (Ned) Bikelane RS0:29:51
14Andrea Chinaglia (Aut) Team Sports Experts0:30:06
15Bart Damen (Ned) 26inch-peerkes bike team0:34:23
16Walter Vosters (Ned)0:36:14
17Alexander Singer (Aut) RC TRI RUN ARBÖ WEI0:37:06
18Ryan Hawson (Aus)0:37:31
19Nico De Vlieger (Bel) fizik bike tribe0:47:48
20Bernd Prorok (Aut) Drahteisel MTB Team0:55:32
21Larix Bouwman (Ned) Rise of the dead pinguins0:55:37
22René Holtslag (Ned) MBC Bar End0:58:13
23Bjorn Rietbroek (Ned) Team Balk House of Cycli1:03:35
24Alexander Sanders (Ned) Team Balk House of Cycli1:04:20
25Martin Sneeuw (Ned) Shimano ride on!1:05:36
26Marco Van Den Berg (Ned) Bikedoctor.nl1:05:51
27Piotr Wysocki (Pol) SIKORSKI bikeBoard TE1:06:06
28Herwin Wetters (Ned) Bikefreak-Magazine Marat1:09:13
29Jürgen Grubeck (Aut) Drahteisel MTB Team1:22:31
30Tom De Groote (Bel) FUTURE MTB TEAM VZ1:24:09
31Micha Salden (Ned) Bikedoctor.nl1:36:39
32Ewart Van Der Putten (Ned) MTB Licht Verzet1:36:49
33Davy Vander Gucht (Bel) Veterinary Audrey Bertier1:44:32
34Allard Lingen (Ned) 22:02:01
35Zbigniew Mossoczy (Pol) SIKORSKI bikeBoard TE2:08:27
36Arjan Vernhout (Ned)2:08:36
36Bastiaan Vernhout (Ned)
38Stefan Pilz (Aut) Gesundheitszentrum Pilz2:09:55
39Kurt Umschaden (Aut) Drahteisel MTB Team2:14:50
40Marcel Verholen (Ned) Rise of the dead pinguins2:18:14

Amateur men III (1970-1961)
1Achim Matt (Ger) FXX International Mountai4:06:56
2Siegfried Kainz (Aut) Janger Simplon 30:01:32
3Mark Rongen (Ned) wielerhuisliessel0:06:12
4René Reidinger (Aut) SWAT 2RadChaoten.com0:09:28
5Herbert Neugebauer (Aut) URC KAMPTAL0:18:37
6Peter Potocnik (Aut) Janger Simplon 20:20:59
7Anton Mörtl (Aut) RC Neulengbach0:23:23
8Georg Weigerstorfer (Aut)0:41:47
9Martin Jantscher (Aut) RC Hochschwab Aflenz0:55:21
10Bart Huijgens (Ned) 26inch-peerkes bike team0:55:43
11Franco Micolini (Ita) ASD TEAM GRANZON1:01:37
12Marcel Frenk (Ned) Licht-Verzet 11:04:03
13Guiseppe Zanini (Ita) ASD TEAM GRANZON1:07:30
14Julius Vincze (Aut)1:08:53
15Wim Dusseldorp (Ned) Team MotKinne1:16:43
16Alfred Fluch (Aut) RC Hochschwab Aflenz1:23:59
17Klaus Wippersberger (Aut) Nora Racing Team1:24:47
18Martin Ottendorfer (Aut)1:26:49
19Luc Gielen (Bel) Belgian Power1:34:59
20Christian Rinda (Aut)1:38:06
21Magchiel Schiebroek (Ned) Team Balk House of Cycli1:38:40
22Andreas Bluska (Aut) RC SERENO1:40:55
23Bernhard Weixelbraun (Aut) RC SERENO1:47:19
24Vittorio Viglino (Ita) FLINTSTONES1:48:03

Amateur men IV (1960-1930)
1Erich Pross (Aut) Janger Simplon 24:05:59
2Geert Swinkels (Ned)0:45:48
3Andreas Meier (Ger) Med Sport EU0:47:02
4Josef Klocker (Aut) probike Lienz0:50:57
5Michael Haas (Aut) Janger Simplon 20:52:49
6Heinz Puschacher (Aut) RC ARBÖ Radsport Wei1:07:35
7Jiri Kriz (Cze) KL sport Most1:20:48
8Martin Strik (Ned) Bikedoctor.nl1:26:05
9Bernhard Rekko (Ned) Team MotKinne1:30:21
10Pio Tomasetig (Ita) ASD TEAM GRANZON1:37:19
11Henk Willems (Ned) Licht-Verzet 12:09:17

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