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South Industries launches RX wheelset

South Industries RX wheels
(Image credit: South Industries)

South Industries has just launched the RX, an all-new road wheelset designed to combine the best of weight, aerodynamics, crosswind stability, and even gravel capability. 

According to the company, the asymmetric design is the result of a lot of research and development into what makes the best road bike wheels for real-world riding.

With the tagline 'extend your training ground', the wheels are designed first and foremost as a road wheelset, but with a self-proclaimed 'incredible strength' and the ability to run tyres up to 32mm wide. With that, the South African company says the wheels enable you to ride "wherever your skillset and sense of adventure take you", and backs up the claim with a lifetime warranty. 

Looking deeper, this warranty covers the rims of all South Industries wheelsets against manufacturing defects, while a separate lifetime crash replacement policy offers 50 per cent off MSRP in the event of an accident. 

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South Industries RX wheels

The RX wheelset is built around Tune Prince and Princess hubs (Image credit: South Industries)

The South Industries RX wheelset is asymmetric in design. Not unlike the Roval Rapide CLX wheelset, the front is shallower and wider to aid with crosswind stability, while the rear is deeper and narrower to enable improved aerodynamics. The front wheel measures a depth of 32mm, with an internal rim width of 22mm, while the rear is 40mm deep, with an internal width of 20mm. 

The wheels are only available in a tubeless variant, and they are only compatible with disc brakes. 

There are two options when it comes to hubs. The lighter weight option builds around Tune's Prince front and Princess rear hubs and weighs in at 1,275g, while an alternative build is available, built around Tune's Climbhill front and KillHill rear hubs and weighs in at 1,350g. 

International pricing is recommended at €1,240 as a matching rim set.

View the RX wheelset at South Industries