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Proviz launches an e-bike specific jacket

Woman wearing new Proviz ebike jacket stands next to a mountain bike
(Image credit: Proviz)

When it comes to cycling, the market offers something for every possible niche available, whatever you like there's an offering that caters to you. Electric bikes are no different, and with the popularity boom that has occurred over recent years, the market is now starting to ramp up and support e-bike riders with e-bike specific products. One of the latest to jump onto the bandwagon is Proviz, who has just launched its Platinum, a jacket just for electric bike riders.

Proviz is a brand that's synonymous with visibility. In 2008 brothers Bob & Ant Langly-Smith realized that safety vests weren't the answer to visibility. Instead, they looked to create products that were visible but also stylish and functional. It's been a success and today they have a huge range with distribution in 40 countries.

Proviz Platinum Ebike Jacket

(Image credit: Proviz)

Adding to the range is the Platinum E-Bike Jacket, with a focus on the everyday e-bike rider. It's a jacket for those who swap a bike for a car whenever possible and it's designed to work both on and off the bike. 

Anthony Langly-Smith, Co-Founder of Proviz, said: “We are incredibly proud to be leading the market in offering apparel specifically designed for electric bike users. We appreciate that the market is shifting to one where e-bikes are now a staple of the cycling community and feel it’s necessary to provide a high-quality, premium product to match the needs of that market. Our design teams have worked hard to ensure that the Platinum E-Bike Jacket is both stylish, versatile, and functional to suit the day-to-day lives of E-Bike users - both on and off the bike.”

The jacket is available in three colour schemes. The Reflect360 option uses large panels of the brand's Reflect360 material for the best nighttime visibility. During the day it's a grey colour but after the sun goes down any light causes it to turn a bright white. There's a Classic (fluorescent yellow) option that adds extra visibility during the day, and the final option is subtle, understated, Black. Each option retains reflective hits of the Reflect360 material on both sleeves as well as the back and front. 

Aside from colour options, the jackets retain the same basic construction. Warmth comes from Dupont Sorona synthetic down insulation on the chest and back while the sleeves feature thermal stretch fabric with brushed waffle knit on the inner sides. The exterior has a waterproof coating on the outer fabric with fully taped seams to not let any water in but breathability isn't forgotten. The two-way YKK zipper allows for easy ventilation while the pockets feature a mesh inner to allow targeted ventilation. The ventilation and generous fit mean the jacket works well over everyday clothing. 

The Platinum E-Bike jacket is available immediately. Pricing sits at $280/£179.99 for all three colour options. Remember, if you are replacing another Proviz jacket you can potentially pick up a 25% discount code. In line with Proviz’s commitment to helping create a greener planet return your older jacket for recycling in return for a discount code.

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