Best electric bike under $2,000 / £2,000

Two cyclists riding electric bikes in nature
(Image credit: REI)

There are so many great reasons to start riding one of the best electric bikes, especially when you can get your hands on one that won't cost an arm and a leg, which is why it's worth checking out the best electric bikes for under £2,000 / $2,000.

Like a traditional pedal bike, they are great for your health and happiness, and make it easier for you to get to know your community and surroundings. They are also great if you feel like riding a traditional bike has always been out of reach for you because of health and fitness-related issues. An electric bike offers similar health benefits to a standard pedal bike, and, bar the cost, comes with fewer physical barriers to entry.

Josh Ross

Josh hails from the Pacific Northwest of the United States but would prefer riding through the desert than the rain. He will happily talk for hours about the minutiae of cycling tech but also has an understanding that most people just want things to work. He is a road cyclist at heart and doesn't care much if those roads are paved, dirt, or digital. Although he rarely races, if you ask him to ride from sunrise to sunset the answer will be yes. Height: 5'9" Weight: 140 lb. Rides: Salsa Warbird, Cannondale CAAD9, Enve Melee, Look 795 Blade RS, Priority Continuum Onyx