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Maxxis launches performance-focussed High Road SL tyre

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Maxxis High Road SL tyres

The Maxxis High Road SL tyre range will comprise tyre widths of 25- and 28C (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)
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Maxxis High Road SL tyres

The tyres are appreciably light at 170g a unit (25C, actual) (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)
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Maxxis High Road SL tyres

The High Road SLs will initially be offered as a clincher option but a tubeless version will be available this summer (Image credit: Aaron Borrill)

Maxxis has just launched its new performance road tyre, the High Road SL. It will form part of a four-prong lineup together with the High Road (all-rounder), Pursuer (durable) and Re-Fuse (commuter) tyres. Described by Maxxis as its 'lightest and highest-performing tyre' it naturally sits at the top of the range.

Constructed from a supple 170 TPI casing, the High Road SL should provide good all-round performance, particularly in terms of traction and overall pliancy, all the while keeping weight to a minimum - 170g to be precise (25C, actual). In terms of tyre compound, the High Road uses an all-new HYPR-S rubber - an evolution of the HYPER composite used on the regular High Road tyre - which Maxxis claims has reduced rolling resistance by 12 per cent over its sibling.

Owing to its meagre mass, the High Road SL naturally offers limited puncture protection but still makes do with a K2 breaker material situated under the tread layer to thwart penetration from sharp debris. Owing to this fact the American company has slated these tyres for race/competition use only - 'they're designed to be fast, not last'.

The Maxxis High Road SL tyres are available as clincher tyres for now and will adhere to the contemporary sizing standards of 25 and 28C (no 23C options). A tubeless-ready option will be available this coming summer. 

Pricing for all High Road SL derivatives (excluding tubeless) is $64 / £49.99. 

Tech spec: Maxxis High Road SL

  • Price: $64 / £49.99
  • Type: Clincher
  • Size options: 25C, 28C
  • Weight (actual, 25C): 170g per tyre
  • TPI: 170