Lauren Tamayo wins US criterium championship

Anderson second, Tussey third

Lauren Tamayo (UnitedHealthcare) took the USA Cycling Pro Criterium Championship Sunday in Greenville, South Carolina, by jumping away from a break group of three with two corners to go and then holding off Rally Cycling’s Elle Anderson and Visit Dallas-DNA Pro Cycling's Sara Tussey for the win.

"It's kind of surreal," Tamayo said in the finishing straight after the race. "Our plan coming into the race obviously wasn't for me to win. Coming into the last few laps I was off the front, and I saw that we had such a big gap, I thought, 'OK, this might come down to me and I better start thinking about how to win.' It's been such a long time since I've won a race for myself, so I had to change my thinking quite a bit."  

A late-race breakaway of six riders put the pressure on the bunch, with Visit Dallas-DNA Pro Cycling's riders Anna Sanders, Beth Ann Orton and Tussey going off the front with Jessica Prinner (Rally Cycling), Coryn Rivera (UnitedHealthcare) and Christina Gokey-Smith (Happy Tooth Dental).

The peloton pulled the group back with 10 laps to go, and the race reshuffled for what looked to be a bunch sprint, but with three laps to go, Tamayo, Anderson and Tussey slipped away. Tamayo jumped away with two corners to go and opened the winning gap.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lauren Tamayo (UnitedHealthcare)1:26:54 
2Elle Anderson (Rally Cycling)0:00:01 
3Sara Tussey (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)0:00:03 
4Coryn Rivera (UnitedHealthcare)0:00:04 
5Tina Pic (Happy Tooth Dental Professional)0:00:06 
6Christina Gokey-Smith (Happy Tooth Dental Professional)  
7Starla Teddergreen (KindHuman Pro Cycling Project)0:00:07 
8Samantha Schneider (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)  
9Tiffany Pezzulo (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)0:00:08 
10Debbie Milne (Stradalli Cycles/Papa Johns)0:00:09 
11Heather Fischer (Rally Cycling)0:00:12 
12Erica Allar (Rally Cycling)  
13Nicole Mertz (Hollander Cycling p/b ISCorp)0:00:13 
14Mia Manganello (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)  
15Mandy Heintz (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)0:00:15 
16Madison Kelly (Stradalli Cycles/Papa Johns)0:00:16 
17Anna Sanders (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)  
18Emma White (Rally Cycling)  
19Sarah Fader0:00:17 
20Anna Christiansen (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)  
21Beth Ann Orton (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)  
22Daphne Karagianis (Chicago Cuttin Crew)0:00:23 
23Laura Jorgensen (Happy Tooth Dental Professional)0:00:24 
24Alexandra Burton (Portland Bicycle Studio)0:00:31 
25Nina Laughlin (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)0:00:52 
26Jessica Prinner (Rally Cycling)  
27Skylar Schneider (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)  
28Amanda Miller (Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling)  
29Cari Higgins (UnitedHealthcare)  
30Amy Cutler (Fearless Femme Racing)  
31Katharine Hall (UnitedHealthcare)  
32Ashlyn Woods (Happy Tooth Dental Professional)  
33Stephanie Nave (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Tea)  
34Payten Maness (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)  
35Hannah Arensman (TWENTY16 Pro Cycling)0:00:54 
36Julie Hunter (Haymarket/Starlight Custom Appa)  
37Cinthia Lehner (OrthoCarolina Winston Women)  
38Katherine Shields (OrthoCarolina Winston Women)  
39Arden Stelly (OrthoCarolina Winston Women)  
40Julia Fresne (Stradalli Cycles/Papa Johns)  
41Zoe Mullins (OrthoCarolina Winston Women)  
42Tess Oliver (QCW Cycling)  
43Victoria Kanizer (OrthoCarolina Winston Women)   

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