USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championship past winners

Champions 1992-2014

Elite Men
2014Jeremy Powers  
2013Jonathan Page  
2012Jeremy Powers  
2011* race shifted from Dec-Jan  
2010Todd Wells  
2009Tim Johnson  
2008Ryan Trebon  
2007Tim Johnson  
2006Ryan Trebon  
2005Todd Wells  
2004Jonathan Page  
2003Jonathan Page  
2002Jonathan Page  
2001Todd Wells  
2000Tim Johnson  
1999Mark Gullickson  
1998Frank McCormack  
1997Mark McCormack  
1996Frank McCormack  
1995Jan Wiejack  
1994Jan Wiejack  
1993Don Myrah  
1992Mark Howe  
2014Katie Compton  
2013Katie Compton  
2012Katie Compton  
2011* race shifted from Dec-Jan  
2010Katie Compton  
2009Katie Compton  
2008Katie Compton  
2007Katie Compton  
2006Katie Compton  
2005Katie Compton  
2004Katie Compton  
2003Alison Dunlap  
2002Ann Grande  
2001Alison Dunlap  
2000Alison Dunlap  
1999Alison Dunlap  
1998Alison Dunlap  
1997Alison Dunlap  
1996Shari Kain  
1995Jan Bolland  
1994Shari Kain  
1993Lisa Muhich  
1992Lisa Muhich  
U23 Men
2014Logan Owen  
2013Yannick Eckmann  
2012Zach McDonald  
2010Danny Summerhill  
2009Danny Summerhill  
2008Nicholas Weighall  
2007Bjorn Selander  
2006Jesse Anthony  
2005Troy Wells  
2004Jesse Anthony  
2003Jesse Anthony  
2002Adam Craig  
2001Adam Craig  
2000Ben Jacques-Maynes  
1999Tim Johnson  
1998Tim Johnson  
1997Jonathan Page  
1996Jonathan Page  
Junior Men
2014Peter Goguen  
2013Logan Owen  
2012Logan Owen  
2010Jeff Bahnson  
2009Cody Kaiser  
2008Zach McDonald  
2007Luke Keough  
2006Danny Summerhill  
2005Danny Summerhill  
2004Bjorn Selander  
2003Jamey Driscoll  
2002Jesse Anthony  
2001Mike House  
2000Josh Anthony  
1999Matt Kelly  
1998Matt Kelly  
1997Danny Pate  
1996Ryan Miller  
*The USA did not hold a national cyclo-cross championship during the 2011 calendar year as the traditional December time slot was shifted to January, 2012 to better align with the international calendar. The championship has continued in the January time slot from 2012 onwards.

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