Andreassen wins junior men's XC world title

Berta claims junior women's crown

The Junior men's cross-country race at the Mountain Bike World Championships in Vallnord, Andorra, began with heavy rain and even some hail, but that did not stop Simon Andreassen (Denmark) from successfully defending his title. Maximilian Brandl (Germany) took silver and Egan Bernal (Colombia) won the bronze medal.

Andreassen came into the race as the favourite, after a strong performance the day before as Denmark took bronze in the Team Relay. Along with Bernal and Brandl, the trio rode away from the rest of the field in the first half lap, and then Andreassen dropped the other two by the end of the first lap to solo in for the title.

Bernal initially took the lead in the chase, but could not decisively drop Brandl, and the German rider finally got a gap in the last half lap to take the silver medal.

Junior women

Italy took its first Cross-country title of the 2015 Mountain Bike World Championships on Thursday at Vallnord, Andorra, with a dominating performance by first year junior, Martina Berta. Evie Richards (Great Britain) took silver, with defending champion Nicole Koller (Switzerland) having to settle for bronze.

Heavy rain overnight left the track muddy and slippery for the women as they started their four-lap race. Richards jumped into the lead on the first climb, but Berta was not far behind and caught the British rider late in the first lap as the nearly 2000 metre altitude took its toll.

Berta was then able to ride away steadily to win by 1:20 over Richards. Richards hung on for silver, although she was nearly caught mid-race by Koller before recovering to stay clear.

Full Results

Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Simon Andreassen (Denmark)1:13:27 
2Maximilian Brandl (Germany)0:00:47 
3Egan Bernal (Colombia)0:01:19 
4Robin Hofmann (Germany)0:02:42 
5Filippo Colombo (Switzerland)0:03:14 
6Antoine Philipp (France)0:03:48 
7Wilson Pena (Colombia)0:04:10 
8Jonas Lindberg (Denmark)0:04:20 
9Raphael Auclair (Canada)0:04:25 
10Frazer Clacherty (Great Britain)0:05:11 
11Matej Prudek (Czech Republic)0:05:32 
12Thibault Daniel (France)0:05:47 
13Petter Fagerhaug (Norway)0:05:59 
14Julian Jessop (South Africa)0:06:08 
15Vital Albin (Switzerland)0:06:27 
16Francesco Bonetto (Italy)0:06:30 
17Simon Gourc (France)0:06:40 
18Josep Duran Reig (Spain)0:06:56 
19Santiago Mesa (Colombia)0:07:01 
20Thomas Craig (Great Britain)  
21Nick Burki (Switzerland)0:07:15 
22Pierre De Froidmont (Belgium)0:07:32 
23Ari Hirabayashi (Japan)0:08:21 
24Jakob Dorigoni (Italy)0:08:40 
25Niels Derveaux (Belgium)0:08:46 
26Eirik Pettersen (Norway)0:08:51 
27Axel Zingle (France)0:09:07 
28Simon Schneller (Germany)  
29Joel Burman (Sweden)0:09:15 
30Mark Mcguire (Great Britain)0:09:21 
31Guy Leshem (Israel)0:09:40 
32Tom Denayer (Belgium)0:09:54 
33Bryan Dunkin (Australia)0:09:56 
34Kirill Smirnov (Russian Federation)0:10:16 
35Rhys Verner (Canada)0:10:23 
36Antonio Folcarelli (Italy)0:10:45 
37Sigurd Salberg Pedersen (Norway)0:10:49 
38Vlad Dascalu (Romania)0:11:08 
39Martin Emil Siggerud (Norway)0:11:27 
40Christopher Blevins (United States Of America)0:11:36 
41Danil Moskvin (Russian Federation)0:11:37 
42Quinton Disera (Canada)0:11:43 
43Joao Rocha (Portugal)0:11:52 
44Ainur Akhmetov (Russian Federation)0:12:06 
45Nathan Johnston (New Zealand)0:12:48 
46Ryo Takeuchi (Japan)0:12:55 
47Sean Fincham (Canada)0:13:25 
48Gonzalo Artal Lokman (Argentina)0:13:52 
49Jerry Dufour (United States Of America)0:14:09 
50Attila Valter (Hungary)  
51Marco Joubert (South Africa)  
52Perry Van Den Bos (Netherlands)  
53Liam Jeffries (Australia)  
54Brais Sendin (Spain)  
55Timur Faziakhmetov (Russian Federation)  
56Volodymyr Kozlovskyy (Ukraine)  
57James Curry (Ireland)  
58Roel Van Der Stegen (Netherlands)  
59Dario Thoma (Switzerland)  
60Jose Luciano Martinez Ronconi (Argentina)  
61Luke Brame (Australia)  
62Michael Zetak (Czech Republic)  
63Callum Carson (Australia)  
64Jakub Kurty (Slovakia)  
65Filip Helta (Poland)  
66Masaki Yamada (Japan)  
67Jozsef Krisztian Kadi (Hungary)  
68Gal Sherf (Israel)  
69Norbert Norwik (Poland)  
70Armin Embacher (Austria)  
71Carson Beckett (United States Of America)  
72William Gascoyne (Great Britain)  
73Michael Potter (Australia)  
74Tristan De Lange (Namibia)  
75Matej Ulik (Slovakia)  
76Alex Lack (Australia)  
77Amando Martinez (Mexico)  
78Tomass Iljenko (Latvia)  
79Kirill Tarassov (Estonia)  
80Anders Johnson (United States Of America)  
81Eli Kranefuss (United States Of America)  
82Serdar Anil Depe (Turkey)  
83Chad Scallan (Zimbabwe)  
84Nicolas Delich (Chile)  
85Liam Beahan (Zimbabwe)  
DNFTorben Drach (Germany)  
DNFLars Koch (Germany)  
DNFHarrison Mudgway (New Zealand)  
DNFPaul Wright (New Zealand)  
Junior women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Martina Berta (Italy)1:08:40 
2Evie Richards (Great Britain)0:01:20 
3Nicole Koller (Switzerland)0:02:27 
4Ida Jansson (Sweden)0:03:18 
5Alessia Verrando (Italy)0:03:39 
6Jana Czeczinkarova (Czech Republic)0:04:28 
7Greta Seiwald (Italy)0:04:39 
8Antonia Daubermann (Germany)0:05:32 
9Sina Frei (Switzerland)0:06:12 
10Aline Seitz (Switzerland)0:06:22 
11Felicitas Geiger (Germany)0:06:45 
12Katja Neuner (Austria)0:08:22 
13Ffion James (Great Britain)0:08:28 
14Helene Clauzel (France)0:08:40 
15Kristina Ilyina (Russian Federation)0:10:04 
16Adela Safarova (Czech Republic)0:10:43 
17Viktoria Kirsanova (Russian Federation)0:11:00 
18Laurie Arseneault (Canada)0:11:21 
19Iiris Ounmaa (Estonia)0:11:30 
20Clea Cochelin (France)0:11:50 
21Magdalena Duran (Spain)0:11:58 
22Haley Batten (United States Of America)0:12:08 
23Rachel Anders (United States Of America)0:12:48 
24Naama Noyman (Israel)0:13:42 
25Ksenia Lepikhina (United States Of America)0:14:05 
26Mari-Liis Mottus (Estonia)0:14:52 
27Frances Du Toit (South Africa)0:16:14 
28Patrycja Piotrowska (Poland)0:17:51 
29Mackenzie Myatt (Canada)  
30Maria Fernanda Arevalo Granados (Colombia)  
31Jemma Manchester (New Zealand)  
32Shannon Hope (New Zealand)  
33Gabriela Mancera Forero (Colombia)  
34Megan Williams (Australia)  
35Emily Handford (Canada)  
36Maria Jose Delgado (Colombia)  
37Stacey Hyslop (Zimbabwe)  
DNFClarissa Mai (Germany)  
DNFAnna Spielmann (Austria)  
DNFMaria Rodriguez Navarrete (Spain)  
DNFKelsey Urban (United States Of America)  
DNFSoren Meeuwisse (Canada)  
DNFSkye Davidson (Zimbabwe)  
DNFToshimi Sato (Japan)  
DNSAnna Saier (Germany)  


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