Carr wins West Reading Radsport Criterium

Margarite second, Villafano third

Skyline's Adam Carr won the West Reading Radsport Criterium as the sun went down on Saturday. He took the win ahead of Michael Margarite (CRCA-The Weather Channel Spec) and Geno Villafano (CCAP).

As the sun started to set in West Reading, the breeze picked up and blew straight down the homestretch against the riders contesting the West Reading Criterium. That wind worked to the advantage of Mike Margarite and John Delong (Team Skyline), who took off from the field early and built up a lead that stretched to 17 seconds, nearly getting out of the site of the 100 riders in the field and at times looking like they might close the gap to the Acura NSX pace car.

With both riders' teammates blocking efforts to chase, it looked for a moment like the race might be decided early, but with a few mid-race primes the gap to the two leaders started to come down. When three-time Olympian Bobby Lea (Burner Fitness) came to the front, with an assist from the Doylestown Bike Works team, the break's fate was sealed.

Mid-race laps were marked by Weather Channel, Texas Roadhouse, CS Velo, and local favorites Skyline trading attacks, but after the near-miss with the early break, the field was disinclined to let anything get too far up the road.

The elastic finally snapped with about six laps to go when a group of four riders -- Margarite, taking his second trip off the front, Adam Carr, Geno Villagano (CCAP), and Michael Jones, a former Health-Net Maxxis rider now racing for Nalgene p/b Sager Beer Works -- got clear of the bunch and quickly built a big advantage.

Lea, who lives nearby, hit the front again with two laps to go, but without much cooperation in the chase, the advantage shifted to the breakaway where Skyline's Adam Carr took the "gambler prime," and then won the race a lap later -- the evening's second such double.

Jones finished fourth and Jelly Belly's Curtis White won the field sprint for fifth.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adam Carr (Team Skyline)1:09:22 
2Michael Margarite (Crca / The Weather Channel Spec)  
3Geno Villafano (Ccap)  
4Michael Jones (Nalgene P/B Sager Beer Works)  
5Curtis White (Jelly Belly P/B Maxxis)0:00:03 
6Rafael Meran0:00:04 
7Stephen Hall (Maloja Pushbikers)  
8Wes Kline (Doylestown Bike Works P/B Fred)  
9Jared Babik (Team Gpoa)  
10David Dawson (Team Skyline)  
11Stalin Quiterio Cuello (Dave Jordan Foundation)  
12Cesar Marte0:00:05 
13John Delong (Team Skyline)  
14Hamzah Eastman  
15Ismael Collado  
16Ryan Dewald (Team Skyline)  
17Sean Burger (Cs Velo Racing P/B Cannondale)  
18Joel Cândido Prado (Memorial / Santos)  
19Gerald Adasavage (Crca / The Weather Channel Spec)0:00:06 
20Aaron Barr (Divine Swine Cycling)0:00:07 
21Glenn Ferreira (Team Metra / Xrcel / Cycles 54)  
22Ian Whaley (Doylestown Bike Works P/B Fred)  
23Kyle Penny (Levine Law Group P/B Huseby.Com)  
24Greg Maccarty  
25Dakota Schaeffer (Cs Velo Racing P/B Cannondale)  
26Ryan Wei (Team Clif Bar Cycling)0:00:08 
27Adriano Hauck (Rohan Cycling)  
28Jermaine Burrowes  
29William Walton (Young Medalists)0:00:09 
30Alex Kellum (Qcw Breakawaybikes.Com P/B Jlve)0:00:11 
31Bobby Lea (Burner Fitness)0:00:12 
32Sait Arana (Team Skyline)  
33Colin Kelly (Doylestown Bike Works P/B Fred)0:00:13 
34Andrew Dudle (Cs Velo)0:00:14 
35Matthew Fischel (Avc / Team Hagerstown-Washingto)0:00:15 
36Erik Post (Crca / The Weather Channel Spec)0:00:16 
37Brad Green (Cs Velo)  
38Derrick Butler (Cs Velo Racing P/B Cannondale)  
39Gerard Josulevicz (Burner Fitness)0:00:17 
40Clint Dager (Avc / Team Hagerstown-Washingto)0:00:19 
41Michael Landry (Ccap)  
42Konrad Ratzmann (Crca / The Weather Channel Spec)0:00:21 
43Steven Kurpiewski (Team Gpoa)  
44Calvin Hoops (Qcw Breakawaybikes.Com P/B Jlve)  
45Anthony Taylor (Dave Jordan Foundation)0:00:22 
46John Minturn0:00:23 
47Laurent Rivard (Qcw Breakawaybikes.Com P/B Jlve)  


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