Wild three-peats at Omloop van Borsele

Gilmore and Broun complete podium

Kirsten Wild (Cervélo TestTeam) won the Omloop van Borsele for the third consecutive year today in the Netherlands. Wild won the 120km race in a sprint finish, edging out a pair of Australians: Rochelle Gillmore (Lotto Ladies Team) and Kirsty Broun (Australia National Team) in second and third respectively.

"Right from the beginning of the race today we kept the speed in the peloton really high with the result that we were left with a group of 15 riders," said Wild. "In the final, [teammate] Charlotte Becker was able to attack together with [Great Britain's] Nicole Cooke, Ellen van Dijk [of HTC-Columbia] and Liesbeth de Vocht [of Nederland Bloeit]. Charlotte had a pretty good chance, but they where looking too much at each other and so when we came to the deep final I had to sprint. Despite the hard race my sprint went perfectly."

"There was very little wind today and the course was five laps on small roads," said Egon van Kessel, Cervélo TestTeam sport director. "After one lap there was a break with 15 riders with five of ours. Halfway through the race Claudia Häusler was dropped so we were down to four. At the end of the race there was another break of four riders, including Charlotte. They held the break until about 500 metres from the finish then the second group came back with our team at the lead and Kirsten Wild won the race. Once again it was a very good team performance."

Full Results
1Kirsten Wild (Ned) Cervelo Test Team3:00:33 
2Rochelle Gilmore (Aus) Lotto Ladies Team  
3Kirsty Broun (Aus) Australia National Team  
4Marianne Vos (Ned) Nederland Bloeit  
5Ellen Van Dijk (Ned) HTC Columbia Women  
6Charlotte Becker (Ger) Cervelo Test Team  
7Liesbeth De Vocht (Bel) Nederland Bloeit  
8Chloe Hosking (Aus) HTC Columbia Women  
9Nicole Cooke (GBr) Great Britain National Team  
10Lucinda Brand (Ned) Leontien.nl  
11Judith Arndt (Ger) HTC Columbia Women  
12Katie Colclough (GBr) Great Britain National Team  
13Natalie Van Gogh (Ned) Swaboladies Cycling Team  
14Sarah Duester (Ger) Cervelo Test Team0:00:06 
15Loes Markerink (Ned) Nederland Bloeit0:00:12 
16Iris Slappendel (Ned) Cervelo Test Team0:00:18 
17Lucy Martin (GBr) Great Britain National Team0:00:50 
18Sylvia Riedle (Fra) France National Team0:00:55 
19Roxane Fournier (Fra) GSD Gestion  
20Danielle King (GBr) Great Britain National Team  
21Anne Eversdijk (Ned) Team Merida Cycling  
22Isabelle Söderberg (Swe) Hitec Products Uck  
23Anne Arnouts (Bel) Redsun Cycling Team  
24Lisa Brenauer (Ger) Hitec Products Uck  
25Esra Tromp (Ned) Batavus Ladies Cycling Team  
26Vera Koedooder (Ned) Batavus Ladies Cycling Team  
27Joanie Caron (Can) Canada National Team  
28Esther Kortekaas (Ned) Jan van Arckel  
29Sofie Verdonck (Bel) Dura Vermeer Cycling Team  
30Jacobien Kanis (Ned) Jan van Arckel  
31Carly Light (Aus) Australia National Team  
32Leah Kirchmann (Can) Canada National Team  
33Birgit Lavrijssen (Ned) Redsun Cycling Team  
34Pippa Handley (GBr) Team Tubanters  
35Larisa Pankova (Rus) Russia National Team  
36Kate Cullen (GBr) Weijers-Hako-Moving Ladies  
37Ludivine Henrion (Bel) Redsun Cycling Team  
38Aurore Verhoeven (Fra) GSD Gestion  
39Christine Majerus (Lux) GSD Gestion  
40Silke Kogelman (Ned) Peoples Trust Cycling Team  
41Ingeborg Kreuze (Ned) Peoples Trust Cycling Team  
42Jessica Glasbergen (Ned) SRAM WV Eemland  
43Mascha Pijnenborg (Ned) Redsun Cycling Team  
44Marielle Kerste (Ned) Restorce Cycling – RWC Ahoy  
45Hannah Mayho (GBr) Great Britain National Team  
46Suzan Simons (Ned) Dura Vermeer Cycling Team  
47Vicky Fournial (Fra) France National Team  
48Monique Van De Ree (Ned) Leontien.nl  
49Emilia Fahlin (Swe) HTC Columbia Women  
50Eyelien Bekkering (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Cycling Team  
51Tiffany Cromwell (Aus) Australia National Team  
52Veronica Andréasson (Swe) Lotto Ladies Team  
53Sarah Mustonen (Swe) Hitec Products Uck  
54Aude Biannic (Fra) France National Team  
55Alie Gercama (Ned) Hepro kunststof Kozijnen – NWVG  
56Anna Van Der Breggen (Ned) Noordwesthoek/Pedaalridders/Peddelaars  
57Geerike Schreurs (Ned) Noordwesthoek/Pedaalridders/Peddelaars  
58Amy Dearden (Can) Canada National Team  
59Baukje Doedee (Ned) Rabo Lady Force  
60Berdienke Paus (Ned) Team Tubanters  
61Petra Dijkman (Ned) Redsun Cycling Team  
62Lianne Wagtho (Ned) Leontien.nl  
63Lauren Kitchen (Aus) Australia National Team  
64Moriah Macgregor (Can) Canada National Team  
65Chantal Blaak (Ned) Leontien.nl  
66Kristine Saastad (Nor) Hitec Products Uck  
67Elisabeth Braam (Ned) Batavus Ladies Cycling Team  
68Hannah Welter (Ned) Team Merida Cycling  
69Kimberly Anderson (USA) HTC Columbia Women  
70Maria Granth Petersen (Den) Hitec Products Uck  
71Evelyn Stevens (USA) HTC Columbia Women  
72Patricia Schwager (Swi) Cervelo Test Team  
73Arenda Grimberg (Ned) Team Merida Cycling  
74Alexis Rodes (Aus) Australia National Team  
75Amy Pieters (Ned) Team Merida Cycling  
76Daniëlle Bekkering (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Cycling Team  
77Andrea Bosman (Ned) Leontien.nl  
78Claudia Hausler (Ger) Cervelo Test Team  
79Irene V.D. Broek (Ned) Leontien.nl0:00:57 
80Roxane Knetemann (Ned) Team Merida Cycling0:01:03 
DNFHannah Verhaeghe (Bel) Redsun Cycling Team  
DNFElise Depoorter (Bel) Lotto Ladies Team  
DNFJosphine Tomic (Aus) Lotto Ladies Team  
DNFLoes Gunnewijk (Ned) Nederland Bloeit  
DNFAgnieta Francke (Ned) Nederland Bloeit  
DNFMarieke Van Wanroij (Ned) Nederland Bloeit  
DNFJacqueline Hahn (Aut) Hitec Products Uck  
DNFJulia Soek (Ned) Batavus Ladies Cycling Team  
DNFMarit Huisman (Ned) Batavus Ladies Cycling Team  
DNFIlona Meiring (Ned) Batavus Ladies Cycling Team  
DNFNina Kessler (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Cycling Team  
DNFKimberly Van Den Berg (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Cycling Team  
DNFWinanda Spoor (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Cycling Team  
DNFMarieke Van Nek (Ned) Dolmans Landscaping Cycling Team  
DNFAafke Eshuis (Ned) Swaboladies Cycling Team  
DNFKirsten Niessen (Ned) Swaboladies Cycling Team  
DNFKrista Meesterburrie (Ned) Swaboladies Cycling Team  
DNFZoe Appel (Aus) Swaboladies Cycling Team  
DNFNancy Van Der Togt (Ned) Swaboladies Cycling Team  
DNFBianca Dodemont (Ned) TWC Het Snelle Wiel  
DNFNadine Veldman (Ned) TWC Het Snelle Wiel  
DNFVeronique Duivelshof (Ned) TWC Het Snelle Wiel  
DNFImke Hartogs (Ned) TWC Het Snelle Wiel  
DNFDyonne Dekkers (Ned) TWC Het Snelle Wiel  
DNFLinda Schepers (Ned) TWC Het Snelle Wiel  
DNFBritt Jansen (Ned) Team Tubanters  
DNFKarin Truijen (Ned) Team Tubanters  
DNFNathalie Jolink (Ned) Team Tubanters  
DNFLena Stegger (Ger) Team Tubanters  
DNFRian Nijmeijer (Ned) SRAM WV Eemland  
DNFMaaike Hoek (Ned) SRAM WV Eemland  
DNFBianca Van Den Hoek (Ned) SRAM WV Eemland  
DNFMelissa Slewe (Ned) SRAM WV Eemland  
DNFAlike Haanstra (Ned) SRAM WV Eemland  
DNFSarah Cramoysan (GBr) Weijers-Hako-Moving Ladies  
DNFJessica Smits (Ned) Weijers-Hako-Moving Ladies  
DNFMichelle Geoghegan (Irl) Weijers-Hako-Moving Ladies  
DNFEmma Trott (GBr) Weijers-Hako-Moving Ladies  
DNFLotte Van Hoek (Ned) Restorce Cycling – RWC Ahoy  
DNFIrene Tesink (Ned) Restorce Cycling – RWC Ahoy  
DNFMirjam Van Dijk (Ned) Restorce Cycling – RWC Ahoy  
DNFNoortje De Kort (Ned) Restorce Cycling – RWC Ahoy  
DNFJoukje Braam (Ned) Peoples Trust Cycling Team  
DNFKim Van Dijk (Ned) Peoples Trust Cycling Team  
DNFJuliette Wigbold (Ned) Peoples Trust Cycling Team  
DNFJudith Jelsma (Ned) Peoples Trust Cycling Team  
DNFSonja Boogaard (Ned) Rabo Lady Force  
DNFRuth Jakobsen (Ned) Rabo Lady Force  
DNFChristel Janssen (Ned) Rabo Lady Force  
DNFEsmee Janssen (Ned) Rabo Lady Force  
DNFLinda Klein (Ned) Rabo Lady Force  
DNFSamantha Van Steenis (Ned) Noordwesthoek/Pedaalridders/Peddelaars  
DNFMiriam Lassche (Ned) Noordwesthoek/Pedaalridders/Peddelaars  
DNFIlona Hoeksma (Ned) Noordwesthoek/Pedaalridders/Peddelaars  
DNFWilleke Knol (Ned) Noordwesthoek/Pedaalridders/Peddelaars  
DNFSuzanne Van Veen (Ned) Dura Vermeer Cycling Team  
DNFAnneke Kempe (Ned) Dura Vermeer Cycling Team  
DNFAmanda Bongaards (Ned) Dura Vermeer Cycling Team  
DNFSanne Tamminga (Ned) Hepro kunststof Kozijnen – NWVG  
DNFCharlotte Dieteren (Ned) Hepro kunststof Kozijnen – NWVG  
DNFHilde Oudman (Ned) Hepro kunststof Kozijnen – NWVG  
DNFGerda Koops (Ned) Hepro kunststof Kozijnen – NWVG  
DNFLisanne Ottema (Ned) Hepro kunststof Kozijnen – NWVG  
DNFManon Klomp (Ned) Jan van Arckel  
DNFSigrid Kuizenga (Ned) Jan van Arckel  
DNFOlivia Koster (Ned) Jan van Arckel  
DNFMarieke Den Otter (Ned) Jan van Arckel  
DNFMélodie Lesueur (Fra) GSD Gestion  
DNFEugénie Mermillod (Fra) GSD Gestion  
DNFSiobhan Horgan (Irl) GSD Gestion  
DNFAngharad Mason (GBr) Great Britain National Team  
DNFAnnelies Dom (Bel) De Sprinters Malderen  
DNFElke Bolangier (Bel) De Sprinters Malderen  
DNFChantal Hoffman (Bel) De Sprinters Malderen  
DNFAlice Monger Godfrey (GBr) De Sprinters Malderen  
DNFKarlien Geerts (Bel) De Sprinters Malderen  
DNFYulia Blindyuk (Rus) Russia National Team  
DNFAnna Potokina (Rus) Russia National Team  
DNFAnna Evseeva (Rus) Russia National Team  
DNFVenera Absalyamova (Rus) Russia National Team  
DNFAmanda Spratt (Aus) Australia National Team  
DNFEmilie Blanquefort (Fra) France National Team  
DNFMargot Ortega (Fra) France National Team  
DNFHeather Logan (Can) Canada National Team  
DNFDenise Ramsden (Can) Canada National Team  
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